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What are the Best Vodka Clubs to Join?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

Taster's Club monthly delivers wines/whiskey in your doorsteps

Taster's Club

#2nd Best choice

Spirited Gifts delivery service

Spirited Gifts

#3rd Best Choice

Universal Fine Wine Spirits delivery service

Universal Fine Wine & Spirits

The beauty of vodka is its versatility. Whether it's a pure shot of grey goose direct from the freezer, a bison grass nip mixed into a Moscow mule, or a shot with OJ for a screwdriver, this spirit goes with everything.

If whiskey isn't your scene and gin and wine don't make you smile, you'll be pleased to know that options exist outside of these common month clubs. For dedicated vodka drinkers, it has to be a vodka of the month club.

While there are fewer options when it comes to this smooth clear spirit, there are still some top choices. Here we take a look at the best vodka of the month clubs and review a couple of excellent gift baskets.

Let's start off with a hearty na zdorovie to our top pick, Taster's Club's vodka subscription boxes.

Our Top Vodka Clubs

1. Taster's Club (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Fine drink lovers searching for a carefully curated wine and spirit subscription that brings them unique, high-quality drinks, expert tasting notes, and a little info on the history of each distillery.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: All states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah.
  • Value: You can select your favorite type of liquor or wine for $59-$94 a month or select a mix of everything for $73 per month. Shipping is free.
  • Type: Alcohol subscription clubs

If you're after niche and small-batch vodkas, getting your hot little hands on exclusive club vodka is one of the best ways to achieve this. Whether it's 42-Below Feijoa from New Zealand or Iceland's incredibly clean Reyka vodka, month clubs mean access to drops that are hard to source independently. They also open your eyes and taste buds to alcohol above and beyond the ordinary.

Taster's Club Vodka of the Month subscription offers two key benefits: A monthly vodka delivery direct to your door along with digital tasting notes and bottle information, plus access to Taster's Vodka 101 course. The digital course is designed to teach you more about one of the world's favorite spirits, including its history, production, and how to appreciate vodka. (Hint: it goes beyond wildly topping up your cosmo!)

Products are varied so one month you might be sipping on American-made vodka while the next will see you savoring a classic drop from mother Russia.

The best bits? Taster's is eminently affordable and the vodkas are shot-worthy choices.

Taster's Club monthly delivers wines/whiskey in your doorsteps


  • A flexible service you can cancel any time
  • Receive one bottle per month
  • Free access to Vodka 101
  • Known and respected month club company
  • Try quality vodka of the month picks from around the world
  • An affordable membership choice
  • Good variety of vodkas
  • Flavor profiles and expert notes for each bottle


  • Shipping can be slow at times

2. Spirited Gifts

  • Best match for: Spirited drinkers after spirited gifts for themselves or loved ones.

After a quality vodka of the month club but don't want to commit long-term? If that sounds like you, Spirited Gifts has the solution, a 3-month club that delivers on both the personalized gift front and the tasty-tipple factor. If you're buying as a gift, choose your add-ons to make the gift even better with cigars, glassware, and more.

And if you want a unique personalized gift, Spirited Gifts offers bottle engraving too.

When you sign up for the 3-month club (the Vodka Trilogy Club) you'll receive premium vodkas from companies like Belvedere, Absolut, Grey Goose, Ciroc, and more.

While we love the company's gift baskets, the Vodka Trilogy option doesn't offer as many extras as other options. Some tasting notes and drink recipes would put it alongside the best vodka month clubs.

A wide variety of spirits and gift boxes make Spirited Gifts a one-stop-shop for all your high-end gift needs.

Spirited Gifts delivery service


  • With the Trilogy Club the recipient will receive one full-sized bottle per month
  • Add-ons available
  • Wide selection of vodka gift baskets
  • Spirited Gifts offers free shipping in the continental US
  • Huge selection of alcohol gifts
  • Free shipping
  • Bottle engraving available
  • Premium spirits such as Grey Goose
  • Gift boxes feature impressive presentation


  • Vodka Trilogy is just vodka unless you pay for extras
  • No tasting notes, information, or ideas for cocktails included in the Trilogy option

3. Universal Fine Wine & Spirits

  • Best match for: A long vodka of the month service that keeps on delivering.

If you're languishing in a premium vodka-free life, a three or even six-month vodka subscription might not cut it. In which case, Universal's year-long vodka of the month service could be the one for you.

What we love about Universal is that the company sources and stocks unusual craft and small-batch bottles. Sure, Grey Goose is excellent, but sometimes you want to try different vodkas, vodkas that take you on a tastebud trip around the world.

Shipments arrive monthly and you'll receive a variety of artisanal vodka alongside favored classics. Because availability is changeable, you won't know which tipple you're getting until it arrives, which makes it more exciting in our opinion!

If you love a vodka and can't wait to get your hands on more, Universal's online shop might have it in stock. Plus with around 250 different vodkas listed, if your first pick isn't there you won't struggle to find something else you want.

Universal Fine Wine Spirits delivery service


  • Long 12-month vodka of the month subscriptions available
  • Vodka expert chooses your monthly drop
  • Wide variety of boutique vodkas on the online shop
  • Specials are sometimes available (check Universal's website)
  • Option for three or six-month vodka subscriptions
  • Reasonable prices for premium bottles
  • Support a family-run business
  • Variety of spirits and craft beers available online


  • As with Spritied, Universal's vodka service does not include tasting notes to boost the experience

4. 1-877-SPIRITS

  • Best match for: A variety of bottles and international shipping.

1-877-SPIRITS has been in the alcohol delivery business for more than 30 years. Although better known for its wine, champagne, and gift baskets, the company also offers several monthly subscriptions.

Its 3-month subscription focuses on top-tier spirits like One Roq, Grey Goose, and Tito's Vodka.

One thing to love about 1-877's service is that it ships internationally for an additional charge, so if you're searching for a gift set or a vodka trilogy club for friends overseas, this is your best bet.

Otherwise, keep your membership for yourself and enjoy your vodka straight, with a twist, or mixed into a punch.

While you're on the company's website ording vodka, check out their selection of bottles.

Whether you're after whiskey or wines, you'll find some cracking options. Variety is the spice of life after all!

1-877-Spirits delivery service


  • Three-month subscription perfect for gifting
  • Excellent range of wines and champagne
  • Top-shelf brands
  • Vodka membership offers full bottles each month
  • International shipping available for boxes
  • Reasonable pricing on boxes, gift baskets, and shipping


  • No option for a longer vodka membership
  • Vodka membership focuses on big-name brands and Russian classics, not unique craft spirits

5. The Bro Basket

  • Best match for: A broad variety of booze in a basket, no just for bros.

Bro Basket's gift baskets have everything a bro or broad could hope for in a vodka gift: top-notch tipples including Grey Goose and Tito's, snacks, mugs, and fun extras.

Choose between 12 different vodka gift basket options or build your own by picking a spirit and adding food snacks, mixers, and more.

Each gift basket is well presented and prices run from under $50 to over $200, so there's something for all budgets.

Looking for a gift basket with more than one vodka? Try the Ciroc sampler pack which features mini bottles in a variety of flavors. For the cocktail lover, the Mighty Mule box has all the things needed to create Moscow Mules, including copper mugs for a full tavern feel.

The United Nations of Vodka pack features mini versions of your favorite global vodka brands. It's perfect for cocktails, drinking straight up vodka, or mixing with a little lemonade.

The Bro Basket delivery service


  • Website is fast and responsive, ordering is a breeze
  • Huge selection of dedicated vodka gift baskets
  • Personalized build-you-own baskets available
  • Not just for bros
  • Food and snacks included for vodka-induced snack sessions
  • Pricing for all gift set budgets
  • Each package is beautifully presented
  • Sampler box options so the recipient can taste test several vodka styles


  • The only vodka cocktail box options are for martinis and mules
  • Shipping can be slow so order well in advance

6. thinkliquor

  • Best match for: Hard to find vodka and bountiful snacktastic gift basket options.

Thinkliquor is one of the few companies that stock options so expensive you'd need a ladder to reach their shelf.

If you're chasing tipples such as Beluga Epicure Lalique, which will cost more than a small car, thinkliquor is your go-to.

It's not all eye-watering prices though. In fact, the company's range of gift basket options are reasonably priced, as is shipping, which is somewhat limited in the US but available internationally.

In addition, each basket is presented to an incredibly high standard so the giftee will be sure to smile when they get their box.

We love the 1.75 liter XL Tito's basket, it's a party starter and who doesn't love the novelty of a ginormous bottle?!

Regular sized bottles are available too and each gift basket is packed with sweet and savory snacks.

thinkliquor delivery service


  • Giant vodka basket!
  • Plenty of snacks in each basket
  • thinkliquor stocks hard to find premium tipples, perfect for a gift
  • Three vodka gift basket options
  • Recipients will love the classy packaging


  • Shipping limited in certain states

7. Saloon Box

  • Best match for: Buyers looking for a well-known gift company that knows how to mix a drink.

Saloon Box is a regular on the alcohol gift scene and with good reason, it has options for cocktail drinkers of all flavor creeds. For the vodka lovers, take a look at the Huntsman set.

This gift contains everything needed to make a fabulous vodka inspired twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail.

A recipe is included so recipients don't need to muddle (pun intended) their way through the cocktail-making process. Instead of sticking to popular, big-name brands, the Huntsman kit showcases a Texan distillery, Western Son.

Don't limit yourself while on Saloon's website either, get a party coming up? Try the mixed drink kits at your next event, they're sure to be a big hit.

In addition, with options ranging from the finest old fashioned whisky tipples to modern mixology, there's something for everyone. All you need to supply is ice and a shaken not stirred attitude.

SaloonBox cocktail delivery service


  • A cocktail pack makes for an unusual gift
  • The vodka option features a US brand, small-batch distillery
  • Mixers, spices, and other extras included
  • Reliable and respected company with an excellent client rating
  • Planty of other options outside vodka to choose from


  • Only 1 vodka kit available


Is there a vodka of the month club?

Yes! In fact, there are several vodka of the month clubs to choose from. Our top pick for monthly vodka is the Taster's Club subscription but there are other options. Scroll up to see our full reviews.

What can I put in a vodka gift basket?

If you're creating your own vodka gift baskets, try adding one or even two full-sized vodka bottles, perhaps one mini-sized bottle, and a few common mixers. Consider craft or small-batch ginger beer, bitters, syrups, and a few other things the giftee can use to make cocktails.

Alternatively, take the hassle out of creating gift baskets from scratch by choosing a pre-made basket. These are beautifully packaged and presented and can even save you money in the long run. We covered some top options for vodka gift baskets above, take a look and choose your favorite.

How much is a beer of the month club?

It really depends on the beer service company you choose. Some offer packages for as little as $50 including shipping fees while others will set you back over $100. Pricing is dependent on how many beers you receive, which kinds of beers, and the extras (such as food) you get with each monthly box.

You might pay less per month if you sign up for longer too. So a three-month subscription is generally more expensive than a year-long service, for example.

Which beer of the month club is best?

Here at Meal Matchmaker, we're a big fan of XXXX. Read more about them here.

The Bottom Line

That brings up to the end of our vodkalicious round-up. Whether it's a gift or an ongoing gift to yourself, we hope you found exactly what you were after with our picks. The only thing left to do is decide how to imbibe your delicious vodkas. Here are a few top tips from us:

  • Keep your vodka in the freezer. Don't worry, it won't freeze but it will be ice cold and super smooth when it's time for a tipple. Freezing takes the harshness out of your drop and soften its effect on the palate.
  • Try premium drops straight up or on the rocks. If you need something a little extra, a twist of lemon peel that's been gently squeezed is often enough.
  • Switch gin for vodka in your favourite mixed drinks. Often, vodka does just as well as gin and carries itself better than you may imagine.
  • Sip vodka, don't shoot it.
  • Snack in between sips to truly appreciate the spirit's smooth body and icy fresh flavor. In Russia, vodka is served with zakuski, a mix of snacks such as pickles, smoked fish, olives, and sausages.
  • Remember that although vodka goes exceptionally well with OJ, it's not really a morning beverage!
Taster's Club monthly delivers wines/whiskey in your doorsteps

Taster's Club

Our #1 Recommendation

  • A flexible service you can cancel any time
  • Receive one bottle per month
  • Free access to Vodka 101
  • Known and respected month club company
  • Try quality vodka of the month picks from around the world
  • An affordable membership choice
  • Good variety of vodkas
  • Flavor profiles and expert notes for each bottle

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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