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What are the Best Korean Snack Box Subscriptions?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

Korean Snack Box delivery service

Korean Snack Box

#2nd Best choice

Korea Box delivery service

Korea Box

#3rd Best Choice

Inspire Me Korea delivery service

Inspire Me Korea

A snack box from a different country is the perfect way to travel without leaving home. If you enjoy or want to experience Korean traditions, food is a good place to start. The following boxes offer a wide selection of snacks, drinks, and more to help you explore the other side of the world.

You can also make a difference in someone's day by sending them some of these boxes. They're awesome for fans of Kdrama, Kpop, or other cultural entities.

Our Top Korean Snack Box Subscriptions

1. Korean Snack Box (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People looking for an affordable selection of the most popular Korean snacks shipped directly from Seoul, South Korea.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Worldwide shipping available
  • Value: You can subscribe to a monthly Korean snack box for $24.95-$32.95 or buy individual ones for $32.95. Shipping fees may apply.
  • Type: Korean ready-to-eat snacks, chocolate, and candy

The Korean Snack Box is one of the most popular Korean snack subscription boxes. You can choose from two different sizes, and you get a different theme every month. The themes relate to different aspects of culture, and some of the past themes for boxes have been Chuseok Box, Rainy Movie Night Box, and Valentine's Day Box.

The medium option contains seven to ten items, while the large box has 15 to 20 items. If you plan on sharing your goodies, the larger one is great for more than one person. Each box comes with a silk bag, and you can choose how frequently you want to make payments.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, their online shop has links for single snack boxes that you can ship to a friend. These options include the Cherry Blossom Box, the Candy Jelly Box, the Chips Box, and more. The company offers free shipping worldwide for subscriptions.

Korean Snack Box delivery service


  • Great way to discover popular Korean snacks and collect silk bags
  • Easy to send a box to someone who loves K-drama or Kpop
  • Discount on your first box
  • Skip or cancel your subscription any time


  • Can't accomodate for allergies

2. Korea Box

  • Best Match For: K-pop lovers looking for authentic Korean merchandise, snacks, beauty products, and anything related to K-pop, K-drama, and K-style.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Worldwide shipping available
  • Value: If you decide to subscribe, you will have to pay $25.99-$49.99 per box. Shipping is always free.
  • Type: Korean ready-to-eat snacks, merchandise, beauty products, and more

Korea Box has something for everyone who loves all things Korea. You have many different subscription options, including the K-Pop box, the K-Pop Album box, two sizes of snack boxes, and even a Korean Beauty Box.

The cool part about these snack subscription boxes is the option for customization. If you want a customized package, you can fill out the form on the checkout page and list your favorite singing groups and albums to get fun goodies.

The regular snack box comes with five to eight snacks from Korea, while the premium subscription box contains 12 to 15. The premium box also comes with a collectible bonus item. All you have to do is enter your card or Paypal information to get handpicked snacks each month.

Korea Box delivery service


  • Order snack subscription boxes or a makeup box subscription from the same company
  • Treats ship with free international shipping
  • Korea Box allows you to customize your selection
  • Different size snack boxes to choose from


  • Can only contact customer service via email address

3. Inspire Me Korea

  • Best Match For: people who want to visit South Korea.

Inspire Me has four different subscription boxes: KTS subscription, K-Snacks subscription, K-Beauty subscription, and a K-Culture subscription. The snack box contains products such as Korean crisps, crackers, cakes, coffee, tea, candies, and more.

There is only one size box, and you get about 15 items per month. When you become a subscriber, you get access to the company online community where you can chat with like-minded people, join watch parties, and more. They also have a vegan subscription for people who can't consume all types of products.

The plan has great reviews as well as worldwide shipping. If you want a little more than snacks in your packages, you can sign up for the comprehensive subscription box. That item features Korean language flashcards, Kpop merch, cultural souvenirs, a magazine, and vegan-friendly snacks from Korea.

Inspire Me Korea delivery service


  • Wide variety of Korean products
  • Made with 12 natural ingredients that work for women
  • Save money when you pre-pay for your subscription in advance
  • Get more than one subscription at a time


  • Only one size available for snack subscription boxes

4. Umshikbox

  • Best Match For: people who love to eat ramen.

Umshikbox offers a variety of single boxes full of authentic treats. The company prides itself on providing fulfilling items and more than just samples. You get each box with Korean snacks, ramen noodles, and swag items.

In the Hana Korean snack box, you will find 16 snacks and a pack of ramen. Past boxes have had a variety of treats such as cakes, candy, cookies, and chips. It's a great way to discover new flavors with every order.

The Dul Korean snack box has an interesting selection of items such as coffee, ramen, and different types of chips. Lastly, the RamyunBox has a curated selection of different types of noodles. This Korean snack box is a nice one to ship to friends or loved ones in college or overseas.

Umshikbox korean snacks delivery service


  • Three subscriptions available with snacks and food
  • Fast shipping for all single orders
  • Exciting curation of flavors and products
  • Ships boxes to the U S


  • Cannot checkout using PayPal


  • Best Match For: fans seeking a variety of Korean items.

Kokobox is a box with Korean snacks, and they also offer ones with cosmetics.

Their beauty box Korea, called KOKOSTYLE, as a monthly box of diferent beaty items. 

The KOKOBITES subscription boxes come in two kinds: seven snacks or 12 snacks.

The company is based in Seoul, so the products are sourced locally, and each Korean snack box ships free.

Currently, the website is under construction, but we hope Kokobox comes back soon!

Kokobox korean snacks delivery service


  • Pick from beauty items or snack items
  • Variety of big and small snacks
  • Can follow their social media for giveaways and discounts on products
  • Pay for your subscription in advance


  • Website may not work

6. Kmunch

  • Best Match For: someone looking for snack delivery in Singapore.

Kmunch is more than just a Korean snack subscription. You get food, ramen, and other goodies delivered to your door monthly.

These subscription boxes have a wide selection of products, ranging from gummies and sweets to spicy food to a bag of chips.

Each snack box contians seven to nine treats. If you aren't ready to start a subscription, you can sign up for their one-month trial. When you're ready, you can choose between options for six months and three months. You get different items with every box, so you're always in for a treat.

Kmunch korean snacks delivery service


  • Easy sign up process
  • Hand-picked selection of complimentary flavors
  • New items with every box
  • Offers a trial box if you aren't ready to commit


  • Only ships locally in Singapore, not to other countries

7. SnackFever

  • Best Match For: People who are in love with Korea and want to get a little surprise every month with a box full of exclusive and trendy Korean snacks, sweets, and goodies.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: International shipping is not available in North Korea, Ecuador, Mauritius, Netherland Antilles, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Western Samoa, Kosovo, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  • Value: Each box includes 10-13+ Korean goodies, one ramen, and one ready-made meal. A monthly subscription is $40, but you can save if you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. Shipping is $5 per box.
  • Type: Korean ready-to-eat snacks, candies, and goodies

SnackFever is a popular provider of a long list of snacks. The selection of snacks comes directly from Seoul, and you can purchase boxes of snacks or individual items. Their deluxe snack box contains over ten trendy snack, a cup of noodle, and a "doshirak" or easy-prep food.

With this box, you get pieces of everything from jellies, candies, drinks, a bag of chips, and more. Every box is a surprise, with the snacks selected by an expert team of snackers. You have a chance to earn reward points when you create an account, leave reviews or comments, and share with a friend.

If you're looking for a specific item, you can add single items to your cart such as Wasabi Almonds, Food bars, and Mochi cookies. The brand also offers a selection of jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle items.

Snackfever korean snacks delivery service


  • Boxes come with all different types of snacks
  • Choose from a long list of individual product options
  • Opt for a seasonal or annual membership
  • Site has lots of subscription choices


  • No way to get boxes monthly

Make Your Boxes a Learning Moment

When you get a box of munchies from another country, you can make the most of them by taking the time to learn about the area. An idea for enjoying your item fully is to open the box with a buddy and read about the different treats together.

Other ideas include:

  • Turning each box into a game
  • Saving the packaging for arts and crafts
  • Looking up the ingredients and recipes
  • Learning the history behind each treat in the box

Whether you are alone or with a friend, you could also keep a score card of your favorites. Take notes about the flavor, the difference between the brands, or anything else that matters to you.

You can also take the opportunity to learn a bit of the language. Study the pronunciation of your top picks so you can ask for them when you travel in person. Or, learn a certain number of words every time your box comes.


Which snack box is the best?

In terms of Korean snacks, we love the Korean Box subscription. It is worth the price for the wide range of snacks that come in each box, and you can choose the number of snacks you want. While you can't pick the type, part of the fun is seeing the cool themes each month. Plus, with every box, get a silk bag for free.

What are the best Korean Snacks?

Some of the most popular snacks include Orion Choco Pie, Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks, Kkokkalcorn (corn snacks), Pepero (chocolate-covered sticks), Honey Butter Chips, and Dried Squid.

If you are studying the country or are simply interested in it, you should definitely try something from this list. You can add these snacks to your studies and it will make all the difference.

What are some Korean Snacks?

Some snacks you may find in a store are Waffle Mate, Seaweed Crisps, Shindangdong Tteokbokki chips, Sweet Cakes, Goguma Kkang (sweet potato chips), and Pepero Cookie Sticks. No matter your taste, you are sure to find a type of snack that suits you.

What is a Daebak Box?

Daebak is your single stop shop for Korean purchases. Each season, you get a box full of fun items such as tech, snacks, stationary, beauty products, and more. The company sends handpicked goods every Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer to give you a taste of Korea's top selections.

The brand also has an ambassador program. If you wish to share your passion, you can direct people to your ambassador links and get commission from every sale. They pay monthly using Paypal.

Final Thoughts - Snacks from Another Country

Getting snack boxes is exciting, and it's a great opportunity to learn new things. Thanks to subscription brands, you don't have to lift a finger to get amazing items from local shops.

Our top pick gives you tons of quality snacks, and is perfect for up to two or three snackers. You can also choose to buy a box only once if you aren't ready to subscribe. When you finally get to travel, they'll think you are a local.

Korean Snack Box delivery service

Korean Snack Box

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Great way to discover popular Korean snacks and collect silk bags
  • Easy to send a box to someone who loves K-drama or Kpop
  • Discount on your first box
  • Skip or cancel your subscription any time

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