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What are the Best Spice Subscription Box Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

#2nd Best choice

Piquant Post's subscription and delivery service

Piquant Post

#3rd Best Choice

The Spicery delivery service

The Spicery

Used properly, spices and sauces can take a standard meal and turn it into something amazing. Inexpensive spices at your local one-stop-shop may be tempting, but not all spices are created equal. High-quality spice blends will bring your food to the next level. Stop relying on olive oil, BBQ sauces, and bottled hot sauce to flavor your food and embrace fresh spices.

It's easier than ever to build your spice collection with a subscription box service that delivers new spice kits directly to your door every month. Want to elevate your status as a home chef? Start by considering some of our favorite companies for spice subscription boxes by-the-month clubs.

Our Top Spice Subscription Box Services

1. Raw Spice Bar (Editor's Choice)

  • Best match for: Adventurous cuisine lovers.

Love trying new things? Raw Spice Bar will send you a 2-ounce envelope of a single spice with a monthly subscription box.

The subscription fee includes shipping and each shipment comes with fun new recipes for you to try. Spices are sourced from the global market, giving you access to the best condiments and spices from all over the world.

Offering a great selection of both ground and whole spices, Raw Spice Bar is a company that prides itself on fresh products — and the taste that comes along with them! In addition to the subscription box, individual spices, and other items are available for purchase through the website.

Favorites mentioned by positive reviews and satisfied customers include the BBQ box of favorite blends — a perfect gift box for those who prefer grilling over other cooking methods.

Raw Spice Bar's Meal Delivery Service


  • Recipe ideas included
  • A selection of spices for both cooking and baking
  • Salt-free
  • No additives in subscription boxes
  • BBQ rubs and Slow Cooker options available


  • There's only a single monthly subscription box option available

2. Piquant Post

  • Best match for: Those looking for a small batch subscription box at a great price.

Looking for a small batch company that will send you more than one spice a month in your kit? At Piquant Post, the spicery will send you three or four spice blends in each kit shipment. Whenever possible, spices are purchased whole and fresh, then toasted and ground.

Purchasing only enough to fulfill the monthly need helps ensure you receive the freshest product possible and delivers plenty of flavor to your meals. A recipe is included with your delivery so you can fully enjoy the selection of spices and how they complement one another in your meal.

There are multiple subscription options and you do receive a price break if you purchase upfront instead of electing for a month-to-month payment plan. The featured monthly spices and recipes vary greatly and come from regions and countries all over the world, bringing both excitement and variety to your table.

Piquant Post's subscription and delivery service


  • Multiple spice blends in each kit
  • Multiple spice subscription option
  • Recipe cards included with subscription boxes
  • Perfect way to discover other country and region favorites from around the world
  • Piquant Post spices are made fresh every month


  • Designed for only one meal, be prepared to order more of any spices you love
  • Small batches mean your preferred seasoning may not always be available

3. The Spicery

  • Best match for: The environmentally conscious spice aficionado.

Now packaged entirely in compostable materials, The Spicery allows you to choose the right subscription box option to suit your specific preferences and interests.

Looking for spices strictly related to curry flavors? The Friday Night Curry Discoverer subscription is the perfect fit.

Don't eat meat? You may want to try the Meat Free Magic spice subscription. No commitment is required with your order, simply pay monthly and cancel at any time.

Based in the UK, spice boxes can be shipped around the world (except delivery to Australia).

Recipes are included with each month's selection of seasonings. Use the included voucher to activate your monthly spice delivery.

The Spicery delivery service


  • Subscribers have access to a variety of subscription kit options
  • Choice of delivery date for your first box of items
  • Gift option available to easily share with others
  • A full-service spicery, favorite spices can be individually purchased through the online store
  • This company participates in environmentally-friendly shipping practices


  • Due to customs regulations, spice kits cannot be delivered to Australia
  • Extra fees may be applied to your order, depending on the size of your box and your delivery address

4. Spice Madam

  • Best match for: People looking for a kit that's truly a culinary adventure.

Subscription boxes shipped from Spice Madam come with recipes and an assortment of spices every month. You can choose from several memberships, paying month-to-month or for multiple months upfront. Available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month prepay subscriptions, there's a type of plan that will work for you.

There is a discount if you are ready to commit to a prepay plan and supplying your email address for their regular newsletters can give you access to random giveaways, features, deals, and culinary ideas. Sign up to have that info delivered directly to your inbox.

While other spice companies may provide subscription boxes and kits with a selection of fresh and flavorful spices, Spice Madam takes the experience to the next level. Unlike other spice clubs, each subscription box from Spice Madam includes not just recipes but also features a music playlist and fun facts from the culture or country the spices have come from.

Each box ships with three or four different types of spices and recipes that will feed four to six, so it's the perfect option for people looking to have their friends over for the evening to share a meal and a bottle of wine.

Spice Madam delivery service


  • Gift option is available
  • Delivery fee is included with the subscription box price
  • Features vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free recipes
  • A portion of proceeds from spice subscription boxes goes to community education programs
  • Favorite spices can be individually ordered through their site


  • More expensive than some other subscription boxes
  • Delivery is only available in the United States

5. SpiceBreeze

  • Best match for: People after personalized spice kits.

Your ingredient needs will change dramatically depending on the size of your family and how many people you cook for. At SpiceBreeze, you get to choose the size of your subscription box, paying only for what you need with the duo box option or receiving enough seasoning to share with the whole crew with the larger quad box option.

There are no additional delivery fees in the United States, so the cost of your subscription box is all you can expect to pay. Each spice is packed in an individual bag and arrives in an envelope.

Other spice subscription boxes contain a surprise recipe and corresponding spices each month. With SpiceBreeze, though, certain subscription levels allow you to choose a spice kit based on a selection of current meals. Additional savings are available for subscribers making non-subscription purchases through the site.

SpiceBreeze delivery service


  • Recipes include foods and ingredients that are easy to find
  • Freshly ground spice blends mean spices are free from preservatives
  • Multiple monthly spice box sizes to choose from
  • The subscription service includes free shipping for subscription boxes within the United States


  • Delivery to Canada is available but it may take longer for items to arrive

6. Spice Pioneer

  • Best match for: Busy home cooks looking to discover authentic flavors in their subscription box.

Spice Pioneer sources its collection of fresh spices and herbs from around the world, bringing out the flavors in your home-cooked meals with the help of their subscription boxes. UK food writers have praised Spice Pioneer, which offers not just a selection of spices and herbs in their boxes, but also some of the harder-to-find ingredients.

Like the convenience of a food subscription box, this means the best quality ingredients are coming to your door, taking the pressure off of mealtime while leaving you feeling like an accomplished chef. Choose a corresponding playlist through their site to complete the experience. Don't forget to follow the link and share your email address to have access to many deals and gifts right in your inbox.

With two different subscription box options, you can choose from the Power Pod or the Recipe Box club. If you have plenty of time to linger in the kitchen putting together the perfect meal, opt for the Recipe Box subscription. Need an option that gives you everything you need to have an authentic culinary experience from regions all over the world but won't bog down your day, reach for the Power Pod instead.

Each service features a delicious final product and gives you total control over the amount of time and effort you put into cooking — without compromising your menu.

Spice Pioneer delivery service


  • Portions are large and suitable for more than a single course
  • Multiple subscription box sizes to choose from
  • Make your own subscription box or be surprised by your monthly boxes
  • Gift vouchers are available
  • A selection of recipes are available through the site


  • Subscription box products are not guaranteed to be allergen-free


Aren't sure you're ready to commit to a subscription box? Or have you had a bad experience with a subscription box for food in the past? Before giving up on box by the month clubs, take a look at these commonly asked questions.

Will spice subscription boxes fit into a busy lifestyle?

Like Blue Apron revolutionized cooking during the week for busy individuals and families, a spice box subscription can allow you to make delicious meals from home even when your schedule is at its busiest. Subscription boxes frequently include those hard-to-find ingredients and items you waste precious time searching for.

Many of these companies include a selection of recipes in their service. Along with a few basic ingredients every household should have — for example, olive oil or hot sauce — one of these club boxes can bring your standard dinner to the next level. Not only can you have stellar food for a reasonable price, but you'll also have access to a wide selection of flavors with step-by-step instructions and details — right in your own kitchen.

Do fresh spices really make a difference?

The short answer to this question is yes. The truth is, that those bottles of spices you see sitting on the shelf at your local one-stop-shop can have been there for up to two years. A significant amount of flavor can be lost while it sits there waiting to be purchased.

Depending on your region, there may be a significant amount of time they sit in transit as well. You'll also notice many of these seasonings are stocked according to how the local population eats. If your interests in certain foods don't align with what everyone else is eating near you, you may not have access to certain spices at all. 

What are the 5 main Indian spices?

Recreating your favorite meals in your own house is one of the greatest joys for chefs. Knowing the right seasoning blends to reach for can make all the difference in those dishes. Indian food is a perennial favorite for many, and not just anyone can replicate it. The best Indian food uses a combination of specific spices in the dishes. There are many different seasonings these recipes and sauces might call for, but five of the spices you'll see most frequently while cooking are:

  • Brown Mustard Seed
  • Coriander Seed
  • Cumin
  • Garam Masala
  • Turmeric

What is the oldest spice known to man?

While not everyone embraces the use of seasonings or sauces in their diet, people have been using a wide selection of condiments, rubs, oils, and seasoning blends for thousands of years. The first known use of a spice in a dish dates back to 1700 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia. Need more details, like that incredible spice's name? It's none other than cloves, still a popular spice in many recipes and a favorite of cooks throughout the world. 

What spices go with what food?

New to using seasonings? It's okay to be a little intimidated by the process. It may take time, trial and error, and hours trying out recipes for you to begin to understand the best ways to combine different spices. Picking up a kit that has a selection of different types of spices can help anyone figure out how to use spices together.

Ultimately, there isn't only a single combination of spices. You'll have many different opportunities to blend spices from your collection for the best flavor.

Before reaching for your favorite seasoning, remember that you can't use just anything with your spices. Certain spices do pair better with particular foods.

For example, you won't always want the same spice on meats that you want on a baked apple. When you're grilling, you may need to choose a different rub or sauce than you would if you were preparing your food in a different way. Keep all of this in mind when considering which spices or sauces to use from your collection.

There are a few classic pairings that tend to be easy to use together. Looking for a good place to start? It's a good idea to begin with some of these.

  • Turmeric, cumin, red pepper, and coriander. You may see this blend in your favorite curry recipe, and it's a great option for both meats and vegetables.
  • Lavender, fennel, basil, and thyme. This blend is ideal for rubs on grilled fish, chicken, and even vegetables. You may know it by the name Herbs de Provence.
  • Basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and red pepper. Anyone can add some Italian authenticity to their pasta sauce or chicken rubs by adding this type of blend.
  • All spice, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers. The heart and soul of Caribbean jerk seasoning, this blend packs a punch in the very best way. It's a great option for steak or chicken.

These are just some of the many examples out there, but it's some good info to get you started on your new culinary adventure.

The Most Special Spice Box?

While we've covered some cracking spicy options above, our favorite is from Raw Spice Bar. No additives and salt-free spices give the company an edge, not to mention the helpful recipes included with your subscription. Try it out and see if you agree with our spicy special choice!

Raw Spice Bar's Meal Delivery Service

Raw Spice Bar

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Recipe ideas included
  • A selection of spices for both cooking and baking
  • Salt-free
  • No additives in subscription boxes
  • BBQ rubs and Slow Cooker options available

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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