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Best Tequila of the Month Clubs
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

#2nd Best choice

Taster's Club tequila delivery service

Taster's Club

#3rd Best Choice

Sip Tequila delivery service

Sip Tequila

Ah, tequila, has any other spirit inspired as many songs — or tales of drunken escapades, for that matter?

Some have sworn off its sweet, earthy flavor for life, while ardent tequila lovers continue to appreciate its potential as a shot, a cocktail, or a long cool drink on a Sunday afternoon.

Looking for gifts or a club that's designed for a tequila pro like you? You're in the right place because below, we review the best tequila of the month clubs for your sipping delectation.

Our numero-uno name is:

Our Top Tequila of the Month Clubs

1. Flaviar (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People looking to explore the world of fine spirits, expand their palates, and experience live tasting events.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription; One-time purchase
  • Availability: EU, UK, and US (except AK, DE, HI, IA, ID, MD, MI, MN, PA, TX, UT, VA and WI)
  • Value: $24.17-$29.67/month;
  • Type: An exclusive spirits club

Small things are always cute — puppies, babies, small vials of booze.

We love Flaviar's tequila tasting boxes for the variety, each contains 50 ml bottles of premium and craft spirits curated for agave aficionados.

Choose between themed options such as Up In Smoke, Mezcalistas, the Mexican Standoff, and Flaviar Awards 2020.

Membership grants you a discount on these tasting sets in addition to a quarterly delivery of a full-sized bottle that you choose from a selection.

Mini vials are great but big bottles are more of a party, after all!

Flaviar popular whiskey selections


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Excellent range of products
  • Access to rare craft and hard to find spirits
  • Five-star reviews
  • Top choice for gifts
  • Beautifully packaged gift baskets
  • Samples mean you can try many different spirits with impunity


  • No monthly tequila club, choose tasting boxes or one-off packs

2. Taster's Club

  • Best Match For: Fine drink lovers searching for a carefully curated wine and spirit subscription that brings them unique, high-quality drinks, expert tasting notes, and a little info on the history of each distillery.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: All states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah.
  • Value: You can select your favorite type of liquor or wine for $59-$94 a month or select a mix of everything for $73 per month. Shipping is free.
  • Type: Alcohol subscription clubs

Taster’s Club’s Tequila Club grants you a full-sized bottle every four weeks.

Plus, because Taster's Club is dedicated to top-shelf drops, you know that your bottles are going to be high-quality tequilas and mezcals.

If you really want to impress your friends and taste buds though, choose the Pro version and dazzle with rare drops.

Each shipment comes with plenty of intel on your bottle including production methods, distillery history, industry expert notes, and more.

These top-shelf bottles are best reserved for sipping and shooting, save your cheaper brands for the margaritas.

Recent drops include Ayate Tequila, Centinela, and ArteNOM Selección.

Taster's Club tequila delivery service


  • Taste rare and hard to find tequilas
  • Reasonable price given the brands on offer
  • Two tequila of the month clubs: Standard and Pro
  • Order tequila alongside other drops like whiskey, gin, wine, and scotch
  • Well-known and respected company
  • Full bottle per month
  • Flexible subscription, cancel any time
  • Detailed tasting notes


  • No option for sample boxes
  • Snacks aren't included

3. Sip Tequila

  • Best match for: People who want discounts alongside their monthly clubs.

Flexibility is the name of the game here, Sip Tequila offers pay per order or prepaid four, six, and 12 shipment bundles.

Subscribe and you get free shipping, pre-pay and shipping is discounted by up to 15 percent.

There's no set price per month and you're in charge of your tequila choices, choose the expensive drops, or select cheaper options on those months you've less cash to burn.

We like that the company doesn't dally with other liquor such as scotch or wine, it's all about the tequila here.

Sip Tequila delivery service


  • Sip Tequila's subscription boxes offer flexibility
  • Choose your own tequilas from multiple options
  • Great for gifts
  • Affordable shipping
  • Receive a shipment per month


  • Can't cancel until you've received two orders
  • No tasting notes included but there is an online tequila guide
  • No gift baskets on offer

4. Mash & Grape

  • Best match for: Affordable tequila shipments per month hand-picked by Mash & Grape.

Mash & Grape know tequila, the company's dedicated Tequila Explorer tequila of the month option gives you access to great bottles such as 120 Organic Uno Blanco Hussong’s Reposado, and Tequila Partida Reposado.

The length of membership is flexible, choose between 3, 6, or 12 months.

Detailed tasting notes and information on the distillers are included, so you can drink your tequila knowledgeably and expand your palate.

We like how this club highlights craft spirits and products, Mash & Grape's selection is always top-notch.

After a one-off purchase? You can do that too and ship it anywhere in the world.

This site's staff love that Mash & Grape stock Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila... wink wink. 

Seriously though, email us if you'd like our address!

Mash &Grape tequila delivery service


  • Cancel your Mash & Grape club any time without penalty
  • Great for gifts
  • Affordable option either as a gift or for yourself
  • Mash & Grape receive excellent reviews
  • Bottle information is helpful and adds to the experience
  • Dedicated mezcal option
  • Worldwide postage


  • Mash & Grape don't have dedicated tequila gift baskets

5. Universal Fine Wine and Spirits

  • Best match for: A variety of clubs and an excellent online liquor shop.

Not just for wine, Universal's selection of spirited drinks is among the best on the web. Don't let the slightly off-putting website fool you, this company knows its liquor.

Whether it's whiskeys, bourbon, cider, wine, or accessories to go with all 4, this family-run business has you covered.

The tequila and mezcal option offers one full-sized boutique bottle every shipment.

Each selection is hand-picked by the team and they like to mix it up with a few odd-ball yet delectable choices to keep you intrigued.

It's ideal as a gift or when you want to gift yourself something special.

Want to purchase extras? Browse the online liquor store, you'll find it well-stocked with all your alcohol desires.

The only thing that would make it better would be snacks and food.

Universal Fine Wine Spirits delivery service


  • Support a small, family-owned and managed business
  • Clubs for tequila and many other types of liquor
  • People note the friendly customer service
  • Clubs are 3 months or longer, as you choose
  • Varied types and styles of tequila


  • No tasting or bottle information in your monthly box
  • No gift baskets
  • Snacks aren't included with subscriptions

6. Maguey Melate

  • Best match for: Sustainable shoppers who vote with their wallets.

Maguey Melate’s Mezcalero Club is a bi-monthly club that showcases the producers behind the product, and makes sure that local sustainability projects, such as the replanting of agave, are financially supported.

Each shipment, you'll receive two 375 ml bottles, information on the Mezcalero (the person who distilled the mezcal), and notes to help you enjoy the drops.

We also love the one-off gift baskets, which include local art and crafts.

Choosing Maguey Melate means aligning yourself with a business committed to sustainability, and access to niche liquor you might not find otherwise.

It's a win-win in our opinion.

Maguey Melate tequila delivery service


  • Proven sustainability track-record
  • Great for one-off gifts with a difference
  • Affordable price point
  • Most unusual spirit types of all the clubs
  • Each bottle comes from an authentic Mezcalero


  • Some people note slow delivery times

7. Spirited Gifts

  • Best match for: Top-shelf tequila gifts for someone with refined tastes.

If you're after classy, expensive-looking gifts for tequila fans, you can't go wrong with Spirited Gifts' selection.

The broad range features tequilas across the spectrum alongside thoughtful added extras such as glassware or mixers.

The options aren't limited to gifts though, there's also the 12-week club, which offers up 3 full-sized drops: a silver, a reposado, and an añejo.

Perfect for those who aren't sure how aged they like their spirit.

Spirited's site is also easy to navigate, which although less important than the tequila itself, makes it simple to buy a present for a loved one when you're in a hurry.

Spirited Gifts delivery service


  • Short three-month subscription that won't break the bank
  • Test how aged you like your tequila by trying one bottle of each type
  • Large range of premium baskets and gifts
  • A well-known and respected business
  • Dedicated gifts and kits to make cocktails
  • Delicious snacks included in some baskets
  • Engrave the recipient's name on the bottle for an additional charge


  • No bottle or bottlers' information with this club

What Are the Different Types of Tequila?

Silver (also known as blanco), resposado, and añejo.

The difference in styles is down to how long each is aged. Silver is barely aged, reposado is aged at least 60 days to 1 year in wooden casks, and añejo is aged 1 year at a minimum.

The aging process affects the flavor profile and the styles can differ quite remarkably. Well-aged añejo, for example, is the older, wiser, more refined version of the blanco you decimated in college.

Some drinkers love unaged drops while others prefer the elderly versions. We suggest you try all the styles and find out which one you like best!


What Do You Get a Tequila Lover?

Tequila, of course, and preferably a lot of it! Try a gift basket or a dedicated club devoted to their favorite spirit. Take a look at the companies and clubs above and choose your favorite.

Is There a Vodka of the Month Club?

Yes, in fact, there are several clubs to choose from. You can find our guide to the best vodka clubs here.

How Much is Beer of the Month Club?

It really depends on the club you choose and how much alcohol they send you. Some clubs start at less than $50 per month while other clubs can cost over $100.

Which Beer of the Month Club is Best?

It really depends on what you're looking for in a club. Do you want two cans and some food or a case and first access to craft drinks and beery treats, for example?

Clubs vary in their focus and intended audience, some follow trends while others brew their own path! To learn more about some of the top available options, read our full review here.

Flaviar popular whiskey selections


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Excellent range of products
  • Access to rare craft and hard to find spirits
  • Five-star reviews
  • Top choice for gifts
  • Beautifully packaged gift baskets
  • Samples mean you can try many different spirits with impunity

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