8 Best Meal Prep Instagram Accounts to Follow for Daily Inspiration

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Best Meal Prep Instagram Accounts

Meal prep can often feel like a chore, no matter how much you like the food. Even the many other benefits mightn’t be enough to help you get more excited about it. Some meal prep inspiration could, however.

By following some meal prep Instagram accounts, you could get all of the inspiration you need. Don’t just follow anyone calling themselves Instagram food influencers, however.

Be a little more specific and selective with it. Go for the best meal prep Instagram accounts you can find. These will offer much better advice and inspiration for your meal prepping. They’ll be more than worth your follow and your time.

Ten meal prep Instagram food influencers stand out with this.

Top Meal Prep Instagram Accounts

1. @damndelicious

Created by a food blogger, this Instagram food account has a lot of expertise behind it. The food it highlights not only looks and tastes amazing, but is as healthy as possible. You shouldn’t have a problem enjoying any of them.

They’re also relatively quick and easy to prep, making them even more appealing. It’s one of the best meal prep Instagram accounts on offer.

2. @meowmeix

This Instagram influencer focuses more on lunches and healthy snacks you can prep, but it can still be well worth following. All of the recipes are high-quality and taste amazing, so you’ve no reason not to try them.

Add in how healthy they are and how little time they need to make, and there’s plenty of reasons to give them a go. Daily uploads also mean you should have quite a few new inspirations every week.

3. @floordeboor_fit

Anyone looking for different types of dishes and more of an international flavor should give this account a follow. Focusing on more Dutch-based dishes, you’ll find more recipes and tips than you could’ve thought.

While some of these dishes could seem a little out there, they’ll be more than worth trying. When you want something new and a little different, there’ll be plenty to choose from with this Instagram food influencer.

4. @mealpreponfleek

This is one of the more creative meal prep Instagram accounts you can find. It features some of the more interesting dishes on the platform, with pancakes being one of the more notable. You’ll get more meal prep inspiration than you’d think.

There’ll be more than enough to keep you interested and excited. With the variety of dishes you’ll find, you’ll have plenty of recipes to try out. There’s no reason not to give it a follow.

5. @fitfoodiefinds

While not all of the dishes featured on this Instagram account are cooked by the owner, all of them serve as a great basis for some meal prep inspiration. The account owner acts more like a curator, highlighting various recipes and dishes followers should love.

There’ll be much more inspiration and countless recipes to find here. As much as this account focuses on quantity, quality is also put to the forefront.

6. @fitmencook

One of the few male-centric meal prep Instagram accounts you can find, the advice you find here can work just as well for women. There’s a wealth of meals and dishes to choose from, and all of these look amazing.

These form a wide range of meals, going from protein-filled veggie boxes to curries and gumbos. You’ll end up with meal prep inspiration for any mood you’ll find yourself in.

7. @nomnompaleo

Anyone interested in a Paleo diet should definitely give this account a follow. It focuses solely on meals that fall within the Paleo diet, while also making sure the dishes are as nice as possible. The meal prep photos look as amazing as they should taste.

If you’re meal prepping for a Paleo diet, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be an account you’d follow. Add in the expert advice and various dishes, and there’s nothing not to love.

8. @mealprepsociety

This Instagram account focuses on connecting people with others. While not necessarily a meal prep influencer in itself, it helps people interested in meal prep connect with other people interested in it, too.

Followers will find more than a few people they could get advice from and share with. Anyone looking for a more social way of learning more about meal prep should be sure to give this one a follow. It’ll be well worth it.

Final Thoughts

Getting meal prep inspiration from Instagram food influences is a great way to get more excited about meal prepping. If you’re feeling a little less motivated, it could be well worth looking into these.

Not all people branding themselves as meal prep Instagram food influencers are made the same, however. Some are much better than others.

The best meal prep Instagram accounts will give you a lot of inspiration and advice for your meal prep. There’ll be a lot more to learn from them than there would be with other accounts. They’ll be better worth the follow and time.

Focusing on the right ones will make sure you get the best meal prep inspiration possible. You’ll end up with tastier, and even healthier, meals, as well as a load of tips and tricks. You’ve no reason not to give them a follow.

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