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Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services

Having a hot and ready meal quickly after arriving home from work is a dream come true for many. Purchasing a subscription to an oven-ready meal delivery service allows you to have the taste of home cooking without all the hassle and work. 

I have tested many oven-ready meal delivery services and compiled a list of my favorites. Whether you have dietary or financial restrictions, I’m confident we have a service that will meet your needs.

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Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services 2023

Before looking at my favorite services, I have a few notes on my methodology. I tested over a dozen oven-ready meal delivery services, and this is a list of the products I feel best about from testing. 

I judged each service on the food quality, freshness, variety of options, delivery speed, and cost. Taking all these factors into account, I rated each product. I also determined who would see the most benefits from each box. Remember that all these ratings and reviews are my views on the boxes. I aim to provide a fair overview of each service and the food it provides.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best oven-ready meal delivery services.

1. CookUnity - Best Overall

After trying CookUnity, I can confidently say it is the best oven-ready meal delivery service. CookUnity mixes up the typical delivery box formula by giving you the best variety, something I appreciated when I was getting sick of having the type of meal consistently.

CookUnity is a chef collective featuring several accomplished practitioners in the field of culinary arts. Thanks to these celebrity chefs like Esther Choi and tony Perez creating dishes and menus, you get to experience food that is high-quality and unique. 

cook unity

When I signed up, the site prompted me to explain what foods I liked and what I liked to avoid. CookUnity then gave me a choice of items from the menu and helped guide me toward dishes they thought I would like. 

The number of choices impressed me the most, and I enjoyed everything I tried. No matter your preferences or dietary restrictions, I believe you will likely find something to enjoy on the CookUnity menu. 

CookUnity touts its eco-friendly nature, using organic foods and locally sourced produce. The company also tries to limit the packaging it uses to help protect the environment. 

My qualms with CookUnity are minor. I wish there existed more information about the nutrition of each meal. There also is no option for over four servings in a single delivery. If you have a large family, look for another meal kit. The delivery area doesn’t cover the entire contiguous United States.


  • 16 meals per week: $10.39 per serving
  • 12 meals per week: $10.49 per serving
  • Eight meals per week: $10.89 per serving
  • Six meals per week: $11.39 per serving
  • Four meals per week: $12.69 per serving


  • Impressive selection
  • Notable chefs
  • Delicious food
  • Eco-friendly


  • Limited delivery area
  • Not for large families
  • Expensive for smaller plans

Grade: A

2. Factor - Best For Keto Diets

The Keto diet is one of the most popular in the country. Many online delivery services cater to the diet, but I found the best choice for those following a Keto lifestyle is Factor. While Factor is not strictly Keto, the company labels every meal and highlights the numerous Keto options.

While the quality of the meals was excellent, I found the add-ons set Factor apart from the competition. You can request various side dishes, including snacks, breakfasts, and smoothies. I found these extras a way to enjoy lighter dishes I could never find in a meal delivery service.


Outside of Keto offerings, Keto also provides vegetarian and vegan options and standard choices for those not on a diet. I enjoyed the variety of menu options, and every meal arrived fresh and ready to pop into the oven.

Factor delivers across the contiguous United States, so you can access it if you live in most areas of the country. 

Everything I tried from Factor was tasty, whether from the Keto options or not. I do not think you need to follow a Keto diet to get the most out of Factor, but anyone following the diet should give Factor primary consideration.

Concerning drawbacks, the plans are expensive compared to other similar services. Unless you buy in bulk, you will likely spend more on Factor than on similar products. You cannot customize or make substitutions, so picky eaters may also want to steer clear.


  • 18 meals per week: $10.99 per serving

  • 14 meals per week: $11.99 per serving

  • 12 meals per week: $11.49 per serving

  • Ten meals per week: $11.99 per serving

  • Eight meals per week: $12.49 per serving

  • Six meals per week: $12.99 per serving


  • Keto-friendly
  • Excellent food
  • Variety
  • Delivery area


  • Expensive
  • No substitutions

Grade: A-

3. Pete’s Real Food - Best High-Protein Option

Getting your daily allowance of protein is taxing, and ordering food through a delivery service means you are limited in ways to ingest the nutrient. Pete’s Real Food began as a paleo diet meal delivery service but has expanded recently to serve a broader clientele. 

Pete’s Real Food markets itself as being authentic meals made by normal people. I agree with that assessment, as everything I tasted from the service was delicious. The portions were what I was hoping for, and the organic produce and high-quality meat made for some excellent dinners. 


No matter your tastes, I know you will find something to eat through the service. The menu is diverse and filled with unpretentious, simple food. The company works tirelessly to ensure its service is environmentally sustainable, which is always a bonus.

Pete’s Real Food creates meals ready to freeze if you do not want to eat them immediately. Instead of subscribing, you could order a few meals and freeze them until you want to eat them. All meals arrive fresh.

Not everything is perfect with Pete’s Real Food. The service is one of the most expensive on the market. The meals I received only had microwave instructions, though I’m sure you could figure out how to heat them in the oven. 


  • Lite Plan: $17.28 per meal

  • Family Plan: $17.96 per meal

  • 14-meal plan: $17.95 per meal

  • Ten-meal plan: $19.11 per meal

  • 5-meal plan: $19.58 per meal


  • Protein-rich food
  • Diverse menu
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Very expensive
  • No oven instructions

Grade: B-

4. Daily Harvest - Best For Vegans

The vegan market is one many meal delivery services have attempted to get in on. Of all the products I tested, I found Daily Harvest the best service for vegans looking for simple, oven-ready meals at their door. 

You do not need to be a vegan or vegetarian to find value in Daily Harvest. The company provides Keto and low-carb options alongside its vegan offerings. Purchasing a meal from Daily Harvest is an effective way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

daily harvest

Daily Harvest does not offer subscriptions but a few plans that allow you to pick from a menu. As such, prices will vary based on the meals you purchase. You will find a variety of foods, including full meals, side dishes, and smoothies. 

If you are a big eater, you should use Daily Harvest as a supplement to your diet rather than a primary meal provider. The portions are smaller than other meal delivery services, and you may find yourself snacking to fill up after a meal. Thankfully, Daily Harvest provides plenty of healthy snacks to sate your cravings.

I wish the website had more detailed nutrition information available for consumers. I was disappointed by the lack of substitutions, though you expect it with many meal delivery services. 


  • 24-item plan: $138 - $263

  • 14-item option: $85 - $158

  • Nine-item pricing: $56 - $103


  • Vegetable and fruit-based foods
  • Options for snacks or lighter meals
  • Healthy
  • Inexpensive


  • No subscriptions
  • No substitutions
  • Not enough nutrition information

Grade: B+

5. Epicured - Best For Gluten-Free Diets

Dealing with celiac disease or partaking in a gluten-free diet is difficult. Finding a meal delivery service that caters to the market exclusively is even more complex. Epicured was the best oven-ready meal delivery service with a gluten-free menu I tried.

Epicured is the brainchild of chef Daniel Chavez-Bello. The chef attempted to create a menu of staples and seasonal options that cater to the gluten-free market. Epicured has an excellent selection, with options for everything from breakfasts to snacks. I enjoyed the ability to customize what I got with each box.

Epicured's Meal Delivery Service

With the company producing food for a gluten-free diet, you will find some classics may not be available for purchase. I enjoyed all the food I tried through Epicured, but people not following a gluten-free diet may find they do not have enough options.

The company prices each product individually, so there are no set prices like other boxes. I found the costs reasonable, and nothing jumped out to me as too expensive. Despite choosing from individual items, you must buy everything through a subscription, as there is no a la carte option.

Another drawback is the portion size. While you should find it filling for one person, family sizes are unavailable to make dinner for a group. You will need to buy multiple single-serving meals to make dinner for several people.

Even if you are not following a gluten-free diet, Epicured is worth investigating. The food is delicious and nutritious. The company has a creed of viewing food as medicine. As such, the meals I got were healthy, and Epicured’s website has nutrition information available. 


The company prices each item individually. A meal costs around $15.


  • Healthy
  • Best gluten-free option
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only subscriptions
  • No family sizes

Grade: B

6. Trifecta - Best Organic Box

Finding organic food in a meal delivery service is always a chore. Some companies market themselves as being organic while still using non-organic products. Trifecta delivers boxes filled exclusively with organic food and was my favorite box for organic food. 

Instead of a pick-and-choose model where you select from dishes, Trifecta builds a meal program based on your diet. You can choose from several preset plans, including vegetarian, paleo, or Keto. Once you’ve selected, the company will send you nutritious food fitting the guidelines.


Trifecta markets itself to fitness gurus and those hoping to lose weight. You do not need to be an exercise junky to find a use for the program, though you may find eating Trifecta foods helps with energy for workouts. 

One aspect of Trifecta I appreciated was its app. I found the app easy to use, and I could use it to quickly make any changes to my order or subscription. While many food delivery services have dedicated apps, none stood up to Trifecta in my testing. The app also tracks your calorie intake and exercise.

You can get your whole family involved with Trifecta, as it offers bulk meals. I enjoy sharing food, so having the option to easily make a dinner for a few friends to try was an appreciated feature.

Trifecta is imperfect, and a few aspects left me in the cold. I appreciated the preset options, but I wish you could occasionally choose a meal. Being at the whim of someone else on what to eat every night is not always enjoyable. There is also no a la carte option, so you have to purchase a subscription if you want to take advantage of Trifecta.


  • Vegan plan: $99.99 per week

  • Vegetarian: $99.99 per week

  • Keto: $110.99 per week

  • Paleon: $110.99 per week

  • Whole30 Approved: $110.99 per week

  • Clean: $110.99 per week


  • Organic food
  • Companion app
  • Perfect for exercises


  • Can’t choose items
  • Must have subscription

Grade: B+

7. ModifyHealth - Best For Dieters

ModifyHealth is another company that sees its mission as making food into medicine. If you are interested in a Mediterranean or low-FODMAP diet, ModifyHealth may be the meal delivery service for you. The company provides excellent food that slots into these two diets perfectly.

One does not need to follow a Mediterranean or low-FODMAP diet to enjoy the meals you get from ModifyHealth. I was impressed with the food selection and the variety on offer from the company. You can also make substitutions to avoid any food allergies or hated ingredients. 

modify health delivery services

So, what is a low-FODMAP diet? These diets attempt to avoid FODMAPs, sugars our bodies cannot properly digest. Many dietitians say that avoiding FODMAPs can assist people in dealing with irritable bowel syndrome. If IBS is an issue for you, I recommend looking into ModifyHealth.

The Mediterranean diet is easier to understand: it focuses on ingredients and dishes found around the Mediterranean Sea. People partaking in this diet eat foods from Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and North Africa. Many nutritionists say the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest choices.

Anyone on a diet will enjoy the bonuses ModifyHealth provides. You can chat with a dietitian about your plan and calorie intake. Working together, you can create a plan and meal lineup that keeps you healthy and happy.

One aspect I found lacking from ModifyHealth is how compartmentalized the programs are. You cannot mix and match foods from the Mediterranean and low-FODMAP diets, for example. I don’t think this lack of customization is a deal breaker, but I think they should add it. 


  • Ten meals or more per week: $11.75 per meal

  • Six to nine meals per week: $12.50 per meal

  • Lunch or dinner: $11.75 per meal

  • Breakfasts: $7.90 per meal


  • Perfect for those with IBS
  • Dietitian support
  • Substitutions available


  • No mixing and matching diets
  • Limited menu

Grades: B+

Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Service Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know some of my favorite oven-ready meal delivery services, I will answer a few of your burning questions about these products.

Are oven-ready meals healthy?

Most oven-ready meals are healthy. When you compare oven-ready meals to fast food or frozen meals, the health benefits of a meal delivery service are obvious. Meal delivery services do not load their food with salt and preservatives, meaning you get fresh food that will help keep you healthy and happy.

How long will my oven-ready meal keep?

The shelf-life of an oven-ready meal delivery service dinner will vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. In general, you should expect your meal to last for three days to a week after delivery. Each service will print the expiration date on the packaging.

If you don’t intend to eat a meal immediately, many meal services provide instructions on freezing the product. While you miss out on the freshness, you can keep your meals longer.

How much do oven-ready meal delivery services cost?

Depending on the site and your diet, oven-ready meal delivery services have a range of costs. At the cheapest, you will likely pay around $10 per meal. You can save money by purchasing a subscription for several meals at a time. More expensive options will reach nearly $20 per meal.

How long does it take to make an oven-ready meal?

Oven-ready meals typically require no prep other than you placing them in a microwave or conventional oven. I prepared most meals in under 30 minutes, though you may find it takes extra time if your device is on the weaker side.

Conclusion: Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services

The world of oven-ready meal delivery services is vast and seemingly infinite. I hope this guide highlights some of the best products on the market. No matter your dietary restrictions or preferences, you should have found a product that spoke to you.

If you want to try one of these services, consider clicking the link to their website and exploring the options. You can save some time in the evenings and enjoy home-cooked food in minutes.


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