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Last Updated on October 16, 2021

Do you love the idea of producing a picturesque Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings but don't love the reality of all the shopping, prep, and cooking that comes with said vision? If you're nodding your head in agreement, we have a solution for you.

You can have a complete Thanksgiving meal delivered right to your door. All that’s left to do is to unbox, thaw, heat and enjoy!

We've rounded up the best holiday delivery companies dishing up dinner at your door.

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1. Omaha Steaks (Editor's Choice)

Omaha Steaks' delicious foods delivery services

While Omaha Steaks might be best known for its cuts of beef, the company also turns out an impressive Thanksgiving menu featuring all your favorites: Turkey dinner, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, ham, and much more.

Choose between turkey or turkey and ham dinners and add your favorite side dishes. For even more flexibility, choose the Build Your Own Family Feast option. Or, if you'd rather take care of the sides yourself, just order your pre-cooked turkey or ready-to-cook bird.

Want to read more about this company and its offerings beyond Thanksgiving? Read our full Omaha Steaks review


  • The pecan pie is exceptional
  • A la carte options
  • Plenty of flexibility in choices: heat and serve or pre-cooked
  • Turkey breast option
  • Free shipping on orders over $159 and a free gift
  • Fully cooked options


  • The largest thanksgiving delivery is for eight people, if you're feeding more, order extra sides and maybe extra meat

2. Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms' Thanksgiving menu takes the stress out of cooking yourself and trying to choose between delivery menus when you order Thanksgiving.

With one dinner on offer, some customers might find the menu too restrictive, but if you'd rather not think too hard about what you're serving, this meal is just the ticket, and it comes at an attractive price point.

The festive meal consists of a 12 to 16 pound turkey, brown sugar sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, apple and sausage stuffing, and a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake.

The desert is a nice twist on traditional puddings and comes recommended by reviewers. Likewise the turkey, which is super moist, is also easy to cook.

Hickory Farms' festive meals delivery service


  • Stress-free meal
  • Serves 8 to 12 people
  • Turkey is easy to cook and very tender
  • Customer service is excellent


  • Only one Thanksgiving meal available
  • No cranberry sauce, a simple addition that would be appreciated here
  • No dinner rolls included, but you can easily buy these separately

3. Harry & David

Harry and David's delicious foods delivery service

Harry & David offer plenty of options.

You can choose either a full Thanksgiving menu or stick with the meaty main event and prepare your own sides.

The full meals are generous and should comfortably feed 8 people, there's both ham and turkey options. The meats arrive fully cooked but frozen. Simply defrost for two days then heat and serve.

The Gourmet Turkey Feast comes with sides like creamy Brussels sprouts with bacon, New York-style pumpkin layered cheesecake, classic turkey gravy, spiced cranberry chutney, and a brown sugar sweet potato dish.

Click here to read our full Harry & David review. 


  • Both ham and roasted turkey options
  • Fully cooked meats so minimal preparation time required
  • Option to add a centerpiece
  • Build-your-own Thanksgiving meal option


  • Harry & David don't offer Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, even in the build your own option
  • No dinner rolls add-on available

4. Williams Sonoma

Not content with just offering two or three menus, Californian company Williams Sonoma has 19 different feast options listed on their website. Choose from a deluxe meal with all the sides you'd expect for eight or more people, or keep it simple with a turkey-breast meal for four.

We're also loving the Three Days of Entrees add-ons. Consisting of three individual sides, there are also options for vegetarians and gluten-free feasters. Plus, it's easy to pick up some top-notch condiments such as a cranberry walnut relish alongside your deluxe oven roasted turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, and sweet potato casseroles.

Truly a meal fit for a king and your family alike.

Williams Sonoma are known for their meal offerings beyond just this season. Click here to read more. 

Williams Sonoma's festive foods delivery services


  • Huge number of meal options available
  • Pick up and delivery available
  • Plenty of a la carte add-ons to create the ultimate holiday meal
  • Free range poultry used in the menus
  • The buttermilk and chive mashed potatoes are perfection, likewise the green beans
  • Large pumpkin pie in the full dinner menus
  • Sausage stuffing included in most Thanksgiving menus
  • Dinner rolls available


  • This premium delivery option comes at a premium price 

5. Burger's Smokehouse

Burger's Smokehouse's delicious meals delivery services

Move over roasted turkey breast, there's a new poultry king in town — smoked to perfection, Burger's Steakhouse knows how to turn a bird into a feast for the eyes and stomach. It's not all about the smoked turkey here either, the company also offers up some top-shelf hams and quality sides.

We like the build-your-own nature of the menu; just choose between smoked turkey or ham then add your sides. Dishes here include creamed sweet corn, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and chicken wings. Otherwise, choose one of the many set menu options.

Top tip: Make sure you get some of the spicy wings and an add-on, they're excellent.


  • Affordable price point for both dinner and delivery
  • Both the full bird and roasted turkey breast options are fully cooked
  • The herbed oven roasted turkey is heaven-sent
  • Meals are generous
  • Did we mention spicy chicken wings?


  • Desserts not quite as excellent as the main event
  • No sweet potato casserole, apple pie, or cranberry walnut relish add-ons available

Turkey Day Deliveries FAQS

Avoiding grocery stores and the kitchen this year? You're not alone! Here are your key questions about getting Thanksgiving meals directly to your door.

Who will deliver Thanksgiving dinner?

There are plenty of companies delivering Thanksgiving dinner directly to your door. Our favorite is Omaha Steaks, but you have plenty of other options to consider. Take a look at our reviews above to find your favorite Thanksgiving delivery company.

How much does it cost to cater Thanksgiving dinner?

It really depends on how many people you are feeding and how many sides you order. For the most basic Thanksgiving dinner catering with a whole turkey, mashed potatoes, you should budget around $15 per person.

If you're after something more elaborate with gravy, cranberry relish, spinach artichoke dip and all the other trimmings, expect to pay more.

The original cost of the ingredients will also affect the price. For example, a company such as Williams Sonoma that uses free-range poultry, costs a little more than companies that use ingredients from budget producers.

You should also consider any extras you'll still need to buy, if you want cookies for the kids or prime rib for your pesky uncle who doesn't eat anything else, these costs all add up.

Does Whole Foods deliver Thanksgiving dinner?

Yes, Whole Foods offers a Thanksgiving dinner option. But they're not the only choice, take a look at the companies above for more options.

Where can I buy premade Thanksgiving dinner?

All of the companies above offer premade Thanksgiving dinners. Choose between our top two picks, Omaha Steaks and Hickory Farms, or take a look at our other recommendations.


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