5 Best Protein Shakes Delivery Services in 2023 (My Favorites)

Written By: Paul

Best Protein Shake Delivery Services

Protein shakes and smoothies are rich in nutrition, high in protein, and can be downright delicious when made with fresh ingredients.

But realistically, you don’t always have time to spend thirty minutes in your kitchen prepping your protein drink. You’re running out the door and constantly on the go or grabbing a shake as you head home from the gym. That’s when a protein smoothie delivery service can be a real lifesaver.

With pre-made drinks and smoothie kits sent straight to your door, you can enjoy all the benefits of great smoothies without the hassle.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best protein shake delivery services to consider in 2023. After our meticulous research process, we hand-picked some of the top companies that provide nothing short of exemplary products and services.

Let’s dive in!

How We Selected the Best Protein Shakes Delivery Service

Our research process began by gathering a list of several protein smoothie companies with great reviews that were also recommended by nutrition experts. We looked into their products and evaluated them based on the following criteria: 

  • Price – Some companies on this list are pricier than others but their ingredients and overall service definitely justify it. We made sure to include options with a diverse price range because we know how crucial budgeting is when choosing a delivery service
  • Ingredients – Food source is a critical component of our selections. We strictly went with delivery services that utilize organic ingredients and no artificial sweeteners
  • Nutritional Value – A handful of entries on this list offer smoothies that are high in protein while others focus more on the variety of fruits and veggies included in each serving. We recommend at least 20 to 25 grams of protein per serving when selecting a smoothie product
  • Quality – We made it a point to avoid delivery services that include sugar. Artificial sweeteners and additives may give a thicker consistency to protein smoothies but are completely unnecessary in determining their quality
  • Variety – Protein shake delivery services can easily get boring pretty quickly without a variety of options. Rest assured that the companies on our list offer a plethora of smoothies to choose from
  • Convenience – Overall customer experience was a priority in compiling this list. We also made sure to include delivery services that offer either pre-made shakes or single-serve pouches that are effortless to prepare.

Top Protein Shakes Delivery Services in the Market

Whether you prefer vegetable blends with plant-based protein or sweet smoothies made from organic fruits, there’s no shortage of delivery services that are ready to ship your favorite protein shake. Let’s explore our narrowed-down list of the five best companies that you can try today!

1. Raw Generation

Raw Generation's Juice Delivery Service
  • Best Match For: Anyone looking to try a juice cleanse with raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juices made with seasonal fruits and veggies. 
  • Commitment: One-time orders, No-commitment subscription
  • Availability: US nationwide and Canada
  • Cost: $9.80 per bottle
  • Type: Raw cold-pressed juices
  • Nutritional Value: Serving size – 12 oz. | 5g protein | 1g fat | 41g carbs | 160 calories

While some ready-to-drink options have a limited shelf life, Raw Generation products can be frozen to extend your window of use while locking in flavor and nutrients. These smoothies aren’t just convenient. They’re full of plant-based protein, healthy carbohydrates, and non-GMO ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a keto-friendly smoothie, one that will help you with weight loss, or one to give you the boost you need post-workout, Raw Generation has smoothie packs that will work for you.

2. Kencko

  • Best Match For: Those looking for fresh and high-quality smoothies while on a budget. 
  • Commitment: One-time orders, Monthly subscription
  • Availability: US nationwide 
  • Cost: $2.49 per packet of smoothie
  • Type: Powdered smoothie packs, gumdrops, and instant bowls
  • Nutritional Value: Serving size – 22g | 1g protein | 0g fat | 18g carbs | 80 calories

Kencko offers freeze-dried organic smoothies in convenient packets. All you have to do is add your liquid of choice into their complimentary shaker bottle, shake, and drink! 

They provide a wide variety of flavors that include chocolate mints, tropical blues, and matcha greens. Customers can even opt for additional protein packets that have 10g of plant-based protein to mix with their smoothies.

3. SmoothieBox

Smoothie Box delivery service

  • Best Match For: Health-conscious individuals looking for convenient smoothie blends with thoughtfully picked ingredients, crafted by chefs and approved by nutritionists.
  • Commitment: Monthly subscription
  • Availability: US nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Cost: $8 per smoothie or $160 per box of 10 smoothies
  • Type: Organic frozen smoothie kits
  • Nutritional Value: Serving size – 118g | 5g protein | 2.5g fat | 14g carbs | 80 calories

If you’re looking for a smoothie delivery service that boasts high-quality, fresh, and organic ingredients, SmoothieBox more than fits the bill. Free of added sugars and nutrient-heavy, it’s a great choice for post-workout replenishing or an early-morning, healthy kick-off to your day. Each shake takes less than three minutes to make and is filled with fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

4. The Frozen Garden

The Frozen Garden's delivery service
  • Best Match For: People looking to eat and drink more fruits and veggies through smoothies and healthy snacks but are too lazy for all the produce shopping.
  • Commitment: One-time orders, No-commitment subscription
  • Availability: US nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Cost: $8 per smoothie
  • Type: Frozen smoothie packs, beverage infusers, and healthy snacks
  • Nutritional Value: Serving size – 250g | 10g protein | 10g fat | 36g carbs | 130 calories

The Frozen Garden uses only fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, and spices for their plant-based protein shakes. All ingredients are sourced from local farms whenever possible to help support our food farmers.

All smoothies are shipped in an insulated cooler to keep your shipment frozen and those containers are also environmentally conscious, including the recyclable cardboard box and the plant-based insulated liner.

5. Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon
  • Best Match For: Those who need a complete plant-based meal service with the option to mix and match dishes with pre-made smoothies.
  • Commitment: One-time orders, Weekly subscription
  • Availability: US nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Cost: $9.99 per smoothie
  • Type: Plant-based smoothies, dishes, noodles, soups, wellness shots
  • Nutritional Value: Serving size – 8 oz. | 6g protein | 10g fat | 20g carbs | 190 calories

Splendid Spoon is the ideal choice for those who do not want to use a blender completely. They offer several pre-made smoothie flavors that are made with functional ingredients such as maca, wheatgrass, cacao, and more. Their breakfast plan comes with seven pre-made smoothies that you can purchase whenever you want.

Comparison Table of Best Protein Shake Delivery Services

FeatureKenckoSmoothieBoxThe Frozen GardenSplendid SpoonRaw Generation
Price$2.49 per smoothie packet$8 per smoothie$160 per box of 10 smoothies$8 per smoothie$9.99 per smoothie$9.80 per bottle
Variety of flavors196202326
IngredientsOrganic fruitsOrganic vegetablesNutsBerriesOrganic fruitsOrganic vegetablesPlant-based proteinFruitsVegetablesSeedsSpicesPlant-based proteinFruitsVegetablesPlant-based proteinSeasonal fruitsSeasonal vegetables
Nutritional Value Per Serving22g per serving1g protein  0g fat18g carbs80 calories118g per serving5g protein2.5g fat14g carbs80 calories250g per serving10g protein10g fat36g carbs130 calories8 oz. serving size6g protein 10g fat20g carbs190 calories12 oz. per serving5g protein1g fat41g carbs160 calories
ConvenienceMonthly subscriptionMonthly subscriptionOne-time ordersNo-commitment subscriptionOne-time ordersWeekly subscriptionOne-time ordersNo-commitment subscription
Customer ServiceUS nationwideUS nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)US nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)US nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)US nationwide Canada
Overall Rating5/53.5/54.5/54/54/5


When choosing the right protein shake for you, honing in on the best providers that can meet your specific needs will depend on these factors:

  • Find out what protein source you need.
  • Decide if you’re after a fully prepared smoothie or if you’re willing to prepare them yourself — this may also come down to your budget.   
  • Consider how long you need your smoothies to keep and where you’ll want to store them.
  • Identify your personal goals for using protein powders.
  • Determine how frequently you want to receive deliveries and how long you need your smoothies to keep. 

As you’ve pinned down your preferences, your list will have whittled down to a few remaining contenders.

One of my all-time favorites in this roundup has got to be Raw Generation. They have been my go-to protein smoothie delivery service for a while now because you just can’t beat the pricing and amazing overall quality of their products.

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