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January 14, 2021

What are the Best Ramen Subscription Box Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Editor's choice

Zenpop Ramen Pack delivery service

Zenpop Ramen Pack

#2nd Best choice

Umai Crate ramen delivery service

Umai Crate

#3rd Best Choice

RamenTrunk delivery service


If you love a good ramen and don't have convenient access to the real deal, the craving for those specialty noodles can be out of this world. When you don't have a grocery store that carries the ingredients you need, it can be difficult to replicate authentic ramen in your own home.

Thanks to subscription services, though, you can get exactly what you've been missing — delivered directly to your door. Here are some of our favorite ramen subscription boxes to help you get your fix.

Our Top Ramen Subscription Box Services

1 - Zenpop Ramen Pack (Editor's Choice)

Best match for: Authentic instant ramen.

Tired of the same old same old you pick up at your local grocery chain? Zenpop delivers seven different instant selections to your door — every month.

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Zenpop doesn't ship sample sizes, so you can enjoy a full meal of quick and easy ramen multiple times a week.

Products are shipped from Osaka and are guaranteed to be authentic, featuring different noodle styles like udon and yakisoba.

Expect a variety of flavors, including miso, shoyu, shio, and tonkotsu.

Zenpop Ramen Pack delivery service


  • Multiple subscription options
  • Variety of theme, flavor, and product categories
  • Automatic subscription renewal available
  • Free international shipping to 94 countries around the world


  • Ramen subscription boxes cannot be customized
  • There's not a vegetarian option

2 - Umai Crate

Best match for: Those who are looking for a way to have a fully immersive experience in a Japanese box.

Looking for a subscription box that knows ramen is more than just a meal?

Thanks to Umai Crate, you can have just that.

Every month, you'll receive a ramen pack that includes not just a meal, but also culturally relevant things, like a culinary bonus item, exclusive recipe cards, and a guide that comes with instructions and translations.

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Each delivery contains 8-10 different things shipped directly from Japan.

Umai Crate ramen delivery service


  • Many crates to choose from
  • Gift option available
  • Full Japanese experience in each delivery
  • Price breaks for multiple-month subscriptions


  • You're paying more for the experience component

3 - RamenTrunk

Best match for: A premium ramen subscription box splurge.

If you've been searching for a ramen box that's going to give you access to truly mouth-watering Japanese noodles, RamenTrunk gets the job done.

These premium subscription boxes feature fresh noodles and liquid broths that brings classic flavor to your door.

While many ramen boxes focus on instant options, this company packs items and ingredients you love so you can do the cooking on your own for fresh, homemade, meals.

RamenTrunk delivery service


  • No instant meals here — enjoy the beauty of fresh ramen bowls made at home
  • Each subscription box contains options from many different regions
  • Coupon codes available


  • You'll need to carve out the time to cook your own meal
  • Premium ingredients come at a higher price point

4 - Exotic Noods

Best match for: Delicious ramen on a budget.

Thanks to being taste-tested by the team that curates the subscriptions, deliveries from Exotic Noods promises a range of delicious products — at a great price.

Whether you're interested in udon, yakisoba, or somen, there's something for everyone with ramen subscription boxes from Exotic Noods.

Different broth types include Spicy Seafood, Tonkotsu, and other exotic options straight from Japan.

Exotic Noods delivery service


  • Multiple ramen pack sizes to choose from
  • Soba, udon, and other noodle types are featured in subscription boxes
  • Subscriptions are an affordable price


  • Special orders and customization are not available

5 - Japan Ramen Box

Best match for: Adventurous eaters.

Tired of the same old ramen pack?

If you're looking for new and exciting ramen with classic soba, somen, and other kinds of noodles, take a close Japan Ramen Box. 

They send instant meal options in each subscription box that offer unusual and fun flavors you won't find just anywhere.

With both small and large subscription boxes — the largest options contain 12 full-sized meals — there's one that's right for you.

Japan Ramen Box delivery service


  • Great selection of box sizes
  • Unique product options
  • Good mix of noodles


  • Orders are shipped only on certain days of the month

6 - Ramen Box

Best match for: Someone who's new to ramen.

Nervous about committing to a service for several months?

Japan Ramen Box offers one-time purchases so you can get a feel for the type of products you'll receive at a wallet-friendly price.

Coming directly from Japan, box items include different kinds of noodles, like soba and udon.

Each piece is carefully selected to bring Japan directly to your door — in an exciting ramen box.

Ramen Box delivery service


  • Multiple subscription box plans available
  • Different noodle styles in each ramen box
  • Exclusive products included


  • Package tracking is not included


Still struggling to find the right subscription box? Japan has many companies that specialize in ramen subscriptions, and sorting through the options can be challenging. These frequently asked questions may give you an idea of which one's right for you.

What is the best Japanese subscription box?

There are many choices out there when it comes to ramen subscription boxes. When choosing the best subscription for you and your family, you'll want to consider the following: price, number of meals needed, and your preferred noodle type.

One more thing to keep in mind — will you be preparing the food yourself, or are you looking for instant meals that are travel-friendly and quick to prepare? Once you have your requirements ironed out, choosing the right ramen subscription boxes will be that much easier.

What is the best instant ramen?

Instant ramen is a huge category, and you may have a favorite brand or two of your own. When it comes to instant options, it's the quality of the noodle that matters. Premium noodles that hold their texture will give you the most delicious meal. Pair that with a flavorful seasoning packet and you'll be eating and enjoying the instant ramen you've been searching for.

Does Whole Foods sell instant noodles?

Yes. Whole Foods does sell various types, so you can test your ramen cooking skills in your own kitchen while waiting on your subscription boxes.

Subscription Boxes You Can't Live Without

Dipping your toes into subscription boxes for the first time? We know they can streamline your life and make mealtime a little less stressful. If you're still on the fence and can't decide which company to go with, we recommend trying Zenpop Ramen Pack. We love their subscription boxes. Japan-based, the authentic items you receive in each pack are delicious and convenient — perfect for your busy life.

Zenpop Ramen Pack delivery service

Zenpop Ramen Pack

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Multiple subscription options
  • Variety of theme, flavor, and product categories
  • Automatic subscription renewal available
  • Free international shipping to 94 countries around the world

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