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What are the Best No-Contact Food Delivery Services to Use During the Convid19 Pandemic? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

If you’re on social media, then it seems like the coronavirus outbreak has sparked limitless kitchen innovation. People are baking banana bread, blending coffee, and collecting canned while social distancing. But what do you do on the inevitable days where you don’t want to spend hours cooking? I suggest trying one of these food delivery services.

Many cities have limited restaurants to takeout and no-contact delivery only. For this reason, a lot of your favorite restaurants are now trying to get business on apps. Contactless delivery is one way that you can protect yourself and others from exposure while still supporting businesses and workers.

Our Top No-Contact Delivery Services (2020 UPDATED)

1. Seamless(Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People searching for a quick and easy way to order delivery or takeout from the local restaurants.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Available in 450+ cities across the US
  • Value: When ordering from Seamless, you pay additional service and delivery fees on top of your meal costs. You can subscribe to Seamless+ and get free deliveries on all orders over $12.
  • Type: Food delivery app

Seamless is a food delivery service under the Grub Hub umbrella. With Seamless, you can enjoy deliveries from local restaurants when you order through their app.

Seamless offers many different perks that allow you to save money, and they also support their drivers and restaurants.

For example, when you sign up for their email list, you get exclusive deals and rewards just for eating out. When you check out, you can donate your change to the Seamless Community Relief Fund. That fund supports local restaurants as well as drivers impacted by the current pandemic.


  • Free food delivery services on your first order
  • Free food delivery services on your first order
  • Easy to operate
  • Offers exclusive deals for members


  • Not available in all U.S. cities

2. Grub Hub

  • Best Match For: Those wanting to explore new local restaurants or order food from popular places in the area.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time; Grubhub+ membership
  • Availability: Over 300,000 available restaurants in more than 4,000 US cities
  • Value: Prices depend on select restaurants; Service fee up to 5.25%; Delivery fee for some locations or restaurants; Small order fee for orders under $10
  • Type: A food delivery app with a vast network of partnering restaurants

Grubhub says their “Contact-free delivery lets customers request the order be left at their door, in their lobby, or another place at the delivery location when they’re not available or simply prefer less direct contact.”

Customers do this by checking a box or toggling on the order confirmation page on the Grubhub website or app. Additional delivery instructions can also be added.

The best thing about Grubhub is the wide variety of delivery options they offer, which you can sort by the restaurant, menu item, or cuisine.

They also match any promotions run by these restaurant partners.  When you use their contact-free food delivery services, couriers will drop your order at your doorstep or wherever is most convenient for you.

Read our Grub Hub full review


  • 24/7 customer care team
  • You can place an order online or by phone
  • Available in many areas
  • Provides restaurant options at all price points


  • Some restaurants listed may not have agreed to partner with Grubhub

3. Postmates

  • Best Match For: Hungry people looking for quick delivery of delicious meals from nearby restaurants.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time; Membership
  • Availability: Available in almost 3,000 cities across the US
  • Value: Meal prices and delivery fees depend on the select restaurant and your location
  • Type: Easy-to-use food delivery app

The most underappreciated feature of Postmates is that they deliver more than food to customers.

Postmates can actually be used to to get quick over-the-counter meds and even pet supplies. Now, the fact that Postmates is a one-stop-shop for sustenance in addition to other daily items is super convenient.

Postmates offers customers unlimited membership, which allows you to get free delivery services on all orders.

Contactless deliveries are now easy as well. You can specify the dropoff options on your delivery address to specify how you’d like to receive your deliveries.

You can either meet your Postmate at your door or outside; alternatively, or you can opt for non-contact and they’ll leave the order at your door.


  • They provide two weeks of paid sick leave for affected employees
  • Deliver more than just food to customers
  • Many discounts available, including free delivery
  • They’ve waived commission fees for San Francisco, LA, Sacramento, and Detroit restaurants


  • Increased traffic can slow delivery times

4. DoorDash

  • Best Match For: People looking to enjoy delicious meals from their favorite restaurants with quick door-to-door delivery.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time; DashPass (reduced service fees and free delivery for all orders over $12)
  • Availability: Over 300,000 restaurants across the US, Canada, and Australia (available in all major cities)
  • Value: Prices depend on select restaurants; Service fee up to 11%; Small order fee for orders under $10; Delivery fee for certain restaurants and locations
  • Type: Super-fast food delivery from your favorite restaurants

DoorDhas has temporarily made all deliveries no-contact by default and have also enhanced the delivery instructions feature which enable one more control.

When an order is placed,  you’ll see a drop-off menu at checkout with “Leave it at my door” as a default.

When an order is placed with this no-contact option, “The Dasher” or the individual who will be making your delivery, will be notified of your wanting them to place your food in a safe location at your doorstep.


  • Easy to find food for any diet
  • Available in many locations
  • Free delivery for local restaurants
  • Can order through the app or online


  • Dashers may be hard to find depending on your delivery area

5. Caviar

  • Best Match For: People looking for a quick and reliable meal delivery from their favorite restaurants in the area.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Boston, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Greater Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Marin County, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, South Jersey, and Washington DC Metro area.
  • Value: The total prices of your order include menu prices, taxes, delivery and service fees depending on the restaurant, and an optional tip for your Dasher. You can purchase a DashPass and receive free delivery and lower service fees on orders over $12.
  • Type: Food delivery and pick-up app

This app is for the nights when fast food just won’t do, or maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion. Caviar has partnered with Doordash to support local businesses.

They have programs such as 50% commission reduction, no fees for new restaurants, and no commission on pick-up orders.

Caviar also allows partner restaurants to reduce their delivery fee to $0. That means you can save money on some delicious menu items while the company increases order volume. Caviar is great for families or groups.

Even though you can’t visit your friends and family in person, you can still surprise them by sending a meal to their house.

With Caviar’s “No-contact” Delivery is a completed delivery, you can request that the food not be handed directly to you. Instead, your meal or food is place in a safe and mutually agreed upon location.

A text or photo is sent to the customer to confirm the location of the food.


  • Exclusive restaurants that deliver only on Caviar
  • Affordable delivery fees
  • You don’t have to wait forever for food
  • Place an order online or in the app


  • Place an order online or in the app

6. UberEats

  • Best Match For: Anyone who needs a reliable meal delivery from the leading company of transportation services.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Available in over 500 cities across the US
  • Value: Keep in mind that your orders may include service and delivery fees on top of the menu prices. Uber Eats often offers discounts and promotions that can help you save a few bucks on your orders.
  • Type: Food delivery app

Uber Eats delivers everything from fast food to high-end dinners.

Like the other service listed, they have free delivery fees for many local restaurants.

You can also place an order for something as simple as coffee or dessert. The best aspect of Uber Eats is that they serve over 500 cities in the U.S.

Uber Eats also provides financial assistance for drivers who may be exposed or affected by the virus. As a company, Uber is giving free meals to first responders and healthcare workers.

They have a “leave at door” delivery option to help both your delivery person and you stay safe during the delivery process.


  • Large selection of restaurants
  • Waived delivery fees for independent businesses
  • Easy to track your order in the app
  • Save money when you share a courier with someone nearby


  • Prices can fluctuate with demand

What is no-contact delivery and why is it important right now?

According to the CDC, close contact helps spread the novel coronavirus from person to person.  For your safety, a no-contact delivery means that the driver will leave your food in an agreed-upon location for you to retrieve. You can process tips through the app so that you and the delivery person risk no exposure to each other.

In addition to no-contact delivery, you should also practice safe and ethical ordering practices. These practices include washing your hands, throwing out food packaging, and disinfecting all surfaces. It is important to tip your workers and restaurants well, as many of them are working countless hours to make up for lost revenue.

Which service should you try out?

Seamless as is our top choice of food delivery apps because it lives up to its name. It is easy to use, and it offers many options for pick-up and drop-off. You also can’t beat the discounts they offer to new customers.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Free food delivery services on your first order
  • Relief fund supports charitable organizations
  • Easy to operate
  • Offers exclusive deals for members

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