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September 11, 2020

What’s the Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Going vegan is easier than ever before – especially when getting the best from the plant-based universe delivered directly to your door! There are numerous reasons to go completely or partially vegan – animal welfare, the environment, your health, or that it's easier to eat fewer calories per meal. Vegan food is naturally dairy-free making it suitable for those with dairy allergy.

Your biggest problem is to decide which service is most suitable for your taste buds. And since we're your best buds, we've made life easier for you by listing our top selections. Mmm. Life's like a freshly baked vegan pizza – good!

Overview of Top Vegan Meal Delivery Services

1 - Trifecta Nutrition (Editor's Choice)

Best match for: The athlete who's as picky about their antioxidants as about their abs.

Trifecta Nutrition delivers fresh, balanced meals to your doorstep. The vegan meal packages come with organic ingredients and an optimal balance of macronutrients. You can find delicacies such as the savory, protein-rich, plant-based burgers from Beyond Meat!

Their flexible plans let you choose between 5 or 7 days worth of meals a week, and 1 to 4 meals per day. The latter is for real fitness fanatics who wanna make sure to stay fuelled throughout the day, minus the fuzz with finding a food venue catering to their preferences.

Trifecta Nutrition provides home delivery of plant-based meals on Fridays all over the US.  Meals are never frozen – they come to you vacuum packed, and keep fresh in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Trifecta's Meal Delivery Service


  • Customization for two allergies at no extra cost
  • Delivery to all 50 states
  • Supply chain with only 3 steps reduces carbon footprint
  • Fresh, gluten-free, macro balanced and organic whole foods


  • One week's notice to skip delivery

2 - Fresh N Lean

Best match for: The clean eater who cares about quality and doesn't wanna choose between healthy and tasty.

Fresh N Lean's approach offers fresh ingredients and clean, gluten-free food in packages of three meals per day. The ready to eat meals are made by vegans for vegans and only use organic produce. Fresh N Lean emphasizes health and taste, with the mission to make whole foods the new fast food. The production is sustainable so that both you and the planet stay satisfied!

You can choose between the standard vegan menu and a low carb option. Meals can also be ordered a la carte.

Delivery is free all over the country, and you can notify by Monday the same week to skip a week.

Fresh N’ Lean's Meal Delivery Service


  • Free delivery all over the US
  • Choice between standard and low-carb vegan menu
  • Option to order only lunch or a la carte
  • No commitment – cancel anytime


  • Change to biweekly requires you to call them

3 - MamaSezz

Best match for: The die-hard, dedicated dieter with a determined goal.

Wanna take your peak performance up a notch, get toned, or try vegan for the first time? MamaSezz takes vegan meal delivery to the next level by letting you choose between several brilliantly themed packages. Get Me Started is – as the name suggests – suitable for the ones who wanna try plant-based for some time, without worrying about getting the proteins and vitamins right. Weight Loss is for those who wanna get leaner with love while supplying the body with high-quality nutrients. Peak Performance provides the turbo fuel you need to train for that marathon or go for the heavier dumbbells at the gym.

Each meal is free from gluten, GMOs, and additives and low in oils. You can freely edit your order as often as you like. Bon appétit!

MamaSezz's Meal Delivery Service


  • Multiple packages (bundles) for different aims
  • Change your bundle as often as you like
  • No minimum order
  • Send back packaging for free for recycling


  • Refunds only if meals are damaged

4 - Raw Generation

Best match for: The detox raver wanting a complete cleanse without missing out on those juicy nutrients.

Raw Generation are your go-to guys for all things juice cleanse. Say goodbye to fasts consisting of foul-smelling soups – perfectly balanced flavors are the secret ingredient in the non-pasteurized, cold-pressed juices from Raw Generation! Healthy never tasted this good.

Their menu offers several packages loaded with vitamins and minerals for juice cleanses with different aims, such as weight loss and increased immunity. You can get bags with liquid goodies like low carb juices, green juices, soups, and smoothies. We say cheers to that!

If fasting is not your cup of cold-pressed celery juice, they also offer boxes filled to the brim with fruits and vegetables in all colors of the rainbow to brighten your day (and plate).

Raw Generation's Juice Delivery Service


  • Fruit and vegetables from chemical-free facilities
  • Themed packages like high protein, low carb, and weight loss
  • Bottles arrive frozen for longer shelf life
  • Whole foods, no preservatives or artificial ingredients


  • Free shipping not valid in Alaska and Hawaii  

5 - Vegin' Out

Best match for: Everyone who want the benefits of vegan meal delivery to eat healthier.

California based Vegin' Out is a vegan meals delivery service offering weekly menus that are oil-free and low in sodium and sugar. You can customize your dishes to be gluten-free, soy-free, and low carb, and tailor the number of each dish. One order consists of 9-10 meals that will last for up to a week if you combine with fruits and veggies.

The concept is easy – get your ready to eat food to your home or office once a week. If you feel like going easy on the calories, they also offer 5-day juice and soup fasts. Plus, The Sexy Vegan is their executive chef, making those quinoa and black bean burgers feeling jalapeño hot!

Vegin' Out's Meal Delivery Service


  • Customizable orders suitable for seasoned vegans and curious carnivores
  • Green chef The Sexy Vegan
  • No oil and low in sodium and sugar
  • Refer your friends to get discount on your next order


  • Not delivering to Alaska or Hawaii

6 - Veestro

Best match for: The busy business person who want fast food that's healthy and healthy food that's fast.

Veestro is vegan meals delivered with ease. You order their freshly cooked, frozen dishes in batches of 10, 20, or 30 meals to consume at your convenience. Veestro serves flavorful, healthy meals to those who are too busy to cook but still crave the nourishment and nurture that goes into a hearty, home-cooked meal. Their plant-based meals also make the planet happy since the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Choose between different menus: a la carte, chef's choice, and weight loss. The latter serves you three meals that are easier on calories for five or seven days. Just reheat and it's ready to eat!

Veestro's Meal Delivery Service


  • Receive your meals one at a time or regularly
  • Frozen meals – batch order and consume at your own pace
  • Gluten-free and soy-free options
  • No commitment


  • Not delivering to Alaska or Hawaii

7 - Catalina Crunch

Best match for: The covert cookie monster who wanna have cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (minus the sugar high).

Black bean brownies in all their glory, but sometimes you miss the decadence of Oreos. Catalina Crunch offers cookies, smoothies ,and cereal that are low sugar, keto-friendly, high protein, and vegan. Sounds surreal?! Not any longer – Catalina Crunch made low carb cookies fun! Instead of artificial ingredients and GMO, you find a filling blend of fibers, the finest cacao powders, and no less than seven plant proteins.

Swap your granola for the long baked cereals that give crunch to your day and leaves you feeling full for longer – meaning less 3PM cravings for empty calories. If you feel for a deliciously creamy smoothie far from the usual sugar bombs, Catalina Crunch packs a punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like strawberries, pineapples, and spinach delivered to you in freeze-dried form – just add water, and you have a glass of liquid whole foods making your cells do a happy dance!

Catalina Crunch's Meal Delivery Service


  • Choose between one-time purchase and monthly subscription
  • Finally an Oreo-substitute low in sugar, keto, and vegan
  • No commitment – cancel your monthly subscription anytime
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • Not possible to buy less than 12 smoothies

8 - Territory

Best match for: The conscious consumer who wanna eat good and do good.

Territory is committed to change the lifestyle of an entire generation by healthy eating and being active. You can see the macronutrient composition per meal and the number of calories to make calibrated choices. Get your favorites in vegan form – how about lentil and spinach shepherd's pie, pasta with pesto, or oat meal with fresh fruit salad?

You also find options for families allowing to order in sizes of three or four servings on the menu. Below each dish, you can see which chef has prepared it for you, giving an almost home-made feeling. And as each mouthful makes you feel more and more satisfied, you do good for others too – Territory supports Feeding America, making sure someone else gets full as you do.

With Territory, each meal is responsibly sourced and carefully composed by chefs and nutritionists and free from gluten and refined sugars, giving a great feeling in the gut lasting long after the last spoonful! Choose between 10 or 18 meals and get one free meal for each package. Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch!

Territory's Meal Delivery Service


  • Family menu with multiple servings available
  • Two weekly deliveries to guarantee freshness
  • Get one free meal for each package
  • Skip, pause, or cancel at anytime


  • No free deliveries

9 - Nutrition for Longevity

Best match for: The foodie who wanna live longer and likes to cook one meal per day.

The Centenarian Hot Spots are places on Earth where people live longer. Nutrition for Longevity has studied their meal regime and created a meal service centered around joining the centenarians, by providing delicious meals that contain at least 10 grams of fruits and veggies, 25 grams of fibers, and less than 30% of calories from fat.

Their vegan delivery meals consist of weekly shipments with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where breakfast and lunch are ready to devour, and the dinner is to be prepared in 30 minutes or less, following simple instructions. That way, you can still enjoy cooking but without having to plan, shop, and health check your ingredients.

Nutrition for Longevity's Meal Delivery Service


  • Meals for 3 days in a shipment to guarantee freshness
  • 100% delicious or money back
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Tailor your daily calorie count


  • Only 3 days of meals per shipment

10 - H.I.P Meals

Best match for: The environmental-savvy consumer who wanna stock up.

Craving some chicken or tacos plant-based style? H.I.P Meals offer vegan meal deliveries of frozen dishes in increments of 5: choose between 5 and 30 meals served at your door. Despite the name, the brand takes distance from buzz words and admits they're not even vegetarians, adding a sense of authenticity. Gold star for the recycled packaging leaving your consciousness and the planet clean.

You get a preset menu of dishes to choose from that can't be customized.

H.I.P Meal's Meal Delivery Service


  • Frozen meals allows to store for longer
  • Recycled packaging and insulators from blue-jean production scraps
  • Quality assured – FDA inspected meal production company
  • No commitments


  • Only delivers east of Colorado

11 - Daily Dose

Best match for: The curious who wanna try vegan.

Daily Dose is a vegan meals home delivery company follows the philosophy of crowding out – instead of focusing on what you're missing in a vegan diet, you focus on what you're adding. And with Daily Dose, you're adding in goodies that are organic and free from sugar, gluten, and refined grains.

Meals are delivered fresh three times a week. To assure the winning combination of balanced nutrition and top taste, they work with chefs and nutritionists. Order up to three meals per day plus an optional performance smoothie.

A healthy life starts with food – are you in?!

Daily Dose's Meal Delivery Service


  • Organic meals with zero sugar, gluten, and refined grains
  • Meals delivered three times a week for freshness
  • Compostable containers that care for the environment
  • Selection of delicacies such as vegan cheese


  • Extra fee for allergies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to buy vegan meals?

This guide covers some excellent places to get your daily does of plant-based proteins and colorful veggies!

Is Purple Carrot organic?

Most of their products are organic, but not all of them.

Does Freshly have vegan options?

No - check out some amazing alternatives in this guide!

Is Purple Carrot vegan?

Yes, Purple Carrot offers you completely vegan meals!

Does Dinnerly have vegetarian options?



It's now easier than ever to get a freshly fried, high protein plant-based burger, nutty vegan cheese or crispy vegetables delivered to your inbox. Whether you want ready to eat meals consisting of perfectly composed ingredients from a nutritional perspective, feed on vegan, keto-friendly cookies and cereal, or make a juice cleanse, a vegan meal service takes out the hassle of meal plans, deciding between dinner options, and go to the grocery store.

So if you wanna take a kitchen break and feel full on premium products cooked with love and greens, chickpeas, tomatoes, and bell peppers, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and salt, vegan meal services make plant-based as easy as a coffee on the go!

Trifecta's Meal Delivery Service

Trifecta Nutrition

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Customization for two allergies at no extra cost
  • Delivery to all 50 states
  • Supply chain with only 3 steps reduces carbon footprint
  • Fresh, gluten-free, macro balanced and organic whole foods
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October

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