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6 Best Pie of the Month Clubs (In 2023)

Written By: Paul

#2nd Best choice

Amazing Clubs pies delivery service

Amazing Clubs

#3rd Best Choice

Grand Traverse Pie Company delivery service

Grand Traverse Pie Company

What’s better than having fresh pies delivered straight to your doorstep? If you’re a pie lover like me, there won’t be much!

Whether you’re giving a subscription to someone or wanting a tasty treat to enjoy every so often, there are plenty of options to choose from!

 However, it can be hard to choose between so many good options – which is why I’ve done the hard work for you and found the six best pie of the month clubs in America.

The options I’ve found have a wide variety of options. Whether you want sweet or savory, creamy or crunchy, fruity or nutty, there’s something for everyone! 

Today I’m going to dive into:

  • How I ranked the best pie of the month clubs
  • My top 6 picks for the best pie delivery service
  • What pie of the month club option I’d recommend

Let’s get started!

How Did I Choose the Best Pie of the Month Subscriptions?

Here are the criteria I considered while choosing the best Pie of the Month subscription:

Value and subscription options

The first factor I looked at was the value of the pies. How much were these subscriptions going to set me back? I also looked at the different options for customization and how frequently I could get my pies delivered.

Packaging and delivery

Now that I had ordered my pies, I waited to see how long they took to reach me! When they arrived, I also examined how good the packaging was and whether they could be frozen or had to be eaten straight away.

Quality and taste

When I received my pies, I took time to assess the quality and taste they had to offer. 

Were they balanced, or too overwhelming? And how fresh were the ingredients?

The Best Pie of the Month Delivery Services in 2023

Let’s get straight into the rankings! Here are my top six picks for pie of the month subscriptions:

1. Goldbelly (Editor's Choice)

The Goldbelly subscription service delivers a box of sweet pies every month with 8 to 10 servings. The pies come from the nation's best pie shops.

pie of the month club
  • Best Match For: Food enthusiasts looking for premium pies from around the country!
  • Type: a curated online marketplace of the best foods in the US.
  • Pricing: $59.95 per month and free shipping
  • Delivery Area: all 50 states
  • Variety: premium pies from the best pie shops in the country
  • Commitment Level: One-time orders; 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-month subscriptions
  • Ordering Process: choose the duration of your subscription, enter your email address and payment details, and then receive fresh pies every month!

Fancy a juicy berry pie, the perfect mix of sweet and sour in an apple ditto, or the crunch that only comes with a pecan caramel pie? Goldbelly has your back (or belly)!

Pies are sent to you directly from the food makers for guaranteed freshness.

Psst: rumor has it one of the country's best Florida Key lime pies is part of their pie selection!

Goldbelly pies delivery service

What I Like

What I liked the most about Goldbelly was their wide selection of pies. My family and I could never get bored of trying them out. In fact, I discovered some new fillings and toppings for myself. Thinking of them now, a molasses-filled pie with cinnamon-brown sugar was the one that I remember most vividly. The taste was out of this world. 

What’s more, I have made one-time orders of one pie in particular - Megan’s H-Town Hottie pie that claimed and proved to be the sweetest thing I could have ever put in my mouth.    

What I Don’t Like

One thing that has saddened me was Goldbelly’s lack of subscription modification. Goldbelly justifies it by saying that it wants its customers to be open to new tastes. However, I hope this option may be available later in the future.


  • Premium pies from the country's best pie shops
  • Each box serves 8 - 10 people
  • Flexible subscription length – 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Food sent to you directly from the pie-makers
  • Vegan pies available


  • Prepaid subscriptions are non-refundable
  • No changes can be made to your subscription
  • Unable to be sent as an E-Gift
  • Unable to be discounted with promotions

My Verdict 

Overall, I was very pleased with the short subscription that I got. One pie was enough for my whole family for a few days, and I also got to enjoy the leftovers. And if you ever get bored with subscription pies, you can always order fresh, unique, savory and sweet pies straight to your doorstep.

2. Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs had a promising name as we s-pie-d around for the best Pie of the Month subscriptions. And they deliver on that promise: Amazing Clubs sends you a monthly box of a variety of delicious, gourmet pies.

Pie of the month club

  • Best Match For: Anyone seeking a customer-service focused pie of the month club subscription.
  • Type: gift-of-the-month clubs
  • Pricing: $59.95/month for 3-month and seasonal subscriptions, $58.95/month for 6-month subscriptions, $57.95 for 12-month subscriptions, and free shipping in the continental US.
  • Delivery Area: anywhere in the US
  • Variety: gourmet pies from lots of prominent bakeries
  • Commitment Level: 3-, 6-, 12-month subscription
  • Ordering Process: pick a subscription duration, choose when you want your pies to be shipped, enter your delivery information, pay, and receive your pies!

Pies are shipped oven-fresh directly from some of the country's most prominent bakeries. They are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Each shipment contains 8-10 servings depending on how hungry you are (I totally get it if you're eating the whole pie yourself – believe me, you’re not alone), and you get to taste different pies each month to discover new favorites.

My monthly delivery came with Amazing Clubs' generous "They'll Love It!" guarantee, meaning I could get a new product or a refund if I was not satisfied. But it was impossible not to love their pies. I wish I could reject any for the sake of my review, but all of the orders were heavenly and delicious.

By the way, if you ever get to use the guaranteed cover, you can even request a new pie in a different price range and pay the difference. And if the selected pie costs less, Amazing Clubs will pay you back the difference. Nice as pie!

Amazing Clubs pies delivery service

What I Like

I loved a pie subscription box that came with a pie big enough for my entire large family. I got to share slices and not worry about hiding one piece for myself. One thing I particularly like about Amazing Clubs is how they care about their customers. 

During the span of my subscription, I received a ton of curious information about the pies and even some facts I didn’t know before. I won’t give you any spoilers in case Amazing Clubs want to surprise you, too. 

What I Don’t Like

I was frustrated to learn that I couldn’t customize my order. I understand that, like Goldbelly, the company wants to surprise you with different fillings and flavors. However, by customizing my subscription, I would have gotten only the pies I love.


  • "They'll Love It!" Guarantee – satisfied or money back
  • Sur-pie-se factor – new, hand-picked pies every month
  • Possibility to gift a membership
  • Pies shipped directly from the bakeries for first-class freshness
  • Free shipping within the continental US


  • No possibility to customize your order

My Verdict 

If you like big portions like me, you will be happy with Amazing Clubs’ pies. The subscription also offers free shipping to anywhere in the US, so you don’t pay for any extras. If this is a deal that sounds right to you, go ahead and purchase it; but remember, your order cannot be customized, so choose wisely.

3. Grand Traverse Pie Company

How about juicy fruit pies, sweet and tangy cherry pies, nutty tones of pumpkin and pecan pies, cream pies melting in your mouth, or the bite-sized treat of a mini pie? Grand Traverse Pie delivers pies that you already know you will find delicious, or you can leave the choice up to them to surprise your taste buds.

Pie of the month club

  • Best Match For: The conscious pie-consumer wanting to support a local family business.
  • Type: customizable pie of the month 
  • Pricing: $58.97/month plus shipping fee - $24.99 for standard 2-day shipping, or an additional $20 for overnight shipping
  • Delivery Area: anywhere in the US
  • Variety: selection of pies to choose from, with a monthly recommended option.
  • Commitment Level: 3-, 6- or 12-month subscriptions
  • Ordering Process: choose commitment level, pick out your pies (or get the GT recommendation!), select a start date, enter your details and receive your pies!

Grand Traverse Pie Company delivers a box per month filled to the brim with fresh pies. Pick 3, 6, or 12 months of either pie of your choice or a surprise subscription to get a selected pie every month.

When I was doing my research about the company, I found out that Grand Traverse Pie Company has a bakery in Michigan from which they ship all their products. Regardless of where you live, the pies always come fresh, which I can attest to after receiving mine.

Before subscribing to the club, I had to pick 12 different pies. Every month, a selected pie entered the limelight (perhaps a Key lime pie!) to facilitate life for my decision fatigue.
Grand Traverse Pie Company delivery service

What I Like

When choosing the pies for my 3-month subscription, I could check each pie separately. There is a question mark next to each option that demonstrates the pie and has a short description of it. 

Some companies prefer to keep their pies a secret – however, it was more fun for me to check each one of them and get only those that I was most curious about. So, if you are a bit of a control freak like me, you will like this club a lot. 

What I Don’t Like

The pies were great, and the service was fast. The only disadvantage of this club was the shipping cost. Now, if you live closer, the delivery price would be lower than what I had to fork out and the extra cost wouldn’t be as problematic for you as it was for me.  

But if you are looking for a pie club with shipping included, I recommend you consider one of the other options I’ve reviewed here.


  • Possibility to select your own pies
  • They also have monthly recommendations if you’re indecisive
  • Pies are free from trans fats
  • Seasonal pies available
  • Baked with local products as far as possible


  • No free shipping

My Verdict 

Grand Traverse lets its clients choose the pies they want, and most of them are really tasty with fresh fruit and mouth-watering toppings. Made with natural ingredients and trans-fat-free, the bakery gives you an impressively long list of all the pies they have on offer. If you want to be surprised, simply choose the ‘Select GT Pick for all months’ and don’t worry about picking anything.

4. Three Babes Bakeshop

Three Babes Bakeshop was born out of pure pie love as a pop-up shop in California. The company is owned by two women with a little help from their moms.

Pie of the month club

  • Best Match For: the pie-hard fan looking for weekly pies!
  • Type: homemade bakery
  • Pricing: Weekly frequency for $150/month; twice a month for $80/month; once a month for $43/month. Shipping is charged separately.   
  • Delivery Area: within the continental US
  • Variety: selection of homemade pies 
  • Commitment Level: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
  • Ordering Process: select subscription level, add delivery instructions, enter payment and customer details, and receive your pies!

In contrast to monthly pie clubs, Three Babes Bakeshop lets you order pies weekly or bi-weekly. For those with big pie cravings that is an excellent deal. Why wait for another pie for a month when you can have them every other week?  

You can order pies to be shipped to either your home or office. Bear in mind, however, that you have to be there to receive the pies personally (or else they risk getting pie-napped).

You can choose between a variety of homemade pies, and there are even options for vegans or gluten-intolerant peeps. Oh, and if you wanna steal their best-kept pie-making secrets, Three Babes Bakeshop offers regular online classes, teaching you to replicate their delicious dishes in your own kitchen! I joined a few to test my baking abilities; unfortunately I have to admit there is a lot of room for improvement!
Three Babes Bakeshop delivery service

What I Like

When I signed up for a monthly subscription with Three Babes Bakeshop, not only did I get my hands on special pies not always available on their website or in their bakery, but I also got discounts and sometimes special treats like a mini apple pie or a delicious pastry. Life is full of surprises – these are definitely the kind I fancy!

What I Don’t Like

I have nothing much to complain about when it comes to Three Babes Bakeshop. I received tasty pies, even more exquisite than other bakeries could offer. I would love to have shipping costs included, though, especially when I used a biweekly frequency that equaled $40 per pie. It’s definitely on the pricey side.


  • Made with 12 natural ingredients that work for women
  • Vegan and gluten-free recipes available
  • Works with small, local, sustainable producers
  • Weekly or bi-weekly deliveries for the pie-hard fan


  • You have to be at home to receive the delivery
  • Not catering to nut allergies at the month

My Verdict 

Subscribing to the pie club from Three Babes Bakeshop, you can be sure you will receive pie made with seasonal ingredients that are local and organic. Moreover, you get to taste pies that are not sold on the regular menu and that others can’t simply purchase. This exclusive offer is what makes this subscription special for me. The price point is a little steep, though.

5. Tottie Pie Co.

Tottie Pie Co. lets you order gourmet pies, cheesecakes, creamy chocolate brownies, and more that could pass for art pieces rather than pastries.

Pie of the month club

  • Best Match For: The picky pie gourmand wanting the crème de la crème
  • Type: Bakery 
  • Pricing: choose between express shipping, from $235, and ground shipping, from $155
  • Delivery Area: ships to express states and ground states
  • Variety: Gourmet pies, including seasonal and specialty flavors
  • Commitment Level: 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions
  • Ordering Process: choose between shipping options, select your commitment level, enter your details and payment information, and then receive your pies!

Similar to other Pie of the Month clubs, this bakery bakes with natural, mostly organic ingredients and just the right amount of spices. You can expect your pies to be free from preservatives and unnecessary chemicals.

tootie pie - pie of the month

What I Like

What differentiates Tottie Pie Co. from others is its dessert specialists. Yes, you read correctly! And I had a chance to chat with one over the phone and consult about the possible fillings and toppings I might receive during my subscription. 

If the Tottie Pie Co. subscription looks tempting to you, I suggest you make a call to the bakery and consult one of their experienced dessert specialists.

What I Don’t Like

The shipping costs aren’t included in the subscription which I think some people - including me - consider a disadvantage. 

Tottie Pie Co. didn’t send me the same pie twice but, at the same time, I couldn’t customize my subscription to pick the flavors I wanted to try out the most.


  • Pies that are pleasing both the eye and the palate
  • Flavors do not overlap during your subscription
  • All-natural and mostly organic ingredients – no preservatives
  • Dessert specialists available to help you


  • Shipping depends on whether you live in an express state or a ground state, which might make it more expensive.
  • No customization of pies

My Verdict 

If I ignore the extra shipping costs and lack of order customization on the website, there are quite a few awesome benefits of this Pie of the Month subscription. I got to speak with a dessert expert, received all the pies on time, and discovered a load of new flavors that I loved.

6. Pie Gourmet 

Looking for a handmade, artisan pie prepared with love? Then Pie Gourmet is something for you!

Pie of the month club

  • Best Match For: anyone who loves pies but won’t commit to a subscription
  • Type: local bakery
  • Pricing: varies based on shipping area and pie selection
  • Delivery Area: in-store pickup, local delivery, or national delivery
  • Variety: selection of sweet and savory pies
  • Commitment Level: single orders only, no subscription.
  • Ordering Process: add your desired pies to your cart, choose shipping options, enter details, and receive your pies!

Pie Gourmet’s pies are all-natural and baked with local apples from their bakery in Vienna, VA.

While many monthly pie subscriptions have mainly sweet pies, Pie Gourmet offers both sweet and savory pies.

Feel for a fruit pie, a chocolate pecan one, the creamiest of cheesecakes, or local delicacies such as sweet potato pie? Pie Gourmet satisfies both your sweet tooth and your desire for something salty! Their products are to pie for.

Pie Gourmet delivery service

What I Like

Pie Gourmet’s menu feels endless with pies of all kinds. I love savory pies - they are perfect for lunch and dinner. Sweet pies are a must-have in my household, too. Both kinds are mouth-watering, and I wish I could keep them coming to my doorstep forever. 

What I Don’t Like

I wouldn’t like to miss out on the opportunity to subscribe for regular sweet and savory pies, but Pie Gourmet doesn’t offer such a subscription at the moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see it in the future. Unfortunately, I could only purchase a few pies from their menu to try out.


  • Both sweet and savory pies are available
  • Seasonal specialties to s-pie-ce things up
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Other products like quiches and lasagnas are also available


  • No monthly subscription

My Verdict 

If you aren’t fond of subscriptions but want to eat a pie on special occasions only, Pie Gourmet will become your go-to bakery. With a large selection of delicacies, it offers fresh pastries with fresh and organic ingredients. I have already subscribed to their newsletter, and you should too!


How often can I get deliveries from a pie club?

Most pie club clubs deliver one box per month. Some services, like Three Babes Bakeshop, offer weekly or bi-weekly pie packages. Others, like Soulfully Yours Bakery and Pie Gourmet, do not work with the membership model or subscriptions – but let you order at your convenience like a regular webshop. That way, you can get unlimited pie! 

Which is the best food of the month club for pies?

The best monthly membership for pies depends on what you're after. For real gourmet pies, Soulfully Yours Bakery delivers pies perfect for that special occasion – such as birthdays, graduation parties, or anniversaries. They offer birthday cakes and other types of pastries made for sharing with friends and family members!

Do monthly pie subscriptions offer sweet or savory pies?

The companies have different types of pies and pastries in store. Some of them focus on sweet pies, while others have both types and also offer quiches, lasagnas, brownies, and birthday cakes. There are a lot of options – this review is one way to get information about them all, and a virtual taste of which pies are the perfect ones for you!

Can I get pies delivered to my area?

The companies we've covered should deliver in the entire continental US. Check the respective website of each company for delivery information in your area. 

What are some examples of the pies I can order?

Each company has its own unique selection of pies. Examples of the pies that you can order from the monthly pie clubs are apple pies, key lime pies, pecan pies, berry pies (like blackberry pies), and chocolate pies. Some companies also let you order pre-baked pie shells that you can fill with your own favorite ingredients. Why not come up with your own awesome recipe?

Which Pie of the Month Club Subscription Box is the Best?

In my opinion, the best pie-of-the-month club subscription is Goldbelly! They have it all, from variety and value for money to speedy shipping. 

What I liked the most about Goldbelly is their large selection of pies. Every pie is chosen from a range of premium restaurants and bakeries from across the nation.

The ordering process is also a breeze, which means you’ll be able to get your pies straight to your door with just the press of a button!

Their large range of pies is perfect as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself! So if you love pies, why not give Goldbelly’s subscription service a try?

Goldbelly pies delivery service


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Premium pies from the country's best pie shops
  • Flexible subscription length – 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Food sent to you directly from the pie-makers
  • Vegan pies available

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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