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What Are The Best Pet Food Delivery Services?
2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Pets are more than just animals – they’re a part of your family. And just like everyone in our family, we want the best for them. But knowing exactly what to feed your furry friend can be difficult. Should it be kibble? Wet food? A home cooked meal? It seems like what’s considered “the best food for pets” is always changing.

Unfortunately, a lot of the options out there lack the nutrients your pet needs. That’s where pet food delivery services come into play. Gone are the days of trying to find the best, healthiest, and most delicious pet food. Instead, it’s shipped right to you.

What is a Meal Delivery Service for Pets?

A cat or dog food subscription service is just like one for humans; they ship freshly made food right to your door, with portions based on your animal’s size. It’s so much easier to order online and wait for arrival, rather than make weekly commutes to the local pet store.

What’s more, you will not only be saving time but more importantly, you’ll be providing your pet with more nutritious foods.

To guarantee the meals are healthy, the best services use veterinary dietitians to make sure the meals contain everything your pet needs without harmful additives.

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite pet food delivery programs.

Our Top Pet Food Delivery Services

1. NomNom Now (Editor’s Choice)

NomNomNow delivers fresh, made to order dog and cat food right to your door. Their meals are pre-portioned based on your pet’s age, activity level, and size, and “are made with whole ingredients that you can see.”

In fact, they are so confident in their ability to provide top-notch food, they promise the following,

See the difference a fresh diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNomNow. If you don’t, we will buy your pet’s next diet.

Pretty awesome promise!

What’s on the Menu

For dogs, NomNom Now provides variety packs consisting of beef, chicken, pork and turkey.

Each of the packs are portioned into 150 gram meal bags and include free bonus samples of our jerky treats.

Other dog food offerings include an assortment treats, supplements and microbiomes. What are microbiomes and why should you be considering it? NomNom Now breaks it down as follows:

Does your dog or cat suffer from digestive, skin, immune system, or weight issues? These could all be related to poor gut health which you can improve by looking at his microbiome. Your pet’s microbiome or gut digestive system is a complex internal environment made up of trillions of bacteria that is necessary for digestion and protects your pup from pathogens.These bacteria can have a profound impact on your pet’s health and immune system. Our microbiome test includes a detailed analysis of the bacteria and suggest ways to improve gut health.

We love that NomNom Now provides microbiome kits because it demonstrates that they are providing not only healthy pet food but also a holistic health services plan.

Some of our favorite top-quality dog food that they provide are the Tasty Turkey Fare made with ground turkey, carrots, brown rice, fish oil, eggs, and spinach. This supports healthy coats, eyes, and energy levels.

And then there’s the Heartland Beef Mash made with ground beef, peas, carrots, potatoes, eggs, and fish oil.

It’s a great source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, C, and K.

The Porkalicious Potluck is a pup fave as well,  made with ground pork, kale, potatoes, mushrooms, green beans, and fish oil.

A lot of people don’t think of pork when considering dog food ingredients, but it’s a great source of protein – especially for dogs who have allergies to other meats.

For cats, NomNom Now also provides variety packs, treats, supplements, and microbiomes as well.

The variety packs consist of six 90 gram meal bags, three each of Chicken Chow-Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast, and a free bag of Flavor Flakes.

Some of our favorite top quality cat food that they provide are the  Flavorful Fish Feast which contains salmon and tilapia, as well as beef fat, carrots, and yucca.

NomNomNow’s  Chicken Chow-Meow is a cat crowd-pleaser made with chicken breast, thighs, liver, carrots, asparagus, cantaloupe, and spinach.

Each NomNomNow meal plan is customized to your pets’ specific needs, and how often you want to receive a pet food delivery.

These factors influence the cost of your plan, so no two will cost the same.

You can choose to receive a pet food delivery once a week, every two weeks, or once every four weeks.

The four-week plan comes with 56 meals (two meals per day) and offers a 24% savings.

NomNomNow also offers discounts for households with multiple pets.

How It Works

The first step is to create a profile with information about your pets.

You can create custom meal plans for multiple pets – both cats and dogs – on the same page. You then select which meals you want.

To add a little variety in your pet’s diet, you can change your meal selection at any time. You can even set it to automatically rotate the meals that are delivered.

All their meals also include the NomNomNurtient Mix to make sure your pet gets all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need. Formulated by NomNomNow nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM, the nutrient mix supports healthy living for pets of all ages.

Why It’s Our Number 1 Choice

There are a lot of great fresh pet food delivery services out there, but NomNomNow is one of our favorites because they offer holistic, healthy food for dogs and cats. This brings us to the second and valuable pro of using NomNom Now services – they provide food for both cats AND dogs so homes with multiple types of pets can get everything from here.

NomNomNow’s philosophy is based around the idea that the best way to protect our pet from chronic diseases is to feed them properly. That means making sure they’re getting everything they need, and nothing they don’t. And that is exactly what you get in every bag of NomNomNow cat and dog food.

2. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog comes into a verrrry close second place to NomNom Now but as the name implies, only caters to dogs. The food is fresh and never deep frozen and for a good reason.

As pet obesity, cancer, and diabetes rise at alarming rates amongst dogs, The Farmer’s Dog addresses these grave concerns in making dog meals stimulated by “a growing body of scientific evidence that points to the health benefits of a fresh food diet, and to the dangers of many commercial pet food manufacturing processes.”

The Farmer’s Dog meal consist of vet-designed plans customized per your input of your dog’s individual needs.

Meals are pre-made and pre-portioned to the calorie needs based on the profile you create.

What’s on the Menu

The Farmer’s Dog recipes and thus meals all have the following:

  • clean USDA proteins, mixed with simple produce, and balanced with vitamins and minerals
  • board-certified veterinary nutritionists formulating each recipe according to AAFCO standards
  • human-grade ingredients and processes

Since each dog is different and there’s no generic one size fits all plan, full-meal pricing will depend on your dog’s age, weight, activity, and any health concerns.

How It Works

The Farmer’s Dog delivers to the 48 contiguous states. Your dog’s food comes in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes that comply with food safety regulations.

Why It’s Our Runner-Up

The Farmer’s Dog excels in working closely with pet parents to determine the optimal meal plans for different combinations of breed, age, activity level, ideal weight, and allergies and sensitivities. They’re basically there every step of the way to help monitor your dog’s progress all the while making adjustments to your plan if and when needed.

Another benefit is their free shipping and flexibility. You’re able to easily rush, delay, or edit the amount of food they send.

3. Spot and Tango

Unlike NomNom Now and similar to The Farmer’s Dog, Spot and Tango only provides dog food. But its top quality dog food nonetheless. All Spot and Tango meals are cooked to order in their USDA approved kitchen just days before arriving at your door, without any preservatives. We’re talking fresh dog food for your four-legged bestie.

What’s on the Menu

Spot and Tango only creates and delivers “human grade” food. What is that? Human grade means minimal ingredient diets which has numerous health and wellness benefits for dogs.

Spot & Tango meals exclude all artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers typically found in most commercial dog food products. Instead of getting preservative laden and processed gook, Spot and Tango provide meals that are comprised from fresh fruits, vegetables and a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and proprietary all natural supplement which complies with AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages.

Spot & Tango’s Human grade dog food, developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists, has been known to help dogs lose weight, improve digestion, reduce allergies, and improve skin & coat, maintain healthy weight and alleviate obesity to name just a few powerful benefits, among a number of other health benefits.

All of their recipes exclude artificial wheat, soy, gluten, and other artificial ingredients found in commercial kibble.

Now let’d stop for a moment and address something you may be thinking as you keep reading about how their food is human grade and cooked with real ingredients.

You may wonder why you wouldn’t just cook human grade meals for your pup at home.

This is how Spot & Tango answers, what we think is, an astute question. They say,

Many well-intentioned dog owners cook for their pups, and we’re excited when people understand the benefits of a fresh, human-grade diet for dogs. That said, research has shown that over 95% of home-cooked dog food recipes do not meet the nutritional requirements for healthy dogs. Too few (or too many!) nutrients can result in serious complications. That’s why Spot & Tango recipes were formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists — so that you can sleep easy, knowing your best friend is getting exactly what they need.

And we think this is an important feature to keep in mind. You’re buying not only food but all the expertise that went into creating meals that you don’t have the expertise to create.

The exact costs will depend on your dog’s profile and the desired meal plan type you choose.

How It Works

Spot & Tango meals are delivered in insulated environmentally friendly green cell foam with dry ice ensuring that your top notch human grade fresh food remains chilled during transit.

Delivery frequency is customized and you will always  receive a confirmation email with your order and tracking number when your shipment goes out.

4. Raw Paws

Raw Paw is basically the Amazon of raw dog food delivery services. It has countless products – all kinds of raw dog and cat food and treats – at very competitive prices. Some of their most popular top-quality dog foods are their Raw Paws Signature Blends.

The Signature Blends come in tubes or pre-portioned patties. They are available in many different types of meats, such as:

  • Beef and mackerel
  • Chicken and vegetables
  • Turkey
  • Goat

Raw Paw is raw pet food delivery made simple. You can search their website for specific products or sort them by meal plan. They also have portion sizing charts on their website, so you know exactly how much to give your furry friend.

Raw Paw provides a large inventory of great products with simple pricing – and the free shipping doesn’t hurt, either!

5. Ollie

Ollie works with specialized veterinarians to formulate their AAFCO-compliant recipes, “deriving the exact nutrition your dog needs from natural sources like sweet potato and cod liver oil, instead of supplements.”

Their customized meal plans can help manage dogs’ weight. On their website, Ollie confirms, “research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association shows that maintaining a healthy weight can extend your dog’s life by several years. And our customers have been raving about the noticeable effects a fresh diet has on their dogs.”

Ollie also offers partial meal plans with smaller amounts of our food. You decide how much you want to spend based on how much Ollie you want to feed your pup.

This is how it works: you’re going to submit information about your dog to Ollie. This is not for the sake of gathering cute stories about your dog. Rather, the profile that you submit will allow Ollie to create and customize an ideal meal plan. Next, a plan will be designed in which Ollie will customize recipes for your dog contingent on the profile you submitted.

Then they’ll ship your dog’s food on a flexible, regular schedule and then your responsibility to store your food packs in the freezer and thaw them in the fridge. You’ll refer to your feeding guide to give your dog their customized portion.

6. Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup is a homemade dog food delivery service that sous-vide cooks all its food. This locks in both flavor and nutrients. The cost depends on the weight of your dog and which plan you choose – the full or half.

You decide if you want to give your dog two wet meals a day (full plan) or one wet meal and one kibble meal (half plan). Then you pick the flavor and set your delivery date!

Grocery Pup makes it easy to buy pet food online, and their low prices make it viable for many pet parents.

Are These Meals for Your Dog or Cat a Good Match for You?

If you’re a busy pet parent who wants to give their pets human-grade food and fresh ingredients, but doesn’t have time to get a degree in veterinary medicine, then pet food delivery might be for you!

Prepared and raw pet food delivery is healthier for your pet than anything you can buy from a pet store or even make at home – and it usually costs less. They’re also great for pets with health issues. Read on to learn how you can provide the best for your pet.

As a Pet Parent, What Should You REALLY Look for in a Prepared Meal Delivery Service?

The most important thing is to find a meal plan that fits your pets’ unique needs. Select a service based on the following characteristics in your pet:

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Activity level

You’ll also want to look for services that show proof of extensive work with vets and veterinary dietitians. Luckily we’ve outlined that for you above. You just need to figure out which of the brands truly speak to you and your four legged family member’s needs.

Superfoods, organics, gluten-free – we humans put a lot of time and energy into making sure we eat healthily. Now, services like NomNom Now and Spot & Tango are making it easier than ever for us to provide quality nutritious foods to our cats and dogs.