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What’s the Best Vegan Prepared Meal Delivery Service?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Going vegan is a piece of (eggless and dairy-free) cake, especially with all the vegan meal delivery services that are now available.

Whether you’re new to veganism or have eaten this way for some time and are looking for healthy and convenient plans, our review of the best vegan meal delivery services is up ahead!

Our Top Vegan Meal Delivery Services (2020 Updated)

1. MamaSezz (Editor’s Choice)

MamaSezz meals are fresh (not frozen) and fully prepared/ready to eat.

Click to read our full MamaSezz Review or keep reading on to learn why we think this MamaSezz is the best vegan meal delivery service.

Right off the bat we’ll tell you that what impresses us about MamaSezz is that it does not rely heavily on processed franken meats to comprise its meals. Rather, their meals are made up of plant based whole foods.

One of MamaSezz’s mission is to use organic ingredients as much as possible.

They work with local farmers, and request certified organic from their suppliers.

Their meals are not 100% organic but they only “substitute with conventional when organic is not available.”

With MamaSezz, you can enjoy comfort food meals like chili, soups, stews, cornbread, burgers, tacos, loaves, and lasagna. Sounds heavy though and perhaps high calorie, right? Nope. Check it: MamaSezz makes whole food plant-based meals and snacks with:

  • no meat
  • no refined sugar
  • no GMOs
  • no dairy
  • no gluten
  • no preservatives
  • no oil in many dishes

So what do they make their meals with? They use vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other REAL ingredients.

They have a solid offering of kid-approved meals and snacks as well such as Mama’s Mac, Love it Loaf, Bolognese Sauce, Bolognese With Pasta, Gram’s Granola, and more.

All MamaSezz meals are made and delivered fresh and fully prepared.

Their ready to heat and eat meal comes with a “use or freeze by” date on the packaging that is usually within 10-18 days of your delivery.

Except for the cornbread, all of their meals freeze exceptionally well; you could freeze your meals for up to two months and still defrost and heat and the taste won’t be compromised.

Another feature we love about MamaSezz is that not only are the meals healthy, but the packaging these meals come in can be recycled.

Their boxes come with a return-shipping label. You can place your empty packaging and shipping materials back into the box, slap on that return-shipping label, and schedule a pickup with FedEx. Boom, your recycling is done!

If you qualify for free or inexpensive shipping, definitely give MamaSezz a go because the quality and taste of the meals are consistently tasty.

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2. Fresh N’ Lean

Fresh N’ Lean is not vegan program-wide–meaning they also deliver non-vegan meals as well. However, their vegan menu shows a commitment that we haven’t seen in many other companies.

Read our full Fresh N’ Lean review.

Fresh N’ Lean Meals are:

  • Gluten, Dairy and GMO- free. No exceptions
  • Prepared by chefs in our FDA-certified kitchen
  • Void of sugar, processed ingredients, and artificial flavors
  • We use BPA-free containers and fully recyclable packaging.
  • Made from ingredients that are locally grown, in-season and always fresh
  • Dietitian-approved

Let’s explore the Vegan menu which include the aforementioned and more.

Out of Fresh N’ Lean’s 5 different meal plans, two of them are vegan which include:

  1. Vegan/Plant-Based Standard
  2. Vegan/Plant-Based Low-Carb

Both the Vegan Standard and Vegan Low-Carb meal plans offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options along with meals for 5 or 7 days.

You have the option of modifying your meals in which you can, if you so desire, exclude up to 3 ingredients from your meal plan along with also selecting allergies so as to make sure your vegan program is catered to your tastes and food allergies.

What we love about Fresh N’ Lean is that they are one of the few programs that offer a low-carb vegan menu. Secondly, theIR meals, be it the Standard or low carb, are both varied and delicious.

Their menu changes every week so unlike other programs, its hard to get bored with their offerings since they’re changed so frequently.

You can subscribe to a weekly meal plan or choose meals a la carte.

Another feature that we appreciate is that you can add a single meal plan or choose two plans for families which comes in handy if, say, not everyone on your family eats vegan.

Fresh N’ Lean allows one to switch plans, pause, or cancel anytime.

Between having a vibrant and varied vegan meal plan that delivers delicious food, all which are seasonal and free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, and anything bad whatsoever AND having a flexible, no commitment meal program, Fresh N’ Lean comes highly recommended by the Meal Matchmaker team.

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3. Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta’s meals are made from scratch, from fresh ingredients that are never frozen. The meals arrive vacuum sealed and last for 10 days in the fridge. Read our full Trifecta review or keep reading to learn the specifics of their vegan meal delivery services.

They are not a fully vegan food service like MamaSezza; however, Trifecta does have a dedicated Vegan meal program that grabbed our attention and taste buds.

We had previously reviewed Trifecta through the lens of best delivery services for bodybuilders and athletes; in fact, it ranks #1 on Meal Matchmaker’s review of best bodybuilding meal delivery services.

As they explain on their site,”Recent studies have shown that athletes can build just as much muscle on the vegan diet when macronutrient and calorie balanced, and eating a whole foods plant based diet can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly.” Trifecta really shines here and it is quite apparent when you peruse their menu offerings and overall commitment to mindful thinking.

vegan meals offered by Trifecta Nutrition

Let’s start first with what you will NOT find in their meals.

Trifecta excludes unhealthy elements like high sodium content and MSG and minimizes Saturated Fats like Omega 6.

Everything they make on their vegan menu (and every meal program of theirs for that matter) is low fat, low salt and low calorie but very high in nutritional value.

Trifecta vegan meals include tons of vegetables, legumes and selected plant-based protein like tofu and Beyond Meat® in fusion fashion be it Italian, French, Asian, Mexican and American cooking styles.

Trifecta vegan meals come fully prepared and vacuum sealed.

They stay fresh in the fridge over 10 days or 6 months in the freezer.

You can heat the food in the microwave, oven, or on the stove-top.

Like MamaSezz, Trifecta is also environmentally conscious. As stated on their site:

Trifecta utilizes a 3-step supply chain compared to the traditional 5 step supply chain used by retailers. Farmers > Trifecta > Consumers vs. Farmers > Co-packers > Distributors > Retailers > Consumers. This allows us to reduce our carbon and packaging footprint by as much as 40%.

We love their mission and commitment to good service and we especially think highly of their vegan entrees. We only wish there was more variety to choose from, like Fresh N’ Lean or MamaSezz, and for that reason we’ve put them in the number 3 position.

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4. Veestro

Veestro is vegan meal delivery service that uses only plant based ingredients.

All meals are are made free from meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.

Also, over 96% of the ingredients they use are organic and they don’t add any preservatives to their meals.

Read our full Veestro review for details.

Veestro offer a huge range of replacement meat products made entirely from plants – not that you’d know by eating them. They taste incredibly convincing.

You can select dietary preferences to filter what meals meals to buy. Preferences include:

  1. high protein
  2. low-calorie
  3. soy-free
  4. gluten-free
  5. nut-free
  6. kosher


Either choose a plan or simply pick exactly which meals you want.

There are loads of plans including the Meatless Monday pack, 7-day weight loss plan, and even a wedding prep plan!

And as we said before, there are plentiful specialist plans like keto, gluten-free and kosher.

It can be difficult to juggle these other dietary requirements alongside veganism – so if this is you, Veestro has got your back.

Meals arrive frozen. Veestro delivers to every US state except Alaska and Hawaii.

Though we’re impressed with their vegan “meat” protein, we wish they’d let real ingredients like vegetables shine more. Still so, they show that veganism doesn’t equal restriction.

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5. Vegin’ Out

Vegin’ Out is a unique plant-based diet meal delivery service. As explained on their site, Vegin’ Out says

“There is 9-10 vegan meals worth of food in a single order. A meal consists of 1 serving of an Vegan Entrée, 1 serving each of 2 different vegan side dishes. All our dishes are lunch and dinner food. Most of our clients have some fresh fruit or vegetables along with their Vegin’ Out vegan meals and have said that a single order usually lasts at least 6 to 7 days.”

Click here to read more.

The company is based in LA but send meals all over California and ship nationwide, bar Hawaii and Alaska.

The prepared meals menu changes each week, though the premise is always the same.

Each weekly menu offers three entrées, four flavorful side dishes, a soup, and a batch of cookies.

Non animal protein and plants really shine here. They have gluten-free soy-free options as well.

Ordering a weekly meal package from Vegin’ Out will get you all these dishes in bulk containers. The idea is that you can serve yourself and choose what side dishes to pair with whichever entrée.

Vegin’ Out says that the majority of dishes can be made gluten-free, except for the cookies. Simply specify your dietary needs when placing the order.

Individual items can also be ordered a la carte or added to a weekly package.

Vegin’ Out offers their simple weekly menu plus flavorful extras on the side. Besides the meal package, they sell juices at $7.29 per 12oz.

Simply order a package – single, double, or with extras – and pay! Customization of meals is available for those who need their food to be gluten-free or have allergies.

We love the unique premise behind Vegin’ Out. Their service gives customers free rein over how to compose their meals, and the ordering process is easy as the selection is limited.

However, those who prefer more choice should check out Fresh N’ Lean or our other recommendations.

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6. Sakara Life

Sakara Life is perhaps unlike any other vegan diet meal service you’ll see. Read our full Sakara Life review.

The design and packaging looks almost women’s clothing site-worthy. Its testimonials include one from VS model Lily Aldridge who claims she has ordered from Sakara for 4 years.

The images on-site are equally model-esque. For people who want to eat like a celebrity, Sakara meals are at your service.

Now a very important headsup before you read further. For the most part, Sakara delivers vegan meals, though not 100%. As they explain with full transparency on their site:

“Our meals are 100% plant-based, but we do occasionally use honey and bee pollen. However, depending on your geographical location, we can omit up to three ingredients from your program (note that your order will be subject to a meal modification fee).”

Because they can work with your omission requests and deliver mostly excellent vegan fare, we found their services noteworthy.

It seems that the menu is based upon where you live. Based on a sample Los Angeles zip code, an example menu is as follows:

  • Breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Parfait
  • Lunch: Spicy Harissa Chard Abundance Bowl
  • Dinner: Acorn Squash Salad

The Sakara menu also includes detox teas and supplements. There’s even Sakara chocolates!

You can also buy ‘detox’ or ‘beauty’ water concentrates – supplements that you add to water with a few drops from a pipette.

Menus are prepared with the help of Sakara’s ‘Science & Advisory Council’, which includes a doctor, a physician, and celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Sakara meal plans come in three choices: the signature program, level II detox, and the bridal program.

The signature program is available for customization – choose whether you want all 3 meals per day or just a selection and choose options for 3 or 5 days’ worth of food.

The level II detox plan is designed for those who tried their signature program before. The site says that it’s for people serious about resetting their body, who are prepared to cut back on exercise, caffeine, and alcohol for 5 days.

As above, simply choose your plan and how many meals you want, and press pay. The site isn’t very clear on this, but we suspect the shipping costs are based on where you live. There are sometimes free shipping discounts for orders over a certain cost.

For anyone looking to splash out on their health, Sakara’s vegan premade meals chock full organic ingredients are worth looking at. The people involved with the company are all highly trained and well-respected experts in their fields, so the expense is worth the nutritional input.

The cost is the main factor here, as most ordinary people are completely priced out. But if you put no price on health and need convenience in your life, Sakara might be the perfect plant-based diet delivery service for you.


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What You Get From Ordering Ready to Eat Vegan Meals Online

If you want to eat vegan but just don’t know where to start, ordering meals from a vegan meal service can be helpful tool for your new journey in exploring healthy eating through delicious vegan and plant-based meals.

These vegan meal delivery services are also helpful for those of you who already have a vegan lifestyle, but are looking to alleviate your schedules from meal prep in the kitchen or researching vegan recipes.

You can certainly find vegan food at your grocery store and more and more restaurants now offer vegetarian, and more specifically, vegan options.

But our bias towards food meal delivery services lay in the fact that you can eat vegan and customize menus to address your health concerns as well; you can’t do this at a restaurant or in buying pre-made vegan meals from the grocery store.

For instance, what if you want the option to eat vegan and follow a diabetic-friendly diet? Or perhaps you want to eat vegan but require a protein heavy diet for bodybuilding? What about eating vegan, with fresh ingredients that are organic non-gmo?

With the meal delivery services we’ve reviewed, you can eat vegan and further filter the menu for bodybuilding vegan meals, weight-loss vegan meals, gluten-free soy-free vegan meals, and so forth and so on.

Think of these services as having your own private chef preparing vegan meals…without the hefty pricing or a kitchen requiring cleanup after! Imagine a life where it only takes minutes for you to heat your ready to eat vegan meal.

If you’re going to start a service, we highly recommend Fresh N’ Lean because it offers such a brilliant menu.

We hope we’ve shown you that veganism doesn’t have to be restrictive.

Healthy, meatless, and flavorful meals are all accessible with the vegan meal delivery services we’ve reviewed. Put an order in today and get your meals in just a few days!