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Living with diabetes can, at times, feel difficult and overwhelming. Watching what you eat when your health is at stake is big responsibility, especially as a diabetic in a world full of overly sugary foods.

Diabetics need to eat things that will keep their glucose and insulin levels balanced, and often that eliminates some enjoyable foods and can be a hard rule to follow when needing to grab something appropriate to eat on-the-go.

Cooking and preparing food is also difficult – gathering ingredients involves a lot of reading labels and is a lot of work, especially when feeling fatigued.

What if, though, you could get your diabetic meals delivered? Imagine shipments of frozen diabetic meals delivered to your door weekly or monthly, so you never have to worry about checking the labels on everything to see if it will negatively affect your blood sugar levels. Wouldn’t life be much simpler?

The good news is, it’s possible! You can easily order prepackaged diabetic meals for simple meal preparation with little effort involved. Grocery shopping can be tedious for those with diabetes, especially the recently diagnosed – but with these delivery services, there is no need to worry about searching for foods balanced enough for diabetics. The hard work is all done for you.


#1 bistroMD
(Editor's Choice)Best Price
  • Diabetic meals are specifically designed to help you maintain healthy blood glucose level
  • Wide variety of a customizable doctor-designed program prevents food boredom
  • Individualized support from registered dietitians helps in maintaining a diabetic-friendly diet
  • Diabetic-friendly menu is planned by registered dietitians each week lending to great convenience
  • Entrees with 25 grams or less of net carbs for healthy blood glucose levels
#2 Diet-to-Go
Best Price
  • Menu designed for weight loss, pre-diabetes manegment, and prevention of type-2 diabetes
  • Controls blood sugar naturally
#3 Magic Kitchen
Best Price
  • Diabetic Friendly Meals are dietician designed to be healthy and low in sodium
  • Simple to Re-heat in the Microwave or Oven

What Is a Meal Plan for Diabetics?

As diabetes interferes with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and maintain balanced glucose levels, a diet for diabetics means maintaining a healthy food balance and searching out foods that are low in fat and calories. The balance of meals is the most important part. Foods that are less sugary, lower in carbs, and full of rich nutrients are the best way to go for a diabetic diet.

When researching food delivery services as a diabetic person, you’ll want to track down a company that specializes in low glycemic meal delivery. Meals tailored towards keeping stable blood glucose will help diabetics stay strong and healthy while keeping the condition from interfering too much with your daily life. A diet plan for diabetics will help control risk factors for heart disease, which is a commonly developed condition for those with diabetes, as well as support a stable weight and prevent blood sugars from becoming too high or low. Without strictly controlling their diet, people with diabetes are sadly at risk of lung, heart, or kidney damage due to damage caused by extreme blood sugar levels (known as hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia).

Are Diabetic Meals a Good Match for You?

While a strict diet plan may be necessary for those with diabetes, it is also important to note that a healthy eating plan is also great for people without diabetes, too.

These diets and meals plans served by companies on our list are very heart-healthy, and good for keeping blood glucose levels balanced and preventing too much carbohydrate intake. While those without diabetes have the luxury of taking a cheat day or two, following a low-carb diet full of healthy fats is a good idea for everyone.

If you are not sure if diabetic home delivery meals are right for you, consider this: eating a healthy diet with this kind of meal plan will greatly decrease your risk of developing other diabetes-related conditions. The fiber-rich, nutrient-based, low carbohydrate content included in diabetic meals delivered to your home is perfectly healthy for everyone, and a solid way of maintaining the healthy weight and blood sugar levels so crucial for diabetic people.

As such, we think diabetic ready meals are a great diet choice for anyone looking for healthy eating.

What to Look for in a Diabetic Meal Delivery Service

This may sound obvious–and we don’t mean this patronizingly but, look for meal delivery systems with a diabetic meal program versus no specified programs. You see, there are hundreds of meal delivery services from you to choose from. And in perusing sites, you may think menus look low in sugar or that they may be diabetic-friendly. However, that is a huge assumption to make. That’s why we advise it best to pick a program with nutritionists at the helm who know how to design meals specifically to the dietary needs of diabetics.

The important staples of a diabetic food service are that they must include foods that are low in carbohydrates, full of fiber, and without saturated fats. A balanced diet for diabetics includes fruit, vegetables, and whole grains in controlled portions, as well as limited trans fats and sodium.

As any diabetic person will know, insulin shots, blood-testing equipment, frequent doctor’s visits, and medications all amount to a huge expense. Therefore, it’s important that a diabetics meal plan is cost-effective while providing enough food to satisfy you.

We’ve listed the best food delivery companies for diabetics that offer the most competitive pricing – read on for our top picks!

Our Reviews for the Best Meal Delivery Service for Diabetics

1. bistroMD

BistroMD’s Diabetic Friendly Program was designed thoughtfully, not to mention scientifically, to address the dietary needs of Diabetics.

The bistroMD diabetic meal program:

  • was specifically designed to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  • has a wide variety of a customizable doctor-designed program preventing food boredom
  • provides chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner makes eating healthy foolproof
  • offers individualized support from our team of registered dietitians helps you reach your goals

But fret not, you won’t be eating hospital food. Nope, the food actually tastes good. Science can taste good, Y’all!

Bistro MD program meals

Your diabetic-friendly menu is planned by bistroMD’s registered dietitians each week which alleviates you of the tedium of planning.

Not just that though, you have professionals planning your diet so its not just checking off a task. It means that you don’t have to calculate anything to ensure you carbs are in check because a dietitian has that covered for you!

These diabetes-friendly entrees have 25 grams or less of net carbs for healthy blood glucose levels while providing the adequate lean protein needed to regulate blood sugar and sustain lasting weight loss results.

Could you imagine you or your caretaker having the time and resources to ensure each of your meals is so perfectly balanced and calculated? Now bistroMD can do that for you!

What’s on the Menu

There are a wide variety of diabetics meals to choose from; here is bit a sampling of the kind of deliciously classic or even adventurous dishes you may come across on the bistroMD diabetes menu:

  • Lamb Rogan Josh
  • Sliced Ham With Mustard Maple Sauce
  • Beef With Red Wine Sauce And Barley
  • Hatch Green Chile And Pork Stew
  • Peanut Butter Crepe With Strawberry Compote

…and so much more!

What It Costs

You’ll be able to select from over 100 rotating diabetic meals … 100 ROTATING DIABETIC MEALS!

Program costs and details are as follows:

  • The FULL PROGRAM which includes 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 6 Dinners + My Night* is $134.96
  • The FULL PROGRAM which includes 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, and 5 Dinners is $112.46
  • LUNCHES & DINNERS PROGRAM for 7 days includes 7 Lunches and 7 Dinners is $112.46
  • LUNCHES & DINNERS PROGRAMS for 5 days includes 5 Lunches and 5 Dinners is $89.96

How It Works

Once you become a bistroMD member you will have access to their helpful members portal.

It is here that you will select your meals and customize your program to match your tastes and schedule.

The bistroMD team of registered dieticians will use your preferences and order history to build your weekly menus.

Why bistroMD Is #1

Eating right can pose quite a challenge especially if you’re trying to manage weight and maintain good health all the while taking your needs as a diabetic into account and eating accordingly.

We honestly feel bistroMD gets this challenge as reflected on their diabetic program which provides a very specific response to a need that afflicts more than 100 million U.S. adults.

Read why bistroMD is on our coveted review list for ready to heat and eat plans you can count on.

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2. Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go has a specially-designed diabetic meal plan they call Balance-Diabetes which includes carefully chosen and crafted ingredients to create meals approved by doctors.

And though we’re clearly big fans of the bistroMD family of services, Diet-to-Go comes in neck to neck when it comes to diabetic meal programs.  Read our full Diet-to-Go review for details.

Diet-to-Go's diabetic meal program

This menu follows the American Diabetes Association’s guidelines for low carbohydrates and fat, making it a safe choice for diabetics conscious of controlling their condition through diet. Diet to Go’s diabetic meals delivered to your home make for tasty, healthy dishes that allow you to take your health off your mind where your diet is concerned and removes the need to spend hours a week at the grocery store; leaving you with much more time to focus on family, exercise, and whatever else is important to you.

What’s on the Menu

Diet to Go offers plans in different sizes, their most popular being their 5-week meal plan. These plans are ready-made, but you can personalize your menu when placing your order. They have a good selection of tasty meals, and the set schedule also takes choosing dishes out of your hands. Their choices include:

  • Aztec quinoa salad
  • Blackened salmon
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Waffles with blueberry cream cheese
  • Cinnamon walnut cereal
  • Stir fry chicken

You can enjoy any of these, plus many of their other diabetic dinners delivered right to your door for excellent convenience.

What It Costs

The Balance-Diabetes, or Balance-D, plan from Diet to Go includes the option for either 5 or 7 meals per week. You can then choose either 2 meals a day (without a delivered breakfast) or a full 3 meals a day.

The prices vary depending on all of these options, but for example, the basic plan (Balance-D, 5 days a week, 2 meals a day) equates to $121.99 per week with a shipping fee of $19.98. As you order more food, the cost per meal goes down.

Essentially, it is more cost effective to purchase the bigger plans if you wish to save money in the long run and commit to this plan. The largest option, 3 meals a day for 7 days, is $179.99. The shipping price does not change with larger plans.

How It Works

As we said above, there are different options for diabetic meals delivered to home that you choose depends on your needs and lifestyle.

Once you choose your plan, you simply fill out your shipping information and it will give you an estimate for a shipping date. Most shipments arrive within 1-3 days of shipping.

While a tad more expensive than Bistro MD, this diabetic food delivery service is quick and efficient.

There is also the option to customize your menu and choose your own meal preferences rather than sticking to Diet to Go’s set plan. Once everything is confirmed, all that’s left is to wait for your diabetic frozen meals delivered to your door!

Why It’s Our (Verrry Close) Runner Up

Diet to Go’s plans are structured and offer some personalization, making them great for all dietary needs; and all the dishes are delicious.

While their selection is not quite as large as bistroMD’s and does require a little more commitment (they are only available in week-long packages), they are still reasonably priced when the math is all laid out.

The best part is that their Balance-Diabetes menu is carefully crafted to be perfectly suited as a diabetic meal plan delivery service, taking the stress of watching your diet off your mind.


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3. Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen is another service geared towards seniors, and like bistroMD, offers various specialty diets and dishes, including one of the best home delivery meal plans for diabetics. Click here to read more.

With their diabetic meal plans specifically, Magic Kitchen’s packages come with a set menu of delicious meals, so that you don’t even have to choose your own dishes – this is great for people who want variety in their diet. Everything is delicious and chosen specifically for diabetics, so you sit back and trust Magic Kitchen’s trained chefs!

These meals are highly rated by us as they arrive flash frozen for easy preparation and offer the choice of set packages or customizable ones.

What’s on the Menu

Magic Kitchen’s tasty diabetic prepared meals include:

  • Basil chicken with rice and zucchini stir-fry
  • Beef Swedish meatballs with whole grain rotini
  • Breaded baked haddock
  • Chicken and teriyaki rice
  • Breakfast scramble with asparagus and hash browns
  • Scrambled egg whites with turkey ham

These are just a few of the best home delivery meals for diabetics that Magic Kitchen has to offer!

What It Costs

Prices vary depending on whether you get individual meals a la carte or if you buy meal plans. Weekly packages can contain dinner, lunch, and breakfasts, or you can choose to just receive specific meals.

Packages come with seven days’ worth of food in single servings which range from $74.99 to $86.99.

Opting to buy a la carte dishes means you will pay $11.50-$14.50 each.

Magic Kitchen offers discounted prices for set packages. For example, their senior diabetic complete meal program entails a choice of one, two, or three meals a day, which ranges from $75-$85 at the cheapest to $225-$250 for three meals a day.

Most of the programs can be customized to your tastes and dietary needs, but this may again affect the price.

How It Works

As explained above, you can choose from plans specifically chosen for diabetics or opt to order individual dishes. You can also have one of their dieticians pick your meals for you based on your preferences; which is an amazing service for people with dietary needs as important as those necessary to diabetics. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time before the renewal date of your plan.

Shipping typically takes 1-3 business days covering all of the United States. Orders from Kansas City, so prices will depend on your proximity to the Magic Kitchen headquarters. Once your delivery arrives, you get to enjoy some of the best-frozen dinners for diabetics the USA has to offer!

Why It’s On Our List

Magic Kitchen offers a good selection tailored for diabetics, with the options for meal packages or individual a la carte choices; meaning there is plenty of variety. Prices are a little high, and this program lacks a bit of the customization that other programs have, although their dietician service is amazing. With fast shipping and good meals, Magic Kitchen is a definite contender on our list of the best diabetic prepared meals.

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4. Mom’s Meals Nourish Care

These delicious dinners are “just like mom used to make!” Mom’s Meals arrive to your door refrigerated and ready to be reheated immediately. Read our full review of Mom’s Meals Nourish Care.

Their specially-designed diabetes diet home delivery services include a menu chosen by professionals who understand the delicate balance of diabetes diet plans.

The delicious menu includes up to 60 different dish choices, all created with sumptuous, comforting home foods in mind.

What’s on the Menu

Mom’s Meals have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and all of their foods are home-cooked and tasty. Whatever your preferences are, you can find a meal that will make you feel comforted without resorting to fatty, carby foods that upset your diet.

This menu includes traditional meals such as:

  • Colby cheese omelet with sliced ham
  • Ham, egg, and cheese scramble
  • Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy
  • Beef stew with a buttermilk biscuit
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Chicken teriyaki with rice

Their diabetic-friendly menu is smaller than the normal menu, but they still have a good variety of comfort foods, from southern to Italian and more. We love their diabetic ready meals for their “home cooked” taste that a lot of meal prep services don’t quite achieve.

What It Costs

Mom’s Meals offers what they call their NourishCare program aimed at seniors, which provides food for little or no cost if you qualify, which is a lovely sentiment and great help for those in need. They also offer different payment options on a qualification basis, which can be immensely helpful in many situations.

Their regular program includes options of either 7, 10, 14, or 21 meals, each costing $7.99 regardless of whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Shipping varies depending on if you qualify for their assistance programs or not. Most of their discounts are for seniors or disabled people, but if you have trouble grocery shopping (as some diabetics do), you might qualify for their helpful programs.

How It Works

Mom’s Meals plans can be bought in bundles of 7, 10, 14, or 21, which you can personalize to the exact dishes you want.

Orders can be placed online or over the phone when you’ll also select your preferred delivery date and location. When the time comes, your meals will be personally delivered by their friendly delivery drivers.

Why It Gets a Shout-Out

Between their assistance programs for seniors, disabled and disadvantaged individuals, and their personal touch, Mom’s Meals is a little different from other meal programs.

And by different, we mean wonderful!

They provide an unique set of programs that address very real needs, needs that not too many other companies in this niche provide meal solutions for.

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5. Home Bistro

Meals from Home Bistro boast low caloric content (around 700 calories and 800 mg of sodium), ideal for weight-watching, and a chef’s selected menu.

Like other meal delivery companies, customers can choose from individual meals or diet plans and more.

Home Bistro offer ‘featured’ meal combos that change weekly, and their healthy options never disappoint.

What’s on the Menu

Home Bistro’s overall menu has a selection of gourmet options, as well as specific packages catered solely for those with diabetes. Their diabetic-friendly meal package includes 10 meals, such as:

  • Spanish cod with Mediterranean tapenade
  • Udon red miso super bowl
  • Chicken sausage and vegetable stir-fry super bowl
  • Peri-peri shrimp with vegetables
  • Pom-fig pork and Lebanese rice
  • Spicy white bean turkey chili

The whole diabetic menu caters for people with all tastes while remaining health-conscious, although meatless options are few. Outside of the meal package, their selection of individual meals that are suitable for a diabetic diet are a bit slim. The options are delicious; just less abundant than other programs.

What It Costs

These dishes are obviously created by chefs, rather than the simple comforts of services like Mom’s Meals; so prices here are a little higher than previous plans.

Individual diabetic-friendly meals range from $12.29-$24.99, while the diabetic-specific package costs $152.99 for a one-time purchase or you can get a small discount by subscribing to receive food deliveries on a rolling basis.

Either way, the costs are a bit pricey – but the food is so genuinely delicious that if you’re a real foodie, this is a definite option to consider! The package also includes ten meals instead of the typical seven which may influence your decision. Home Bistro also offer discounts for new customers. Shipping varies, and with bigger orders, it’s sometimes free.

How It Works

Customers can select a set package or individual meals. New customers are often offered a discount and sometimes free shipping, meaning you can try the service on the cheap before committing to a subscription. Shipping is quick and easy, and meals arrive frozen and ready to store or cook.

Why It’s On Our List

Though their diabetic prepared meals are not as varied as other programs, Home Bistro offers luxury dishes with great taste. Prices are a little high, but if you want unique flavors and chef-prepared dishes at home, it’s a reasonable price to pay. Home Bistro meals are easy to heat up and the foods ship quickly, all of which warrants a spot on our list.

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So, Should I Give It A Shot?

If you didn’t know about diabetic food delivery services before, now you do! For diabetics tired of the effort required to maintain a balanced diet, such a service might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s not easy to balance a diabetes-friendly diet, but with a diabetic meal delivery service, you don’t have to do it alone. As well as taking shopping and cooking off your schedule, getting pre-made diabetic meals delivered to your door can also save you money.

Getting a set schedule of meals delivered for a set price means you can budget your food and balance your finances easily.

While many of the programs on this list will provide you with tasty, healthy food, we think no service does it better than bistroMD. Their Silver and Balance plans are reasonably priced, have an amazing variety of delicious foods, and ship food to your door fast. Their rotating discounts never hurt, either!

Whichever program you choose, diabetic people need a diet that will keep them in top health. These frozen diabetic meals are the perfect solution – easy to prepare, comes to your door packaged up, tailored to your dietary requirements.

Wherever you are, whatever your taste, there is a diabetic food delivery program out there for you!