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5 Best Indian Meal Delivery Services in 2023

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

The Cumin Club delivery service

The Cumin Club

#2nd Best choice

Indian Meal Kit delivery service

Indian Meal Kit

#3rd Best Choice

Takeout Kit Indian delivery service

Indian Meal Kit

Indian cuisine is so amazing, and you can make it at home with time and practice! 

However, it can be both tricky and pricey to locate specialty ingredients – especially if you’re not sure what your go-to meals are going to be just yet. 

That’s why many people are trying out meal delivery services that send amazing Indian meals straight to your doorstep! 

While this service is relatively new, there are already many competitors out there. That’s why I’ve rounded up all of my favorites in this article! 

I’ll let you know everything you need to know to select the Indian meal delivery service that’s right for you, including: 

  • The selection process
  • Overviews of each service
  • Pricing options 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Menu Items that are available
  • Pros and Cons of each service.

Let’s dive in!

How We Selected the Best Indian Meal Delivery Service?

There are a lot of services out there, so it was pretty tough to narrow it down to a manageable list. However, there were a few factors I looked into when choosing my top five:

  • Good Food: These subscription services all offer excellent, delicious meals that are sure to hit the spot (and it’s not just me that thinks so – I made sure they were all well-reviewed!) 
  • Good Pricing: These subscription services are targeted for the everyday consumer and are gentle on the wallet, though they might be spicy on the tongue!  
  • Good Service: No harsh contracts or misleading pricing schemes here.

While there’s variety between the services themselves (meaning some may be better suited to you than others), they all have these factors guaranteed!

Top Indian Meal Delivery Services

1. The Cumin Club (Editor's Choice)

The Cumin Club offers authentic Indian meals that you can prepare in just five minutes! 

They offer vegetarian meals from regions all over India; all you need to do is add hot water, and you’re ready to go.

The Cumin Club delivery service

Menu Items

The Cumin Club offers a plethora of different meal types and customization options! 

What The Cumin Club Offers

Types of Dish 

Dietary Restrictions

Equipment Restrictions 

Spice level 




Can be made in the microwave

Very Mild



Gluten Free




No Peanuts

Doesn’t require crockpot 



All day eats

No Tree Nuts



One Pot

No Soy



High Protein






Pricing Plans 

Number of Meals 


Price per Meal










You can choose to get meals delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on what you prefer, with no change in pricing. You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time.


  • Many different meal options
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Weekly delivery available
  • Long shelf life
  • Wide availability


  • No meat options
  • Meals have been freeze-dried

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this service especially from students, busy professionals, and others with an on-the-go lifestyle! 

While some complain that they don’t taste quite like fresh curries, they do come together really quickly and last for a long time while still having an amazing flavor and authentic taste.

2. Indian Meal Kit

Indian Meal Kit delivery service

If you want to do a little more cooking (but none of the shopping), this kit is an excellent option! 

It comes with pre-cut veggies as well as pre-measured spices, rice, bread, and cooking instructions.

Menu Items

Indian Meal Kit features a mixed menu that changes every ten weeks. 

Their current meal is Aloo Gobi, and upcoming foods include Chana Masala, Nav-Ratan Korma, and Tofu Coconut Curry. You can get them individually, or subscribe to a meal plan! 

Indian Meal Kit Plans



Price per Serving


4P Regional




WI, MN, IA and IL

2P Regional




WI, MN, IA and IL

4P Local




Minneapolis & Saint Paul

2P Local 




Minneapolis & Saint Paul


  • Fresh and amazing meals
  • Rotating menu
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Great value


  • Longer cook time
  • Limited choice in meals
  • Only available in some regions

Customers on their Facebook page rave about how easy these meals are to prepare, the fresh and authentic tasting food, as well as the generous portion sizes!

3. Takeout Kit

Takeout Kit features recipes from around the globe, including many amazing Indian options. 

Rather than selling made-up meal kits, they provide Amazon lists of everything you’ll need to make your meal.

Takeout Kit Indian delivery service

Menu Items

Currently, they are offering Butter Masala and Chana Masala as their Indian specials. 

Prices may vary based on which ingredients you need and what you already have, but many you’ll only need to buy once.


  • Lots of variety from many different cuisines
  • Cook your favorite takeaway meals from scratch and grow your skills
  • Free recipes
  • No commitment or subscription


  • Not a comprehensive meal kit
  • Limited Indian options.

Customer reviews

Takeout Kit is vry popular among budding chefs. One reviewer even said they love getting Takeout Kit as a fun date night idea!

4. Seeti

Seeti offers amazing sauces and premade meal kits, all at under 400 calories per serving! 

Menu Items

In their nationwide store, sauces like Palak Paneer, Lamb Curry, and Butter Chicken are available for $11.99 for one (four servings) or $29.99 for three (twelve servings). 

They also have a range of heat-and-eat meals available in the Bay Area and the greater West Coast.


  • Super healthy and very delicious
  • Choose if you want meat, vegetarian, or vegan
  • Great pricing


  • You need to add your own proteins and sides for some of the sauces
  • Limited region for the full range of products

Customer reviews

Reviews are very positive, especially for Bay Area customers. People love being able to enjoy the hearty indulgence of Indian food without the high-calorie count!

5. Inner Flame Kitchen

Inner Flame Kitchen gives you all the tools you need to create healthy and authentic meals at home! They focus on spice kits and ingredients, as well as offering free recipes.

Inner Flame Kitchen delivery service

Menu Items

You can get most of their spice mixes for around twenty dollars, and they’ll last you a long time! They also offer cleanse kits and superfoods.


  • Cheap prices
  • No subscription or commitment.


  • Does not offer full meals
  • Limited product range

Customer reviews

People love how easy it is to make authentic tasting Indian food at home using these kits and spice mixes!

At-a-Glance Comparison of the Top 5 Indian Meal Delivery Services 

Here’s a quick look at all the most crucial information!


Price per Meal 

Menu variety

Delivery area

Special dietary restrictions

Customer reviews

The Cumin Club

$4 to $5 


US, CA, and IN


Positive, though some don’t like the freeze dried aspect 

Indian Meal Kit

$9 to $10

Limited but cycles 

Restricted to WI, MN, IA and IL

All meals are vegetarian, but limited customizability 

Really good, people like the ease of preparation and the fresh food 

Takeout Kit


Lots, but not only Indian meals 


Yes, and can sub out ingredients 

Positive, especially among those who love to cook


$3 but you have to be extra ingredients 


Some products across US, some restricted to West Coast 

Yes, and good customizability 

Positive, especially among locals and the health conscious 

Inner Flame Kitchen

Unclear, around $20 more a large spice mix 


Across US

All products are vegan and health conscious 

Great more those looking to cook authentic tasting Indian food at home 


Food For Thought

Cooking services can make your days and weeks run more smoothly while still giving you that quality, fresh food you crave at mealtime. All of these delivery services can give you the foods you've been searching for, but if we were able to recommend only one, it would have to be The Cumin Club.

We love the variety of plans and the available food options. With a longer shelf life and quick cooking time, they're a perfect complement to a busy lifestyle. The lower price point for purchasing more meals upfront is just the icing on the cake.

If you don't really like spicy food but enjoy tasting Indian staples, then go for a Takeout Kit where you can customize spice levels.

Indian meal kits will save you plenty of time cooking and will feed you and your partner, while others offer dishes enough for the whole family.

The Cumin Club delivery service

The Cumin Club

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Different meals and meal plans to choose from
  • Free shipping
  • Weekly delivery available
  • Meal shelf life is 5-20 weeks
  • Food is pre-prepared and perfect for on-the-go lifestyles

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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