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What is the Best Meal Delivery Service for Families?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

With so much going on on a day to day basis, meal planning may be the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it. Whether you are a family of two people or four people, you can find a meal delivery service that suits your needs.

The following meal kits send fresh ingredients directly to your door every week. With so many selections for your household, cooking dinner goes from a chore to a breeze. Every week, you can have food ready for your family in less than 40 minutes.

Below, we've ranked the best meal delivery services with plans for families. It's easy to find meal kit delivery that works for your family's diet plan, even if you all have different tastes. Now, you don't have to waste hours of your day going grocery shopping to get products such as chicken, shrimp, tacos, penne noodles, and quality seafood.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Families

Most Gourmet, Yet Affordable Offerings: Sunbasket

Most Flexible Meal Subscription: EveryPlate

Easiest to Cook: Martha & Marley Spoon

Most Exciting: Dinnerly

Most Customizable Family Meal Kit: Home Chef

Most Responsibly-Sourced Proteins: Pete’s Paleo

Our Top Meal Delivery Services for Families

1. Sunbasket (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking to put meal planning on autopilot and receive organic gourmet ready-to-eat meals and fresh meal kits.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly subscription
  • Availability: Most zip codes in the us, excluding AK, HI, MT, ND, and parts of NM
  • Value: Prices start at $8.99/meal; Free shipping on your first order
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh meals (heat and eat) and fresh meal kits (needs to be cooked)

When you open the Sunbasket website, you can select the number of people at your dinner table. Then, you can choose a special plan (if you have one), such as paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean, and others. Every week, you can pick from Sunbasket's wide selection of recipes to make up your meal plan.

The best part about the Sunbasket meal kit service is that you can add breakfast, lunch, and snack items per serving. You can truly save yourself a trip to the grocery store every week. Your Sunbasket order comes weekly depending on the number of meals you want per week.

Depending on your plan, you can get recipes that are pre-portioned for two or four people. With their family menu, these recipes are kid-friendly and have low prep time.

Check out our full review of Sunbasket to learn more.

Sunbasket delivery service


  • Pick from a classic menu and or get family meals
  • Easily customizable for different diets
  • Uses organic produce and meats without hormones
  • Innovative recipes mean you can always try something new


  • Family recipes don't have as many options as classic meals

2. Every Plate

  • Best Match For: People looking for a flexible meal kit subscription service on a budget.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Most of the Continental US
  • Value: $4.99/meal; $8.99 shipping fee
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (needs to be cooked)

EveryPlate is extremely easy to use and especially great for families with picky members. You can make almost all of their meals in 30 minutes or less, and they only use simple, fresh ingredients.

Every week, you pick from 12 menu options and enjoy amazing fabulous.

For Every Plate meal delivery, you choose either two people or four people and then pick from three meals to five meals per week.

There is no commitment necessary. You can cancel or skip a week at any time easily.

Every recipe card on the website has allergen information, so you know the ingredients before you order. The best part about this meal kit service is that the EveryPlate meals come pre-portioned and ready to use.

EveryPlate affordable meal kits delivery


  • Only six steps to prepare your meals
  • EveryPlate has great comments and reviews from hundreds of customers
  • Dinner for four plan portions are adult-sized
  • Menu includes classics such for both dinners and lunches


  • Does not cater to special meal plans

3. Martha & Marley Spoon

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking to cook delicious meals with carefully selected ingredients from small farms and Martha Stewart’s 6-step recipes.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly subscription
  • Availability: Most of the contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $6.99-$10.99/meal; $8.99 shipping fee
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (ready in 30 minutes or less)

Martha and Marley Spoon is a perfect way to get restaurant-quality meals for your family of two, three, or four. If you are ordering a couple's meal kit, you can get anywhere between two to six meals per week. You also get to choose your meals and select from quality ingredients every time.

You always have the option to make your box vegetarian, and you can skip a week at any moment. The four-person box has four adult servings per meal. If you have kids, you may have leftovers for later.

Most of the recipes include six steps to make your meal in under 30 minutes. An average Martha & Marley Spoon meal delivery could be roasted steak and mashed potatoes, meatball macaroni bake, tomato-basil ravioli with kale, and others. These meals are Martha Stewart approved, so you can trust that your choices will be delicious.

Martha & Marly Spoon meal kit company that delivers fresh and crisp ingredients


  • Meals that both kids and parents will love
  • There is information on every recipe card detailing the content, the time it takes, and the required cookware
  • Menu often includes add-ons like desserts and side dishes
  • Delivers to most US states


  • No full menus for special eating plans

4. Dinnerly

  • Best Match For: Home cooking enthusiasts seeking affordable and exciting meal kits.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription with weekly delivery 
  • Availability: Most of the contiguous US states
  • Value: $4.69-$5.20/portion; $8.99 shipping fee
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (needs to be cooked)

Dinnerly is another affordable meal kit delivery service for two or four people. They have a two-person box with three meals to 6 meals per week or a family plan. You can make quick and easy family meals with few ingredients that taste great. The packaging allows for minimal food waste.

The packaging for Dinnerly meals is simple. They use ice packs to keep your food fresh in transit. When you get meal delivery services from Dinnerly, you'll find that your recipe cards are online. This method helps the company cut down on costs and be environmentally conscious.

Their menu changes frequently, and the meal options can range from chicken and gravy, one-pot pasta, hamburger with sweet potato wedges, to cheesy quesadillas. You can opt to get your family meal vegetarian.

Dinnerly delivers affordable meals on the market


  • Minimal prep work to make meals
  • Simple ingredients that everyone will love
  • During holidays you can find special brunch recipe options
  • Easy to find delivery days when you enter your email address and zip code


  • Not very allergen-friendly

5. Home Chef

  • Best Match For: People looking for a flexible service to help them eat healthily and improve cooking skills without stressing about grocery shopping and meal prepping.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly subscription
  • Availability: 98% of zip codes in the US
  • Value: Starting at $8.99/serving; Minimum weekly order is $49.95
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (needs to be cooked)

Home Chef is one of the most versatile and customizable family meal kits. You can quickly pick meals that work with your dietary restrictions. If you don't know what to choose, Home Chef will make suggestions for you. After you choose, you can swap out ingredients or double up on protein for that meal.

Home Chef offers classic meals that are ready in 30 minutes and speedy meals that are ready in 15 minutes. Unlike many other services, you can get enough servings in your meal kit service for eight people. Some of the meal kits even come with disposable pans.

If you need more than four meals, the dinner table can be a hassle. This Home Chef meal kit service makes it simple to feed your family balanced meal options weekly. You can get pork chops, sirloin steak with green beans, chicken with mushroom sauce, and other classic dishes.

To avoid shipping, you can also find these meal kits in many of your favorite stores. They come either already prepared or with portioned ingredients to make home cooking less of an effort.

Home Chef food delivery that you can order for your home!


  • Family plan choices for small to large families
  • Customizable portion sizes for your convenience
  • You do not need to know fancy cooking techniques
  • Spend less time in the kitchen than other delivery services


  • Dishes tend to be meat-heavy

6. Pete's Paleo

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking for delivery service with delicious ready-to-eat paleo meals made with seasonal produce and responsibly sourced proteins.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $15.04-$17/80/meal; Shipping fees apply
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh meals (heat and eat)

Pete's Paleo is a perfect option if you don't have the energy to cook at all. Their menu changes seasonally, and all of their produce comes from real farmers. The protein-packed meal kits are perfect for moms, dads, and kids.

The meals for this delivery food plan come pre-cooked, and every ingredient is organic. You can order meals for one person, but their family meal plan comes with four servings of five meals per week. They also have a chef's veggies plan for people who do not want meats.

Shipping happens by Fridays at whatever weekly schedule you set. Get healthy meals straight to your door such as swiss chard and sweet potatoes, chicken with snap peas, and other customer favorites. You can also customize your per portion meal size. Pork-less choices are also available.

Read our Pete's Paleo full review.

Pete’s Paleo's Meal Delivery Service


  • All meals come free of gluten, soy, and dairy
  • No cooking required
  • Non-GMO vegetables and grass-fed chicken
  • Select the things you get with the "Eat What You Love" plan


  • Not many options for breakfast food

7. Blue Apron

  • Best Match For: People wanting to up their cooking game with chef-designed recipes and meal kits with pre-measured responsibly sourced non-GMO ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription with weekly delivery
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $8.99-$9.99/serving; Free shipping for orders of 3 recipes per week (each serves 2 people) or 2 recipes for Signature for 4 meal plan (each serves 4 people); $7.99 shipping fee for orders that don't match the criteria.
  • Type: Meal kits with responsibly sourced fresh ingredients (needs to be cooked), delicious wines paired with selected recipes, exotic spice blends, and top-quality cookware

Blue Apron's family plan had recipes perfect for kids and adults. You can choose from a variety of dishes and then follow the instructions on the recipe card. The recipes are designed by chefs, and their products are always fresh. Their innovative subscription service includes delivered Blue Apron meals like corn chowder, zucchini, salmon, salads, and anything else you could want.

Blue Apron accommodates many food preferences. You can choose to get their signature box, which comes with healthy options for all your needs. Once you pick either two or four servings, you have the choice of two, three, or four recipes per week.

With Blue Apron meal delivery services, you do not have to be at home when your food comes to your doorstep. They deliver to all areas in the United States every day of the week. You can also order wine or other gifts on the Blue Apron site.

Blue Apron's food delivery services


  • Super fun and easy preparation
  • Produce is sustainable
  • You can rate your favorite recipes
  • Recipe cards are easy to follow


  • Some of the meal kits have complex directions

8. Gobble

  • Best Match For: Busy people who want to cook delicious 15-minute dinners with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and chef-designed recipes.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The continental US except for Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Nebraska and New Mexico
  • Value: $11.99/meal; $6.99 shipping fee
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (cooked in 15 minutes)

Gobble meal kit services allow you to get a chef-prepare lunch or dinner in no time. You get to pick from many options and the chefs meal prep everything. With this classic plan, you do not have to worry about cleaning up mess in your kitchen.

Like some competitors, Gobble offers a low-calories menu option without filler grains and with lean proteins.

The family plans portion size is perfect so you won't have to waste any ingredients.

Gobble is one of the best meal delivery services because they offer snacks, cookies, sides, and other add-ons that you can purchase in addition to your main meal. You can also always add more servings to your weekly boxes.

Gobble meal delivery service focuses on getting food on your table fast!


  • Food comes pre-sliced and par-cooked for extra convenience
  • Free shipping on your first box
  • Menus have low-carb, low-cal, and vegetarian options
  • Meals have plenty of flavor that could rival your fave restaurants


  • Does not have shipping to all locations in the country

9. One Potato

  • Best Match For: Busy parents looking for an affordable meal kit subscription with kid-friendly portions with organic ingredients and easy-to-make recipes.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: One Potato currently accepts new subscribers from California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Texas.
  • Value: Your meal plan can include two or three meals per week with 2-6 six servings. That equates to $7.32-$12.95 per meal, depending on what you choose. Shipping fees are based on your location and can go up to $19.95.
  • Type: Fresh meal kits and smoothie packs

With these plates, you can forget about meal planning and preparation. You have the choice of how often you want to cook. The company is one of the few that offers a meal kit size of three meals. They also have kid portions, so that your children can get the amount of food they need per serving.

All of the companies; meals are organic, non-GMO, and farm-fresh. You can also find peanut-free and gluten-free options. The company also offers special froze smoothies, which are an easy thing to prepare for a healthy snack. Add a smoothie to your orders and get your serving of fruit every day.

These meal plans give you the option to make eating time fun for the whole family. Your children can help you out in the kitchen to have family dinner ready in less than a half-hour. The variety of ingredients in this subscription includes superfood salad bowls, tofu with brown rice, vegetarian pasta, cheese pierogi, and others.

One Potato's meal plans delivery services


  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Get gourmet cookie dough with your subscription
  • Boxes come with tips for how to include your kids
  • Low-calorie fruits and veggie smoothies for all ages


  • No shipping to states on the east coast such as New York

10. HelloFresh

  • Best Match For: People in Canada looking to save time with a meal kit delivery service that features seasonal fresh ingredients and easy-to-make recipes.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes.
  • Value: $9.69-$11.49/meal; $9.99 shipping fee ($19.98 in Newfoundland)
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (Cooked in 30 minutes or less)

Hello Fresh Australia is one of the most popular food delivery services for two people or more. They have great reviews on their constantly-changing chef-made menu. Each box comes with information from nutritionists, and the boxes fit into your fridge easily. With a Hello Fresh meal plan, your whole family will enjoy interesting meat and vegetables.

The Hello Fresh has great flexibility for members. You can swap recipes or adapt your meals to fit your lifestyle. The meal plans include meat and veggies, family, and low calorie. The family plans are kid-tested, and you will get at least three meals per week.

You can find blog posts on the Hello Fresh site for tricks and techniques for meal preparation. Eating with Hello Fresh products makes cooking exciting, and you will get to try new foods. They switch up their offerings weekly, some options include burgers, greens, turkey, tacos, chicken spaghetti, and beef and vegetable stew.

HelloFresh service that delivers fresh and seasonal products


  • Easy to navigate HelloFresh website
  • Straightforward shipping services
  • Perfect for customers who want to learn to cook
  • Easy to report problems to customer service


  • HelloFresh has no boxes for large households, but you can order more than one meal kit

11. Dinner A'Fare

  • Best Match For: Families looking for pre-portioned meal kits and 2-3 step recipes they can easily turn into delicious dinners suitable for all ages and taste preferences.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: Once you put in your zip code and choose one of the available delivery dates, you’ll be able to select your meal plan. They differ in the number of meals and servings, and the price is $8.02-$13.25 per serving, depending on what you choose. Shipping is free.
  • Type: Fresh meal kits

Even if you aren't a chef, you can make amazing meals with little cooking experience. There are only three steps per meal, and you have the choice of shipping date.

All of the chopping required for your dish is done for you by the company. You can also leave out any product that you don't want to eat.

With this service, subscribers shouldn't have issues with dietary restrictions. If you do not eat red meat, pork, fish, beef, or certain spices, you can get these removed. You can also leave out salt, onions, peppers, or spices. To make the most of your deliveries, store your later dinner meals in the freezer.

Dinner A' Fare has a cook referral program for their meal kit delivery services. All you need to do is provide a friend's email address to get a discount on their site.

Dinner A' Fare's meal kit delivery service


  • A lot of the prep work for your dish is done
  • Simple process to make a perfect serving every night
  • The opportunity to share your experience with friends and family
  • Easy to contact customer service


  • Don't order if you have serious allergies

Making the Most of Your Meal Kit Services

For couples and families with hectic lives, mealtimes can be a time to connect. The downside is, those busy weeknights don't allow much time for grocery shopping, planning, and cleaning up. A meal kit service could be the time-saver you never knew you needed.

Some advice for making the most out of your experience includes:

  • Get the whole house involved. You can bond with your kids, teenagers, husband, or wife by making mealtime a group project. Consider soliciting their help when it comes to picking things, too.
  • Figure out your budget. Go with the best meal option that saves you money. Factor in the gas, travel, and other expenses that come with regular groceries. Compare prices.
  • Plan for leftovers. No matter the size of your family, you may end up with food leftover. Try to plan for that problem.


Which Meal Delivery Service is Cheapest?

Most of these services offer a lot of value for your money. The price may vary, but so do the types of foods. If you're on a budget, companies Dinnerly and EveryPlate may be your top picks. However, the other top programs often offer special pricing for larger orders.

What is the Easiest Meal Delivery Service?

Sun Basket is extremely easy to use. You can sign up quickly and get your meals the next week. They are perfect for clean eating. Although their meals are simple to put together even for non-cooks, they also offer oven-ready options that you don't have to work to prepare at all.

Are Home Delivery Meals Worth It?

Home delivery is a sustainable solution for a busy life, for learning to cook from scratch, or for getting an idea for new meals. Most of the best meal services save you money and time while providing fun food-related activities.

Home meals are also a good way to reach a health goal. You know all of the nutrition information per serving. It's all of the benefits of eating out with none of the drawbacks.

Meal Delivery for Families

The subscription industry is booming all over the world, and for good reason. Whether you are an omnivore, carnivore, or vegetarian, you can find a meal service to suit your family's ways.

When it comes to groups of two or four, our top pick is Sunbasket. They prioritize sustainability, offer organic produce, and have options for all mealtimes. Their customer service team quickly answers questions, and an experienced chef prepares all the recipes. Sunbasket makes it easy to get the products you need per week, and they are transparent about the values per serving.

Sunbasket delivery service


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Pick from a classic menu and or get family meals
  • Easily customizable for different diets
  • Uses organic produce and meats without hormones
  • Innovative recipes mean you can always try something new

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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