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Best Vegan Cookie Delivery Services for 2024

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

The Naughty Cookie

#2nd Best choice

Karma Baker

#3rd Best Choice

DeLuscious Cookies

Fancy a sweet, plant-based treat? Sometimes the desire for something sweet is too great to resist, and today there are more brands than ever offering vegan cookies and sweets delivered directly to your doorstep.

If you also find yourself blessed with a sweet tooth, you might find the idea of vegan cookies delivered right to your door an appealing proposition. 

But with so many brands on offer, it can be a bit of a gamble to pick one out of the blue! 

To save you the trouble (and because it seemed like an idea we’d enjoy testing ourselves), we tried the best vegan cookie delivery services on the market to find out which one wins the top accolades.

Whether you fancy classic cookies, brownies, or cakes, traditional flavors, or innovative ones, these companies have something you will want to order! Get delivery directly to your door – and maybe join a monthly subscription service to be sure to never run out of vegan cookies so delicious people can't tell the difference from conventional sweets.

In this investigation, we’ll look into:

  • The range of vegan products available
  • The best treats on offer
  • Comparisons of pricing and availability.

Let's have a look at what's cookie-ng!

The Top 5 Vegan Cookie Delivery Services

Cookie delivery, or delivery of any vegan sweet treat, sounds like a pretty good idea. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands out there who agree and provide exceptional products and speedy delivery to satisfy your cravings!

We’ve tried a lot of vegan cookie delivery services (we promise this is a real job) and these five brands have impressed us with their selection, quality, availability, and price. 

Let’s dive into our list!

1. The Naughty Cookie (Editor's Choice)

  • Price Range: $25-29
  • Cookie Variety: 9 different cookies
  • Dietary Options: Vegan, no gluten-free options
  • Best-Sellers: Chocolate Chip
  • Delivery:  Orders are shipped on a weekly basis on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by USPS
  • Subscription Options: No subscription, but sample boxes are available.
  • Pros: A wide variety of vegan cookies
  • Cons: Limited gluten-free options
  • Best For: High-quality classic cookies
  • Overall Rating: Editor’s choice.

Why We Picked:

What we really loved about The Naughty Cookie is its extensive range of top-quality classic cookies — all while being 100% vegan!

Whether you want a bite of the good old chocolate chip or want to feel fancy with confetti, The Naughty Cookie has you covered. 

The Naughty Cookie also promises freshly baked cookies, from the oven and straight to your doorstep. It ships swiftly too, so you can get your cookie fix in no time. 

It’s no surprise why The Naughty Cookie is the Editor’s Choice

2. Karma Baker

  • Price Range: $38-60
  • Cookie Variety: Huge range of seasonal and unique cookies
  • Dietary Options: Nut-free, vegan, kosher, gluten-free options
  • Best-Sellers: Vegan Gluten-Free MEGA Cookie KarmaBox
  • Delivery: Ships Monday through Wednesday, 3-5 days after your order is placed. 
  • Subscription Options: No subscriptions
  • Pros: Karma Baker offers a huge variety of cookies to suit different dietary requirements
  • Cons: Only ships Monday to Wednesday
  • Best For: Those looking for the perfect sweet treat for a special occasion.
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Why We Picked:

There are a lot of things to love about Karma Baker, and its enormous range of vegan gluten-free cookies is definitely part of its charm! 

Just a glance at its offerings and you’ll know Karma Baker has a flair for the creative. Many of its cookies come in cookie sandwich forms, so you’re in for a sweet treat like no other.

And if you time it right, you might even snag seasonal cookies for different occasions! Think holiday-themed sugar cookies, winter peppermint cookies with decadent glaze, and even heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day.

It’s not just appearances that serve. Karma Baker is well-known for its high-quality, baked-to-order model. You’re getting oven-fresh cookie goodness!

3. DeLuscious Cookies

  • Price Range: $29-150
  • Cookie Variety: A solid range of authentic classics along with occasional unique and seasonal cookies
  • Dietary Options: Vegan, gluten-free
  • Best-Sellers: Classic dozen, a range of different classic cookies
  • Delivery: Ships same day or second day via USPS
  • Subscription Options: No subscription services
  • Pros: Excellent quality and great variety in their variety dozens
  • Cons: Not all options are vegan
  • Best For: Those looking for variety and high-quality 
  • Overall Rating: 4/5

Why We Picked:

DeLuscious Cookies takes the spotlight when it comes to vegan gluten-free cookies you’ll always crave. Not to mention, it enjoys LA cult status thanks to its exceptional quality, natural ingredients, and speedy delivery!

Right off the bat, it features timeless offerings everyone loves, from chocolate chip cookies to delicate and powdery decadence cookies. 

If you want to up the presentation points, there’s also a vegan cookie cake for grander occasions!

These cookies also come in assorted flavors, so if you feel like switching things up, why not surprise yourself with the type of cookie you’re getting?

4. Maya's Cookies

  • Price Range: $32-67
  • Cookie Variety: A massive range of cookies for all sorts of occasions, both classics and specially-themed cookies.
  • Dietary Options: Vegan, gluten-free
  • Best-Sellers: Chocolate chip s’mores
  • Delivery: Ships in 2-5 days via USPS priority shipping
  • Subscription Options: Cookie Love Club, 6 cookies monthly
  • Pros: Minority-owned and socially responsible, vegan, affordable, and available nationwide.
  • Cons: Few soy-free options 
  • Best For: Those looking for innovative, out-of-the-cookie-jar treats. 
  • Overall Rating: 4/5

Why We Picked:

If you want to have a LOT of choices to satisfy your cookie cravings, Maya’s Cookies has your back. Scroll through its menu and you’ll find so many options we bet you’d love to try!

You really can’t go wrong with any order. These cookies are guaranteed to have your tastebuds floating in heavenly goodness from the first bite. 

With many creative options, we’re sure Maya’s Cookies will tickle your artistic taste! There’s the mysterious White Chocolate Espresso with its luscious dark color and white streaks, Drunken Grandma with lots of nuts, and more. 

And if you like a sweet surprise, sign up for Maya’s Cookies’ monthly treats where you can get your hands on exclusive flavors!

5. Sticky Fingers Bakery

  • Price Range: $12-19
  • Cookie Variety: Very limited, only three varieties.
  • Dietary Options: 100% vegan, some other dietary options
  • Best-Sellers: Chocolate chip 
  • Delivery: Ships Monday to Thursday, up to 3 days for delivery 
  • Subscription Options: Cookie of the Month Club, with a new cookie coming monthly
  • Pros: Affordable vegan sweets, partners with a lot of good causes
  • Cons: Very limited standard selection of cookies 
  • Best For: Those looking for a monthly subscription of creative and unique cookies. 
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
Sticky Fingers

Why We Picked:

Like your cookie with a worthy cause backing it up? Go for Sticky Fingers Bakery! 

This DC-based vegan bakery isn’t just known for its vegan sweet treats. It’s also a standup member of the community and engages in animal charities, women’s engagement, and more.

Even better, you don’t have to blow a hole through your wallet just to get a tasty treat. Sticky Fingers is a great affordable option that bakes a huge range of pastries to your liking. 

It also welcomes requests for bespoke treats for special occasions, like cookies for weddings or birthdays that leave a lasting positive impression! 

If you love this endearing bakery, why not sign up for the Cookie of the Month subscription? Six cookies in two flavors will greet you each month, so it’s sure to be something special you’ll look forward to!

The Naughty Cookie

Our #1 Recommendation

  • A wide variety of vegan cookies
  • Ships all over the country
  • Organic ingredients free from preservatives
  • Cooked in small batches
  • Taste-approved by non-vegans – perfect for your omnivore friends

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