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January 11, 2021

What are the Best Hot Sauce Subscription Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

#2nd Best choice

Fuego Box delivery service

Fuego Box

#3rd Best Choice

Heatonist delivery service


If you like to bring the heat in the kitchen, then you know that quality hot sauce is hard to find. Fortunately, any hot sauce lover can now take advantage of one of many hot sauce subscription boxes. These boxes allow you to ramp up the flavor when you're grilling, frying, or just seasoning food.

The best hot sauce subscription boxes send you top-tier products right to your door every month. Even if you don't want sauces that are too spicy, you can subscribe to subscription boxes that feature mild sauces. All you have to do to get started is enter your email address.

We reviewed the best hot sauce subscriptions so you can find the perfect subscription box to order or send as a gift. Change your life with a thing as simple as a craft bottle of the best hot sauce.

Top Hot Sauce Subscription Services

1 - Hot Sauce of the Month Club with Cratejoy (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People looking for a marketplace where they’ll be able to find a gift subscription box for every occasion, person, interest, or hobby.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription; One-time purchase
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $2.08-$199.99/month; Additional shipping fees depending on the location
  • Type: A unique marketplace for gifts and subscription boxes.

The Hot Sauce of the Month Club is exactly what you would expect, given the name. You get three award-winning, artisan hot sauces on your doorstep every month. Heat Hot Sauce of the Month Club allows you to choose your heat level, so you don't have to set your mouth on fire if you're not ready.

Some of the perks of membership include free shipping on more than 400 hot sauces and exclusive access to new releases. Each subscription box comes with tasting note cards to help you pick out the flavors in your sauces. Additionally, Heat Hot Sauce Club members get special bonus items in their first box.

You can make a one-time purchase if you don't want to subscribe. However, the fun part of their subscription shipments is getting surprise bottles monthly. When you sign up for the hot sauce subscription club, you can select how often you want your sauces, how many, and the spice level.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club delivery service


  • Choose the quantity and frequency of your hot sauce club order
  • Select from heat levels mild, classic, or extra hot
  • Add a la carte hot sauces from the company
  • Ships outside of the United States, including Heat Hot Sauce of the Month Club Canada


  • Can only pick one or three bottles per month

2 - Fuego Box

Best match for people looking for something unique for the dinner table.

Fuego Box ships selections of one to three hot sauces to your door every 30 or 90 days. The goal of the company is to never give out gimmicky sauces, but sauces that are full of flavor and pack a punch on your tastebuds. They provide expertly crafted, small-batch bottles of hot sauce.

You can't choose which hot sauces go in your Fuego box, but you can pick from different heat levels. Their Sauce Lover box has a mild to hot spice level, and the Pain Seeker box is extra hot. Those hot sauce club subscription boxes some with free shipping in the US.

If you want to give the product a try, you can get the sample box, which ships with just one bottle. Your first subscription box comes with a mini tasting notebook so that you can record your thoughts about each selection.

Fuego Box delivery service


  • Get your goods within 7 days of a subscription box purchase
  • Cancel your hot sauce club membership any time
  • Plenty of well-packaged gift boxes with great reviews
  • Wide variety of products chosen via tasting parties


  • Not for anyone who is picky with their condiments

3 - Heatonist

Best match for a person who isn't afraid of some heat.

These hot sauce subscription boxes are inspired by the game show Hot Ones on truTV. In the show, anyone can compete to hande the heat of different hot wings for the opportunity to win thousands of dollars. The Hot Ones subscription box allows you to participate in the challenge every season.

Every month, you get three sauces with different heat levels. As a member of the Hot Ones best hot sauce subscription club, you also get a chance to be part of the show. You can try the collection of hot sauces from every season as well as get exclusive sauces.

If you're looking for a specific bottle, you can browse the online shop on the company site. They feature hundreds of sauces and packages that you can order without a membership. In addition to hot sauce bottles, you can buy their original game, "Truth or Dab."

Heatonist delivery service


  • Get limited edition hot sauces from the popular TV show
  • Ships hot sauce subscription Canada, US, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Can skip a month or cancel your hot sauce subscription box any time
  • Add extra bottles to any subscription box shipment


  • No way to customize your subscription box selection

How Hot is Too Hot?

If you aren't an expert on the best hot sauce, you may be wondering: how do I know what I can handle? You don't want to take your bottle out of your subscription box and find that you can't use it. One way you can tell is by finding the Scoville scale number for the ingredients of the sauce in the subscription box.

The Scoville scale measures the amount of capsaicin, which is what makes something taste spicy. For example, a sweet pepper gets a zero on this scale, while a jalapeno pepper can range from 2,500 - 5,000 units. The Carolina Reapers chili, one of the hottest things in the globe, comes in at 3.18 million units.

Tasting Hot Sauces

Like in any food market, tasting hot sauce is an art form. When you subscribe to the Heat Hot Sauce club or any other subscription boxes, you want to give your sauces the attention they deserve. There are many ways to try your product, but here are some tips to taste like a pro or hold a tasting event with friends:


Once you get your hot sauce subscription box, you want to set out some small cups of each of the hot sauces. If you don't want your friends to be swayed by the name or brand, you can hide the bottles.


Decide how you want to consume the hot sauces. You may want to do one round of tasting with just the sauce, and then subsequent rounds with snacks. Some ideas for foods include crackers or small cubes of meat. Remember, you don't want to eat a big spoonful.


Make sure you try all of the hot sauces the same way. Sometimes, condiments can taste differently with different foods. Also, decide how you will review each sauce. With you make notes of the flavor profile or just mark a simple yes or no?

Palate Cleansing

You don't want to exhaust your taste buds, so have some form of palate-cleansing available. You and your friends may appreciate having a choice of sour cream or milk at hand.


What is the hottest hot sauce in the world?

The hottest hot sauce in the world goes by the name Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium. It has a score of nine million on the Scoville scale of measurement, and you should never put it directly in your mouth.

Coming in at a ranking of two is The Source Hot Sauce, which has a Scoville measurement of 7.1 million units.

How do you do the Sauce of the Month Club?

It's easy to subscribe to Heat Hot Sauce Club subscription boxes. Follow the links on the website and get to a page to choose your plan. You can choose your quantity of bottles, your shipping frequency, and your payment plan. After you review everything, click "choose" to get to the checkout page.

Enter your email address to subscribe, and then wait for your Heat hot sauce club subscription to arrive. Heat Hot Sauce Club ships boxes to the US, UK, and elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Heat Hot Sauce Club is our top pick for the best hot sauce subscription. The craft collection comes from Heat Hot Sauce Shop in Berkeley, where the owners have a long list of goods available for tasting. Their subscription boxes ship quickly, and they've won awards for their phenomenal hot sauce subscription boxes.

The Heat hot sauce subscription has something for everyone in their hot sauce subscription boxes, as you can choose your level of heat. They can also meet specific shipping needs if necessary.

If you're into condiments, you have a chance to get craft hot sauces from the best companies right to your door. Take your wings to another level and impress your dinner guests. Make sure you read the description for every item so that you don't set your mouth ablaze.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club delivery service

Hot Sauce of the Month Club with Cratejoy

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Choose the quantity and frequency of your hot sauce club order
  • Select from heat levels mild, classic, or extra hot
  • Add a la carte hot sauces from the company
  • Ships outside of the United States, including Heat Hot Sauce of the Month Club Canada

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