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August 17, 2020

What are the Best Tea Subscription Boxes? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Many centuries ago, Emperor Shen Nung boiled a pot of water on a windy day.

A few leaves flew in with the wind and settled into the pot, emitting a pleasant aroma. His interest piqued; the Emperor took a sip of the fragrant brew.

The rest, as they say, is history, and the habit of tea drinking was born.

Tea calms and soothes, invigorates and uplifts, and enhances both body and mind. Nowadays, you can craft a personalized tea experience with a subscription box. It’s the perfect way to sample unique teas from around the world in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve included a list of the most popular tea subscription boxes and their main features. With the variety of tea blends and subscription options available, you’re sure to discover a box you’ll love and look forward to every month.

Our Top Tea Subscription Services (2020 UPDATED)

1 - Sips By(Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Tea-lovers looking to expand their palate with an affordable personalized tea subscription box.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: US and Canada
  • Value: $16/month; Free shipping
  • Type: Personalized tea subscription

Sips By is the perfect tea box company for those who like to try different brands and teas every month.

Their sources range from startups to global tea suppliers. The teas come bagged or loose leaf based on your preference.

You’ll also be supporting a female-founded company that celebrates diversity.

If you don’t like what you get in your first box, you also don’t have to commit to a contract.


  • One subscription box comes with four different tea products
  • 150 tea brands work with Sips By
  • Teas are sent based on a personal profile you make
  • Box includes biodegradable filters


  • Getting a gift subscription box for others is difficult to figure out

2 - Plum Deluxe Tea

Best match for: the tea-lover seeking a positive community.

Plum Deluxe is a community-oriented company that encourages mindful experiences.

It has a selection of 101 teas that range from well-loved classics to limited edition blends.

Plum Deluxe offers free shipping. If you enter your email address, you will also receive a daily motivational email from its founder!


  • Subscription options for low, moderate, and heavy tea consumers
  • Subscribers join a private and supportive tea community
  • Each subscription box comes with a sample from their tea selection


  • Only 1-2 teas included with the subscription box

3 - Art of Tea

  • Best Match For: Passionate tea-lovers looking to experiment with the finest quality blends and learn more about the world of tea.
  • Commitment Level: One-time orders; Tea of the month subscription
  • Availability: US and Canada
  • Value: $11-$58/4 oz pouch (60 cups); Free delivery over $60
  • Type: Artisan teas, teaware, and tea gifts

Inspired by the ancient practice of Ayurveda, Art of Tea sells unique, high-quality organic tea blends.

Its health-conscious approach springs from its founder’s love and appreciation of tea rituals.

Art of Tea is a modern company inspired by ancient tea tradition. The company offers individual and wholesale shipping, but subscription box options are also available.

Read our Art of Tea review.


  • A wide variety of program/box types based on customer preference
  • Option to choose loose leaf tea or bags
  • Rare and single-origin subscription options
  • No surprises thanks to the list of monthly teas available online


  • Must pay in advance for a 1-year membership

4 - Tea Bloom

Best match for: people who have time to stop and smell the roses.

Teabloom has a unique and fun concept that’s great for gifts and special occasions.

Green tea leaves are sewn on colorful edible flowers. When you pour hot water over them, the flowers “bloom,” creating a beautiful floral display while you sip.

Teabloom’s innovative tea is a pleasure for the senses.


  • A diverse assortment of green tea flavors and flowers
  • Different products like unique kettles and teaware
  • Event boxes available with 36 different green tea flavors
  • Canisters and complete sets available


  • Only green tea is available

5 - Tea Drops

Best match for: busy go-getters who have a passion for the environment.

Tea Drops is an excellent company with a brilliant concept. It sells pressed teas shaped into fun shapes like hearts, squares, and stars.

The drops also include spices and sugar cane, so they’re ready to use. All you need to do is add hot water.

The company supports environmental causes and has a tea subscription box.


  • Membership comes with exclusive interviews and meditations
  • 15 tea drops and three different flavors per box
  • Free gifts with each box
  • One mystery drop included per box


  • Limited tea selection

6 - Teabox

Best match for: the connoisseur seeking high-quality teas.

Teabox is an Indian company that sells single-estate tea sourced from 150 suppliers in India and Nepal. Renowned for its exacting standards, Teabox is serious about tea quality. The themed subscription boxes contain five carefully-selected new teas that produce between 60-70 cups a month.


  • High-quality, fresh teas delivered every month
  • Each box has a theme and various tea types
  • No joining fees or prepaid contracts
  • Generous loose leaf package sizes


  • Tea subscription boxes ship from India so delivery times may be inconsistent

7 - Just Add Honey

Best match for: people who like to mix and match their teas.

Just Add Honey has a great approach to tea and encourages users to make their own blends.

The company has a large selection of loose leaf teas, accessories, and even has an afternoon ParTea service for groups in specific areas.

You can make your personalized new teas using their tea blend box. Unfortunately, you can’t get a different box every month.


  • An extensive selection of teas and accessories
  • Different types of boxes available
  • Tea blend box comes with seven tea varieties
  • The company puts care into blends and quality


  • No monthly tea subscription box available

8 - Zest Tea

Best match for: active tea lovers who want an energy boost.

Zest Tea markets itself as “the most caffeinated tea on the market.” It’s made for people who need an energy boost without the ill after-effects like crashes or jitters. In addition to loose leaf teas and tea bags, Zest Tea sells sparkling tea with four different flavors.

You can get your favorite flavor and product mailed to your door, and your first box or order comes with a 15% discount.


  • Great for a natural energy boost
  • You can subscribe for recurring tea subscriptions
  • Discount offer on first box/product
  • Multiple delivery options


  • Has a specific target audience so it’s not for everyone

9 - Simple Loose Leaf

Best match for: tea lovers who support family-owned businesses.

Simple Loose Leaf is a family-owned company that sells over 200 tea blends. If you want to try a new loose leaf tea every month, you can opt for the sampler tea box. They also have three other tea box subscription types. We love this company’s dedication to helping others. For example, they employ community members with developmental disabilities to assemble their packages.


  • A diverse catalog of organic loose leaf tea
  • Different types of tea subscription boxes
  • Products support the training of community members
  • Family-owned local business


  • Subscription box doesn’t come with free shipping

10 - Raw Spice Bar

Best match for: tea enthusiasts who like to add some spice to their lives.

Raw Spice Bar offers subscriptions for spices used in tea, such as cinnamon and clove.

They have two types of powdered teas: organic matcha and raw Chaga mushroom powder tea.

These flavors are perfect for adding variety to your tea routine.

Best of all, you can buy Raw Spice Bar’s offerings without subscribing to a monthly service.


  • High-quality organic spices
  • Spice sources are clear and transparent
  • A pleasant variety of common spices for tea
  • You do not have to make a monthly commitment


  • Not all spices are suitable for teas

11 - Teatulia

Best match for: organic tea drinkers who support fair trade.

TeaTulia uses organic, free trade, single source teas from Bangladesh.

The company brings positivity to the once exploitative world of tea. Their mission is to make sure all stakeholders involved in the company receive fair compensation.

TeaTulia has a Tea of the Month option that lets you sample varieties from the world. You can also send gift certificate codes to a recipient’s email address. TeaTulia offers free shipping on orders over $49.


  • Organically-sourced, fresh tea
  • You can try new teas with their monthly club
  • Education-based approach
  • Large variety and types of teas (sparkling, cold, and hot)


  • Shipping can take up to two weeks

What are some of the tea varieties one has access to or be able to experience with a tea subscription box?

Teas have different characteristics based on their blend, their source, and their freshness. When you opt for a subscription box for tea, you get to try brews from around the world.

The varieties include:

The services we’ve listed source their teas carefully for maximum flavor. These companies dedicate an extraordinary amount of time and effort to perfect their blends and offer high-quality tea varieties and shipping options.

They’re suitable for all tastes: the adventurous one, the one who seeks classic varieties, and the one who wants a bit of both. The quality and variety you get from tea subscription boxes are superior to generic, store-bought ones.

Even though there’s a limited number of tea varieties, many brands add flavors to their teas.

Some flavors come from essential oils, while others have added herbs and spices. The endless combinations that come from this practice results in a different taste and experience every time.

You might get an energy boost (from peppermint-flavored varieties), or a relaxed feeling (like from herbal, non-caffeinated blends).

Are these teas different from what you can get from your local tea shop?

Yes, the majority of the tea box companies offer signature teas they’ve blended themselves. These blends are fresher and offer different varieties than you would find in a store.

Some display their sources and show their certifications, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. The tea subscription boxes may sometimes have a similar version of tea found in a local shop, but the taste and quality differ.

Tea subscriptions undergo strict shipping and quality control measures to ensure you’re only receiving the finest authentic products. Your local store may have good quality tea, but a box subscription gives you different tea direct from the source to try every month.


What is the best tea subscription box?

Although all of these companies have perks, the one that stands out is Simple Loose Leaf. They tick off all the boxes, from tea quality to packaging and aesthetics. The amount of care and pride the company puts in its products is unmatched. The company has a vast selection of teas, and they have different box categories based on what you like. Their packaging is simple yet beautifully designed. The experience is the most customized out of the other brands.

Is there a Tea of the Month Club?

Yes, Simple Loose Leaf has a Tea of the Month Club that lets you choose your box type. You also get to decide how frequently you’d like delivery. You can switch your tea type often so that you get a different taste of its other products.

Which Tea Will You Choose?

We hope you’ve benefited from this list and found a tea box subscription that suits your taste and lifestyle preferences. The majority of these brands are affordable, sustainable, and responsible tea sellers. When it comes to variety, quality, and supporting a good cause, Simple Loose Leaf ranks as our top pick in this list.

Sips By

Our #1 Recommendation

  • One subscription box comes with four different tea products
  • 150 tea brands work with Sips By
  • Teas are sent based on a personal profile you make
  • Box includes biodegradable filters

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