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The Best Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

#2nd Best choice

Wowbox japanese snack delivery service


#3rd Best Choice

Tokyo Treat's japanese snack delivery service

Tokyo Treat

Japan is a country known for its great food. Whether you are already familiar with Japanese culture or you're looking to learn more, a food subscription is a perfect place to begin.

Many of these companies deliver to anywhere in the US, and signing up is as easy as entering your email address. Get a box for yourself or gift a box to someone who needs a smile on their face.

The Top Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes

1. Bokksu (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People wanting to experience a part of Japan’s vibrant culture through authentic Japanese gourmet snacks, candies, and tea pairings from small artisan shops.
  • Commitment Level: Monthly subscription; One-time orders; 3, 6, or 12-month gift boxes
  • Availability: Over 75 countries, including the US
  • Value: $39.95-$49.95/monthly box; Free shipping for subscription boxes; A minimal $4.95 shipping fee for other orders
  • Type: Traditional Japanese ready-to-eat snacks, candies, and premium tea pairings

With Bokksu, you get authentic and high-quality treats from Japan. The company partners with local, family partners so you know their snacks are made with care. Each snack box comes with a tea pairing to bring out the delicious flavors.

You can pick from two box sizes and three plan types: pay monthly, every three months, or annually. Each subscription box follows a theme of something related to Japanese culture, so you can see a different side of Japan every month. Some of the past boxes have been the Otsukimi Moon Festival, Tokyo Summer, Hanami Blossoms, and more.

Your first box will give you a taste of Japan across seasons. The items range from modern to traditional, and some Bokksu treats include handmade Sake Candy, Edamame Senbei, and Matcha Chocolate Stick Cake. Your goodies come with a Culture Guide to tell you the story behind each treat. So, it's perfect for learning more about Japanese snacks!

Read our full review of Bokksu.

Bokksu's japanese unique snacks delivery services


  • New, surprise adventure every month
  • Bokksu online market allows you to buy a-la-carte sweets
  • View the contents of your box via email before it ships
  • Free, worldwide shipping for snack subscription boxes


  • No option to customize your snack box


  • Best Match For: people who have dietary restrictions.

WOWBOX allows you to eat your way through Japan while staying at home. It's a snack experience targeted to students, busy parents, kids, or people who just love snacking.

There are two different snack boxes to choose between. The first one is called the Prefecture Box, and it gives you nine sweets and snacks from Japan's 47 Prefectures. It includes treats made by artisans as well as some souvenirs. Some examples of the content include Corn Chocolate in Caramel, Lemon Cake, Rice Crackers, and Shrimp Cheese Senbei.

The other Japan candy box is a health and beauty option, which features eight additive-free, organic, vegan, and gluten-free snacks. Every month you get different regional snacks, and each item has a description of what it is and where it's from.

Wowbox japanese snack delivery service


  • Snack subscription box options suitable for different diets
  • Easy to send Japanese subscription boxes as a gift to family or friends
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Join rewards program for a special discount code


  • Cannot choose the contents of your WOWBOX

3. Tokyo Treat

  • Best Match For: People who fell in love with Japanese culture and now want to enjoy a curated selection of authentic Japanese snacks, sweets, drinks, and other goodies, delivered straight to their door every month.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Worldwide shipping available
  • Value: You can select a Classic Box for $25 per month or a Premium box that brings you five more items, an anime snack, a Japanese drink, and a party pack for $35 per month. You can also prepay for more months and get a discount. Shipping is $10.50-$12.50, depending on your location.
  • Type: Japanese candy and snacks subscription box

If you want to try Japan's most popular snacks, the Tokyo Treat Box may be the one for you. The brand works with snack box manufacturers to get the best snacks, and they come to your door straight from Japan.

In addition to candies and sweets, you may also get drinks and other goodies. Like Bokksu, Tokyo Treat has themed crates depending on the season. One of their past Japanese candy subscription boxes, a Sakura Party theme, contained mochi chocolate, a sake KitKat, Sankaku crackers, and more.

You can't pick your snacks, but you're guaranteed to get 12 to 17 exclusive, authentic items. Everything in their selection is full-sized, so you're getting more than just samples with a Tokyo Treat subscription. You can view past candy boxes on their website to get an idea of what's in store.

Tokyo Treat's japanese snack delivery service


  • Snacks are cute (some are Anime or Kawaii-themed) and entertaining
  • Get DIY candy kits for a fun activity
  • Each box has an assortment of famous brands
  • Easy to cancel or pause after you subscribe


  • No free shipping

4. Japan Crate

  • Best Match For: People wanting to explore the incredible world of Japan with unique subscription boxes filled with authentic snacks, candy, collectible items, noodles, kawaii items, and other exclusive Japanese products.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Worldwide shipping available
  • Value: You can choose one of the six available crates, ranging from $29-$49.95 per month. Each box brings you something unique, and they all come with free shipping.
  • Type: Japanese candy box subscription

Japan Crate is all about experiencing exclusive, popular Japanese products such as noodles, candy, and beauty. There are four Japan Crate subscription boxes, which allows you to pick something that goes with your style.

The Premium Japan Crate as 18-20 sweets and snacks, a drink, a manga, and a bonus item to add to your collection. Their Doki Doki kawaii box has accessories and adorable plushies. If you're into ramen, then you're looking for the Umai Subscription Box. As the name suggests, that option sends food to your door every month along with special recipes.

They have the best Japanese treats from all over the country. Even better, all of their boxes have different size options to personalize your experience. They curate their product to balance savory and sweet snacks, so you'll surely find something you like.

Japan Crate's japanese snacks delivery service


  • Candy boxes come in three different sizes
  • Use your email address to get sweet deals and rewards
  • View the candy, snacks, and chips in past subscription boxes on the company site
  • Orders ship and arrive quickly to almost anywhere


  • No way to avoid allergens in your Japan box

5. Snakku

  • Best Match For: People looking to explore the world of premium Japanese snacks through expertly curated monthly boxes of goodies you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere outside Japan.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US and internationally
  • Value: Each box contains 20-25 expertly curated Japanese snacks, and it costs $49.85 per month. If you subscribe for 3 or 6 months, you get a small discount. Shipping is free for all boxes.
  • Type: Authentic Japanese snacks

Snakku is a Japanese snack subscription box that provides a hand-picked selection of snacks to your door every month. Each Japan candy box comes wrapped in washi-paper, and the snacks show off the seasons and regions of Japan.

The Signature Snakku Japan box comes with 20-25 Japanese snacks, so you can share with friends and all find a favorite candy. It also contains a postcard with information about the food maker and the item. If you want to give it a try first, you can get their Tasting Japan box, which has 5-7 snacks every month.

Thanks to the Snakku website, you can view the upcoming products to see what kinds of snacks you'll receive. If you're looking for a specific goodie, check out the online shop and add your favorites to your cart. They also ship anywhere!

Snakku's japanese snack delivery service


  • Get a refund if you aren't 100% satisfied
  • Pick your payment plan
  • View upcoming and past candies
  • Free shipping with any subscription box in the US


  • No other extras such as a manga or kawaii box

6. Umami Ninja

  • Best Match For: Japan lovers searching for the biggest Japanese snack box on the market, with a premium selection of curated snacks, candies, foods, and more.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, Qatar, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, UK, US, Vietnam
  • Value: You can buy one of the pre-made Omasake boxes for $60 or pick from a variety of individual items with prices starting at $3.50. Shipping is free in most cases.
  • Type: Ready-to-eat Japanese snacks, sweets, drinks, ready-in-minutes foods, and condiments

Unlike the others, Umami Ninja allows you to easily build your own box if you want to. They have a store full of the best Japanese candy such as pocky, cookies, and more. You can find whatever treats you want and have them come to your door.

You can pick from five Japan candy box options: the Premium subscription, the Chips subscription, the Matcha subscription, the Traditional subscription, and the Spicy subscription. It's easy to find the perfect box for your taste, and some of them feature the best noodles you may ever eat.

Each Japan Candy box changes monthly, and they're big enough to share or last you the whole month. They offer free shipping to the US, and their customer service is easy to reach.

Umami Ninja's japanese snacks delivery service


  • Many options for Japanese snacks
  • All sweets in your subscription box are authentic to Japan
  • Access a cool online community once you subscribe
  • The subscription box has a balance of candies and savory snacks


  • You cannot get a refund on any food you buy

Getting Perks from Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes

A monthly box subscription can get pricey. Even though the cost is well worth it, you may be searching for some kind of coupon or deal for your box. Fortunately, there are several ways to get a free or discounted box. Some of these ways include:

  • Sign up for the rewards program using your email
  • Contact customer service about becoming a brand ambassador
  • Follow the brand on social media to find links to special deals
  • Ask a friend to gift you a box of Japanese candy

Some companies offer special discounts on the cost of your initial box, so look out for those opportunities in your inbox!


What is the best Japanese candy subscription box?

Our top pick for a Japanese subscription box is Bokksu. You get a beautifully curated Japanese candy box to your door monthly, and nothing is better than that! The customer reviews for Bokksu are positive, and subscribers love the monthly themes related to Japan. Lastly, you can re-order any favorite product via their online market.

What is the best Japanese subscription box?

The best overall subscription box depends on your preferences. Some options offer more than Japanese snacks and candies. For example, you can get manga comics or a kawaii box from Japan Crate if you desire more than food.

Other box subscription options even include origami or Hello Kitty collectibles. If you're looking for a subscription that allows you to try the top, tasty foods from Japan, Bokksu is a great place to start.

What is the most popular candy in Japan?

Japan is known for having amazing candy. Depending on the region, expert snackers may disagree about which is the most popular. However, Pocky is a Japanese staple that has become iconic all over the globe.

How can I get a free Tokyo Treat box?

You can get a free box if you have an eligible social media account and want to review the product. Simply contact the company's customer service team with links to your blog or YouTube channel. If you have a popular platform, they may send you a free box to try.

In Review - Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes

There are tons of options out there for finding Japanese authentic candy, and it all starts with you. Our top pick is a box that is full of pleasant surprises. They are transparent about the origins of their products, and everything is of the highest quality.

Once you get started with a small box of Japanese sweets, you'll wish your subscription was more frequent.

Bokksu's japanese unique snacks delivery services


Our #1 Recommendation

  • New, surprise adventure every month
  • Bokksu online market allows you to buy a-la-carte sweets
  • View the contents of your box via email before it ships
  • Free, worldwide shipping for snack subscription boxes

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