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What Are The Best Meal Delivery Services for One Person/Singles?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Not having a family to feed, I am tasked with feeding myself which isn’t necessarily a daunting task since I am a chef by trade. But most of my friends are not, so fellow singletons in my life gripe that its a daunting task to cook for one.

Sure, you could order in for yourself but all too often, the choices can be expensive, unhealthy or not meant for one serving, leaving you with overeating,  leftovers, or food waste.

And sure, you could order in from a restaurant with popular apps such as Seamless and Postmates, but we  believe prepared meal delivery services are superior to ordering in from restaurants, especially if you’re trying to remain disciplined in terms of dietary and/or budgetary constraints.

Prepared meal delivery services for one are a viable solution for people living alone or left with the responsibility to feed themselves.

These meals are also helpful if you’re following a diet plan different from your family and you require single portioned meals.

Our Top Meal Delivery Services for One Person/Singles (2020 Updated)

#1 Freshly
(Editor's Choice)
Best Price
  • Meal plans come in quantities of 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals per week, and ALL meal plans offer single portion meals
  • ALL meals are gluten-free, along with being grass-fed, pasture-raised, preservative-free, antibiotic & horomone-free, soy-free and non-GMO
  • All meals mindfully created with careful consideration of macro and micronutrients
  • Ready to eat in 3 minutes making this a delicious and convenient program
#2 MealPro
Best Price
  • Your pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals are vacuum sealed in recyclable plastic trays that are moisture resistant and microwave-safe
  • Customizable menu options make it easy for you to get optimal nutrition without fuss
  • Most meals take only 3-5 minutes to heat
  • Up to 70 grams of protein per meal
#3 Mama Sezz
Best Price
  • Vegan, Oil-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, No Preservatives, & Gluten-Free Meal Delivery
  • Offers a delicious,. cost effecient "Just for Me" Bundle

1. Freshly (Editor’s Choice)

What’s on the menu

On their website, Freshly states the following:

All of our meals are single serving and meant to feed an average adult. Our 6-meal plan is perfect for a person looking for 6 dinners (or lunches!) a week. On average, our meals weigh in at just about 13 ounces, which is about 10% larger than similar competitors. What’s even better: our meals average just 500 calories and range from 300 to 650 calories. 

Yasss, Freshly, yas! Read our full review of Freshly meals.

Freshly’s entire menu is gluten and peanut-free and the company is poised to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences

You’re able to set your dietary preferences to find the meals options that work for your needs. If you have very specific dietary preferences, you can check out individual ingredient lists for each dish or contact Freshly at support@freshly.com and select your customized meals.

On average, Freshly’s weekly rotation provides about of 30+ dishes.

Freshly’s pride is what its name connotes and that’s providing fresh, never frozen, meals that exclude artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, artificial preservatives.

Freshly meals have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3-5 days with a very convenient “use by” date on the back nutrition label found on each meal.

Dishes vary from plan to plan depending on which menu you chose from. Your options are:

  • High protein
  • Low carb
  • Below 500 calories
  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Spicy
  • Gluten-free

That’s a lot of options!

Again, this is how this program differentiates itself from, say, frozen meals from your grocery store or even meals you can order in through Seamless.

With Freshly meals, you have a variety of menu options available–all with nutrition labels– so you can have fresh meals awaiting you in your fridge.



How it works

Freshly is a subscription based program and works like this: every week you choose your selection of meals from their weekly rotation.

Freshly plans start at just $8.99 per meal, and come in four plan sizes: 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week.

Once you select your plan, you’ll pick a convenient delivery day for you and boo! Your chef-cooked meals will be shipped to your doorstep.

If you ever need to skip or cancel a week, you’re able to make changes to your delivery before the weekly deadline.

Why it’s our number 1

We love the ease at which we could order our individual portioned meals. Usability of the site and ordering meals is exceptional.

When you’re ordering dishes, you can click on an individual meal and view “Ingredients” and “Nutrition” tabs making the information about what you’re ordering accessible and the ingredients of your meal transparent.

This program is excellent for those of you looking for specific meals that meet your dietary needs or if you’re looking for highly customizable plans.

If you require more help in finding meals that work for your dietary or lifestyle requirements, you can email an Wellness Expert (a Wellness Expert!) by email at Wellness@Freshly.com.

With all this attention to detail and to you the customer, along with delicious food catered to an individual, Freshly coming in our number 1 position was pretty much a no-brainer!


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2. MealPro

MealPro meals are pre-portioned and pre-cooked meals that started out tailored to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, but are now popular with anyone looking for nutritious and convenient meals.

In fact, MealPro is rated as one of the top brands on our review of the best bodybuilding meal delivery services.

MealPro for bodybuilders

Pre-portioned means these meals are made with the individual in mind.

Because they are not cooked and delivered to you in bulk, you’re not left to your own devices as to how much a serving is/should be.

With these meals, it’ll be hard for you to overeat with the way they are portioned.

What’s on the menu

Menu items rotate but to give you an idea of what types of dishes are offered, here are selections from past menus:

  • Grilled chicken with red potato and seasonal veggie mix
  • Cajun bean chicken (their best seller!)
  • Cuban chicken
  • Roasted chicken
  • Chicken casserole
  • Beef meatballs with organic brown rice and vegetable medley
  • Turkey chili with seasonal vegetables and bean salad
  • Shrimp stir fry with organic brown rice
  • Lemon tilapia with garden vegetables

Meals can be customized. You can find nutritional and dollar values for each meal on the MealPro website.

Along with providing nutrition facts, you can also view the allergens in each meal, along with ingredients (if it’s organic or not) and diet type, such as if its keto or paleo friendly, or if its low-sodium or high-protein.

In this same glance, you can view how much the meal costs, and the new price of the meal if you add extra protein or double vegetables and take out the carbs.

How it works

First of all, check it: MealPro delivers to the United States and unlike others, this includes major cities of Alaska and Hawaii! What’s more? MealPro is coming soon to Canada!

Unlike other meal prep services, MealPro has no fixed menus which means you can pick the meals you like from a rotating menu.

You decide if you want your meal box one time or on a recurring basis on a subscription module. At checkout Their system will generate a customer account during checkout which allows you to opt in to recurring orders.

You can expect to receive your delivery anywhere from one to three days of putting in your order. MealPro cooks their meals in small batches. So only when you place your order, are ingredients sourced; one extra day is required for seasonal and fresh fish.

The chefs then cook your meals, blast chill them and immediately send them out for delivery. MealPro meals are pre-portioned and pre-cooked and then vacuum sealed to retain freshness.

Your meals come in recyclable plastic trays that are moisture resistant and microwave-safe.

Most meals, if you’ve stored them in the fridge, can be cooked in the microwave on high for 3-5 minutes. If you’re heating up meals from the freezer though, you’ll want to “microwave for 2-3 minutes, stir and repeat until warm. For optimal results heat your meals from a thawed state.”

Now listen up because this is where MealPro really shines – it has a point system.


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3. Mama Sezz

All Mama Sezz meals are:

  • Oil-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sodium or salt-free (look for SOS for no salt)
  • No refined sugar
  • No wheat
  • No meat
  • No GMOs
  • No eggs
  • No preservatives
  • Peanut-free
  • Sesame-free
  • Made with ingredients sourced from local farmers
  • All-natural, whole food plant-based
  • Soy-free options are available

Imagine having all THAT and in individual servings – wooo-weeee! With their “Just For Me Bundles,” Mama Sezz offers smaller package sizes and single serve items.

This program is perfect for you solo eaters looking for a whole food plant-based prepared meal delivery service.

What’s on the menu

The following items are what you’ll get in your bundle:

  • Small Mama’s Burger Pack – 2 servings
  • Small Gardener’s Pie -1.75 servings
  • Small Lazy Lasagna -1.75 servings
  • Small Bolognese With Pasta -1.75 servings
  • Small Mama’s Mac -1.75 servings
  • Small Quinoa Salad-1.75 servings
  • Lentil Dhal with Quinoa – 1.75 servings
  • Turmeric Chickpea Scramble – 1.75 servings
  • Black Bean Bowl – 1.75 servings
  • Cajun Mashed Potatoes (side dish) – 2 servings
  • Scalloped Potatoes (side dish) – 2 servings
  • Small Granola – 3 servings

How it works

If you order your bundle before Sunday 8 pm Eastern Time, you’ll get your delivery the following week.

If you miss the cut off, you may email Mama Sezz at heartbeetgang@mamasezz.com and they will try their best to accommodate your order, a customer service feature we really appreciate.

Your Mama Sezz meals are made fresh to order and then shipped in a refrigerated box which keeps perishable food fresh for 4 days.

FedEx will deliver your meals on Thursday or Friday after the Sunday you order. You don’t need to be home to collect your box.

Once you get your meals, boom! You heat and eat your meals according to the instructions on the package.

Another advantage is that all Mama Sezz meals, with the exception of the cornbread,  freeze well.

All their bundles, including the “Just for Me” comes with a detailed 7-day meal plans= with shopping lists and recipes for any additional side dishes you may be interested in.

All in all a fantastic choice for a plant based meal program for one!


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4. True Fare

Chef Richard, a classically-trained chef, Paleo meal delivery pioneer, and co-author of the New York Time’s best seller of The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom helms True Fare.

Through True Fare, Chef Richard offerings include meals that are Paleo, Whole30®, Ketogenic, and AIP compliant. And these meals are delicious!

These meals are all Whole30® Approved meaning they’re free of added sugars, fillers, stabilizers and mystery ingredients.

Meals also use organic produce, grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork and organic or free-range poultry. This is quality food, y’all, and one of the most superior products out there. So let’s look at what you’ll be eating!

What’s on the menu

OK, so let’s talk about why True Fare made our list of one of the best services for individuals.

True Fare offers individual meals

How it works

Meals will typically arrive frozen and kept frozen during transit utilizing dry ice.

Smaller orders or 5 Days of meals and less may arrive partially thawed (especially during the summer months), and this is absolutely OK.

While meals may be kept frozen for up to a year upon arrival, once meals are brought down to and left at refrigeration temperature, you should try and eat them within 7 to 9 days. Ready to learn more – click away! 

Real Talk: What Are the Benefits from Ordering These Meals?

Meal delivery plans for single servings help alleviate you from the pressure of buying prepared food in bulk that you may not be able to get through.

Still others have chimed in that individual meals vary up their dinner routine as they are not heating up leftovers; rather they feel they have a different meal a day.

You may be thinking that individual sized frozen meals from the grocery store also provide a solution but again, we’d caution about quality and preference here.

The truth of the matter is sure, if you’re not following any particular diet or eating philosophy then, ok,  Stoffer’s lasagna for one may be a good option.

But if you have allergies, or perhaps you’re trying to lose weight, or in general, wish to eat better, than meal delivery services are the way to go.

Also, if you lead a busy life and are looking for healthy meal plans for one, we definitely recommend one of these services, with a heavy bias towards Freshly.

These plans really are a worthwhile consideration if you’re trying to save time and energy.

If you’re coming home from a long day of work where even ordering in food for yourself seems like yet another thing to have to do or consider, then meal delivery for one is the way to go as that meal is going to be waiting for you when you get home.

Give yourself a helping hand and hit up Freshly today!