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What’s the Best Protein Powder?
Our Honest Opinion

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

Pro JYM protein powder delivery service

Pro JYM Protein Powder

#2nd Best choice

Dymatize protein powder delivery service

Dymatize ISO100

#3rd Best Choice

Revel Women's Protein delivery service

Revel Women's Protein

When you live a busy life, it can be hard to meet your body's nutritional goals. That's never more true than when you're looking to increase your muscle mass, reach a new athletic milestone, follow a specific diet, or when you're nursing.

Supplementing with a protein powder can give your body the boost it needs and help meet your daily protein requirements. The very best part is that it's easy to bring with you — wherever you are — and can be consumed on the go.

Not every protein powder is created equally, and you've probably heard horror stories about chalky beverages that are hard to get down. Rest assured there are plenty of great options out there that will have you looking forward to your daily protein shakes.

Check out the following protein powders we just can't help but recommend and you'll be on your way to killing your nutritional goals.

Our Top Protein Powders

1. Pro JYM Protein Powder (Editor's Choice)

  • Best match for: Someone who's new to protein powders.

If you're looking to venture into protein powder for the first time, this may be the one for you. Made from quality ingredients and highly adaptable, it's truly a great choice for people who are looking for a no-fuss protein powder that will get the job done. This is one powdered protein you'll want to carve out time to prep at home as it's not as easy to mix in a tumbler while you're on the go.

While other protein powders usually feature one specific protein source, like whey protein, Pro JYM protein powder is made from a blend of different kinds of protein. With whey, casein, and egg protein used in the blend you have both slow-acting and fast-acting proteins on board for a full range of fuel to keep your body going. This blend also makes it an ideal choice for people looking for multi-purpose products that will work just as well for a post-workout boost as it will for a meal replacement.

If you're a person who likes to rotate through flavors or who gets tired of the same old same old, you'll love the range of flavors this protein concentrate offers. You have plenty of traditional options like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and can also enjoy the limited edition and legacy flavors for tons of variety without moving from product to product.

Pro JYM protein powder delivery service


  • Beginner-friendly with lots of versatility
  • Great flavors
  • Multiple protein sources
  • High-quality ingredients


  • It's not one that mixes well when on the go

2. Dymatize ISO100

  • Best match for: People who are looking to lean out.

Trying to drop a few pounds and turning to protein powder to help make that happen? Adding protein to your diet can be a great way to kick your body into gear and lose that extra weight. With plenty of whey protein per serving (25 grams), the Dymatize 1SO100 might be your best bet.

Some protein powders can be heavy on calories and even one serving can put you over your goal numbers when you're watching your calories. This one is low not only in calories, though, but it's also low in carbs and fat. This means it's easy to fit into your diet and exercise program, even if you're counting calories.

A whey protein isolate, this protein has already been partially broken down so it's quick and easy for the body to digest and put to use. It's a great option for someone who's not just watching what they eat, but also participating in a workout regimen, especially when you need that post-workout shot of protein.

With fun flavors that are universally well-reviewed (like the chocolate peanut butter), you can get great taste and high-performance that comes with whey protein — all while eating clean and working toward your ultimate weight and fitness goals. 

Dymatize protein powder delivery service


  • No added sugar
  • Fits well in many diet and exercise plans
  • Fun flavors
  • Great post-workout whey protein option


  • Single whey protein source that may not work for everyone

3. Revel Women's Protein

  • Best match for: Women looking for a protein powder that promises other health benefits as well.

Tired of products marketed toward women that aren't really designed for a woman's body? Settling for less product (usually at a higher price point) doesn't have to be a reality with this protein concentrate made specifically for women. Basic flavors make it a great choice for creating smooth and tasty shakes while the formula also includes ingredients that are critical to keeping a woman's body healthy and functioning properly.

Each serving is packed with choline, CLA, and digestive enzymes that make this a great choice for women who need to add in some extra protein.

With 25 grams of protein per serving and ingredients that are non-GMO and gluten-free, Revel Women's Protein is easy to fit into your busy lifestyle and is shown to raise the uptake of amino acids by 20 percent when compared to whey protein alone. With just enough sweetness to satisfy a sugar craving, this is a great option for a post-workout shake as well.

Revel Women's Protein delivery service


  • Designed specifically for women
  • Includes ingredients that improve your overall health
  • Contains casein and whey protein
  • No added sugars


  • Limited flavor options

4. Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

  • Best match for: Those who are looking for a truly vegan protein option.

This powder is chock full of more than just vegan protein. Your body will love the essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and organic fruits and vegetables in each serving.

The high-quality ingredients deliver not just a protein boost but also a delicious and healthy infusion of flavors and nutrition that's suitable for vegans. Expect to boost your protein by 22 grams per serving of protein powder to help you get the vegan protein you need.

Ideal for shakes mixed with fresh fruit, almond butter, and nutrient-rich greens, this is one of those rare protein powders that will leave you feeling full and it's a great choice for a meal replacement protein. It's free of those heavy-hitters that can be hard to avoid in protein powders, including soy and whey.

Your body will also love that there are no added sugars, unnatural dyes, flavors, or even artificial sweeteners. When you make a shake with Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal you're making one that offers nothing but the wholesome, healthy vegan protein and nutrition your body craves.

Garden of Life delivery service


  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
  • Infused with probiotics and enzymes in every serving
  • Soy- and whey-free
  • Great for full meal replacements


  • May not satisfy a sweet tooth

5. Signature 1oo% Whey Protein

  • Best match for: People looking for a whey protein powder that tastes great.

It's not a secret that whey isolate can help give your body exactly the boost it needs post-workout to burn more efficiently, repair those muscles, and gear your body up for the next workout.

Many people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle with the assistance of protein powder choose whey as their source of protein.

Whey isolate is easy and quick for the body to break down and utilize.

It's a low-carb option that has just enough of that whey protein concentrate in it to give you that smooth protein shake texture you crave.

Along with the creamy texture, this whey protein powder offers great flavors, many of which you won't find elsewhere.

Seasonal options and classic favorites like Oatmeal Cookie will have you feeling like you're cheating on your diet instead of making a healthy choice for your body.

Signature 100% Whey Protein powder delivery service


  • Exciting flavors that are far from run-of-the-mill
  • Easy to digest with a great smooth texture
  • Partially broken down whey protein for quicker fueling
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only works for those who can consume whey

6. MicroPure Whey Protein Isolate

  • Best match for: The health nut who craves whey protein powder products that are more like a dessert.

If you're looking to do good for your body while feeling like you're sitting down to a decadent dessert, this is one protein powder that will work for you. With natural and traditional sweeteners to help give you a smooth and delicious whey protein shake with no aftertaste.

Whether you want to check out traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate that are great for blending with your favorite add-ins or are looking for an exciting new flavor like Cinnamon Roll or Coffee Latte, you won't regret reaching for this powder.

There are no artificial flavors or colors and MicroPure is a whey protein concentrate that's low in sugar and fat while still packing a protein punch in each serving. A whey protein isolate, this protein powder is already partially broken down and ready for your body to put to use in record time, making it an ideal choice for post-workout protein boosts.

While it's easy to make in a blender, it's also one that mixes well in a tumbler when you're hurrying home from the gym, so there's no reason to wait to get your healthy fix.

Micropure Whey Protein Isolate powder delivery service


  • Great tasting — even when on the go
  • Fun flavors
  • No artificial aftertaste
  • Whey isolate protein is easy and quick to digest


  • Be aware of dietary restrictions — sucralose and stevia are used in this formula

7. NitroTech 100% Whey Gold

  • Best match for: Athletes looking for a whey protein powder to help build muscle mass.

An all-purpose whey protein powder can be a great addition to your life, but sometimes you need something that's designed for a specific purpose to get the most out of your results. If you're looking for the best protein powder to help you achieve muscle development, it's time to consider this whey protein powder from NitroTech.

As a whey protein isolate, this formula has readily available protein that's easy to absorb and put to use, making it ideal for developing that lean muscle mass you've been working toward.

Per serving, you'll be pulling in 24 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs (those are the amino acids directly responsible for the muscle protein synthesis you need to develop strong muscles) this whey protein concentrate is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes looking to crush their next mile marker.

The inclusion of whey peptides in this formula sets it apart from other whey isolate options out there. The creamy texture makes for enjoyable shakes that fuel your body to keep you at your best.

Available in large canisters holding eight-pounds of whey protein concentrate, this is one product that you won't need to repurchase often, so you're getting more results from your whey protein shakes — and more bang for your buck.

NitroTech 100% Whey Gold protein powder delivery service


  • Includes essential amino acids needed for muscle development
  • Low in sugar and fat
  • Does not include artificial flavors or colors
  • Creamy texture
  • Many flavor options


  • The larger sized canisters mean you need to commit to one flavor

8. Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

  • Best match for: Men looking for the best whey protein for their specific needs.

Available in an array of 20 different flavors, you'll never need to turn to other whey protein powders for a change of pace and you're bound to find a flavor that works for you. If you're training hard and drinking multiple shakes a day, you know the same old whey protein powder can get boring.

Keep a couple of different flavors on your shelf to keep things interesting while you meet and exceed your nutritional and athletic goals.

This is one whey protein powder that's really designed for an active life. While using a shake tumbler or blender can give you that ultra-smooth and creamy whey protein shake you're looking forward to, this powder also mixes easily by hand with just a spoon.

If you're tired of sticking with protein shakes and have been looking for a powder that mixes easily into other products, like yogurt or oatmeal, this is another good whey protein concentrate to turn to.

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein delivery service


  • Available in many different flavors
  • Multiple size containers to suit your needs and preferences
  • Great for shakes and for adding protein to food
  • Mixes well without a blender


  • Only for those who can consumer whey and soybean products

9. Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein

  • Best match for: Athletes looking for a vegan protein option.

Whey protein isn't for everyone. Whether you have a dairy intolerance or participate in a dietary lifestyle that doesn't involve dairy, there are many reasons people may turn to a plant-based protein source instead.

As powdered proteins are frequently derived from dairy (like whey and casein), it can be challenging to find a good vegan source for protein. Whey is readily available, affordable to produce, and is frequently marketed toward athletes. If you're an athlete looking for an option that suits vegan living, Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein is one worth looking at.

With 5.5 grams of amino acids (BCAAs) per serving, this powder boasts a powerful protein punch that rivals what can be found in some of the best whey protein powders. This is a great option for people looking to add protein to their diet while sticking to a clean-eating approach.

Every serving will rack up your protein by 30 grams, which will help you get as much protein as your body needs to make the most of those workouts.

Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein delivery service


  • Ideal for post-workout recovery protein needs
  • Vegan-friendly with no whey protein
  • Added probiotics for better digestion
  • No GMOs


  • Not intended to be used as a meal replacement


Have you looked through the list of recommended protein powders here and still aren't sure which products best suit your high protein needs? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to help figure out the best protein powder for you.

Why use protein powder?

There are plenty of benefits to adding protein to your diet. It's an essential macronutrient that's responsible for helping your body work at its best. Protein is readily used by the body to build muscle mass, repair muscle damage, and it's a great tool when working toward weight loss goals.

Proper protein levels are responsible for more than just weight and athletic changes, though. They also help maintain enzyme and hormone levels, work to keep your mind sharp and keep fatigue at bay.

There's no doubt that protein is a critical element to your nutrition. There are a variety of reasons why you may not readily consume the protein you need, though, including keeping a vegetarian or vegan diet, or a busy lifestyle that has you eating on-the-go. Using a protein powder can help you easily get the protein servings you need without compromising your dietary restrictions or negatively impacting your schedule

How much protein does a body need?

It's important to remember that everyone is different, and while there are some general nutritional guidelines, your specific body may need more protein to function at its best. According to the FDA, if you are four years old and older you should be consuming 50 grams of protein every day. This is based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so serving needs can vary depending on how many calories your body needs.

More important to planning your protein needs than how many calories you consume is how you're using your body. Protein is a crucial building block for your body and it's responsible for helping you build muscle and giving energy to an active body — after ensuring your body is ticking off the essential functions. Increasing your protein intake when you're extra active or when you're intentionally trying to put on muscle will make sure there's enough protein on board to keep you going.

While the 50 grams per day can be a great place to start, your body's varying protein needs can make it difficult to know if you're truly consuming enough. For a more accurate number, consider your baseline protein needs to be 0.36 multiplied by your weight in pounds.

For instance, a 180-pound person should be consuming almost 65 protein grams every day. If you're exceptionally active or intentionally building muscle, up that number in the formula to 0.6-0.9 instead. That same 180-pound person could be consuming more like 145 grams every day to meet their goals.

What are the different types of protein powders?

Different protein powders are derived from different sources, and some may contain more protein in a single serving when compared to others on the market. Many people immediately think of meat as the main source of protein, but there are actually many different places out there where you can find a healthy serving of protein. Grass-fed, organic meat products can help you reach your protein goals, but so can a good protein powder.

Different powder types include whey proteins (made from milk and readily available), plant-based proteins (ideal for non-meat eaters), casein proteins (also derived from milk but absorbs more slowly than whey), egg proteins (easy to digest), and beef, chicken, and bone broth proteins (for those who consume animal proteins).

Powder options are plentiful, and the one you decide to go with will be determined on personal preference, your personal protein needs, and any dietary restrictions you might have. When it comes to protein, whether you go with whey or a plant-based powder, there's something out there for everyone.

What is the difference between meal replacement and supplemental-use protein powders?

Before selecting your protein powder of choice, it's important to take a good look at how you plan on using protein powders in your diet and lifestyle. If you're looking for a powder that's capable of replacing a meal, you'll definitely want one where each serving is a little more calorie heavy.

If you're looking for a protein powder to serve as a supplement to your daily meals or as a post-workout boost, you may want something that offers high protein per serving while not adding a ton of calories.

You don't need to choose either or and, in fact, can successfully use the two together to help create a balanced diet and lifestyle while getting all of your proteins.

Powders can help you achieve both goals, but you may need to compromise on one side or the other with an all-purpose option. If you don't want to compromise, you can always choose to keep more than one brand and style of protein powder in rotation.

Which is the best protein powder?

There may not be a single best protein powder that works best for everyone, however, there is likely an option out there that will work best for you.

Before you get started on determining which protein powder products you want to try implementing in your life, first check-in with your doctor or care provider for bloodwork and to discuss your plan for adding protein to your diet. They may have important suggestions on what to use — and what to avoid — based on your medical history and individual needs.

After you've checked in with your doctor, take the time to assess your hopes from adding protein. If you're looking to add protein to a workout regimen, meet with your trainer or nutritionist to discuss what they recommend.

Pull from those options that are both endorsed by your care provider and your trainer to try meeting your protein goals. After that, it's going to come down to personal preference — the results you see with each product, how they make your body feel, and of course, which one offers the flavors and textures you crave. 

The Right One for You

Taking the plunge on the perfect protein powder can be intimidating, especially when there are so many products out there. If you still aren't sure which of these products will be the best protein powder for you, we can't help but recommend the Pro JYM Protein Powder.

We love that it's not a single protein source while still giving you those solid benefits of a whey protein powder. And with 24 grams of protein per serving, it'll definitely get you on your way to meeting your nutritional (and physical) goals.

Pro JYM protein powder delivery service

Pro JYM Protein Powder

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Beginner-friendly with lots of versatility
  • Great flavors
  • Multiple protein sources
  • High-quality ingredients

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