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January 10, 2021

Best Keto Subscription Box Services
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

#2nd Best choice

Keto Delivered's subscription and delivery service

Keto Delivered

One of the hardest things about staying true to your keto diet is avoiding the temptation of snacks, even when you know they will push you out of ketosis. Having a handy supply of keto-friendly snacks on hand is the best way to avoid the lure of carbohydrates.

That's where keto subscription boxes come in. Each month you're delivered a package of interesting zero-carb snacks so when temptation hits, you don't fall by the wayside. A keto snack box often contains the kind of keto snacks that are hard to find in stores, so in many ways, a subscription is a perfect way to fulfill your treat needs and stock the pantry with interesting stuff.

Given the popularity of the keto diet, it's no surprise that there are numerous keto boxes to choose from. To help you get snacking on the right subscription, we reviewed seven of the best keto boxes. Let's get started with our top choice, Catalina Crunch.

Our Top Keto Subscription Box Services

1. Catalina Crunch (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Keto-dieters and people looking for healthier plant-based cereals, cookies, and smoothies with no sugars, grains, or artificial ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: One-time purchase; Subscription (20% off)
  • Availability: Delivery available everywhere in the US
  • Value: $35-$99/30-day supply; Free Shipping
  • Type: Low-sugar, keto-friendly cereals and sandwich cookies

You know the drill, it’s three in the afternoon on a lazy Sunday and you’re looking in the cupboard staring at your children’s chocolate cereal.

It boldly stares back at you. You know it’s full of empty carbohydrates and consists of mostly sugar… but before you know it, there’s a bowl in your hand.

We all have our vices, and for more than a few of us, it’s that damned cereal. Enter Catalina Crunch, a keto-friendly alternative to all the junky cereals filling the aisles. The brainchild of founder Krishna, a self-confessed choc cereal addict, Catalina Crunch is delicious, nutritious, and wholly guilt-free.

While not a mixed snack subscription box per se, the company remains our top choice because this stuff is really good.

It’s not all about cereal either, the fine folks at Catalina also produce keto smoothies and wonderfully moreish ketogenic oreos.

Catalina Crunch's Meal Delivery Service


  • Did we mention keto cereal?!
  • Seven delectable cereal flavors to choose from
  • Gluten-free keto snacks
  • No sugar added
  • Vegan-friendly keto smoothies


  • A limited selection of products

2. Keto Delivered

  • Best match for: keto foodies who crave artisan snacks.

Pair your glass of pinot noir with cheese and some of the artisan snacks from Keto Delivered and you’re already halfway towards a party.

Unlike some staid and ultimately boring keto snacks, the stuff that comes in your Keto Delivered box is bound to tantalize your taste buds.

Hand-selected by the team, each of the five to seven unique products you receive every month comes from high-quality, small-batch keto producers. So, as an added bonus, you’ll be supporting small companies as you move your way through the box with glee.

Whether it’s a keto sriracha sauce or an awesome keto bread mix you can bake at home, each product in your subscription is a delight.

Keto Delivered's subscription and delivery service


  • Awesome gift choice for ketogenic loved ones
  • Intriguing products every month
  • Support small companies
  • Gluten-free products
  • A broad range of products included in each box


  • No option to opt out of certain products

3. KetoLogic

  • Best Match For: People who haven’t had success with diet programs, looking to try a ketogenic diet and a weight loss plan supported by evidence.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: US, UK, and South Africa
  • Value: You can purchase individual keto meal replacements, snacks, and other items or one of the Keto 30 bundles for $149.99-$239.99 for starting their Keto 30 Challenge. US shipping is free on all orders over $39.
  • Type: Keto weight loss program

KetoLogic’s popular Keto 30 Challenge promises to kickstart your weight loss and give you the tools you need to continue on the keto diet independently.

Comprising a selection of dietary supplements and KetoLogic's own protein powder, the idea is that you switch one meal a day for a shake and eat low carb for other meals.

If that's not your scene, or you're already successfully eating keto, the company's FBOMB keto snack pack might be.

Featuring delicious and filling nut butter crunches, these keto-friendly snacks are ideal for when you're low on energy and need a quick carb-free pick me up.

Subscribe for more savings and keto food delivered every month.

Ketologic delivery service


  • Structured 30-day keto program or;
  • Monthly keto snack delivery
  • Low-carb snacks that taste great
  • Free keto meal plans and guides
  • Featured in Shape, People, and Women’s Health


  • No pre-made keto meals in the subscription

4. My Keto Snack Box

  • Best match for: ketoers after a dedicated keto snack box.

People who have been on the keto diet for a while know just how hard it can be to find interesting and delicious keto snacks that won't break their diet plan. With My Keto, a selection of unique low-carb snacks are sent to your door every month, each treat comes in at five grams of carb or less per serving, so it's easy to keep track of your macros.

One of the best keto box options for dieters who get bored easily, My Keto Snack Box features new keto snacks each month and each of the subscription boxes contains eight to twelve different snacks. You might even have enough keto-friendly snacks to share... if you're so inclined, of course!

Perfect for yourself or to give as a gift, My Keto's monthly keto box subscription takes the hassle out of snack hunting.

My Keto Snack Box delivery service


  • Snacks have less than five grams of carb per serving
  • Free shipping
  • An affordable monthly keto box subscription
  • New snacks in each box
  • Great gift idea for a keto-diet-loving loved one


  • Boxes sometimes contain items for cooking, which not all customers want

5. DNX

  • Best match for: carnivorous snack bar lovers who want protein plus.

For some, DNX's snack bars might seem a little odd, and these certainly aren't your standard muesli or even protein bars.

Instead of relying on nuts for fats and protein, DNX's bars go down the carnivorous route and are packed to the rafters with chicken, grass-fed beef, and even bison.

The meat is combined with flavors such as jalapeno, peri-peri, and raspberry for a truly unique taste.

You can choose a subscription sampler pack so you get a few of each bar type, or you can stick with your favorite one each month.

The sampler boxes come with 12 bars in 6 different varieties. Besides the bar subscription option, you can also order DNX's mighty meat sticks.

DNX delivery service


  • Free shipping
  • Meat-lovers snacks to end all snacks
  • Monthly subscription boxes
  • One of the best keto bars on the market
  • Gluten-free snacks


  • If you eat a lot of keto snacks each month, order two boxes

6. Keto Krate

  • Best match for: a sweet and savory ketogenic subscription box option.

One of the things we love about Keto Krate is that the subscription service perfectly balances the sweet with the salty and savory, and everyone knows a true snacking session involves both.

Each month your box contains a variety of unique ketogenic snacks that won't break your weight loss goals or your wallet.

Boxes are delivered regularly to your door with free shipping in the US.

Plus, your subscription also unlocks VIP access to the Krate's dedicated snack shop so you can supplement your boxes with more of your favorite treats.

Keto Krate delivery service


  • Box goodies are gluten and maltitol free
  • Your monthly box is sweet and savory for balanced snacking
  • Free shipping 
  • Five grams or less of carbohydrate in each snack serving


  • Some clients note that customer service can be a little slow

7. Kettle & Fire

  • Best match for: ketogenic and macro-balanced bone broths and soups.

Does soup make you swoon?

Or are you chasing the perfect pre-prepared bone broth? 

If so, Kettle & Fire have you covered with their range of soups for the soul and the ketogenic lifestyle.

While boiling bones might not be the hardest job in the world, it is still time-consuming, so if you'd like to outsource your midday meal, Kettle & Fire's subscription box could be the way forward.

Keep an eye out for the turmeric and ginger bone broth, it's a winning winter warmer.

Kettle & Fire delivery service


  • Awesome flavors in the range
  • Soups and bone broths available
  • Makes keto lunches a breeze
  • Monthly box with a variety of flavors chosen by you


  • Soup is the only thing on the menu, for solid snacks, look elsewhere

The Benefits of a Keto Box Subscription

Still on the fence about subscribing to a monthly box? Here are five of the pros we can't get enough of:

  • Access to ketogenic treats you can’t find in stores
  • Having a handy supply of snacks that won’t ruin your ketosis
  • Support small companies who make ketogenic snacks
  • With mixed treat boxes, every box is a surprise
  • Takes all the hassle out of counting macros in homemade treats


What Is the Keto Box?

The Keto Box is a monthly subscription of ketogenic snacks and treats suitable for those who eat a keto diet.

How Do I Cancel My Keto Subscription?

It really depends on which company your subscription is through. Most offer the option to cancel at any time, just get in contact with customer service or cancel your subscription online.

Are There Any Keto Meal Delivery Services?

If snacks aren’t enough to sustain your diet plans, the good news is that there are several excellent choices when it comes to keto meal delivery services. Take a look at our reviews of the best keto meals delivered here.

What Are the Best Subscription Boxes?

When it comes to ketogenic diet box deliveries, we're huge fans of Catalina Crunch and Keto Delivered, read our full reviews of these subscription boxes above.

And Our Fav Keto Subscription Box?

Out of all the subscription boxes we've reviewed, we're handing the top spot to Catalina Crunch, keto oreos are no joke and if you're living a ketogenic lifestyle, you need these in your life to pair with your coffee or tea.

Catalina Crunch's Meal Delivery Service

Catalina Crunch

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Did we mention keto cereal?!
  • Seven delectable cereal flavors to choose from
  • Gluten-free keto snacks
  • No sugar added
  • Vegan-friendly keto smoothies

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