5 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services for Seniors

Meal planning and preparation takes a lot of effort, an effort that requires too much energy or even mobility for seniors.

This is especially true if it requires adapting to new dietary needs like low-sodium or heart-healthy food delivery.

In addition, making the trip to the grocery stores and hauling heavy bags is harder with mobility issues that may come with age.


Cooking while dealing with vision, balance, or arthritic issues makes the experience even more stressful.

With all these factors to consider, seniors don’t always eat regular and healthy meals.

This causes stress for everyone involved, from the senior to caregivers to the family.


#1 Silver Cuisine by bistroMD
(Editor's Choice)Best Price
  • Excellent option for reducing meal preparation time, cost and worry
  • Doctor-designed, chef-prepared meals
  • Excellent senior nutrition guaranteed
  • Numerous programs available addressing senior needs such as menus specifically tailored to heart health, diabetes management, menopause, low sodium and more
#2 Balance by bistroMD
Best Price
  • Meals are specifically created to help you maintain your blood glucose levels
  • Offers vast number of delicious portion-controlled meals to choose from so there's something for everyone
#3 Nutrisystem
Best Price
  • Diverse menu choices
#4 Magic Kitchen
Best Price
  • Diverse meal plans for every diet and lifestyle
#5 Medifast
Best Price

eldery person preparing food

Senior meal delivery services alleviate that stress and create an outlet for healthy, appetizing meals. These services help in prolonging freedom and independence as well as improving health.

What Is a Diet Plan for Senior Citizens?

Meal services for seniors should offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snack options. If this is serving as a replacement for cooking at home, you’ll want every meal covered. Since seniors are likely to skip meals, delivered meals help decrease that likelihood.

Meals should also be healthy, nutritious, and designed with the elderly in mind. Elderly dietary needs may require different plans from meal services. It can include a need to accommodate different health issues. That might include low-sodium meals for seniors, heart-healthy, gluten-free, or diabetic meal plans for seniors.

No matter the type of diet in question, the service should have some sort of medical input. This can be a doctor or a nutritionist, as long as it is someone who understands the needs of the elderly.

Are Delivered Meals for Senior Citizens a Good Match for You?

As mentioned before, meal delivery for seniors is great in reducing stress and increasing independence. By placing the responsibility in an expert service, one becomes unburdened by meal planning and preparation.

Most companies are flexible in the number of meals you can order. As such, it can even be adjusted to lifestyle and needs. If you’ve never been a big breakfast person, why start now? In choosing the best meal plan for seniors, keep in mind dietary needs and preferences. Also, consider how often you might want to or be able to utilize the service.

What to Look for in a Senior Meal Delivery Service

There are two main components to look for in a meal delivery service for seniors: cost and commitment. If the price or expected minimum order is above what you can afford and commit to, look elsewhere. As mentioned before, you also want to look for nutrition and quality. If there is no expert input on creating meals suited for an elderly diet, it might do more harm than good.

Our Reviews for the Best Meal Delivery Services for Seniors

1. Silver Cuisine by bistroMD

Food feeds the soul, and Silver Cuisine by bistroMD keeps it healthy. These meals are designed to increase the quality of life and address nutritional needs of those 50 and older. It grants freedom and security in knowing the meals are both healthy and delicious. They are the product of doctor input and chef experience.

Read our full Silver Cuisine review.

What’s on the Menu

The menu is selected and delivered as desired.

It includes a variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and specialty diets. Specialty diets include heart-healthy, gluten-free, diabetic, and low-sodium meals.

Silver Cuisine offers convenient home delivery of more than 150 alternating meal options.

Here are examples of dishes which past menus have include:

  • Ham and Potato Egg Scramble
  • Italian-Style Omelet
  • Chicken Pot Pie Crumble
  • Pork Enchiladas with Salsa Verdé
  • Protein Shakes in a Variety Of Flavors

What It Costs

bistroMDpackagingThe average cost per meal depends on the type of meal being ordered. For the most part, meals range from $7 to $14. The more expensive entrees tend to be for dinner.

The great thing is that there is free delivery for purchases over $99. If purchasing meals for a week or with a partner, meeting this minimum will be easy.

Silver Cuisine also offers 30% off weekly specials and discounts for referrals. If you end up being a frequent customer, there are ways to make it work in your favor.

How It Works

Silver Cuisine does not have contracts or minimum order requirements. It’s great for someone who wants to be able to opt-in and out as desired. The meals are delivered straight to your door via FedEx. Meals are then heated and ready to enjoy. The company is able to deliver anywhere in the continental U.S. Orders do take up to 2-5 days to deliver, so account for shipping time in meal planning.

Why It’s Our Number 1

senior nutrition

With no contracts and a rotating menu, Silver Cuisine is a great service. They offer food delivery for seniors of any lifestyle. Opt-in or out as the need arises and always know fresh, specially prepared meals are a few clicks away. Silver Cuisine stands out for being able to incorporate tasty meals options with doctor recommendations. They adapt to senior meal needs and are an outstandingly heart-healthy food delivery service.


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2. Balance by bistroMD

Balance by bistroMd is the second service for adopting a trusting, personal approach to meal delivery service for seniors. The promise is to deliver food made with ingredients and food that the company would feed their own families. Read our full Balance by bistroMD review.

Additionally, the company prepares food with high-quality ingredients that are free of chemicals and additives.

The menu is created by Registered Dietitians who can recommend meals based on convenience, specialty diet needs, or even weight loss.

What’s on the Menu

Diners can find breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and supplements on the Balance menu.

Specialty diet accommodations include low sodium, low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, or Mediterranean. Examples of dishes on the rotating menu include:

  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Scrambled Eggs
  • Blackened Chicken with Creamy Smoked Paprika Sauce
  • Eggplant Lasagna Casserole
  • Various Types of Jerky Or Smoothies

What It Costs

Depending on the number of meals being ordered, each meal costs between $5.99 to $13.99.

Rotating weekly specials at discounted rates as well as free shipping on orders over $99 are available.

Referrals also generate discounts. There are associated shipping costs that start at $19.95. Expedited shipping is $39.95. There are no membership fees or minimum order requirements.

How It Works

Here’s a breakdown of where this service delivers and how this service can be ordered.

After selecting meals on the user-friendly website, Balance brings the meals to you via FedEx.

Currently, Balance delivers anywhere in the continental U.S. Delivery takes about 2 – 5 business days. Orders are placed online by essentially shopping through the site and making selections.

After adding choices to your cart, you move to payment and the delivery steps.

Why It’s Our Runner-Up

No membership and no minimum delivery make this a great choice for any lifestyle.

The price range and rotating menu also make it affordable for most budgets.

The shipping is rather pricey but fits into specialty shipping needs for food delivery.

The weight management and supplement options make Balance come in as a strong number two.



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3. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a plan-based service with multiple kits and menus geared toward different needs. The meals focus on health and energy while encouraging freedom in choosing the meal that is right for you. Read our detailed review of Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem takes factors into consideration, like gender and weight, to offer the right fit for you. This structure is a plan and does require a commitment of four weeks with a money-back guarantee. There are several plan options, but Nutrisystem Core, formerly Nutrisystem Silver, is the meal plan for older adults.

What’s on the Menu

Nutrisystem has a lot of nutritious options that focus on portion control and balance.

There are many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options for any kind of diner. Some meals come pre-made and others come frozen or as a kit. This can be great for ordering ahead for the week or maintaining some cooking without as much work. Some meal options include:

  • Homestyle Pancakes
  • Cheese Tortellini
  • Vegetable Lasagna
  • Cookies, Muffins, and More in a Variety of Flavors

What It Costs

As previously mentioned, the meals here come as part of a plan rather than as individual meals. The basic plan starts at $10.18 a day with preselected meal kits being delivered to your home. The top-rated plan, Uniquely Yours, starts at $12.50 a day. That plan includes unlimited frozen meals, over 150 menu items, and the freedom to choose meals.

You do have to commit to a four-week plan in each scenario, which significantly drives up the up-front cost. Luckily, every plan comes with a money-back guarantee. There are also meal plans for specific dietary needs like diabetic or weight loss focused. Shipping is included in the four-week plans.

There’s also the option to purchase à-la-carte, or by meal. À-la-carte orders over $50 ship for free and orders under that amount have a $20 fee. À-la-carte meals range from $2 for nutritional bars to $10 for dinner meals.

How It Works

Ordering Nutrisystem involves reporting information that is used to provide the correct portions, protein, and nutrients. Users select their plan and can either have pre-selected meals or choose their own. Ultimately, those using Nutrisystem will eat every 2-3 hours or 6 times a day.

Nutrisystem delivers within the continental U.S. and arrives within 4 to 10 business days. The shipments for four-week plans will typically be delivered in two shipments.

Why It’s on Our List

Nutrisystem makes the top three for its unique ability to take the guesswork out of meal planning to an even greater degree.

Pre-selected meals make ordering simple. However, they do require a commitment to a plan.

The à-la-carte option is a great alternative but can add up over time. Nutrisystem also really focused on portion sizes and tailoring the meals to your physical makeup. Having an individualized approach allows the meals to be tailored to the consumers and ultimately be better for them.

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4. Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen offers highly rated meals for seniors. The meals are frozen and healthy. It is easy to either set up a complete diet plan or select from à-la-carte menu items. For details on their meals and services, read our Magic Kitchen review.

meal options at Magic Kitchn

Meals can either be self-selected or chosen for you based on provided parameters. The meals arrive flash- frozen, fully-prepared, and ready to be reheated.

What’s on the Menu

Complete menu options can be selected based on dietary needs, like low-sodium, low-carb, or dairy-free.

Entire packages can be selected in advance and come with full meals in a range of options. À-la-carte menu items are purchased per meal and include some of the following:

  • California Beef Stew
  • Beef Pot Roast
  • Salmon Caponata, Orzo, and Spinach

What It Costs

The financial obligation here depends on the program selected if any. Meal programs are given discounts, and à-la-carte items have a range of pricing. Meal programs typically include 7 meals and can start around $70. À-la-carte items range from $14 to $30. Meal options focus on dinner and lunch with dessert options.

There are no contracts for Magic Kitchen. There are discounts for regular purchases, but this service of meals for elderly delivered in fact can adapt to different lifestyle needs. Magic Kitchen offers free standard delivery as well as the opportunity to set up an Auto Ship Meal Program component.

How It Works

If selecting from a complete meal program, simply click through the options and find the right one for you. Most complete meal programs offer seven meals, one per day, and culminate as a weekly meal plan for seniors.

Magic Kitchen delivers to all fifty states, which includes Alaska and Hawaii.

Food ships from Kansas City, Kansas, and arrival will depend on distance from here.

Shipping costs can either be included or based on distance, depending on customer status.

Why It Gets a Shout-Out

Quite a few service providers are not able to deliver to Hawaii and Alaska, which is why Magic Kitchen makes the list. The à-la-carte prices are higher than other services, which prevents it from rising higher than #4 on this list.

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5. Medifast

Medifast promises healthy meal plans that come backed by doctor recommendations. The program is ideal for busy people and focuses on weight-loss. Read our full Medifast review.

Depending on the need for the meal plan, that might be beneficial. Users eat 6 times a day, every 2 -3 hours, and they can choose between 65 different options.

What’s on the Menu

Meals come as prepared meal kits and can offer a variety of foods. A sample menu includes:

  • Smoothies and Protein Bars
  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • Ziti Marinara
  • Tropical Chicken Medley

What It Costs

New customer prices start at $329 a month, which is essentially $11 a day. The shipping is free! The kit purchase comes with 7 shakes, desserts, and bars as well as a dining-out guide and a blender bottle.

How It Works

After browsing through plans, you’ll be able to select the right fit and meals from there. Food is then delivered in the next few days, and delivery is part of the cost.

Why It Gets a Shout-Out

Medifast has a strong reputation and even offers a senior-specific plan. The price is a little high and does not offer an à-la-carte option, which prevents it from climbing higher on this list.

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Honorable Mention

Mom’s Meals Nourish Care

Fully prepared, refrigerated meals to your door that are just like mom used to make. It almost seems too good to be true and so that’s why we’re giving Mom’s Meals an honorable mention! Click here to read more about their meals and services.

What’s on the Menu

The chef-designed meals are brought straight to your door and come from a revolving menu. Some sample items include:

  • Biscuit with Pork Sausage and Gravy
  • Beef Goulash and Seasoned Vegetables
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Orange Wild Rice Salad and Spiced-Fruit Medley

What It Costs

Mom’s Meals offers a Nourishcare program for the elderly in need to receive food at little or no cost.

The information can be found on the website and provides a healthy route to good meals for those in need.

For others, the meal plans are offered at no commitment – so cancel at any time. The meals come in quantities of 7, 10, 14, or 21. Each meal is $7.99, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

How It Works

Mom’s Meals can either be ordered over the phone or online. The delivery date is scheduled when placing the order and shipped directly to your door. Mom’s Meals delivery drivers deliver the food personally.

Why It Gets a Shout-Out

The personal approach and collaboration with local agencies to offer free or reduced meals earns Mom’s Meals a spot on this list. Read our full Mom’s Meals review.

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So, Should I Give It a Shot?

With senior meal delivery services like Silver Cuisine, why would you not try it? There are enough options without membership or minimum order commitments to make at least a trial-run worth it. The meals from the companies listed here bring expertise and insight to really provide great meals for seniors delivered to the home.

Meal delivery services can reduce stress, increase independence, and keep you or a loved one happy and healthy. No service does this better than Silver Cuisine – they’re ranked #1 on our list because they cater so well to the dietary needs of seniors with their tasty heart-healthy, gluten-free, and low-sodium meals.

Want to read more about your different services? Check out our top ready to eat meal delivery programs.