Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services You Should Try

When life gets crazy, it can be difficult to stick to a schedule. The craziness can stem from a busy travel schedule or a house full of kids. Despite obligations, it’s always helpful to find a balance. Everyone deserves to feel in control.

Nutrition is often difficult for busy people to manage. With the latest innovations in meal delivery services, you can find options to meet your busy lifestyle. For those with their hands full, frozen food comes in handy. A frozen food delivery service makes it easy to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy meat. You don’t have to spend a fortune or watch your food spoil before you even get the chance to eat it.

What is a Frozen Meal?

Sound unhealthy? A diet that consists of mainly frozen meals isn’t that much different than any other diet. In fact, the diet is much more dictated by the ingredient requirements than it is by the delivery state.

Food industry innovations have been taking our society by storm. There are now frozen meal delivery options that also meet any other dietary requirements. Can’t eat any animal products? There’s a frozen meal service for that. Looking to go paleo, but don’t want to run the risk of spoiling meat and cheese? Frozen meal delivery can make that happen.

A frozen meal diet can be whatever you need it to be. That is the beauty of it! The frozen aspect doesn’t take away from the quality of ingredients made by trusted companies.

Are Frozen Meals a Good Match for You?

Frozen meals are great for those who are constantly on the go. This is because you can pack a meal and heat it when it’s convenient. You can have something healthy and tasty waiting for you in the freezer when you get back home.

They’re also a helpful option for busy moms that can barely find the time to cook. Full meals have to be cooked around a child’s busy schedule which is tiring. Even seniors or those who may have a harder time getting around the kitchen can find frozen meals handy. With the touch of a few microwave buttons, they can have a chef-cooked microwave meal delivered and heated up in minutes.

There’s a bit of a stigma against eating frozen food. People seem to think it’s not as healthy. There’s actually no hard data to back that up. In fact, freezing actually helps to retain the nutrient content within fruits and vegetables. That’s because the freezing preserves the produce at its most ripe stage, keeping all the good stuff in until it’s time to eat.

Nutrients will naturally decline whether fresh or frozen. So it’s just about how quickly the food will get to the consumer from the source rather than about how it’s stored.

When it comes to choosing the best-frozen food, however, not all meals are created equal. Buying frozen meals in the grocery store may seem like a convenient and cheap option. Usually, the nutritional value doesn’t even come close to comparing with that of frozen meals prepared by chefs. Voila: Fully cooked meals delivered to your door.

What to Look for in a Frozen Meal Delivery Service

When you’re on the lookout for the best healthy frozen meals on the market, turn your attention to frozen meal delivery services! Before making your decision, however, there are a few things you should look for. This will guarantee that you’ll be happy with your food and customer experience.

Establish a budget that will work for you. By knowing how much you can afford and what you cannot afford, you’ll be able to filter out any expensive options that aren’t realistic to you.

Have a good idea about what you’re willing to commit. Some services offer weekly or monthly plans, while others have a more flexible, pay-as-you-go structure.

You may be able to find better ideas for subscriptions or bigger commitments, but when you’re just trying out the options, it’s a good idea to go slow before you commit to something fully.

How It’s Delivered

For frozen food specifically, you’ll want to pay close attention to how the food is packaged and delivered in order to keep it cold and fresh before it gets to you.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to keep air and moisture out and retain shape and texture of food even through transit. Some delivery options may include ice packs or gel packs, but the coldest ones will include dry ice.

Depending on how long the delivery will take to get to you, what kind of transit service is being used, and what food you’re expecting in your package, you’ll know what will work best for you.

Research what meals are provided. Pay close attention to the kinds of meals offered by each service. Since you’ll be the one eating it, you don’t want to settle for meals that look just “alright.” Instead, look for something that makes your mouth water so you’ll be excited every time you see your shipment box arrive at your door.

With that in mind, here are our prepared meal delivery reviews for the best options out there right now.

Our Reviews for the Best Meal Delivery Services for Frozen Meals

Balance by bistroMD

For prepared meals delivered to your door, Balance by bistroMD is the king of frozen. Read our detailed review of Balance by bistroMD for the full scoop.

This meal delivery service helps customers find balance in their diets, allowing them to choose meals for weight loss, better nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle, or certain specialty diets like low carb and low sodium.

With the benefits of higher protein, fiber, and nutrients and lower sodium, and fat than grocery store frozen meals, these low-calorie frozen meals help customers get the most bang for their buck and take care of their bodies.

What’s on the menu

Balance by bistroMD meals are plentiful on the website, giving you the opportunity to hand-pick which meals are calling to you. Some of the delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks include:

  • Bagel Sandwich with Caramelized Onions Mushrooms and Swiss
  • Greek Omelet with Fruited Quinoa
  • Grilled Chicken Marsala
  • Southwest Taco Bowl
  • Northwoods Beef Jerky with Cranberries and Blueberries
  • Espresso Fudge Cookie Bites

What it costs

Most balance meals are between $9-12, depending on what you select. However, they offer weekly specials with a lower price that rotate out each week.

By taking advantage of these meal offers, you can end up saving a lot of money. Shipping is free once you spend $99, but if you fail to meet that amount, you’ll pay a small fee. Balance by bistroMD also offers $35 off your order every time you refer a friend to try their meals.

How it works

With the Balance by bistroMD, you get the best-frozen meals hand-picked by you every time and delivered to your door in the nick of time. Bistro takes care of the planning, shopping, cooking, and delivery.

All you have to do is choose what you’d like and they’ll handle the rest. They keep the customer in complete control, allowing them to choose as many meals as they’d like and how often they’d like to receive them. They cover a wide variety of dietary needs with their weight loss, healthy eating, and specialty diet options as well.

Why it’s our number 1

Balance by bistroMD is our #1 choice because it features custom meal plans

  • vegetarian
  • allergy
  • diet-friendly options

Read why bistroMD offers some of the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks you can order online!

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Home Bistro

Home Bistro started out as a small meal delivery service in New York but has grown into a national service option that delivers healthy, nutritious, and delicious options to consumers in a unique way. What makes Home Bistro so special is that they make everything fresh and then flash freeze it so that it maintains that freshness all the way to you.

The company’s chef hand-selects all the ingredients, and they only work with certain meat suppliers that treat the animals humanely, keep them free of harmful additives, and maintain a close relationship with Home Bistro itself. The chef himself actually maintains a Certified Executive Chef status, which is a special honor only bestowed to the best of the best.

What’s on the menu

When choosing what will be on your menu, Home Bistro gives you tons of options. Pick from heart-friendly, healthy gourmet, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, vegetarian, cancer support, lower sodium, low-carb, and paleo. From there, you can also choose your meals, combos, “superbowls” and more. Some examples of the meals you might enjoy include:

  • Lemon Caper Piccata Steak with Gratin
  • Chianti Braised Short Ribs with Rice
  • Zesty Tofu Vegetarian Feast
  • Tunisian Shrimp with Cannellini Beans
  • Pecorino Romano Turkey Kabob

What it costs

The best part about this meal delivery option is that they allow you full control of what food you’ll get delivered. Some services come with predetermined meals, but not this one. There’s no set price you pay, so you can select only the amount of food you’re able to afford.

One entree starts at about $9, you can get a pack of chicken for $20, or 10 Chef’s Choice meals for $134. So, it’s all flexible. For first-time buyers, you can get 10% off your order as well.

How it works: To enjoy Home Bistro, you first must sign up for an account on their website. Don’t worry, it’s free. Then, select the meals you want or let them choose. Simply add to cart and start waiting for it to arrive!

Why it’s our runner-up

Home Bistro is our runner-up mainly because of two things: the mouth-watering selection of savory entrees prepared by an executive chef, and the quality of fresh food via flash freezing.

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Veestro will bring vegan frozen meals delivered to your door. These pre-made, flash-frozen meals are full of all organic ingredients and prepared by chefs in Los Angeles. They also carry along the labels of fully plant-based, organic, and non-GMO (for those who are looking for those aspects in a meal plan.) Read our full Veestro review.

For better guidance in reaching whatever goals you may have, Veestro allows you to choose a goal (from options like weight loss or gluten-free) and will create plans that follow that path. This creates a program that’s hyper-tailored to you, to produce the results you’re looking for in easy frozen meals delivered to your door.

What’s on the menu

Because Veestro is an all-vegan meal service option, there will be no featuring of dairy, meat, or any other animal byproducts. However, there are still tons of mouth-watering flavor profiles and meal options to enjoy.

Meals will vary but you may see options like:

  • Breakfast oatmeal pie with berries
  • Country Fried Vegan Chik’n
  • Raspberry Cheezcake (made with Tofu)
  • A selection of fruit and veggie juices that include options like the“Spring Into Action” juice (ingredients: celery, pineapple, green apple, basil, and sachi inchi powder)

What it costs

Veestro meals average out to be about $8-9 each, but the true price will depend on the kind of meal plan that is chosen. You can choose between 3-day packs, 5-day packs, and 7-day packs. The prices for these options are about $104 per week, $140 per week, and $174 per week, respectively.

In order to receive Veestro you must meet their minimum order of $35, but that’s easy to reach when you purchase in batches. Even with this initial minimum, it’s still cheaper than signing up for a long commitment at the beginning.

How it works

Every Veestro meal is made by the team in Los Angeles, California, frozen, vacuum sealed, placed on dry ice, and shipped throughout all 50 United States via FedEx shipping. Simply go online, purchase your meals (whether a la carte of in a money-saving meal pack) and the delicious goods will be sent to your door in absolutely no time.

Why it’s on our list

Veestro earned its spot on our list because it creates an accessible space for vegans or strict dieters to find convenient meals that don’t cost a fortune and don’t disrupt their busy lives. In addition, the quality of the food and flavors it offers is notable for even the biggest meat-eaters, making it an attractive offer for anyone looking for prepared meals delivered to your home.

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True Fare’s a meal delivery service that went from focusing on creating yummy, frozen paleo food to then creating frozen food delivery plans that fit keto, Whole 30, paleo, and other diets.

True Fare saw that there was a need in the home meal delivery services industry (mainly because of rapidly growing trends) for more options that are accessible to even the strictest eaters. They then created a solution that offered a variety of options, an affordable price, and full satisfaction of already-strict diet rules without losing flavor.

Because of True Fare, those who are looking for a meal delivery service that brings diet-compliant frozen food straight to your door have a place to find it.

What’s on the menu: When you order from True Fare, you’re going to receive a variety of healthy, delicious frozen options to choose from in your meal plans. Some examples of the menu items include:

  • Sausage breakfast skillet with peppers and onions
  • Slab of TrueFare Bacon (customers say this is a game-changer)
  • BBQ Chicken with Delicata Squash and an Organic Cabbage Slaw
  • Chicken soup with summer vegetables like zucchini and squash
  • Curried pork meatballs with a side of vegetables
  • Almond Butter packets to keep you fueled in-between meals

What it costs

True Fare prices are dependent upon the kind of purchase you make. For example, an individual meal bought a la carte from True Fare online will be more than the cost of a meal within a meal plan. One a la carte meal can run you anywhere between $6.50 and $13, depending on the dish.

The price you pay may also change because of the type of plan you choose to order, how frequent you choose to have your plan delivered, and the cost of supplementary ingredients that you may add to your meals in order to boost them (For non-paleo people, this might look like adding eggs to your sausage breakfast skillet).

How it works

Getting gourmet frozen food delivery with True Fare is simple. All you must do is visit their website, browse their meal package options and a la carte selections, pick what catches your eye, and check out your shopping cart.

After a few days, TrueFare will deliver your meals to you flash-frozen (perhaps fresh in some cases!) and vacuum-sealed packages for the freshest state of food you could hope for. You can choose how often you want these deliveries to come, and the rest will come together on its own.

Why it gets a shout out

We’re giving True Fare a shout out on our list because it’s a great option that not only supplies delicious, long-lasting frozen food, but it also meets the needs of some of the strictest diets. People adhering to these diets run into so many roadblocks trying to make these diets work, and True Fare is making it easier.

The best part is that you don’t have to follow these diets to be able to enjoy True Fare. The quality of the ingredients makes this one of the best tasting healthy frozen meals. No matter what your preferences are.

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Paleo On the Go

Paleo On the Go is serious about their process, which guarantees a tasty and healthy bite every time. They source their food meticulously, handcraft the meals in their kitchen, freeze and send them to you as quickly as possible. Get a detailed account of their meals and services by reading our Paleo On the Go review.

They’re dedicated to meals that are safe for those following a paleo diet or those fighting through the autoimmune protocol portion of the paleo diet.

What really gives Paleo On the Go our trust is their utmost dedication to the purity of their process. They personally visit and build close relationships with the local farms that provide their ingredients and create all meals in a facility completely free of dairy, soy, gluten, grains, pastured meats or GMO ingredients.

What’s on the menu

Paleo On the Go offers more than 50 selections at a time, so you’ll never get bored. Choose from things like:

  • Apple Cinnamon Paleo Pop Tarts
  • Asian Chicken Burgers with Fried Rice
  • Butternut Squash Bisque
  • Elk Burger with Wild Mushrooms
  • Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth
  • Organic Collard Greens with Smoky Bacon

What it costs

Prices vary highly with this option, so it’s important to take a close look at how much your selections cost before checking out. Some entrees may cost about $8, and others are closer to $20. But, when you consider how specifically these meals are tailored to paleo and AIP diets, it’s not too bad.

How it works

You can select either individual meals or save on chef-selected monthly bundles. Plug in your zip code while in your shopping cart to estimate what your shipping will be, and check out! You gain rewards points for every purchase, and those can later be redeemed for extra meals or goodies!

Why it gets a shout out

Paleo on the Go gets a shout out for it’s highly-tailored options, unique rewards program, and dedication to sourcing and food processing.

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Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen really is magical when it comes to its services. While it’s an attractive option to busy moms, those who simply prefer not to cook, or frequent travelers, it’s also tailored as an option for senior meals. Because keeping a healthy, nutritious diet is so important as we get older, but cooking in a kitchen often gets harder, Magic Kitchen makes it easy.

With chef-inspired frozen meals, pre-prepared and ready to heat and eat, there’s no more stress in keeping a balanced senior diet. They even believe in their meals so much, they offer a complete replace or refund policy. This means that if you didn’t like one, they will either get you a new one at no cost or refund the full price of what you paid.

What’s on the menu

Magic Kitchen has multiple menu options, including a la carte shopping, MK signature meals, or senior meals. Some bundles come with pre-chosen dishes, but Magic Kitchen lets you see what comes in each bundle before ordering so it’s not a surprise when the box arrives. On the other hand, all a la carte options are hand-picked by you. Some entree or side options available to you include:

  • Chicken and Rice Vegetable Soup
  • Carrot Zucchini Walnut Muffins
  • Verdura Gourmet Flatbread with Kalamata Olives
  • Beef Bourguignon, Brown Rice and Broccoli
  • Roasted Pork with Barbecue Sauce over Southwestern Rice and Mixed Vegetables
  • Beef Pot Roast with Red Wine Sauce over Noodles with Carrots & Green Beans
  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce
  • French Green Beans with Mushroom and Cream Sauce

What it costs

You can buy an a la carte meal for about $12-14, or choose from different meal bundles. Bundles like Meals for One, Family Size Meal Bundles, and Comfort Food Bundles will give you about 8 meals for $150. As compared to the other options on this list, these prices are quite a bit higher. That also doesn’t include the cost of shipping, which varies depending on the delivery location.

How it works

The shopping on this site is a bit more difficult. There are a few technical things that might make it a bit more difficult. However, once you get all your food loaded into your cart it’s not too bad. You can choose to simply check out what you’ve selected. Or you can sign up for their meal program to get recurring food without a commitment or contract.

Why it gets a shout out

While the reviews for Magic Kitchen aren’t overly impressive and the cost is higher than most of the other options on this list, it still can be a good solution for seniors. Anyone looking for meals that will satisfy nutritional guidelines and won’t be too difficult to prepare will benefit. Therefore we’ve included Magic Kitchen on our list in the bottom spot.

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So, Should I Give it a Shot?

Want to try frozen delivery service but weren’t sure where to start? Hopefully, we’ve sent you in the right direction. There are so many healthy frozen prepared meals on the market. Whichever you choose from this list, you can ensure a long shelf life and high quality of ingredients.

With our top choice balance by BistroMD, you can customize your meal plans to meet your needs. You can choose as many or as few meals as you’d like, get customer support throughout your healthy eating journey, and enjoy all they have to offer with no commitment.

The utter convenience of home delivery and a low price that can work into most household budgets makes eating easier.

Eating healthy frozen meals delivered to you don’t have to be so expensive either (Read reviews of our favorite fully cooked and ready to eat meal delivery services.) Whether you’re looking for a frozen diet meals option because of time, convenience, or health, there is a microwaveable meals delivery solution that will meet your budget and change your life.

Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services You Should Try
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