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September 6, 2020

What are the Best Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you celiac, or just wanna save your intestines from the harsh treatment of gluten? Then a gluten-free subscription box is a good idea that can save you some stomach ache. Here, we've listed our selection of 9 top picks of subscription boxes delivering an assortment of foods and goods guaranteed free from gluten. Check out these gluten-free weekly or monthly subscription boxes to surprise yourself with delicious, nutritious products making every day feel like Friday. Let's go!

Overview of Best Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services

1 - Freshly (Editor's Choice)

Best match for: Those who want a gluten-free subscription to substitute some meals, and still spend some time sharpening their kitchen skills.

Freshly offers subscription boxes with gluten-free goodies – delivered directly to your doorstep.

Their concept is simple: choose between four and 12 meals per week for your subscription, then heat and eat in less than 3 minutes.

Freshly has swapped sugars and processed foods for nutrients and, as they called it, "sneaky veggies" – probably because they're so yummy you'd mistake them for junk food.

Freshly's Meal Delivery Service


  • Certified gluten-free subscription boxes by Gluten Intolerance Group
  • Old, gluten-heavy favorites in gluten-free guise
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging for your subscription box
  • Wellness Experts helping you find the right diet


  • No breakfasts, snacks, or vegan meal delivery

2 - Sun Basket

Best match for: People who want to subscribe to the whole package – gluten-free, healthy, balanced, and still cook at times.

Sun Basket offers meal kits subscription boxes with meal plan, recipes, and ingredients ready for you to flex your cooking skills! Subscription boxes contain ingredients free from gluten, 100% organic, and clean with lots of flavor and no preservatives.

Their boxes are perfectly portioned, and any animal ingredients are responsibly sourced. Recipes in the subscription boxes are easy to follow and approved by a dietitian – simply cook, and dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes!

Sun Basket cares about quality – their hand-selected, organic ingredients in the subscription box let you prepare delicious dishes free from gluten.

Each meal comes with a recipe. Reconnect to the joy in cooking with this conscious meal subscription company, without the need to care about things like grocery shopping, planning, and inspiration!

Sun Basket's Meal Delivery Program


  • Subscription box comes with homemade sauces you can't find elsewhere
  • 100% Mouthwatering Guarantee – money back if you're not happy
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable and compostable
  • Dietitian-approved, nutrient-dense dishes – more nutrition per serving


  • No vegan meal deliveries

3 - Snap Kitchen

Best match for: Anyone with interest in swapping heavy foods for healthy products.

In America, the diet is centered around gluten-loaded food, making it hard to find suitable alternatives. This is something that Snap Kitchen wants to change with their subscription boxes suitable for a gluten-free diet, delivered directly to your door.

Get your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sweets without having to look twice at the labels!

Restrictions have never tasted this good. Plus, they cater to a variety of lifestyle choices such as keto and paleo.

Snap Kitchen's Meal Delivery Service


  • Weekly subscription box with all your favorites in gluten-free form
  • Tailor for diets like low carb, keto, paleo, and vegetarian
  • Meals prepared by foodies, chefs, and nutritious
  • Shipping of subscription box is always free


  • No vegan subscriptions

4 - Home Bistro

Best match for: Someone with love for products free from gluten who cheers the freedom of irregular orders over the simplicity of a subscription box.

Looking for restaurant-quality, fresh meal adapted for a gluten-free diet delivered directly to your door? The subscription boxes from Home Bistro tick all those boxes!

Home Bistro does not offer monthly boxes for a gluten-free diet. Rather, it lets you order at your convenience – be it every month, every week, or from time to time.

Note that all their dishes aren't free from gluten. On their site, simply search for gluten-free, and you'll get a list of options.

Home Bistro's Meal Delivery Program


  • No subscription – freedom to order whenever you feel
  • Get bundles of up to 20 meals suitable for your diet
  • Quick shipping – 1-3 business days
  • Possibility to pay in multiple installments


  • No breakfast items

5 - Purple Carrot

Best match for: Team kale looking for the benefits of gluten-free, vegan delivered meals.

Purple Carrot offers a convenient way of cooking for a vegan and naturally gluten-free diet with home delivery of their subscription boxes every month or week.

The flavors are influenced by different cuisines, such as kimchi tofu stew, Italian pastas, or Spanish specialties, allowing you to travel the world without going outside!

As you can probably tell by the name, Gluten-Free is their box with gluten-free options.

In addition, the packaging of every box can be recycled – so that your box treats mama nature as good as it treats your body.

Purple Carrot's Meal Delivery Service


  • Every meal is vegan and suits a gluten-free diet
  • Ingredients are organic and non-GMO whenever possible
  • Quick options for the busy and health-conscious
  • Labeled ingredients and recipes included in the box


  • Snacks change regularly

6 - Fresh N Lean

Best match for: The clean eater who cares about quality and doesn't wanna choose between healthy and tasty.

Fresh N Lean's approach offers boxes for a gluten-free diet with fresh ingredients on the menu.

Order clean, gluten-free, delicious meals in packages of three meals per day.

The ready to eat meals are made by vegans for vegans and only use organic produce. Fresh N Lean emphasizes health and taste, with the mission to make whole foods the new fast food.

The production is sustainable so that both you and the planet stay satisfied!

You can choose between the standard vegan menu and a low carb option. Meals can also be ordered a la carte.

Delivery is free all over the country, and you can notify by Monday the same week to skip a week.

Fresh N’ Lean's Meal Delivery Service


  • No delivery fee within the US
  • Choice between standard and low-carb vegan menu
  • Option to order only lunch or a la carte
  • No commitment – cancel anytime


  • Change to biweekly requires calling them

7 - BistroMD

Best match for: Those who wanna adopt a sound lifestyle based upon research, and don't have the time and knowledge.

Looking for delivery of meals suitable for a gluten-free diet that helps you eat clean and stay lean without counting calories? Bistro MD offers nutritionally and scientifically balanced meals with 20+ grams of protein.

Subscribers can enjoy either a customized dietitian-made full program tailored to your needs, with all weekly meals or lunches and dinners five to seven days a week.

Add a snack box to keep the blood sugar balance stable between meals.

bistroMD's Meal Delivery Service


  • Doctor-designed, chef-prepared menus with fewer calories per meal
  • Founded by a physician – every meal is science-based
  • Sustainable, holistic approach far from fad diets
  • Possibility to add gluten-free snacks to every meal box


  • No vegetarian or vegan options

8 - Factor_

Best match for: The health-conscious consumer wanting the best monthly or weekly fresh, unprocessed products.

Factor_ offers gluten-free meal delivery with a minimal amount of highly processed ingredients.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes make up the basis for your weekly or monthly subscription box.

Go from glutenous to nutritious with innovative gluten-free food solutions and substitutes, such as almond flour, butternut squash, and shredded cauliflower.

You can also customize your order for common food allergies. Factor_ lets you add more fiber to your day!

Factor's Meal Delivery Service


  • Nutrition coaching programs for extra support and accountability
  • Fresh, ready-to-eat meals – simply reheat and eat
  • Every meal is without refined sugar
  • Choose number of meals – no commitment


  • No family portions

9 - Balance by BistroMD

Best match for: Healthy eaters looking to get their favorite treats free from gluten every month or week.

Balance by Bistro MD marries delicious flavors and gluten-free ingredients in their subscription boxes.

Select between over 90 meals to help treat metabolic dysfunction and keep your digestive health on top.

Since skin problems are often related to gut health, ordering from Balance by Bistro MD can make your complexion glowing by providing you balanced food packed with vitamins and minerals.

It can also reduce inflammation and increase well-being.

The products in the subscription boxes are free from trans fat and MSG, are shelf-stable and, never freeze-dried.

Balance by BistroMD's Meal Delivery Service


  • No minimum order for delivery
  • Possibility to add high-protein snack boxes to your subscription
  • Business practices causing minimal environmental impact
  • Lower in calories, higher in proteins than most subscription boxes


  • No meal delivery to Alaska or Hawaii

What is the best subscription boxes for gluten-free products every month or week?

There are a variety of boxes and products available, as well as companies offering meal plans and meal delivery services specially tailored to a gluten-free diet. We chose Freshly as offering the best subscription boxes since they have fully gluten-free food subscription boxes – meaning no nasty surprises from forgetting to read the labels. Get meal delivery to your door every month or week!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does HelloFresh have gluten-free meals?

Yes, they do have some gluten-free meal options on their menu. However, they don't offer specific boxes suitable for a gluten-free diet – it's up to the customers to check for allergens.

Which meal delivery service is best for gluten-free?

Freshly offers meal delivery suitable for a gluten-free diet. Their concept is easy to understand, and they offer your favorite, glutenous meals in gluten-free form, packed with vegetables for freshness and nutrition bonus points. For more information, check their website!

Does Blue Apron have gluten-free?

No, Blue Apron does not offer gluten-free meal delivery.

Does Nutrisystem have gluten-free meals?

No, Nutrisystem does not offer gluten-free meal delivery. Instead, we encourage you to check out the amazing companies in this article!


You don't have to choose between delicious, nutritious food or following a gluten-free diet. Get the best from two worlds by signing up for a weekly gluten-free diet box, or start with box delivery every month. Say no to wheat and yes to reheat and eat with a subscription of a gluten-free box, saving precious time and energy you can use for something you love. Thanks to these brands, eating and shop for gluten-free with a without leaving your house has become a simple solution – and possibly the best thing since (gluten-free) sliced bread!

Freshly's Meal Delivery Service


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Certified gluten-free subscription boxes by Gluten Intolerance Group
  • Old, gluten-heavy favorites in gluten-free guise
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging for your subscription box
  • Wellness Experts helping you find the right diet
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October

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