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The ketogenic diet, or ‘keto’ as it’s known for short, has gained huge popularity among the health community this year. And now, word is trickling out into the general population. This diet states that the best way to lose weight and maintain health is to eat low-carb, high-fat foods – and it may just have merit.

Attitudes are shifting in our understanding of obesity and weight gain.

Many scientists and health professionals now believe that the demonization of fat in Western culture is, in fact, causing more harm than good.

Healthline recently published a list of 23 health studies showing the benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet, which was found across the board to help some severely obese people lose significantly more weight than others following a low-carb, low-fat diet.

However, despite the real benefits, doctors and nutritionists are quick to warn that approaching a drastically low-carb diet should be done with caution.

People following a ketogenic diet should be fully informed about what they can and should eat to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

So what’s an easy and effective way of doing this?  Sign up for meal deliveries tailored to keto where you’re guided in how to eat a diet higher in protein and fat but not in a reckless or uneducated way. (Read our best low-carb prepared meal delivery services review.)

In this guide, we’ll go into depth about what keto is and whether the diet is right for you.

Then we’ll break down which meal delivery services could help you on your way to implementing a balanced ketogenic diet.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet holds the basic rules that followers should consume very little carbohydrates and instead place fats at the center of a meal. They should also control their protein intake.

Explanation of ketosisThe aim of this is to cause the body to enter a state of ketosis – a metabolic state which forces the body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy.

When this happens, the body produces ketones in the liver from fat to supply energy to the brain.

Increased ketone levels have been shown by numerous studies to bring big health benefits. This includes drastically reduced blood glucose and insulin levels.

Similar diets include the Atkins, Paleolithic, and the classic low-carb. All of these emphasize the switch to burning fat rather than carbs for energy. But what makes keto the best option?

Well, scientists and health experts seem to be in agreement. They say that eating the balance of food groups as instructed by keto entails a host of positive effects on the body.

Historically, achieving ketosis has been a tool used for disease management. It’s been found to help people control epilepsy and other conditions. A study published by the Experimental & Clinical Cardiology journal in 2004 showed that those on a long-term keto diet can expect to reduce their body mass and increase their levels of ‘good’ cholesterol.

Like all good things, though, there is a slight catch: maintaining ketosis is hard. Accidentally consuming over the recommended amount of carbs means you’re no longer considered to be ‘in ketosis.’ This means that your body will stop producing the ketones necessary to fuel you. Until you’ve tried this diet, you’ll never truly appreciate just how many foods that carbs are present in.

Are Ketogenic Meal Deliveries a Good Match for You?

All of the above is why we think it’s an amazing idea for those wanting to begin a ketogenic diet to start doing so with the help of meal deliveries.

Keto meal services create dishes with the exact quantities of carbs, fat, and protein that you need to stay in ketosis. It all happens without you needing to spend hours in the grocery store analyzing food labels and scrutinizing carbohydrate contents.

In fact, you don’t need to go to the store or look at labels at all! Simply put your meal in the microwave or oven, or enjoy it cold if stated that you can, and you’re away.

You will not only consume all the vitamins and nutrients you need at the right amounts, but you’ll also save hours of your week that you would have spent shopping and preparing food.

If only for the start of your keto journey, getting a keto meal delivery subscription is great. It gives you a stronger understanding of what you can eat.

Plus, you get creative meal ideas so that you don’t feel stuck in a rut with only a few options. Choosing to get your food through keto meal delivery services will give you the freedom to go about your daily life. No more worrying about what to cook for dinner or having to drive to get groceries. No more getting hungry without having anything suitable around!

What to Look for in a Keto Meal Delivery Service

Firstly, you’ll want a keto meal delivery service that takes keto seriously. A lot of companies can claim that they offer ketogenic options. But in truth? They really just serve low-carb meals. These won’t sustain you long-term. This can leave you feeling fatigued and lacking energy.

The next factors to look at are costs and subscription options. Do they require you to sign up for a month’s supply, or longer? Or do they operate on a week-to-week basis? Are they affordable? We’ve compiled our list from companies dedicated to providing the best keto meals for competitive prices. Go ahead and browse now to find the best ketogenic food delivery solution for you!

Our Reviews for the Best Meal Delivery Services for Keto

1. Factor 75

Factor 75 home delivery This company is our #1 top rated ketogenic diet food delivery service because of its varied range of delicious meals. Read our full review about Factor 75 meals.

With Factor 75, you won’t feel hungry or bored with your food, and these meals won’t knock you out of ketosis.

Factor 75 provide tasty ready-prepared meals that cater to low-carb, paleo and keto dieters. Their keto offerings will ensure your body produces all the ketones it needs without sacrificing flavor.

What’s on the Menu

As you will learn, keto meals focus largely on the right dose of protein you need to correctly sustain ketosis. That’s why they opt for meat for healthy fats. Therefore, the vast majority of Factor 75’s keto meals consist of meat and veg. However, there are some vegetarian dishes, helping all dieters eat a healthy, balanced, ketogenic diet.

Factor 75’s menu changes every week to keep things fresh. It’s part of why we love them! Our favorites on their current menu are:

  • Jalapeno Cheddar Burger with Zucchini Fries and Chipotle Aioli
  • Italian Sausage with Peppers and Buttered Broccoli
  • Spanish Chicken Thighs with Green Beans and Tomato-Bacon Sauce
  • Broccoli and Parmesan Frittata Cups with Roast Tomatoes and Pesto
  • Blueberry Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter and Maple Syrup

Salivating yet? We know we are! One of the top reasons we chose Factor 75 as our best provider of keto ready meals was because of their gourmet menu. The featured meals above are only a taster of what they offer. More keto delivery meals can be found on their website marked with a ‘K’.

What It Costs

Factor 75 offer five different bundles. You can choose to have 4, 6, 8, 12 or 18 meals delivered weekly.

The bundles range from $60 per week for the smallest and $198 per week for the largest 18-meal bundle. The 18-meal bundle also works out as the best value choice. The more meals you order per week, the cheaper it gets!

We think this is an amazing value, especially the larger bundles. They cover two meals a day or more. This is a great price to pay for needing to spend no time shopping, meal-prepping or worrying about whether your food is keto-friendly or not.

How It Works

First, you need to choose your preferred number of meals per week from Factor 75’s five bundles. The website states that the 8-meal bundle is the most popular. This covers a customer’s evening meals along with an extra for breakfast or lunch.

Then, you choose your meals. Choose the best keto meal plan for you by selecting all your favorites off the menu. Alternatively, you can leave it in Factor 75’s hands. Just tell them your dietary preferences and have them randomize your meals! This is a great idea for those who love the variety and trying new dishes.

You can order from Factor 75 for delivery to any of the USA’s 48 contiguous states – sorry, Alaska and Hawaii. All meals arrive fresh at your door in insulated boxes. These keep the food refrigerated, meaning you don’t have to be in to accept the delivery. Get home from work to your entire week’s food waiting for you!

Why It’s Our Number 1

Factor 75 offers a range of delicious, fresh, cheap keto meals. We think it’s perfect for those new to keto. It’s even great for long-time followers who want to take complicated keto meal-planning off their plate. These meals are non-frozen, affordable and exciting food choices. As a bonus, their packaging is all biodegradable or recyclable. Our only wish is that they would offer a few more keto choices, especially in the breakfast department. But, since the menu changes every week, there’s plenty to keep you coming back for more.

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2. True Fare

True Fare meal deliveries started out as a paleo meal delivery service. They enjoyed increasing popularity as low-carb diets became more prominent.

Now, alongside their paleo-tailored meals, True Fare also offer dishes compliant with ketogenic, AIP and whole-30 diets and lifestyles.

In fact, every meal on their menu is whole-30 approved. This means that they’re all absolutely free from added sugars, stabilizers, fillers, and unknown ingredients.

If you’re looking to try keto meals for a week, this delivery company has it covered!

What’s on the Menu

True Fare’s low carb meal delivery plans include several ketogenic options, like:

  • Buffalo Chicken with Bell Peppers and Broccoli
  • Creole Turkey Meatballs with Brussels Sprouts, and Cauliflower
  • Curried Pork Burger with Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Broccoli
  • A Choice of Turkey, Chicken or Pork with Green Pepper, Mushroom and Tomato (Breakfast)
  • A Range of Broths Including Roasted Duck and Thai Pork

True Fare is proud that all of their vegetables are organic, all of their meat grass-fed, and their poultry free range.

What It Costs

This keto diet meal delivery comes in one bundle format – 10 meals for $149.95.

Delivery is every seven days. This consists of five meat-based meals, two of each.

You can upgrade the bundle to a ‘double meat’ version for $209.95 per week. Customers can get delivery every week on a subscription basis or as a one-off.

Alternatively, you can choose individual meals yourself to create the perfect meal plan for you. Individual dishes cost around $13.95-$16.95 per meal. Or, you can buy a bundle of 4 of the same dish to save some money.

How It Works

As explained above, customers can buy from True Fare in three ways: a set-meal menu bundle of 10, picking out individual dishes or buying bundles of 4 of the same dish. All foods arrive frozen.

True Fare uses FedEx to deliver across the whole of the USA.

The shipping time varies depending on where you live. The company is based in Georgia, so Georgia residents can receive their meals as soon as the same day.

Those in the Eastern Region can expect a 2-3-day delivery time. The Western areas may take 3-4 days.

True Fare also delivers to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. For these, there is an estimated 2-3 delivery time by air.

Why It’s Our Runner-Up

We’ve selected True Fare as our runner-up keto meal service because of its simplicity and widespread shipping coverage.

If you live outside of the contiguous states and can’t order from Factor 75, we heartily recommend True Fare! Their healthy low carb meal delivery kits will ensure you get everything your body needs for a balanced ketogenic lifestyle. They get second place from us due to being perhaps too meat-centric and not offering any sweet meals. However, what they do have is top-notch.

3. Pete’s Paleo

This is another paleo-based meal service. Pete’s Paleo provides dishes based on the simple template of grass-fed meat, organic non-GMO produce, and absolutely no gluten, dairy or soy. Read more about this stellar company.

Their site is a delight to browse with everything organized neatly. And luckily, with Pete’s, searching ‘keto’ in their search bar brings up a variety of certified ketogenic options!

What’s on the Menu

Pete’s Paleo is obviously based on the paleolithic diet. However, some of their options are also ketogenic and labeled so. Our top keto picks are:

  • Grilled Tenderloin with Avocado and Garlic Spinach
  • Smoky Pulled Pork with Sautéed Zucchini and Collards
  • Garlic and Herb Roast Chicken with Kale and Turnips

Some meals are delivered fresh, some frozen. Check which website section you are ordering from if you’d rather get fresh meals. We believe their (frozen on delivery) broths are keto-friendly too. To be sure, you can always contact the company for further information.

What It Costs

Pete’s Paleo meals are in the region of $15.25. This makes them a little pricier than our other listed companies. There are many different packages to choose from though, including the Family Plan.

There’s also the option to sign up for the ’21-Day Sugar Detox’ weekly meal subscription service at $163.50. You can choose the seven meals to ensure they are ketogenic.

Most orders ship free, by FedEx, and include Hawaii and Alaska. Some areas may have to pay an air delivery rate.

How It Works

Unless you choose a package, Pete’s Paleo works on the basis that you simply add your chosen meals to your cart, pay, and wait for your meals to turn up 1-2 days later! Delivery may take longer if orders have to be sent by air.

Why It Gets a Shout-Out

Pete’s Paleo serves delightful meals and has clearly labeled ketogenic options. We find these a great help when searching for keto ready meals.

This meal delivery service of for those of you looking for easy keto frozen meals but aren’t fussed about breakfast options or diverse food choice.

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4. Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go is another service aimed at paleo dieters but with great ketogenic diet meal delivery options.

They make it easy for keto customers to select meals tailored just for them.

They even include a ‘Keto Success’ bundle or specialized keto menu.

What’s on the Menu

Paleo on the Go’s ketogenic meal delivery options include options like Wild Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles and Pesto, Pineapple Chicken Curry with Lime, Coconut and Cilantro Cauliflower Rice, Turkey Tetrazzini with Mushrooms, and Bacon and Spaghetti Squash.

There’s also a delectable array of broths, sauces, breakfast foods, sides and keto-friendly bacon, all certified delicious.

What It Costs

There had to be a downside, right? Paleo on the Go’s meals is a little expensive.

Their full meals cost around $22. The Keto Success bundle costs $175 for seven meals.

You have to order this as a recurring subscription at a rate of every 7, 14, 30 or 45 days.

There is also a $99 minimum spend. However, they do offer a $15 coupon for signing up to their mail list.

How It Works

To enjoy their wonderful array of foods, you’ll need to sign up for a Keto Success Bundle.

You can also simply choose your preferred meals, sauces, sides, etcetera, and add them to your cart.

The company states that they ship all over the USA by FedEx, with a maximum of 3-day wait time.

Food arrives frozen.

Why It’s On Our List

This company is included on our ketogenic and low carb delivery options list because of their comprehensive keto bundle.

Plus, their unique menu is positively mouthwatering! For anyone worried they will be restricted by following a ketogenic diet, Paleo on the Go proves otherwise.

They also offer a great range of breakfasts foods, sides, soups and more to cover all daily meals. Some customers may not want frozen meals, so if you want fresh food deliveries, you may wish to look elsewhere. The same goes for if you’re looking for cheap keto meals.


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5. Paleo Power Meals

This low carb meal delivery service might be aimed at people following the paleolithic diet. However, it caters to keto dieters, too. Click here to read more about Paleo Power Meals.

Actually, the fact that this service is primarily paleo-based has a number of benefits for keto-eaters. We’ll explain these benefits further in this review.

To give you some background: Paleo Power Meals was started by a French-culinary chef.

After years of trying different diets and exercise regimes, this chef discovered the paleo diet and the CrossFit fitness regime.

Together these two lifestyle changes allowed him to finally shed the 40lbs he’d been trying to lose all his adult life. That’s when he decided to make it easy for others to achieve the same thing. And thus, the inception of Paleo Power Meals.

The adaptability of PPM’s menu means that you can easily make keto meals from their dishes. We’ll explain below.

What’s on the Menu

This meal delivery company differs from the previous two. With Paleo Power, you can buy 1lb bulk-loads of the menu’s main items.

This includes individual packs of fresh-cooked BBQ pulled chicken, grass-fed ground beef, mixed vegetables, mixed berries and more.

Keto followers can craft their own meals from these main ingredients in whatever portion sizes they please.

Meals which are available include breakfast, lunch, and dinner with menu items such as Three-Egg and Vegetable Omelet, Grass-Fed Steak with Grilled Vegetables and Arugula Salad, Cajun Sirloin Slices with Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts And Cauliflower, and so much more!

The benefit of eating meat from a paleo company is clear: the meat was grass-fed in its life and not pumped with medication or antibiotics. Keto dieters can rest easy in the knowledge that their meat is clean, organic and delicious.

What It Costs

A single meal from Paleo Power Meals will cost around $13.95. It’s slightly less for the lunch and breakfast items. This figure is the same for the 1lb bulk items.

There are no bundles with this low carb meal service. You simply choose the dishes or items you want to your online shopping basket.

There are, however, discounts dependent on how much you order. For example, orders over $75 save 5%. Orders over $200 save 15%. The more you spend, the more you save.

Free ground shipping is available for all orders over $75 that qualify and fall in the designated ground zones. New sign-ups also get 20% off their first order. If you’re after a low-cost way to try out keto delivered foods, this is a great deal!

How It Works

The process of ordering with PPM is fairly straightforward. It’s choosing the meals that might trip you up. This is because, while all food is paleo-friendly, none is specifically labeled as keto. This is unlike the meals from Factor 75 or True Fare.

With Paleo Power Meals, you have to work out what’s keto for yourself. This can be tricky for beginners. Luckily, protein is listed in grams on the product details of every meal.

PPM ships all across the USA including to Alaska and Hawaii. Locations qualifying for ground shipping of 1 day are mostly East- and West-coast states. In other states, delivery is quoted at 2 days.

Why It’s on Our List

We chose Paleo Power Meals for their quality.

The food is delivered fresh and contains no gluten or added artificial ingredients. Plus, it comes in a large range of tasty choices.

We also like how customers can create their own keto meals easily by buying individual items in bulk. However, buyers should be warned that there are no set plans and no designated keto labels. Ordering low-carb home delivery meals from PPM might not be as easy as ordering from other companies. You’ll need to do extra research to ensure you’re following a truly ketogenic diet.

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Should I Give Ready to Eat Keto Meal Delivery Services A Shot?

We’ve laid out the merits of using a keto food delivery service like Factor 75 or others listed in this guide. To be clear, our stance is that yes – you absolutely should give keto delivered foods a go!

Adjusting to a keto diet is infinitely easier with the help of a delivery service. This brings fresh or frozen pre-prepared meals straight to your door, saving you hours of your day buying and making food. Best of all, it helps you to adapt to the kind of foods you can and should eat. This way, if you ever decide to stop getting delivered meals, you know exactly what to pick up and cook for yourself.

Everyone embarking on a ketogenic diet needs guidance at first. With any of the companies we recommend, you will receive that and tons more.

Read more about our top rated prepared meals which are delivered straight to your home.

Best Keto Meals Delivered to Your Door
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