Best Hot Sauce Subscription Services in 2024

Written By: Paul

Best Hot Sauce Subscription Services

So, you’re a hot sauce lover looking to spice up your life!

You’ve heard of meal subscription services – but have you heard of hot sauce subscription boxes? They’re the new best thing for lovers of all things spicy. 

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the best hot sauce subscription available in the US. 

We’ll cover what you can expect from your subscriptions, and review the very best subscription available on the market. Let’s get into it!

Top Hot Sauce Subscription Services

If you’re ready to enter the hot sauce of the month club, you’ll love these hot sauce subscription services!

Each subscription brings its own flair and delivers some of the best hot sauces in the world right to your door. 

We’ll review the most popular hot sauce subscriptions, and give you a full rundown so you can decide which is best for yourself!


  • Price Range: $2.08-$199.99/month
  • Hot Sauce Variety: Diverse selection with mild to extra hot+ options 
  • Best-Sellers: Sauce Lover: 3 hot sauce shipped every 30 or 90 days 
  • Delivery: $5 shipping every 30 or 90 days. Ships in the US and international 
  • Subscription Options: Monthly subscription, 3 monthly or one-time purchase
  • Pros: Exciting variety, curated selections, convenient delivery
  • Cons: Some may find the pricing on the higher side
  • Best For: Hot sauce enthusiasts or people looking for gifts 
  • Overall Rating: 9/10 
  • Website

Why We Picked: 

Fuego Box is unlike any other hot sauce subscription service. 

They specialize in offering a large variety of hot sauces, from mild to extra hot+!

Their detail in packaging makes them a popular option for people looking to send that hot sauce lover in their life a surprise gift.

 They are best suited to people looking for quality, small batch hot sauces. Fuego box also offers a lot of flexibility by allowing you to cancel or skip shipments wherever you like – no gimmicks here!


  • Price Range: $2.08-$199.99/month
  • Hot Sauce Variety: Diverse and selection with various styles and flavors 
  • Best-Sellers: Los Calientes Grill Pack 
  • Delivery: $6 USA, $25 Canada for each box 
  • Subscription Options: Monthly subscription or one-time purchase
  • Pros: Exciting variety, curated selections, available also in minis 
  • Cons: Some may find the pricing on the higher side
  • Best For: People looking to try something different or tasters
  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Wesbite

Why We Picked:

The Heastonist is inspired by the game show Hot Ones on truTV. 

The Hot Ones subscription box allows you to participate in the challenge every season, giving it a unique edge over other subtraction services. 

Every month, you get three sauces with different heat levels – helping you delve into different flavors you may not usually try. 

They also feature hundreds of sauces and packages that you can order without a membership!

Heat Hot Sauce 

  • Price Range: $14-$29.99 
  • Hot Sauce Variety: 700 varieties audible with different intensities, also offers gluten-free and vegan options 
  • Best-Sellers: The 7o8 
  • Delivery: Free shipping for subscriptions 
  • Subscription Options: Monthly subscription or one-time purchase
  • Pros: Affordable pricing, diverse hot sauce options, gluten-free and vegan options 
  • Cons: No mini-sized available 
  • Best For: Hot sauce enthusiasts on a budget seeking variety
  • Overall Rating: 8/10.
  • Website

Why We Picked: 

Heat Hot Sauce stands out for its affordability, as well as its extensive range of (700) hot sauces! 

They also offer free shipping on all subscription boxes, which is one of the few companies we have seen to do this. 

The 7o8, their most popular hot sauce, is known for its blend of sweet citrus and pineapple, with a Trinidad of 7 Pot peppers. Their bestseller is also available in different levels of spiciness, which we absolutely love!

Devil Daves 

  • Price Range: – $8- $12
  • Hot Sauce Variety – large variety of very spicy hot sauces, plus classics 
  • Best-Sellers – Mystery Hot Sauce subscription- for those who love surprises 
  • Delivery – $3
  • Subscription Options – Monthly or Bimonthly 
  • Pros – Budget-friendly, huge variety of very spicy sauces 
  • Cons  – Slightly smaller selection 
  • Best For – People who love to dial up their spice, and are looking for a budget-friendly option 
  • Overall Rating – 7/10
  • Website

Why We Picked: 

Devil Daves is one of our favorites on this list, all thanks to their Mystery Hot Sauce subscription. 

This unique idea allows you to subscribe to – well, you don’t quite know! You’ll receive a new and exciting hot sauce to try either each month (or once every two months) and you’ll never know what you’re getting. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive one of their award-winning hot sauces-, or even their bravado Miso Ghost which featured on Hot Ones!

Fat Cat Gourmet Hot Sauces 

  • Price Range: – $23- $36.99
  • Hot Sauce Variety –Decent variety of sauces and heat levels 
  • Best-Sellers – 3-bottle custom gift box, bacon flavored sriracha chili garlic sauce 
  • Delivery – free over $50 spent or $7.99 
  • Subscription Options – Manual only 
  • Pros: Prioritizes flavor profiles other than heat, free shipping, customizable boxes 
  • Cons – Slightly smaller selection, need to order manually 
  • Best For – Bets for people looking for flavor, not just heat 
  • Overall Rating – 7/10
  • Website

Why We Picked: 

Fat Cat is made by real foodies with a passion for great cuisine. Their hot sauces are great for those chili lovers with a refined palate. 

Fat Cat prioritizes other flavors in their hot sauce – not just heat. Their “goal is to use flavor and heat as complements so that we can provide unique, exotic, tasty twists to food” – and we think they’ve done just that. 

They also have many budget-friendly options and offer free shipping with minimum spend, which is great for those looking to buy a gift for a loved one (or one’s self) without breaking the bank! 

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