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What are the Best Kids Meal Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

#3rd Best Choice

Raddish Kids' delivery services

Raddish Kids

The convenience of ready-to-eat meal subscriptions is clear. However, it can seem non-inclusive of certain audiences. Meal delivery services are mainly targeted at active adults who want to change their eating habits.

There are many adults who struggle to balance their time to shop for meals. Sometimes time is even limited to prepare, and cook meals for themselves due to busy schedules or career. But, what about the kiddos of working parents?

Luckily, there are plenty of kid meal delivery subscriptions that offer options for your young ones. These come in meal kit subscriptions that offer pre-made meals for school lunches or dinnertime. The programs ship your choice of meals right to your house. There are also services that offer ingredients with simple recipes put together by a dietitian for kids to help out in the kitchen. 

Best Meal Delivery Services for Kids

Best Ready to Eat Finger Foods and Snacks: Nurture Life

Best Junk-Free Baked Goods: Foodstirs

Most Suitable for Kids with Interest in Cooking: Radish Kids

Most Culturally Inclusive Recipes: Kidstir

Most Flexible/No Commitments: Veggie Buds Club

Our Top Kids Meal Delivery Services

1. Nurture Life (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Busy people looking to feed their kids and toddlers organic, nutritionally balanced meals without having to cook.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $6.89-$9.49/meal; Minimum order of $39; Free shipping over $59; 5% discount over $79; 10% over $99
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh meals, bite-sized finger foods, and ready-to-eat snacks for kids and toddlers

Whether your kids (or family members) are picky eaters or have adventurous taste buds, Nurture Life has meals for all. They offer grouped meals based on age range, and their selection includes baby food options. They begin from a two-year-old all the way to adults, including everyone in between.

A group of dietitians specifically designs these yummy and nutritious meals. This ensures subscribers get a diet of nutrients they need per meal. 

The shipping process for Nurture Life is simple and on your own schedule. Enter your email address and zip code to make an account, then join the community of food-lovers. Anyone can heat each plate in the microwave or oven and get restaurant-quality meals with ease.

Nurture Life's Food Delivery Service


  • Has options for an assortment of age ranges with nutrient-specific meals; including infants
  • Organic and probiotic-free ingredients
  • Family delivery option for when the family wants to eat a hearty meal together
  • Designed by dietitians to ensure appropriate nutrition


  • Offers the same menu consistently, but they're always working on new meal options

2. Foodstirs

  • Best Match For: People looking for bite-size organic sweets, baking mixes, and baking kits with less sugar and no artificial ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: One-time orders; Subscription (5% off)
  • Availability: The continental US
  • Value: $5.99-$29.99/item; $7.99 shipping fee; Orders over $80 receive free shipping
  • Type: Ready-to-eat mini donuts, muffins, and brownie bites; organic baking mixes and exclusive baking kits

Foodstirs is a self-proclaimed junk-free bakery that is delivery based. They offer a singular cookie, cake, and brownie mixes.

All of their products are organic and advertised as junk-free goodness. This gives kids ways to help and explore the kitchen.

Alongside that, it promotes better ingredients in the same yummy desserts for your children’s diets.

They also offer bakery meal kits, which include the recipe and ingredients list needed to make an entire dessert.

The meals are perfect for parties or fun sleepovers.

Foodstirs baking subscription and delivery services


  • 25 to 50 percent fewer sugars than most competitors
  • Clean ingredients that are non-GMO
  • Dessert mixes so children can get hands-on cooking experience with parent supervision
  • Baking kit includes everything you need to get started


  • Not pre-cooked, so kitchen time is required

3. Raddish Kids

  • Best Match For: Parents looking for a fun and affordable way to get their kids to help in the kitchen, develop essential culinary skills, and gain confidence.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and Canada, as well as over 25 other countries
  • Value: You can select monthly membership for $24 per month, a 6-month subscription for $132 ($22 per month), or annual membership for $240 ($20 per month). International shipping costs $7.
  • Type: Unique cooking club for kids

Raddish is a subscription-based cooking club for kids of any age group to enjoy.

The delivery services include a once a month package and an online service as well. The meal kits come with all sorts of goodies like cooking tools and a variety of recipes.

Kids of all ages thrive off of hands-on learning, and cooking is a critical skill.

The chefs of Raddish have had years of experience and success in teaching kids to cook. This makes the packages an easy tool for parents and kids to enjoy. 

Raddish Kids' delivery services


  • Encourages healthy cooking and eating for children
  • Provides an activity for parent-child relationship development
  • Includes math and science in a hands-on and edible experience
  • Always a different meal kit each month


  • Must go to the grocery store to get the whole foods you need

4. Kidstir

  • Best Match For: Parents who want to spend quality time with kids in the kitchen, helping them build confidence, stronger bond, and develop a love for cooking and skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Value: You can select 1, 3, 6, or 12-month membership for $19.99-$23.99 per month. You can also add an extra set of kitchen goodies for siblings for an additional $5 per month. Shipping is free in the US and $7 for international orders.
  • Type: Cooking kits for kids

If your children are crafty and love cooking, this is the service for them.

This subscription is another cooking kit that includes recipes and a cookbook. Each month, children can add recipes to their personal cookbook.

The recipes are culture-inclusive which gives the opportunity to try different recipes from all over the globe.

Every month, your child gets step-by-step recipe cards and games or crafts to put in their cookbook binder.

The business separates food into categories such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. End your dinner frustrations with nutritionist recommendations per meal.

Kidstir's delivery service


  • Cookbook for kids to build with each month of subscription
  • Quality bento box meals that inspire creativity
  • Monthly boxes encourage cultural awareness and diversity
  • Parents get an email with adult instructions, tips, and a shopping list ahead of time


  • Cooking kits only come in once a month per subscription

5. Veggie Buds Club

  • Best Match For: Parents of picky eaters who need some help to make their little ones fall in love with veggies through unique arts and crafts projects and kid-friendly recipes.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: You can order one of the veggie arts and craft boxes for $21.95-$31.95, veggie mat placements for $19.95, or a child-safe knife for $12.95. Shipping fees may apply.
  • Type: Cooking club for kids with veggie recipes and kid-friendly tools

Veggie Buds Club meal delivery services are based around the experience of gardening.

After growing their own vegetables like sweet potato and green beans, children can use them in recipes! 

The monthly meal kits include everything they need to plant their food.

Alongside that, you will get a recipe card when the veggies are ready to eat. Its a great subscription program for little ones who like to learn how it works in gardens.

They can enjoy carrots, broccoli, kale, and other vegetable favorites.

Veggie Buds Club's meal delivery services


  • Boxes come with the option for one child or two.
  • Encourages healthy ingredients and self-sustainment
  • Selections include seasonal veggies that you grow at home
  • Meal kits include a kid-friendly workbook for extra entertainment and education


  • Finding space for a successful household garden can be challenging

6. Little Sous

  • Best Match For: Families looking to stimulate kids to build confidence and creativity through fun culinary education modules.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and Canada, as well as over 25 other countries
  • Value: A monthly subscription box includes 6-8 hours of themed screen-free activities and cooking lessons. The cost is $19.99-$24.99 per month.
  • Type: Cooking club for kids and parents

Little Sous is a more family-oriented food delivery.

This company is big on encouraging family togetherness. The whole family can interact and help with the meals.

These kits also encourage the expansion of tastes to dishes from around the world.

Each month's order offers a new theme and new yummy eats. This keeps things interesting and exciting for the kids.

Some of the menu items include chocolate mug cake, finger food, chicken pops, cookie dough, cheese pizza, and more. Even a picky eater will find a perfect meal plan.

Little Sous's food delivery service


  • Each month the box has a different theme
  • Designed both for kids and their parents
  • Reinforces the S.T.E.M. aspects of academics
  • Gift bundles consider various diet restrictions, allergens, and preferences


  • Subscription service requires you to go shopping

7. America's Test Kitchen's Young Chef's Club

  • Best Match For: Newbie cooks looking to develop their kitchen skills and confidence with one comprehensive subscription without breaking the bank.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: There is a 14-day free trial you can take advantage of. Once it expires, you can purchase one of the memberships for $4.17-$9.99 per month. The subscriptions are billed annually and include many recipes, reviews, tips, and other cooking materials.
  • Type: Cooking lessons, recipes, product reviews, features, and more

If your kiddos love science, this is the learning-based delivery program for them. For ages five and up, there are a variety of experiments.

Each month, recipes come with scientific breakdowns on the fundamentals of cooking. It’s also addressed to your child, because what kid doesn’t love getting their own mail?

As the mom or dad, you get information ahead of time so you can meal prep. Activities take between 15 to two days to complete.

Your kid will learn how to make tacos, the classification of an avocado, how to test tortilla chips, and find answers to other food questions.

America's Test Kitchen's Young Chef's Club's delivery service


  • Breaks down of the science behind cooking
  • Kid-tested and approved for even the pickiest of eaters
  • Encourages creativity through “make it your way” recipes
  • Includes a digital library or recipes and crafts with your monthly subscription


  • Some activities are difficult for young kids

8. Scrumpt

  • Best Match For: Although Scrumpt has suspended delivery, they are still an excellent option for parents needing a little inspiration for making kid-friendly lunches.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments
  • Availability: Available online
  • Value: Free
  • Type: Kid-friendly lunch ideas

Scrumpt is one of the best meal delivery services that offer daily lunches for your children. Their profile retains likes, dislikes, and allergies to ensure that your kids get their favorite options.

The meals come straight to school, and each shipment includes a main dish, vegetable, fruit, and a treat.

There are also options to make lunches vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten-free. The portion cups are environmentally friendly. Y

our daughter or son will enjoy natural energy from a selection of grapes, cheese cubes, oats, celery sticks, cucumber slices, cauliflower, hummus, and other fresh protein and produce.

Scrumpt's meal delivery service


  • Easy to get started
  • Offers lunches every day or just a few times a week
  • Create a food profile for your child’s faves and preferences for future meals
  • Get individually packaged meals or family-style plans


  • Mainly finger foods with portion sizes for small children

9. Baketivity

  • Best Match For: People looking for kid-friendly baking kits with tasty recipes that can create incredible memories in the kitchen, strengthen the bond with their children, and help them fall in love with baking.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and Canada
  • Value: Most kits cost between $29.99 and $32.95. You can also purchase individual accessories and items or sign up for a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly plan for $25.95-$32.95 per month. Shipping is free for members and $4.99 for one-time orders. You can get a 10% discount when you sign up for Baketivity’s newsletter.
  • Type: Kids baking kits

If you or your child loves bakery food, this is the meal delivery service for you!

The meal kits have pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.

All you have to do is mix it in a bowl, pop it in the oven, and enjoy. It also comes with cute games and educational pamphlets as well.

Perfect for kids of all ages, and stressless cooking for parents. 

Baketivity's meal delivery service


  • Can pick a subscription or just a specific box kit you’d like to try
  • Pre-measured ingredients that make it super easy for even the toddlers to help
  • Packaging of orders ensures freshness
  • Includes an educational booklet for your child related to the treats you’ve baked


  • Eggs and oil are not included in the meal kits

10. Sago Mini Box

  • Best Match For: Parents of 3-5-year-olds searching for an affordable, expert-approved, fun subscription that brings make and play activities to support proper child development.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The continental US
  • Value: You can choose between a monthly subscription for $19 or an annual one for $180 ($15 per month). Shipping is $4.
  • Type: Play box subscription supporting child development

Sago Mini Box is a company based on promoting education.

Their monthly boxes are packed with all sorts of fun crafts such as puzzles, games, and figurines.

These packages arrive at your door monthly and encourage active minds.

If you need to keep your little one busy and want them to be learning at the same time, this is a must-have subscription.

Sago Mini Box's promoting educational learning


  • Geared more towards preschool-age children (3-5) to spark creativity
  • Collectible figurines to help teach responsibility
  • Made-to-last toys
  • The monthly subscription is a no-commitment plan and you can cancel deliveries anytime


  • Is not a food delivery service, but still cute and fun for your toddler.

11. Harlow Harvest

  • Best Match For: Parents looking for a subscription service to support teaching their children essential cooking skills in a fun and encouraging way that promotes creativity, learning and improves children’s confidence.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and Canada
  • Value: Monthly membership costs $23, bi-yearly one is $126 or $21 per month, and an annual subscription costs $228 or $19 per month. All options come with free shipping and don’t include ingredients for the meals.
  • Type: Cooking kits for kids

Harlow Harvest is a monthly package that encourages kids to be excited about cooking.

This box comes with an apron and a different decorative pin every month. The box also includes a cooking utensil that is easy for smaller children to use.

Harlow is one of the best meal kits because the interactive grocery list is meant to help children learn important budgeting skills.

With fun choices such as biscotti, mac and cheese, cookies, and rainbow pasta, you'll be excited to share your creations with other people on the Facebook group.

Harlow Harvest's meal kits delivery service


  • A different box every month, meaning no repeats
  • Recipes come with nutrition labels to create healthy relationships with food
  • A kitchen-based science project included in every package
  • Makes grocery shopping fun for kids


  • Advertises for ages four to fifteen but is definitely designed for younger children

12. Curious Chef

  • Best Match For: Teachers or parents looking for affordable child-friendly cooking and gardening tools that can entertain the little ones while also teaching them important life skills.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: You can get excellent child-friendly cooking and gardening tools for under $10. There are also pre-made sets you can buy for $4.49-$69.99. Teachers and educators get a 30% discount on orders over $100.
  • Type: Kids-friendly cooking utensils, gardening tools, and cooking sets

Curious Chef is a website full of kitchen equipment specifically designed for children.

They even offer different sets so your kid can get their favorite color.

This is an amazing website to use if your little one enjoys cooking and needs more safe tools.

All these utensils are appropriate for actual cooking and can make your kiddo more confident in their abilities.

Curious Chef's mini kitchen equipments delivery service


  • Each child can have their own set
  • Makes the food prep process east
  • Inexpensive alternative to using “big-kid” utensils
  • Educator discount for teachers who want shipments in a large quantity


  • Does not include ready-to-eat meals

13. Eat 2 Explore

  • Best Match For: Parents looking to teach their children about other cultures and their cuisines, develop their cooking skills at a young age, expand their palate, highlight the importance of healthy eating, and simply bond over quality time spent in the kitchen.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and Canada
  • Value: Depending on the plan you select, you can expect to pay $21.20-$24.95 per month, and $5 for shipping to the contiguous US. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $7.50, and it’s $15 for Canada. You can also shop individual bundles for $112.25 each. You get a 5% discount on your first box.
  • Type: Diverse family cooking kits with hard-to-find sauces and spices

Eat to explore is a subscription program that lets you travel the world culinary style.

With a variety of choices per meal, the world really does come right to your kitchen.

In a once a month box, you receive all sorts of country-based goodies. Also, the places recipes rotate often, so there are always new meals to try.

Eat 2 Explore's meal delivery service


  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options
  • Country themed collectibles in each box to go with the meal
  • The child gets a passport and educational brochure about different countries
  • Choose your initial destination


  • Ingredients may trigger allergies to shellfish, tree nuts, or soy

Managing Allergies With Kids Meal Boxes

Allergies can make cooking for and feeding children difficult. Luckily, all of the best meal subscriptions allow you to see the ingredients beforehand. For pre-prepared home delivery, you get a list of the fruits, proteins, and preservatives in the servings.

However, if you do the shopping, you’re free to not purchase items that your child can't or won't eat such as peanuts or fish. On a few sites, customers explicitly select certain allergies for their dinners. To best keep your kids safe, check the labels on each product before you bring it to the dinner table.


Can You Freeze Nurture Life Meals?

Yes, Nurture Life meals can be frozen to avoid waste. The fridge shelf life of the meals is six to seven days after you receive your shipment. If you have leftovers, the meals can last up to ninety days in the freezer for a future mealtime. Be mindful of the “best use” date, though. Anything not frozen before the date on the pack should not be consumed.

Kids Meals Delivered - Final Thoughts

It's important to make sure your babies have something nutritious and full of flavor to consume. Today, it's easier than ever to get healthy portions right to your doorstep. So, what is the best meal delivery service for kids?

Nurture Life is a stable go-to with a variety of options for all age groups. You get amazing meals that suit your lifestyle from teriyaki salmon, pot roast with mashed potatoes, basmati rice, chicken meatballs, and sweet potato. When it comes to peace of mind, Nurture Life makes mealtime a breeze.

Nurture Life's Food Delivery Service

Nurture Life

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Has options for an assortment of age ranges with nutrient-specific meals; including infants
  • Organic and probiotic-free ingredients
  • Family delivery option for when the family wants to eat a hearty meal together
  • Designed by dietitians to ensure appropriate nutrition

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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