6 Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Review
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Around five percent of the United States population is vegetarian, with that number growing every day. You probably know this, but vegetarians are people who do not consume meat. They instead prioritize vegetables and other foods in their diets. Some will take it a step further and strive to eliminate dairy, eggs, and other animal by-products and are known as vegans. Read our reviews of top ready to eat vegan meals delivered straight to your door.

couple eating vegetarian foodIf you’ve thought about going vegetarian but been intimidated to try, you’re not alone.

Getting to know new recipes and including new foods into your meal plan can be slow at first. Fortunately, there are food services that cater to the vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

Whether you are a vegetarian for health, ecological, religious, or ethical reasons, there are so many great vegetarian meal delivery services out there.

What is a Vegetarian Diet?

If you’re reading this, chances are you might already be a vegetarian. If that’s the case, you already know a vegetarian diet consists largely of fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods.

Vegetarian meals tend to be really healthy and as enriching as those with meat. Not eating meat really comes down to a personal choice. Some people modify the vegetarian diet to sometimes include fish, but some consider fish to be animal meat as well and discourage consumption.

If you’re new to this lifestyle, you might have been told a few myths about vegetarians. A common misconception is that they simply don’t eat meat – ever. There are actually several different types of vegetarianism, including:

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians who do not eat meat, but still eat eggs, milk, and dairy.
  • Vegans are a well-known type of vegetarian; veganism is the non-consumption of dairy, eggs or any other products of animals.
  • Pescatarians eat fish and seafood but avoid other types of animal meats.
  • Lacto-vegetarians are those who consume dairy products though not eggs.
  • Fruitarians eat a diet consisting of fruits, nuts, seeds, and other types of plant foods.
  • Flexitarians are a more flexible vegetarian who will sometimes eat meat and fish, but choose to mostly follow a vegetarian diet.

veggie burgerEven with these reasons in mind, some people might be checking out the best vegetarian meal delivery service purely to try something new and see what benefits might arise from it.

Even with health, religious, ethical, or environmental reasons, vegetarianism might just be something you prefer to follow and that is a great reason to check out these services.

Still, others might be hereafter adhering to a meat-free diet their whole lives. Regardless of whether you are new or seasoned in the ways of vegetarians and the meal options out there, there are a number of reasons about why vegetarian meal delivery might be a good match for you.

Are Vegetarian Meals a Good Match for You?

As mentioned before, a vegetarian diet can be adopted for a large variety of reasons. The meals tend to be enriching and healthy with fruits, vegetables, and nuts front and center. Meatless meals might be a good match for you due to personal religious or ethical reasons.

You might find yourself dabbling in vegetarian food due to health or ecological reasons as well.

Some people have natural allergies or intolerances that require vegetarian meals. Others find it important to protect the environment by adopting a plant-based diet.

Vegetarian diets exist for several reasons. It is typically a personal choice that stems from moral, ethical, religious, health, or ecological concerns, or a combination of these.

Vegetarians often point to cruel practices in the animal industry as a reason to turn away from meat products. Others are highly conscious of the environmental impact that arises from raising animals for food.

Health is another major reason why people choose a meat-free lifestyle. Doctors and dieticians recommend low-fat meals that are high in fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

There have been scientific studies to show that reducing or removing red meat from your diet lowers the risk for heart disease and related issues. Other research has found a meat-free diet lowers the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Vegetarians tend to have lower glucose levels, blood pressure, triglycerides, and BMI than meat-eaters.

baked eggplant

These are the health benefits have a more vegetarian centric diet. Let’s talk about the benefits of tryin a vegetarian meal delivery service.

Current vegetarians can take a load of their plate (ha, pun intended) by getting prepared foods delivered.

Vegetarian home delivery meals take the guesswork out of meal planning and prepping.

It brings the food to your door and makes the work week pass faster without the need to think about the next meal.

If you are trying out a new diet plan, meal services take out the planning and preparation for you as well. If you find yourself thinking vegetarians only eat salad, these food delivery services will prove you wrong! Not that there’s anything wrong with salads or that salads can’t be part of a vegetarian diet. However, salads aren’t the only thing that’s consumable. Vegetarian dishes are just as varied as those with animal proteins!

No matter why you want to follow a meatless meal plan, more and more people every day choose to swap meat for plant power. In fact, a recent Gallup poll showed ten percent of Americans consider themselves vegetarian. If you are one of those people and you need a little more ease in your life, vegetarian meals might just be for you.

What to Look for in a Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

All meal delivery services promise to provide exactly what you are looking for. However, if you haven’t thought about what to look for, the search might be a little difficult. For vegetarian meal delivery services, price and menu rotation are essential. If the cost of meal delivery is too high, you might find yourself looking elsewhere for sustenance. If the menu is the same week after week, boredom might drive you somewhere else.

Another important aspect for vegetarians especially is clearly marked veggie options.

Most companies offer vegetarian menu items, but not all make it clear and easy to find those options.

It’s boring having to sift through meaty meals to find what you can eat. If building a menu requires a treasure hunt to seek out meat-free options, you might want to look into a different service.

Other factors to consider are the approximate shipping time for meals. You should also look at whether there are subscription or member fees. If a commitment isn’t your thing, go for a service with an a-la-carte option. Some companies will let you cancel at any time while others might lock you in. If you prefer not to think about your dinners on a weekly or monthly basis, some services auto-renew each week or month.

Our Reviews for the Best Meal Delivery Services for Vegetarians

1. Veestro

Veestro tops the list for its plant-focused menu that stands out above the rest.

The service has a health-focused menu that prioritizes vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. It also serves up great ready-made vegetarian meals.

The meal options are easy to adapt to individual needs – offering both meal plan options and a-la-carte menu.

There’s also a special menu for weight loss or a juice cleanse if that’s your thing.

The meals arrive fully prepared with organic ingredients and free of preservatives. Plus, the reviews rave about how delicious the food is, following the tagline, “just heat, eat, and love.”

What’s on the menu

There are a range of menu options to choose between, including an a-la-carte menu, meal packs, weight loss plans, or juice cleanses.

The meal packs offer everything from kosher meals to gluten-free, with plenty of vegetarian options. There’s even a wedding prep meal pack! Dishes show a rating scale between 1 to 5 stars, so you can lean on other Veestro users to make sure you get the best meal! Some veggie meals on the menu include:

  • Rice and quinoa breakfast pudding
  • Omelet primavera
  • Veggie empanadas
  • Veggie lasagna
  • Golden chickpea stew
  • Black bean pasta Alfredo
  • Pizza Napoletana

What it costs

The cost depends, as Veestro offers both one-time service options and package deals.

Most a-la-carte options range between $10 to $13. For first time users, there is a 10% discount for a-la-carte meals when you first enter the site.

A starter pack meal package is $99 for 10 meals and the weight loss meal plans hover close to the $200 to $370 price point.

Other specialty meal plans, like the 21-day kickstart, is $229. You can also earn points on your meals for future discounts and rewards!

Veestro has free shipping on orders over $199. Orders between $99 to $198 have a $19 shipping charge. Orders under $98 have a $35 shipping charge. Certain states in the West (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) have a $12 flat rate shipping charge.

How it works

Veestro reaches all four corners of the 48 continental U.S. states.

Meals are shipped via insulated boxes and arrive within one to four business days. Delivery time will depend on where you are located.

Veestro is based on California, so those on the East Coast can expect a turnaround closer to four business days. Orders placed Monday through Sunday are shipped the following Monday and Tuesday. Once the meals arrive, they can be refrigerated for 2-3 days before consumption. Meals are delivered fresh not frozen.

Why it’s our number 1

Veestro understands and acts on the power of a plant-based diet. Vegetarians will find their home here, not only because of the great meals but because of Veestro’s plant-based ethos.

There are many meal plan options and a rotating a-la-carte menu that offers variety for any palate.

Veestro meals are preservative free, organic, and prepared by expert chefs. All this happens to keep you and your stomach happy!

The company focuses on a growth mindset, a healthy attitude, and care for the environment.

Shipping can take some time, especially for those on the East coast. Other than that, there are not many reasons why vegetarians wouldn’t love Veestro’s vegetarian meal delivery.

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2. Vegin’ Out

Second place brings a service providing solely vegetarian and vegan meal plans. The emphasis is mostly on vegan meals, so it restricts diet plans a little more than vegetarian meals would. Read our full Vegin’ Out review.

It is a weekly service that provides up to 9 combinations of vegan meals as one of the best vegan meal plan delivery.

It is based in Los Angeles and meals are made with the freshest organic ingredients.

Vegin Out also offers gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and other special diets for those with allergies or other restrictions.

What’s on the menu

A solid component to Vegin Out is its weekly rotating menu. The weekly package brings at least 9 meals, including entrees, sides, soups, and cookies. A typical week includes:

  • Thai Red curry veggies
  • Pasta puttanesca
  • Hearty veggie miso
  • Ginger scented rice
  • Thai Peanut Kale salad

What it costs

The service costs vary based on the number of meals ordered and can add up rather quickly.

A single vegetarian or vegan diet meal delivery order shipping nationwide, so 9 meals for the week, costs $189.99. A double order is $360.98.

If you are California based, the cost looks different. Shipping and handling costs are included in all orders.

How it works

Vegin Out is Los Angeles based but ships nationwide. Deliveries are made on Mondays and takes up to 3 – 5 days to deliver via Fed Ex.

For customers in California, meals can arrive as soon as the next day. For those on the East Coast, the timeline is a little closer to 5 business days for delivery. Vegin Out can deliver everywhere in the 48 continental states.

Why it’s our runner-up

Vegin Out is a great veggie and vegan-only service. It gains extra points for posing no risk of cross-contamination since they do not deal with meat.

It offers a strict adherence to vegan principles that some vegetarians might find beneficial. However – the weekly cost might add up too quickly for some folks.

Shipping can also take a while, which is why this is a solid second place.

The website is a little hard to follow for a newcomer, so prepare to learn the ropes before committing to Vegin Out


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3. Babeth’s Feast

Babeth’s Feast brings French cuisine to your door with great frozen meals that let you eat well without the hassle of cooking. Read our detailed Babeth’s Feast review or continue on for highlights of their service.

The company emphasizes creativity in meals and strive for restaurant-quality food at home. It offers a whole section of meat-free meals that are jam-packed with veggies from local farms, promising the best vegetarian frozen meals.

What’s on the menu

Babeth’s Feast offers a good range of ready-made vegetarian meals. Dishes can also be made gluten-free or dairy-free if desired. Some great meal options include:

  • Eggplant and chickpea stew
  • Eggplant parmesan
  • Vegetable korma
  • Lentil salad with cauliflower rice and kale

What it costs

Babeth Feast sidesWith both a-la-carte and subscription options, you can make Babeth’s Feast fit for your needs.

Most a-la-carte meals are around $8 to $13. The subscription service offers a weekly high protein vegetarian frozen meals for all main and side dishes. If that’s not enough, it also offers you the option of choosing 6 or more dishes.

If using the subscription, the meals are $9.99 each and come with free shipping.

Babeth’s Feast also offers different samplers with a mix of different popular options. At the time of writing, a vegan meal sampler option is on sale for $60 and comes with six main dishes and six side dishes.

There’s no commitment and the subscription can be canceled at any time. For other orders, there is a $15 flat rate shipping charge if the order is more than $50. Orders under $50 will have a $35 flat rate charge.

How it works

Babeth’s Feast ships out deliveries on Mondays and take around 2 to 3 days to deliver, pending location. The company is able to deliver nationwide to everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii.

Why it’s on our list

Babeth’s Feast is one of the best options for frozen vegetarian meals. The inspiration from French cuisine means great food in a flexible setting. The vegetarian section is quite limited, however. If the menu doesn’t look enticing one week, it could throw your plans to use this service.

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4. Healthy Chef Creations

Healthy Chef Creations meals and why they're the bestThis service makes the list for its emphasis on organic, healthy meals combined with convenience and ease of ordering. Click here for our full review.

The custom nature of this menu gives it a top spot on our list. It even offers a profile service that can be customized to dietary needs and preferences.

The service is especially great for families, couples, singles, and busy professionals. The veggie menu is extensive and can even be adjusted to pescatarian or vegan options.

What’s on the menu

Healthy Chef Creations has a huge menu, to say the least. They can be customized to specific orders and users are able to choose entrees and sides for every meal. Examples of menu items include:

  • Breakfast potato frittata
  • Southern style tofu scramble
  • Southwest burrito bowl
  • Loaded sweet potato
  • Kung pao tofu

What it costs

weeks worth of foodWith all the flexibility and customization comes a price point to match.

Most a-la-carte meals are more than $10 with some spiking above $20.

The meal packages come in different combinations, offering three meals a day, lunch and dinner, breakfast and dinner, or dinner only.

The price of these packages is at a daily rate that culminates based on the number of days selected.

For example, the dinner only packages range from $17.99/day for 7 days to $20.99/day for 5 days.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages range between $50 to $60 a day for one to thirteen weeks. Shipping varies based on selected plans or quantity.

How it works

Healthy Chef Creations delivers nationwide.

Orders can be made on an auto-renewal option, eliminating the need to repeat order. Orders can be placed online or over the phone if you prefer.

Why it gets a shout out

In terms of vegetarian meal plan delivery, this service has a wide menu that offers a lot of choices.

The meal plan combinations mean there’s something for everyone. The major issue comes in the menu customization.

The dishes are presented as a “vegetarian option available.”

This means you might have to choose a meat dish and during your order select veggie-friendly options.

This can create a little extra work on your part as you go about placing the order.

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5. Balance by bistroMD

The company’s tagline is, “eat well with balance,” and with medical and nutritionist input, this is accomplished. A wide menu is accompanied by a veggie-friendly subset that is promising. Read our full review of Balance by bistroMd.

What’s on the menu

While vegetarian meals are not clearly marked, a little research uncovers some great options for meatless meals. Some of those options include:

  • Raspberry Chipotle Roasted Vegetable Bowl
  • Apple cinnamon oatmeal with scrambled eggs
  • Stuffed grape leaves with tomato sauce

What it costs

Balance by bistroMD meals ranges from $5-$14 for mains. Breakfast items tending to be lower priced. There are no minimum or membership requirements with free shipping on orders over $99.

There is a 10% discount and free shipping offered on the first order. With no membership requirements, you can order as many or as few meals as you’d like. The range of prices makes this an affordable vegetarian meal plan.

How it works

The service ships via FedEx within 2-5 business days after an order is placed.

Orders are placed online or over the phone and can be shipped to 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Why it gets a shout out

The price and the company’s balanced philosophy earns them a spot on our list.

However, there are a few cons that pull Balance by bistroMD down. The menu does not clearly mark veggie options, creating more work.

Before placing a purchase, be sure to read the ingredients list for a meal. Not doing so might risk ordering something you cannot eat.

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6. Medifast

Medifast is a service primarily known for weight-loss solutions. As part of this, it provides a vegetarian meal delivery service which cuts out a lot of fats and calories linked with meat. Click here to read more.

It offers a specific meat-free menu that also incorporates weight-loss goals. This makes Medifast one of the best vegetarian meals for weight loss.

What’s on the menu

The vegetarian menu is interesting as it offers a mix of options without eggs or dairy, or both.

What it costs

Vegetarians are offered the same meal plans and simply choose the meals marked as vegetarian-friendly. Meal packages are 30-day meal kits that can be different prices. The Medifast Flex plan is $399 at a new customer price. Or, Medifast Go (gluten-free) plan has a new customer price of $329. Shipping is free!

How it works

Medifast orders are placed online or over the phone and then delivered as a kit. Delivery is available to a number of states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Why it gets a shout out

Medifast is a great vegetarian prepared meal delivery options for those also seeking to lose weight. It offers more meal options than quite a few other services on this list.

However, 30 days is a commitment and might prove to be a financial loss if you don’t like the meals you receive. It’s also fairly expensive compared to the rest. But, it is still one of the services offering the best vegetarian meal services.

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So, Should I Give it a Shot?

Whether you’ve been team veggie for life or are just joining the lifestyle, there’s a vegetarian food delivery service for you! Ditching meat doesn’t have to be hard. Delivery companies like the ones listed make it their mission to make eating healthily easy.

veg meal selection

Many vegetarian delivery services, especially Veestro, offer great insight into the benefits of a plant-based diet. With your specific needs in mind, there is a service to match your palate, schedule, and budget. Veestro has a great a-la-carte menu just waiting for you to check out and sample. With few requiring membership or subscriptions, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

The best meal delivery services for vegetarians are a great way to eliminate the need to plan, schedule, prepare, and cook meals every day. Whether you need a few a-la-carte options or a full week’s worth of meals, you’ll find a service on this list to cater for your needs. A meal delivery service will bring vegetarian meals to your door while you stay happy, healthy, and stress-free.

6 Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Review
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