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What are the Best Baby and Toddler Meal Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Your kid is the apple of your eye and sometimes–quite literally–you have apple in your eye, either from you making a fresh puree for your baby or your little one flinging/spatting it in your face. Fun times! But it’s worth it. Isn’t it?

What if you could reclaim both your time and energy AND get the right nutrients in your child? What if, just like there are delivery services for adults, there were similar services for your tot?!

There are, like, a lot.We’re here to help you pick a service for you and your young family. Read on to get matched.

Our Top Baby/Toddler Meal Delivery Services (2020 Updated)

1.Yumi (Editor’s Choice)

From the get-go, Yumi caught our attention because of their promise of offering “80+ ingredients, including superfoods and spices from around the world.”

Click on Yumi Review to read get all the details about this Yumi baby food, menu, and services.

We appreciate the idea of little ones starting off, pretty much from the get-go, with an array of foods and spices that you wouldn’t find in, say, Gerber foods.

Yumi’s nutrient-dense and organic blends are introduced in stages.

On their website, Yumi states, “your baby’s brain is growing faster than it ever will.

By the first year, the brain doubles in size. Because food fuels that growth, we make sure each blend is dense in at least 5 key micronutrients.”

So what does this mean and how does this play out on Yumi’s menu? Let’s explore!

What’s on the Menu

Yumi’s meals are free of the Big-8 food allergens which includes:

  • milk
  • eggs
  • peanuts
  • tree nuts
  • fish
  • crustacean shellfish
  • wheat
  • soy

Yumi does share, however, that “new research shows that introducing allergens early can actually help prevent them. Peanut and other common food allergies can be prevented by introducing allergenic foods beginning early in infancy, and continuing to offer them regularly throughout a baby’s first year.”

Having said this though, they still make their foods void of the aforementioned allergens.

Their meals are sorted into stages by texture. By the time your child reaches the final stage, they’ll be ready to take on solid foods.

Each week, Yumi shares insightful information about your child’s development and show how the meals in your box correspond with their development.

Yumi understands that as your little one grows, so will their appetite. Knowing this, they give 3 plan sizes, so you can decide if you want to supplement your breastmilk or formula with Yumi either once, twice or thrice a day.

As with many brands, the more you buy, the bigger you’ll find your discount and Yumi actually delivers on this promise.

You can skip a week or cancel at any time, and shipping is always free.

How It Works

Once you select the number of meals you want each week, you’ll be prompted to select which box you want. The choices are based on your child’s age and what textures they’ll eat. Blends can be frozen for up to 2 months.

All Yumi orders deliver by Wednesday at 9 pm, depending on your location.

Yumi delivers to all 48 contiguous United States and they’re looking to soon be poised for to serve Hawaii and Alaska soon!

Why It’s #1

Yumi makes the transition to solid foods easy without having to sacrifice nutrition.

It gradually introduces babies to a lot of different tastes and textures and has everything they need for each stage of development.

What’s more, you’re not only buying meals, but you’re also hooked up with resources and education of your baby’s development into toddlerhood.

Yumi pairs you with a dietitian who will be there every step of the way as you introduce your little one to solids — an awesome feature!

With this service, you’re not only buying ready to eat food. You’re buying peace of mind that you’re putting the right stuff in your little one’s body.


2. Little Spoon

Little Spoon self admittingly sets itself apart by its cooking methodology. On their site, Little Spoon explains,

“Other baby foods use extreme heat to cook their food and add preservative. Little Spoon only uses fresh, organic ingredients. Babyblends are always free of preservatives and we don’t use extreme cooking methods. The difference is clear.”

What’s on the Menu

Little Spoon uses only the best organic ingredients. Read our full Little Spoon Review.

You can filter their BabyBlends based on texture and health benefits.

Little Spoon offers 3 different programs, so you can choose the one that best fits your child’s needs.

If you are ordering for multiple children, you’ll be prompted to select a meal plan for each one.

Meals are shipped in stay-fresh containers.

How It Works

Little Spoon individualizes plans for each of their customers based on your kid’s age, dietary restrictions, whether they’re eating pureed or solid foods, and how picky they are.

Each shipment comes with two weeks’ worth of food. You don’t get to select which BabyBlends you get, but you can make changes to your profile at any time.

Why It’s Our Runner-Up

Little Spoon Nutrition Council is what makes them one of the best organic baby services out there. It’s registered dietitians and pediatricians make sure your child has all the nutritious foods he or she needs to grow healthy and strong.

3. Yumble

Yumble offers over 20+ fully prepared meals each week consisting of farm fresh produce, no refined sugar, and meals that are-ding!ding!ding!–nutritionist approved. Click on Yumble Review to get details.

What’s on the Menu

Yumble’s foods are all kid-tested and kid-approved. Their menu changes each week, so there’s always plenty of variety.

The menu shines with creativity and fun with items such as chicken pops ( literally ball of chicken on a stick!) with green beans and pureed potato, baked taco pockets with broccoli, and ravioli and pastas each with veggies.

Yumble has 3 different packages for families to choose from. Packages are billed weekly, with the option to skip a week at any time for no charge.

The bigger the package, the lower the price.

How It Works

After you pick your package size, you choose which meals you want.

You can filter the meals by age range and dietary needs. Yumble also offers special collections – like the Picky Eaters box – that make selection even easier.

Meals are shipped weekly, and there is no fee for deliveries.

All Yumble meals come fully cooked and are ready to eat after 90 seconds in the microwave!

Why It’s On Our List

We love Yumble because they go the extra mile. All their programs are flexible to fit the changing needs of busy families.

You can add extra meals when things get busy or skip a week whenever you need to.

They also use sustainable packaging for all their meals, and each box comes with fun activities like table topics and sticker sheets. 

4. Raised Real

What’s on the Menu

This company uses flash-frozen, superfood pairings to help your child get the most out of what they consume.

Raised Real has free delivery and two fresh options of 12 or 24 meals.

How It Works

Once you pick a plan, you set your ingredient preferences. These can be updated at any time to fit your child’s changing tastes. Meals come either bi-weekly or monthly and are ready to eat in just 5 minutes.

Why It Gets a Shout Out

Raised Real’s meals are unique because they come as diced ingredients, which can be eaten as finger food or mashed/pureed. They are easy to customize to your child’s taste.

5. Nurture Life

What’s on the Menu

This unique service has foods for all age ranges, from 4 months to 14 years and over. They provide a diverse menu that changes each week and includes meals like Beef bibimbap and Southwest chicken tacos. Read our Nurture Life review in its entirety.

How It Works

You choose your plans based on the ages of your kids. Meals can be delivered once a week or on specific dates, and there’s never any commitment required.

Why It Gets a Shout Out

Nurture Life has meal plans for babies, toddlers, and kids, making them a one-stop-shop for families with multiple children. 

Are Baby Food Delivery Services a Good Match for You?

Think of a reliable ready to eat food delivery service for babies as your own experienced personal chef and nutritionist in one.

Along with a chef or cook creating your child’s meals, you’ll want to know if a nutritionist well versed in baby nutrition is at the helm. This is a feature we’ve weighed heavily when considering which programs, above, we deem best and to minimize any research you have to do.

Another benefit is that meals are shipped fresh or flash frozen right to your door, which saves you from another trip to the grocery store, not to mention reading up and executing meals suitable to your baby or toddler’s stage in life and development growth

If you’re a busy parent who would like to spend less time cooking and more time with your family, then Cupid, strike! You may be a good match for the services listed above.

They’ll save you time, and yes, even money in some instances.