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What’s the Best Ready to Eat Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re you’re a lifelong vegetarian or perhaps looking to add a few veggie meals to your weekly lineup, there are numerous meal delivery services delivering ready to eat vegetarian meals straight to your door.

The only question is this: which vegetarian meal delivery service matches your budget, schedule, and lifestyle? Read ahead for answers!

Our Top Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services (2020 Updated)

#1 MamaSezz
(Editor's Choice)
Best Price
  • No subscription required
  • No minimum order needed
  • Entire menu is no meat, no refined sugar, no GMOs, no dairy, no gluten, and no preservatives
  • Kid-friendly meals available
#2 Trifecta Nutrition
Best Price
  • Macro balanced meals
  • Science-backed meal plans designed for weight loss and adding muscle
  • Meals contain high amounts of plant-based protein
#3 Veestro
Best Price
  • Organic ingredients with no preservatives
  • Shipping is free with auto-deliveries

1. MamaSezz (Editor’s Choice)

MamaSezz isn’t just a vegetarian ready to eat meal delivery service; it’s vegan with greens, beans, vegetables, nuts, fruits–we’re talking REAL real food–with some plant-based “meat” alternatives thrown in, to deliver a colorful and healthy menu.

Read our Meal Matchmaker’s MamaSezz review.

This is not a subscription program either. You order what you want when you want so commitment-phobes, rejoice!

You can get bundles or individual meals and, unlike other meal delivery services, there is no minimum order.

All of MamaSezz meals, along with being vegetarian, are whole food plant-based and cooked without oil, refined sugar, or preservatives.

All meals are also gluten free and 90% organic.

All meals are made and delivered fresh and fully prepared. However, if you cant get through your meals, don’t fret.

MamaSezz meals can be stored and the freezer for up to two months making it invaluable in having healthy vegetarian food on hand.

Their meals come with easy instructions on how to reheat the oven, on the stovetop, or in the microwave.

Anyone is eligible to order a la carte or get one of their plant-based meal bundles, which include custom meal plans and suggested pairings.

All MamaSezz meals have two to three servings and arrive with serving recommendations. Nutritional information can be found on the individual product pages on the website.

We’ve covered the healthiness and convenience of this meal delivery service but real talk – does it taste good?

In short, yes! The meals–sans fat, sugar, and preservatives and chock full of vegetables– taste delicious.

The menu offers a lot of comfort food style dishes like mac and cheese, lasagna, and meatloaf (all vegetarian/vegan mind you) that are usually associated being calorie bombs but not in MamaSezz iterations.

This healthy and convenient vegetarian meal delivery service comes highly recommended by Meal Matchmaker.

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2. Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta’s moto is “Save time, money, your 6-pack and the planet” which is a pretty aggressive to-do list but somewhat more approachable if you go with Trifecta’s guidance and meal plans. (Read our full Trifecta Nutrition Review.)

Unlike MamaSezz, Trifecta is not fully vegetarian program-wide; they offer seven different meal plans and vegetarian is but one but it’s a good one, especially for those of you who want a balanced meal to aid your workouts and athletic lifestyles.

Trifecta describes their vegetarian meal plan as including “some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates available on the market today. These meals are also macro-balanced so you can enjoy a plant-based diet while giving your body everything it needs to thrive.”

Trifecta’s meals are made from scratch and from fresh ingredients versus frozen. All Trifecta meals arrive vacuum sealed and last for 10 days in the fridge.

You can expect delicious vegetarian meals such as portabella pasta, pumpkin almond bread, a bevvy of roasted vegetables and much much more. All meals across Trifecta are gluten free.

Their vegetarian menu offerings are very similar to their vegan meal delivery plan with one major addition: the inclusion of eggs on their breakfast menu.

Though some companies consider eggs as part of a vegetarian diet, we find that most people do not and so that, and their vegetarian meal plan not being as varied as MamaSezz, is what secured its spot as a runner up on this review.

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3. Veestro

Veestro offers a health-focused menu that prioritizes vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

They adapt to individual needs – offering both meal plan options and a-la-carte menu.

There’s also a special menu for weight loss or a juice cleanse if that’s your thing.

The meals arrive fully prepared with organic ingredients and free of preservatives.

There are a range of menu options to choose between, including an a-la-carte menu, meal packs, weight loss plans, or juice cleanses.

The meal packs offer everything from kosher meals to gluten-free, all of which are vegetarian.

There’s even a wedding prep meal pack! Dishes show a rating scale between 1 to 5 stars, so you can lean on other Veestro users to make sure you get the best meal.

Meals are shipped via insulated boxes and arrive within one to four business days. Delivery time will depend on where you are located.

Orders placed Monday through Sunday are shipped the following Monday and Tuesday. Once the meals arrive, they can be refrigerated for 2-3 days before consumption. Meals are delivered fresh not frozen.

Vegetarians will find their home here, not only because of the great meals but because of Veestro’s plant-based ethos.

There are many meal plan options and a rotating a-la-carte menu that offers variety for any palate.

The company focuses on a growth mindset, a healthy attitude, and care for the environment.

Shipping can take some time, especially for those on the East coast. Other than that, there are not many reasons why vegetarians wouldn’t love Veestro’s vegetarian meal delivery.

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4. Vegin’ Out

Read our full Vegin’ Out review.

It is a weekly service that provides up to 9 combinations of vegan meals.

It is based in Los Angeles and meals are made with the freshest organic ingredients.

Vegin Out also offers gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and other special diets for those with allergies or other restrictions.

A solid component to Vegin Out is its weekly rotating menu. The weekly package brings at least 9 meals, including entrees, sides, soups, and cookies. A typical week includes:

  • Thai Red curry veggies
  • Pasta puttanesca
  • Hearty veggie miso
  • Ginger scented rice
  • Thai Peanut Kale salad

For customers in California, meals can arrive as soon as the next day. For those on the East Coast, the timeline is a little closer to 5 business days for delivery. Vegin Out can deliver everywhere in the 48 continental states.

Vegin Out is a great veggie and vegan-only service. It gains extra points for posing no risk of cross-contamination since they do not deal with meat.

It offers a strict adherence to vegan principles that some vegetarians might find beneficial. However – the weekly cost might add up too quickly for some folks.

Shipping can also take a while,

The website is a little hard to follow for a newcomer, so prepare to learn the ropes before committing to Vegin Out.

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Are Vegetarian Meals a Good Match for You?

Vegetarian diets exist for several reasons. It is typically a personal choice that stems from moral, ethical, religious, health, or ecological concerns, or a combination of these.

There are actually several different types of vegetarianism, including:

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians who do not eat meat, but still eat eggs, milk, and dairy.
  • Vegans are a well-known type of vegetarian; veganism is the non-consumption of dairy, eggs or any other products of animals.
  • Pescatarians eat fish and seafood but avoid other types of animal meats.
  • Lacto-vegetarians are those who consume dairy products though not eggs.
  • Fruitarians eat a diet consisting of fruits, nuts, seeds, and other types of plant foods.
  • Flexitarians are a more flexible vegetarian who will sometimes eat meat and fish, but choose to mostly follow a vegetarian diet.

Whatever you reasons for trying or maintaining a vegetarian diet, if followed in a healthy way, the benefits are tremendous.

What we mean by this is that if you follow a vegetarian diet that consists mostly of processed foods or fried vegetables, then you’re not poised to enjoy the health benefits of a meatless diet.

But if your vegetarian diet consists of a bevvy of low-fat meals that are high in plants, vegetables, fruits and nuts, then you’re set!

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between reducing or removing red meat from diets and the risk of heart disease and other related issues being lowered or eradicated altogether.

Other research has found that a meat-free diet lowers the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

Vegetarians tend to have lower glucose levels, blood pressure, triglycerides, and BMI than meat-eaters.

Should You Give Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services a Shot?

What we love about the vegetarian meal delivery services we’ve reviewed are that they’re all helping make eating vegetarian meals more convenient and accessible.

What we find even more impressive are these companies’ commitment to not only providing vegetarian options, but more importantly, they’re providing healthy vegetarian meals.

baked eggplant

These meal delivery services aren’t sending out rabbit food or hyper-processed, fake meat gook. Rather, professional chefs are lending their expertise and creativity in bringing you meals with whole foods and clean eating at the core.

Whether you’ve been team veggie for life, or are just joining the lifestyle, there’s a vegetarian food delivery service for you.

Ditching meat doesn’t have to be hard. Eating clean doesn’t have to be a challenge. Delivery companies like the ones we’ve reviewed above make it their mission to send out healthy vegetarian meals.

With your specific needs in mind, there is a service to match your palate, schedule, and budget.

MamaSezz has an excellent menu just waiting for you to check out and sample.