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January 13, 2021

What are the Best Olive Oil Subscription Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Olive oil is a kitchen staple. It can elevate any dish or stand on its own as a tasty dip. An olive oil subscription is a perfect way to learn more about olive oil flavors whether you are obsessed with olive oil or just getting into it.

We put together this list of awesome food subscriptions so you can find high-quality olive oils. A food subscription box also makes a perfect gift for friends or family members.

Our Top Olive Oil Subscription Services

1. Amazing Clubs Olive Oil of the Month Club (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking for a fantastic selection of gift of the month clubs that allow you to give out unique subscriptions with premium products people will surely enjoy.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: You can sign up for monthly delivery of beer for $42.95, wines for $45.95, bacon for $49.95, chocolate for $35.95, and many other gift of the month clubs. Shipping is free to the contiguous US.
  • Type: Gift of the month clubs

The Amazing Clubs olive oil subscription allows you to get an exclusive olive oil every month.

Their selection comes from small-batch makers around the world, and each delivery comes with gourmet bread sticks.

You can choose your shipping frequency to get olive oil every three months if one bottle will last you a long time.

Amazing Clubs Olive Oil of the Month Club delivery service


  • Select your club membership duration and frequency
  • Get breadsticks to taste your premium, original extra-virgin olive oil
  • You can add a personalized message for a loved one
  • Olive Oil Lover's newsletter includes interesting facts about each product


  • Can't get more than one bottle per month

2. Olive A’ Sudden

  • Best match for people who love balsamic vinegar.

With an Olive A' Sudden monthly subscription via CrateJoy, you get a pairing of Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil every month.

Their oils are gluten-free and certified Kosher.

The California-based company has a range of infused, gourmet, and extra-virgin olive oils.

Olive A' Sudden delivery service


  • Get special event bottles from the company site
  • Surprise item in every delivery
  • Each shipment contains a new flavor
  • Website contains fun recipes to try at home


  • Not a lot of information about the subscription services

3. Naples Olive Oil Company

  • Best match for anyone looking for a great present.

Naples recently ended their monthly subscription box for food, but their site contains amazing flavors of olive oil as well as other specialty dressings.

They also have themed gifts, including a six or four-pack sampler and an Italian foodie gift box.

Naples Olive Oil Company delivery service


  • Wide variety of products such as oils, vinegar, and stuffed olives
  • Featured recipes for all of their items
  • Vinegar producer comes from Modena, Italy
  • Every product is guaranteed to be pure and fresh


  • Very few reviews

4. California’s Finest Olive Oil Club

  • Best match for people who enjoy tasting the flavor of organic olive varieties.

With California's finest, you get organic, cold-pressed olive oil at your door monthly or every 3 months.

The company makes their oils locally in Brentwood, California.

You get to pick the sizes of your bottles and the frequency of your subscription service.

California's Finest Olive Oil Company delivery service


  • Organic cooking oil ships directly from a farm
  • The oils are made from a blend of four olive varieties
  • Ships within three to five business days
  • Pick from 375 ml or 500 ml bottles


  • No add-ons or pairing suggestions

5. Olive Oil Lovers

  • Best match for people who use a lot of olive oil when cooking.

This olive oil of the month club sends premium products from international producers in Spain, Greece, Portugal, and elsewhere.

You get oil from a different region or variety each month, and the bottles are never smaller than 500 ml.

Olive Oil Lovers delivery service


  • Get information on how to drizzle each oil over some bread, pasta, or soup
  • Choose between 3 months, 6, or 12 months of olive oil subscription services
  • Contains customizable notes for gifts
  • Enter your email address to get special promotions


  • Can't pick the size of your items

6. Rare Olive Oil Club

  • Best match for finding specialty cooking products.

This club gives you a chance to learn about where your olives come from, how the harvest process works, and tips for tasting notes.

Your first shipment includes a handmade dipping plate for tasting oils.

Rare Olive Oil Club delivery service


  • Know exactly what you get with the different subscription plans
  • Get the backstory of each brand
  • Purchase your favorites in their online shop
  • You have a choice of one-time bottles or boxes outside of your membership


  • Subscription length must be at least 2 months

7. Olive Oil Of The Month Club

  • Best match for the experienced taster.

iGourmet has many options for tasty monthly clubs.

You can pick a subscription duration and get different flavors of unique cooking oil monthly. 

They have many olive varieties from different regions. Each shipment includes a 500 ml bottle.

Olive Oil of the Month Club delivery service


  • Get a newsletter that tells you about the origin and history of each producer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Shop by brand option on the company site
  • Only the finest olive oils from all over


  • Can't see the details or name of the oil before you subscribe

8. Pomora Adopt An Olive Tree

  • Best match for someone looking for environmentally friendly subscription picks.

Pomora is more than a recurring olive oil delivery, it is a program where you can adopt an olive tree.

Once you get a tree, you get details about your tree in the mail with an adoption certificate.

Then, you get three tins of olive oil every three months.

Pomora Adopt an Olive Tree delivery service


  • Tree growers use sustainable farm practices
  • Get a special olive oil tin with oil from your olive trees
  • Your olive oil tin alternates between something plain and flavored
  • You can trace your oil back to the groves and the region


  • Don't have the choice of delivery frequency

9. Kosterina Olive Oil

  • Best match for people who like the classic flavor of olive oil

If you love knowing where your items come from, the Kosterina subscription service may be the choice for you.

They have organic bottles from Sicily and their boxes are perfect for any occasion.

Pick from the Kosterina Original EVOO subscription to get 3 or 6 surprise bottles or create a custom subscription with only your favorite ones.

Kosterina Olive Oil delivery service


  • Two different subscription choices
  • Flexible quantities
  • Get special bonus items
  • Only get olive oil high in antioxidant polyphenols


  • Not tons of olive varietals to choose from

10. The Olive Press Clubs

  • Best match for the picky home chef.

The Press Club allows you to get three bottles every three months.

A subscription gets you access to exclusive cooking oil and deals.

The Olive Press Clubs delivery service


  • Member benefits such as events and parties
  • Get recipe recommendations
  • Curbside pickup available for the convenience of people in California
  • Get a subscription service for more than olive oil


  • Bottles sizes can vary

11. Adopt An Olive Oil Gift Box and Subscription

  • Best match for those who want to get oil in bulk.

This one is another chance for you to adopt an olive tree.

You can pick from two subscriptions on the Food52 site.

One of the choices includes a 3-liter tin and an olive oil dispenser called a fusti!

Adopt an Olive Oil Gift Box and Subscription delivery service


  • Makes for an amazing present to a home cook
  • Get a huge tin of olive oil and a fusti
  • Each tin comes with an Italian olive varieties
  • Support independent farmers


  • No different styles or flavor choices

Cooking with Olive Oil

Olive oil can add dimension to your dishes no matter your cooking style. You can use it in the kitchen by:

  • drizzling it over salad
  • using it to marinate meat
  • replacing butter in a dish
  • making a heart dip

Try a different application for every bottle to see what you enjoy most.


Is olive oil a good gift?

A tin of olive oil is a super unique present appropriate for anyone. In addition to elevating dishes, your recipient can also use it for skincare or simply snacking. Plus, a sample bottle of oil makes a cute stocking stuffer.

What are the best olive oils?

It's all about preference and your cooking goals. When you get a subscription, you'll gain the know-how to pick out the tastes and other characteristics of a good bottle. If you want to learn more, find a subscription that describes the aromas, tasting notes, and flavor profile of your sample.

What can I use instead of olive oil?

If there's no olive oil in your pantry, you can use another type of healthy oil. For light dishes, try canola oil or coconut oil. For high heat, peanut oil holds up well. For one to use for roasting, consider avocado oil.

Where is olive oil located?

The vegetable grows on trees in olive groves all around the globe. Once picked, the producers press them and extract the oil. Globally, some locations for finding olive oil are Greece, Turkey, and Morocco.

In Review

Just like coffee, chocolate, and other delicacies, olive oil has a number of distinct qualities and characteristics, and no two bottles are the same. From Oakland to the groves of Sicily, you can find something you love when you subscribe to monthly delivery.

Our top pick is Amazing Clubs. You can choose your membership duration to be three months, six months, or twelve months. Their newsletter comes with helpful details about your oils such as serving options and tasting notes. If you're not the one who needs a bottle, an Amazing Clubs' subscription is the perfect thing to send to your loved ones.

Amazing Clubs Olive Oil of the Month Club delivery service

Amazing Clubs Olive Oil

of the Month Club

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Select your club membership duration and frequency
  • Get bread sticks to taste your premium, original extra-virgin olive oil
  • You can add a personalized message for a loved one
  • Olive Oil Lover's newsletter includes interesting facts about each product

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