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Best Meal Delivery Gift Guide 2020

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

The holidays are approaching and with them the burning question: what should you gift the people in your life? What to give to that picky person, the one that has everything, your spouse, that helpful neighbor, or your in-laws?

Good news: you can relax and drop your doubts ‘cause we’ve done the hard work for you by fine-combing the web for the most exclusive, unique, and exquisite gifts!

Check out this ultimate holiday gift guide for meal delivery gifts that last long after the Christmas lights are turned off and the fireworks have faded.

Best Meal Delivery Gift Guide 2020

1. Art of Tea (Editor's Choice)

Art of Tea's holiday tea tin gift set

Best match for: The loose-leaf connoisseur who treats teas like fine wines.

Art of Tea selects the finest blends of organic sachet and loose-leaf teas from all over the world. They offer special fall and holiday blends such as dark chocolate peppermint tea and pumpkin spice chai. 

Other seasonal blends are apple pie, cinnamon fig, butterscotch, and white winter chai tea. If you’re indecisive, no worries – there’s a cute set with four seasonal blends to let the giftee get a taste of the full flavor spectrum, from sweet to smoky to spicy! 

Read our Art of Tea review

2. Bean Box

Best match for: The one who sees instant coffee as a vice worse than wrath.

With Bean Box, you get expertly-curated artisan coffee.

You can add luxury chocolates for an indulgent experience or add premium teas for those who want the best from both worlds.

Choose between a one-time gift or a monthly subscription, giving first-class fuel far into the new year! 

Read Bean Bean Box Review: Worth It? Here’s What’s Up for more details about their products. 

Bean Box good morning coffee gift box

3. Blue Apron

Blue Apron's meal e-gift card

Best match for: Aspiring home-chefs on all levels of ambition.

Blue Apron sends a weekly delivery of fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes – plus they have tons of tutorials on cooking techniques. Enough to turn anyone into a decent chef with a new-found passion in the kitchen! Read our Blue Apron review to learn more about their services. 

More experienced home-chefs can pick a fun challenge through the premium recipes. And for those who prefer a liquid diet, the gift card can be used for a wine subscription! 

4. California Wine Club

Best match for: The wine aficionado wanting the crème de la crème.

California Wine Club provides the recipient with premium, artisan wines from award-winning wineries. This is the gift that keeps on giving for a convenient way of celebrating good times throughout the year!

You can customize the deliveries for different occasions – holidays, birthdays, weddings, or as a thank you. The recipient will get regular shipments from small-scale, family-owned wine yards from all over the globe!

California Wine Club's holiday e-gift card

5. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club's e-gift card

Best match for: The picky carnivore craving exclusive premium meats.

The Classic Box gives you access to exclusive meats that you won’t find in your local grocery store. In the Snack Box, you’ll get premium meaty snacks that are perfect for a protein boost on the go.

If you want the full gift experience, go for the Classic Box + Charcuterie & Cheese Board Gift! This gift pack features legendary charcuterie by top artisans from across the country.

The Classic Box is loaded with 4-6 hand-crafted cured meats like Italian Salami, Spanish Chorizo, and Prosciutto Americano – plus, you’ll get a wooden board to serve meats and cheeses, complete with little bowls for dip sauces.

6. Chicago Steak Company

Best match for: The person in your life who wants to savor curated meats from the best producers.

Chicago Steak Company sells steaks and premium meats in the top 2% of beef worldwide! Expect the same quality of flavorful, juicy steaks as those served in 5-star restaurants.

For the holidays, this company of butchers with five generations of experience offers a generous selection of gift packs, including steaks, filet mignon, and grillers. Plus, you get free shipping and 12 free steak burgers with each gift pack! 

Chicago Steak Company's holiday gift assortment

7. Clubs of America

Clubs of America's fresh delicious craft beer

Best match for: The family member or friend who loves the good things in life.

Clubs of America is the original monthly gift club where you can gift a subscription of all kinds of edibles and drinks, and much more! Wine, chocolate, fruit, flowers, or cigars? If you can’t choose, there’s no need to sweat it – the Mix Your Clubs option lets you pick a set subscription length with different gifts for each month!

Clubs of America is picky about who they work with, making sure only the best of the best make it to your door.

8. CrateJoy

Best match for: Anyone who you wanna gift a personal and thoughtful gift that lasts for long!

Cratejoy is like eBay for gift box suppliers. Small businesses can join the platform and offer their hand-crafted gift boxes – meaning you can find anything from board games to crystals! This is the place for finding a unique and curated gift. Read our CrateJoy review to learn more

The phrase “something for everyone” might sound cliche, but with Cratejoy it’s spot on!

CrateJoy's holiday gifts

9. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow's e-gift card

Best match for: Carnivores caring about the origins.

Crowd Cow offers high-quality craft beef and meats from farms and ranches around the world. Their emphasis is on the personal connection with the farmers and offering only grass-fed beef.

Besides meat, you also find chicken, turkey, and sustainable seafood.

Choose between gift boxes with food, spice blends, or gift cards leaving the task of choosing to the giftee. 

Read our Crowd Cow review to see what you want to gift yourself with this! 

10. Cultures for Health

Best match for: Those craving back to the basics (or with an upset gut).

The team behind Cultures for Health wanna provide products that go back to the origins, using one of the oldest preservation methods: culturing. Cultures for Health is ideal when you’re looking for an unusual gift: you can get starter kits for homemade yogurt, cheese, kombucha, sourdough bread, and other fermented products.

Tempeh, soy, and sprouts are perfect, probiotics-packed plant-based gifts – they even have a vegan yogurt starter package! The giftee and their gut health will thank you.

Cultures for Health gift card

11. D’Artagnan

Dartagnan's charcuterie gift box for 4

Best match for: That foodie friend or fan of fine French truffles.

D’Artagnan stands for free-range, natural farming with humane practices.

Their carefully selected partners offer meat that’s guaranteed free from growth-hormones and antibiotics.

Besides beef and charcuteries, you’ll also find a generous selection of organically cultivated truffles and mushrooms – each with their distinct, earthy flavor.

Go for a gift card or a box – such as one of the popular charcuterie boxes.

12. DeBragga

Best match for: The meat-eater who wants quality chops from a century-old company.

DeBragga is known as New York’s Butcher. Opt for an e-gift card with a personalized message that lets the recipient choose among their meats and kitchen essentials or one of their prepacked kits.

The Burger Comparison Kit gives four different varieties to taste for the indecisive, while their Dry-Aged Prime Angus with hand-crafted carving set and cutting board gives you the Rolls Royce. 

Debragga e-gift card

13. Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros perfect pairings gift box

Best match for: The person in your life who loves all things Italian and la dolce vita.

Di Bruno Bros is for the fans of the Italian kitchen. With gourmet gift boxes and cheese plates from the boot-shaped country in the Mediterranean, you get unmatched taste in categories like charcuteries, cheese, and chocolate.

Delicacies like truffles and premium oils and vinegar make your meals memorable.

A gift card hands over the tedious task of choosing between the abundance of alternatives to the happy recipient! 

14. Driftaway Coffee

Best match for: The one who loves great coffee.

Driftaway Coffee has been nominated best coffee roasters in the US by Forbes. And no need to know the bean preferences of your friend – to make sure the giftee gets satisfied, they first get the Explorer kit with the possibility to rate the taste profiles of different blends.

Based on the results, they’ll receive monthly deliveries of coffees tailored to their tastes!

Oh, and you can print their name on the coffee label for a personalized present. Bonus points for the stylish design inspired by vintage baggage tags, symbolizing the long journey from bean to cup. 

Driftaway Coffee's holiday gift

15. Flaviar

Flaviar's holiday gift

Best match for: The person in your life who craves the most exquisite spirits.

Flaviar offers kits of premium spirits in themed taste kits.

Each kit contains a mix of rare, exciting spirits helping refine your palate and recognize subtle differences.

A perfect gift to cultivate classiness worthy of a connoisseur.

Choose between brands like gin, whiskey, bourbon, and brandy in handy taste kits of three. Read our Flaviar review and see what all the hype's about! 

16. Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market gift card

Best match for: The seafood fanatic fancying the finest of fishes.

Fulton Fish Market is specialized in first-class fish and seafood. For the holidays, you can give a gift card of $10-$1000 together with a personalized message, letting the recipient select what seafood they want.

Fulton Fish Market offers only the highest quality of all kinds of fish, shellfish, smoked seafood, and caviar – the giftee can be sure to find something that pleases their palate!

17. Goldbelly

Best match for: The foodie feeling for faraway flavors.

Goldbelly is a marketplace connecting the best small-scale, local restaurants all over America with their biggest fans. Want Texas steak while living in New England? No worries – Goldbelly makes your favorite eateries (almost) as accessible as the pizzeria on the corner!

The common denominator is quality, and the smart filtering functionality lets the giftee select what they want from a great range of top restaurants. Vegan, kosher, cupcakes, or lobster? Goldbelly has something for every taste bud! A gift card from Goldbelly can’t go wrong. Read our Goldbelly review

Goldbelly e-gift card

18. GrubHub

Grubhub gift cards

Best match for: Anyone who likes takeout from time to time.

GrubHub has secured its role as a leading food delivery marketplace. With over 300,000 restaurants connected to the platform nationwide in over 4,000 cities, this is a safe bet for a holiday gift!

Ordering dinner with GrubHub is as easy as commanding an Uber – in a few clicks, you select and securely pay to have your food delivered at your doorstep shortly after.

A gift card saves the recipient from the planning, grocery shopping, and cooking and lets them savor the convenience of fresh meals from their favorite eateries. 

19. Hale Groves

Best match for: The citrus aficionado who loves when life gives you lemons.

Hale Groves brings you the best citrus fruit from the sunshine state of Florida! Their generous gift trays contain seedless Grove Navel oranges, honey-sweet tangerines, premium D’Anjou pears, and crisp Orchard apples. The perfect combination of sweet, tangy, creamy, and crispy!

You also get chocolates, cookies, and salty nuts for a complete taste experience. 

Hale Groves joy gift trays

20. Harry and David

Harry and David tower of treats® signature holiday gift

Best match for: The one who thinks the best memories are made at home – snuggling up watching a movie with their family, or playing board games or watching football with friends.

With gourmet gifts dating back to the 1930s, Harry and David has been in the game for long, offering a wide range of fruits, chocolates, sweets, bakery, staples, and wine.

Their gorgeous gift towers are almost too cute to open, but the giftee will be delighted to find the perfect combination of fruit, snacks, chocolates, nuts, and in some packages even charcuteries. Combine with a fine wine – and you’re ready for cozy Friday nights in front of a movie or a game night with friends! 

Read our detailed Harry and David review to see all that they offer

21. HelloFresh

Best match for: The aspiring home-cook caring about quality and nutritional content.

HelloFresh is a meal kit service offering delicious, nutritious recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to the recipient weekly. Click here to read more

Your lucky friend can choose between tons of popular recipes each week, taking out dinner planning and grocery shopping of the everyday puzzle while still enjoying the fun and satisfaction of cooking. They’re known for catering even to picky eaters.

Choose a gift card with an amount of your liking that can be redeemed for regular recipes and fresh foods!

HelloFresh gift card

22. Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms holiday summer sausage & cheese gift box

Best match for: The person who loves the good things in life.

Hickory Farms brings you baskets of gourmet foods – think savory meats and cheeses and sweet desserts.

Their pretty holiday gift baskets and towers are filled with delicacies like nuts and seeds, crisps, jam, mustard, sausages, cheeses, and chocolates.

Everything you need for a flavorful night!

The generous selection means that there’s a gift basket for every budget and buddy. 

23. Holy Grail

Best match for: The person in your life who drools over world-class steaks.

Holy Grail describes themselves as connoisseurs of all fine things ingestible. Digital gift cards start at $100 and let the recipient choose premium meats and steaks like 100% grass-fed prime, different kinds of wagyu, and dry-aged steaks. You can shop beef by collection or cut to quickly find what you fancy. 

Holy Grail gift card

24. Home Bistro

Home Bistro gift certificate

Best match for: The person in your life who has other priorities than cooking.

Thanks to Home Bistro, you can get freshly prepared, restaurant-quality gourmet meals shipped directly to the giftee. Click here to read more about HomeBistro

Home Bistro caters to dietary preferences such as keto and vegetarian, making it easy to compose the ideal weekly menu. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

25. Humblemaker Coffee

Best match for: Caffeine connaisseurs craving craft, cold brew coffees.

Humblemaker Coffee ships cold brew and whole bean coffee to the lucky giftee. With the gift card, they can choose how often they want deliveries of the finest coffees and browse between blends from all over the globe!

Humblemaker Coffee also offers antioxidant-packed cold brew coffee shots infused with minerals and superfoods. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up that boosts your energy and nourishes your soul!


26. HungryRoot

Hungryroot gift card

Best match for: The health-conscious home cook who wants high-vibe meals.

HungryRoot hunts down and fills your fridge with the best premium foods – with an emphasis on health and taste. Based on your taste profile, they send you groceries that match together with recipes.

A digital gift card becomes a holiday gift that will create many happy memories and encounters with new, exciting flavors.

27. iGourmet

Best match for: The foodie wanting to explore rare finds and crafted artisan products from all over the globe.

iGourmet has built a business on something as exciting as high-quality specialty foods. Here, you’ll find those rare delicacies you just won’t find elsewhere!

The dream holiday gift for the foodie wanting to expand their horizons and get their hands (and taste buds) on the latest food trends and gourmet products from all over the world.

In their large assortment, there’s a holiday gift box for everyone – from champagne cheese platters to alcohol-infused foods to premium Italian specialties. Bon appétit!

iGourmet luxurious cheese treasures gift box

28. LobsterAnywhere

Lobster Anywhere gift certificate

Best match for: The fine diner wanting the most indulgent delicacy from the ocean kingdom.

LobsterAnywhere is the response to your sudden lobster cravings – they deliver the best Maine lobster overnight all over the country! In their assortment, you’ll find live lobsters but also freshly cooked lobster meat, authentic lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, bisque, and plenty of fresh frozen tails.

29. MealPro

Best match for: The conscious eater who wanna score high on nutrients and flavor.

MealPro serves healthy meals with natural ingredients. No need to cook or worry about cholesterol- crammed and blood sugar-rushing takeout meals – MealPro ensures you get freshly cooked meals free from artificial flavors and additives. Their meats are without antibiotics, and veggies are GMO-free. Click here to read more about all Meal Pro has to offer

Meals are highly customizable to specific diets, making MealPro the ideal gift idea to the health nut or fitness fanatics or anyone who cares about what’s going into their body! 

MealPro e-gift card

30. Meat N Bone

Meat N Bone truffle tomahawk gift set

Best match for: The person in your life who loves meat with exclusive condiments and drinks.

Meat N Bone stands for premium quality meats curated by their carnivore expert team. Besides something as unusual as affordable quality meats, you also find beer and wine to match, charcuteries, cheese, and seafood – all topped with alcohol-infused ice cream for dessert!

For the holidays, they offer the Truffle Tomahawk Gift Set with a wagyu steak and top-quality white truffle salt from Italy. Add some craft beers for the ultimate dining experience. 

31. Milk Bar

Best match for: The cookie monster cherishing sweets satisfying both the eye and the palate.

Hyped New York bakery Milk Bar specializes in unexpected, flavorful treats.

Their highly Instagramable layered cakes make for a gift that gets eternalized on social media feeds but quickly disappears from the plate, feeding even the most picky eaters.

A gift card satisfies the recipient’s sweet tooth with everything from cakes and cake truffles to cookies and cookbooks! 

MIlkbar holiday gift

32. Mouth

Mouth world's greatest holiday box

Best match for: The person in your life who loves crafted, artisan products from small-scale producers.

Mouth gives small-batch businesses the chance to go big by getting America hooked on their delicacies. Choose among over 100 mouth-watering gift boxes with gourmet foods tailoring to all tastes and diets.

The common ground? They’re all exclusive and delicious! Gift a themed taste journey to someone in your life for a way to travel to new culinary territories with no passport needed! 

33. Murray’s

Best match for: The gourmet that just can’t get enough of the delicious things in life.

Murray’s offers a selection of gourmet food gifts and cheese baskets for edible gifts beyond the ordinary.

Say goodbye to overwhelm – their personalized Gift Builder Tool allows you to pick the Murray’s items of your choosing and create a gift basket that’s assembled by hand by one of their experts!

Think meats, cheeses, specialty pantry items like premium vinegar and condiments, and delicious baked goods. Houseware and home goods are great gift alternatives that are less perishable. 

Murray's greatest hits

34. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steak's century cellars duet red wine gift basket

Best match for: Someone who loves the combination of red meat and red wine.

Legendary Omaha Steaks has a wide variety of gift baskets. Opt for the holiday gift one with meats such as bacon-wrapped filet mignons and Omaha steak burgers, or go for the wine gift basket, which matches the juicy steaks with fine wines for a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Perfect for the gourmet, or those used to junk food that you wanna gift the sense of exquisite taste.

Read more about Omaha Steaks here

35. PlateJoy

Best match for: The person in your life who wants kitchen inspiration to ignite the spark of cooking food that’s both delicious and nutritious.

PlateJoy means custom meal plans, personalized recipes, and grocery lists to help you eat healthier even when you don’t have time to plan a varied and well-composed weekly menu.

The recipient can pick and choose menus suiting literally all kinds of diets – but always with a healthy streak! Their goal is to build a world where everyone achieves optimal health and well-being through their plates. 

PlateJoy's meal kit delivery service

36. Plonk Wine

Plonk Wine Club's mixed wine club gift

Best match for: The person in your life who loves a glass of fine wine (or two).

Plonk Wine is the wine club combining well-known grapes with rare finds. They have organic and bio-dynamic wines, making it the perfect gift to celebrate life without a headache the following day.

The lucky giftee can choose between red wines, white varieties, or a selected mix of both. Choose a box with between 4 and 12 bottles, or go for a subscription giving the recipient a bonus gift of a professional-grade corkscrew, detailed tasting notes, wine descriptions, and expertly chosen recipe pairings for the ultimate oenological experience. 

37. Purple Carrot

Best match for: The person in your life who wanna eat more greens without giving up on taste.

This lets the lucky giftee experience the joy of cooking minus the effort of planning and grocery shopping. Choose categories such as Gluten-Free, High-Protein, and Quick and Easy to tailor the kits to your tastes!

The recipient gets a delivery of colorful veggies and plant-based proteins together with easy-to-follow recipes in the exact right amounts to minimize the environmental impact. 

Read more about Purple Carrot here

Purple Carrot plant-based meal kit delivery service

38. Rastelli’s

Rastelli's large gift crate

Best match for: The person in your life who loves …

Rastelli’s stands for meat and seafood characterized by craft, care, and excellence.

For the holidays, they offer a gift crate containing a curated selection of high-quality meats, cheeses, chocolates, and snacks.

All you need for a cozy night home to please the palate with the perfect mix of sweet and savory!

A gift crate from Rastelli’s is also an ideal corporate holiday gift since it contains a little of everything. 

39. Raw Spice Bar

Best match for: The person who might need to spice up their life.

Raw Spice Bar takes spices to the next level! Forget about flavorless, highly processed blends – here you’ll get an olfactory universe in a jar. Their fresh, global spices and blends are an easy and healthy way to add excellent taste to any dish – no need for artificial flavors or excess amounts of fats to get taste beyond the ordinary. Plus, most blends are salt-free.

A subscription from Raw Spice Bar gives the giftee an exotic and exciting spice blend each month together with recipe suggestions. The ideal way to incorporate new flavors in their everyday cooking without getting overwhelmed! 

Raw Spice Bar's spice subscription gift

40. Sakara Life

Sakara Life gift card

Best match for: The person in your life who loves all things health and beauty.

Sakara Life lets you give the gift of nourishing whole foods that feed both the body and spirit! And the planet – the founders care about the environment and sustainability infuses the entire supply chain, from plant to your door. Choose between superfood dishes and healthy vegan snacks that provide fuel throughout your day.

The Sakara Life gift card can be redeemed for meal subscriptions, supplements, or superfoods for a stellar start to the new year! Bonus for the stylish packaging giving your meals the same sense of exclusivity as a glossy magazine. 

41. Saucey

Best match for: Those wanting the freedom to choose their own booze brought to their door within minutes!

Let the good times roll with liquid deliveries from Saucey! Saucey offers on-demand delivery within 30 minutes of anything from the liquor store – tequila, whiskey, vodka, exclusive wines, and much more!

A gift card lets the recipient choose their favorite booze with almost instant delivery. Great to have at home for spontaneous parties and celebrations or to unwind after a long day.

Saucey holiday gift best seller

42. Seamless

Seamless gift cards

Best match for: The person in your life who needs a one-stop-shop for takeout.

Seamless stands for food ordering that’s extremely easy. As a part of the GrubHub empire, they have partnered with restaurants close to you for a streamlined way of ordering takeout in a few clicks.

A gift card gives the recipient the freedom of ordering food anytime, from any of the Seamless restaurants. Ideal for fast-food fanatics or the busy folks benefitting from being brought the best grub around the clock!

43. Sizzlefish

Best match for: The person in your life who wants seafood of finest caliber with an emphasis on health.

Sizzlefish is for the seafood lovers craving healthy fish for high performance. You can pick a gift card for the holidays or go for delicious wild king salmon or lobster tail. They have select wild-caught options and paleo packs. This is the gift for the endurance athlete or outdoor lover in your life! 

SizzleFish e-gift card

44. Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon meal delivery company

Best match for: The person in your life who loves vegan and plant-based with a modern and healthy touch.

Splendid Spoon offers healthy meals with zero prep. All of their ready-made meals are vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. Go for their low-sugar smoothies that nourish your entire being, their rainbow-colored bowls, light and savory soups, or innovative noodle dishes!

A gift card gives the recipient a set amount of days with healthy, delicious dishes acting as a detox and reset toward a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate way to set the tone for the new year! Read our full Splendid Spoon review here

45. Stonewall Kitchen

Best match for: The person in your life who loves the icing as much as the cake – the best jams, mustards, vinegar, and sauces.

Stonewall Kitchen got famous for their handmade jams and jellies. They expanded to include condiments, sauces, and quality oils – those little things that make the entire difference!

Among their many holiday gift kits, you’ll find something as unique as a gingerbread lighthouse kit! Ginger cookies, snacks, pancakes, and maple syrup are other specialty gifts making the holiday meals even more memorable.

Stonewall Kitchen e-gift card

46. Sur La Table

Sur La Table e-gift cards

Best match for: The person in your life who has cooking as their New Year’s resolution – or loves cooking and wanna take their kitchen skills up a notch.

In their assortment of holiday gifts, you find specialty products such as buttermilk pancake mix, smoked cheddar salt, and pink champagne truffles suitable for special occasions or to add some luxury to your weekday nights. Sur La Table makes every day worth celebrating!

47. Tayst Coffee

Best match for: The person in your life who loves a good old cup of java.

Tayst Coffee is quality coffee (or in their own words – a hug in a mug) delivered to you monthly. The lucky giftee gets a box of fresh-roasted, eco-friendly coffee in a variety of blends to explore and discover new favorites – either as a single box or monthly subscription.

Choose between 30, 40, and 60 cups per package. They’ll be reminded of you every time they have a coffee!

Tayst holiday gift

48. Tea Drops

Tea Drops best tea gift set

Best match for: The person in your life who loves tea and new, innovative ideas.

Tea Drops has the innovative concept of soluble pods of tea. No need to look for that strainer and zero waste in the form of teabags! The teas are organic, and Tea Drops supports Thirst Project, a non-profit organization striving to resolve the water crisis in the world.

Feel for floral, fruity, spicy, chocolatey, or earthy? The recipient can be sure to find something that satisfies their preferences! For the holidays, we recommend the exclusive Classic Tea Drops Assortment Box with 8 drops in 4 different flavors. The cute shapes make your Tea Drop moment an aesthetic and tasteful experience! 

49. The Farmer’s Dog

Best match for: The dog mama (or dad) who cares about their pup eating as healthy as they do.

The Farmer’s Dog offers dog food made of meat and vegetables that are human-grade. As a dog owner, you get customized meal plans suiting the individual needs of your pup!

However, their special holiday gifts are for humans – such as the “Dog Person” sweatshirt in ethical, premium Egyptian cotton. The perfect cozy holiday sweater to snuggle with your dogs in!

The Farmer's Dog gift pack

50. Thrive Market

Thrive Market e-gift card

Best match for: The person who loves fair-trade, healthy products.

Thrive Market is a members-only platform sourcing sustainable and healthy products at special member prices. Gifting a membership means doing good – each membership grants an additional one for a low-income family.

Plus, you can top up the membership with credits that can be redeemed for products in categories like food, beauty, bath, home, wine, and supplements. 

51. Trifecta

Best match for: The health nut or sporty soul wanting the optimal fuel for their bodies.

Trifecta is a meal delivery service sending the lucky recipient dishes that are macro-aligned and organic. Choose between meal plans like keto, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian. Read our full review of Trifecta Nutrition to learn more

Trifecta stands for designing perfectly balanced recipes and cooking the meals, giving more time for activities like training and socializing (or chilling on the sofa!). With the many meal plans, you can’t go wrong with a gift card from Trifecta!

Trifecta Nutrition e-gift card

52. Try the World

Try the World holiday gift

Best match for: The eternal nomad who loves to discover new, exotic foods.

Try the World enriches your life with new taste experiences from artisans from all over the world. Choose between a gourmet food box and a snack box delivered to your door every month.

The closest you can get to traveling from your kitchen! Gift a single crate or a monthly subscription for a holiday gift that lasts well into the new year.

53. Universal Yums

Best match for: The person in your life who loves snacks and the joy of discovering new, international flavors.

Universal Yums is a snack box delivery subscription service.

What’s remarkable is that their snacks come from different parts of the world.

A great way to embark on a sweet taste journey from the comfort of your own home!

Select a size of 6, 12, or 20 snacks – you’ll also get a free booklet with trivia and games for a night full of fun.

Universal Yums super yum box

54. Veestro

Veestro e-gift card

Best match for: The person in your life who wanna eat more plant-based that’s both delicious and nutritious!

Veestro is 100% plant-based, healthy, and delicious dishes cooked by chefs and delivered directly to your door. The giftee gets ready-made meals to nuke or heat in the oven for a quick dinner that doesn’t compromise on taste and nutrition. Read our Veestro review

There are low-calorie options and Chef’s Choice in case of indecision. Plus, all meals are organic and non-GMO! 

55. Williams Sanoma 

Best match for: The kitchen utensils junkie loving all things high-end kitchen appliances and first-class cookware.

Williams Sonoma offers all things that make your cooking experience a pure pleasure: cookware, cooking utensils, kitchen decor – and gourmet foods. 

A gift card lets the giftee select what they want to pimp their kitchen with. Chances are they’ll be so happy about the gift they’ll invite you over for dinner!

Williams Sonoma food gift basket

56. Winc

Winc gift card

Best match for: The person in your life who loves a full-flavored glass of wine (or 3).

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc?

Winc hand-crafts the best wines from all over the world. The thirsty giftee gets to fill in a taste profile and get a single, 2- or 3-month delivery of fine wines matching their tastes.

For subscriptions, they also get to rate the wines to be sure to receive exclusively the kind of flavors they fancy.

With Winc, you can be sure to get top wines – they’ve done the tasting and selection so that you can just sip back and relax!

Wrapping it Up (or In!)

Finding that perfect holiday gift doesn’t have to be a headache. There are many ways to get a personalized gift without sweating it in giant malls and chasing down specialty stores.

With that, we wish you a truly merry holiday season and a happy start of the new year and hope you’ll receive gifts as unique and epic as those you’re giving!


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Top Choices: Best Carnivore Diet Supplements

What Is The Sirtfood Diet?

What Is The Sirtfood Diet?
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