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January 14, 2021

What are the Best Food Gift Baskets?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

With all respect to the standard flowers and chocolates – getting a gift box or basket filled with unique and unusual goodies lands a little higher on the excit-o-meter. Use the expertise and extensive knowledge of these companies for a gift beyond the ordinary that ends up being adored instead of ignored!

We've looked into 16 companies offering gift baskets that make the perfect housewarming gift, birthday surprise, or as a great gift to express your appreciation. Maybe to that neighbor or colleague who's always there to help?

Let's dive into the most sought-after gift baskets!

Our Top Food Gift Baskets

1 - Mouth

Best match for: Finding the ultimate gift for the one who has it all.

With Mouth, giving that ideal gift is a piece of cake. Compose your own gift basket – choose from a wide selection of gourmet products and delicacies from all over the globe! Sweet, salty, tangy, or picante? Mouth is your one-stop shop to literally satisfy all tastes! Or leave it to the hands of the experts and opt for a curated gift basket.

Examples of their products are charcuteries, premium chocolates, cheeses, cookies, and jams. Fill the glasses with home-made drinks from one of their cocktail kits. Your recipient doesn't even need to have glasses at home – besides edible goodies, you find a curated selection of crafted barware.

And if you have a hard time choosing (we totally get you!), check out the sections Top 10 Gifts, Staff Picks, and The Curated Cabinet.

You also have the freedom to choose between a one-time gift basket or signing up for a subscription of 3, 6, or 12 months, or of indefinite length.

Take a closer look at Mouth with our full review.

Mouth Gift Basket delivery service


  • Buy a one-time basket or subscribe – you choose
  • Overnight shipping possible
  • Earn MouthBite points to redeem for rewards and discounts
  • Ships to all 50 states


  • No free shipping

2 - Goldbelly

Best match for: The (com)passionate foodie wanting to support small businesses in the food industry.

Goldbelly has created a platform for small food providers and foodies to come together and share the love for really good food. This is the best gift basket to support small businesses across the country. You'll find local stores and restaurants and family-owned businesses far from the anonymous megabrands at the supermarket!

Goldbelly embraces the fact that food is more than just nourishment for your body. Food has an emotional value and is a way to connect and bond with other people. Their mission is to bring people comfort through food.

You find everything you can dream of and more. Feeling for sweets, deli, the best pizzas around, meats and BBQ, seafood, or snacks? One thing is for sure – this platform won't leave you hungry!

Their gift baskets let you choose the recipient's favorite craving – such as pizza, pies, or sweets – and gift them a monthly subscription straight from the top suppliers all over the country to their door.

If you wanna unleash your inner home chef, Goldbelly also offers meal kits.

Take a closer look at Goldbelly with our full review.

Goldbelly Gift Basket delivery service


  • Supports small businesses all over the US
  • Shop by region, restaurant, or food type
  • Virtually all types of food subscriptions you can imagine
  • Gluten-free and vegan options


  • Not possible to buy a single gift box

3 - Gourmet Gift Basket

Best match for: Specific occasions such as a spa wine night, a board games night, or a theme party celebrating the '80s.

As the name suggests, Gourmet Gift Basket lets you choose between different kinds of gift baskets with one thing in common: extravaganza.

Here, you'll find gift baskets beyond the ordinary. How about a birthday box, the Back to the '80s gift box, a microbrew beer bucket gift basket, or a colorful box full of fruits and veggies from the farmer's market? One thing is for sure – Gourmet Gift Basket only uses high-quality ingredients that let you embark on a taste journey.

To facilitate your life, Gourmet Gift Basket has one of the best filter systems online to sort their many baskets by type. Want a box for a special occasion, such as Christmas or Father's Day? A corporate gift or a basket to say thank you? We specifically fancy the champagne baskets and the baskets with chocolate-covered baked goods (because... chocolate!). You can also filter by brand, price range, or recipient. 

Gourmet Gift Basket delivery service


  • Smart filters to find your perfect gift box faster
  • Free shipping on some boxes
  • Extraordinary boxes like Spa Wine or Back to the '80s
  • Healthy and gluten-free options


  • No possibility to filter for allergies or diets D

4 - Di Bruno Bros

Best match for: That ultimate corporate gift that will put a smile on the face of your CEO.

Di Bruno Bros was founded back in 1939, so these guys know their things! They specialize in corporate gifts with a personal touch. You can even put your company's branding on the gift baskets to make them even more customized!

Di Bruno Bros are especially passionate about cheese. You can find an entire universe of cheeses, and part of their team consists of Certified Cheese Professionals. This is the go-to place for a cheesy touch to your aperitivos!

Di Bruno Bros accepts orders for future dates. Register as a corporate client to get discounted rates. You can also order a monthly subscription for yourself.

Another fun feature is that you can organize virtual happy hours and cheese pairings! Perfect for connecting coworkers living in different parts of the country (or world). This event is also available for private clients – a great way of spicing up that regular Zoom call and uniting with family members all over.

Di Bruno Bros Gift Basket delivery service


  • Personalized, branded corporate gift baskets
  • Expertise in cheese
  • Monthly club of 4, 8, or 12 months
  • Fun events like virtual happy hours and cheese pairings


  • Not vegan-friendly

5 - Harry & David

Best match for: The one who want lots of options or a gift basket for the vegan or gluten-intolerant.

Harry & David has been in the gourmet food industry since 1934. They offer a wide variety of gift baskets – aside from meals, you find food baskets containing fruits, pantry items like sauces and jams, popcorn, chocolate, and wine. You can also order a gift basket with flowers, towels and aprons, and special occasion gifts. Baskets for special diets and allergies are part of their menu: how about vegan, organic, kosher, gluten-free, or without sugar?

Pick a one-time gift basket or opt for a monthly subscription giving the recipient months of amazing food moments! Harry & David has a lot of sweet and savory delights to choose between. They also offer meal kits – we think the pancake kit would be a hit!

Harry & David has won awards for their environmental responsibility and has made a commitment to stay as green as possible. They only work with sustainable farming and responsible producers. For their materials, they have a sophisticated recycling system.

Want more details of Harry & David's subscription plans? Check out our full review.

Harry & David Gift Basket delivery service


  • Cater to dietary preferences and allergies
  • Also have flower subscriptions
  • Satisfied or money back
  • Socially and environmentally responsible


  • Fruits may have to ripen before you eat them

6 - Hickory Farms

Best match for: The high-maintenance foodie wanting only the best quality and most exclusive brands.

Hickory Farms offer gourmet gift baskets for every occasion. No need to know what's cooking in the world of fine food – Hickory Farms has taste experts picking out the crème de la crème for you! Choose a particular item like sausages, decadent chocolates or cheeses, or go for a gourmet basket with a little of everything.

The corporate gift baskets are perfect for happy hours or to show your appreciation for clients or colleagues. Celebrate company wins together – few things set the party vibes such as a basket stuffed with gourmet goodies! Hickory Farms also offers seasonal gift baskets to savor the best from spring, summer, winter, and fall.

The celebration baskets are filled to the brim with your favorites for special occasions – wine, deluxe snacks, and chocolate-covered strawberries put a golden frame around the big day and make it even more memorable! We've especially gazed at the gelato truffles adding those Friday night feels to your weekday dinner.

Hickory Farms Gift Basket delivery service


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Luxurious brands and packaging
  • Diets such as keto and gluten-free
  • Supports the No Kid Hungry initiative


  • No possibility to compose your own gift basket

7 - Capalbo's Gift Baskets

Best match for: Those who want to support a family-owned business by buying a beautiful box for the next birthday or big day.

Capalbo's Gift Baskets is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 100 years!

They offer hand-crafted gift baskets for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, holidays, and when you want to show sympathy or as a thank you.

Opt for a champagne gift basket for those days that are a little more sparkling!

Capalbo's Gift Baskets cater to special diets and needs. Check out their selection of healthy baskets if you want to gift a box with less sugar, yet lots of flavors!

Their fresh fruit gift baskets come with nice snacks like cheeses and nuts for a moment of delight without the guilt. Perfect for the health nut! 

Capalbo's Gift Basket delivery service


  • Many baskets have free shipping
  • * 100% satisfaction guarantee and top customer ratings
  • Same-day delivery in some areas
  • Kosher-friendly boxes available


  • No vegan food baskets

8 - Omaha Steaks

Best match for: The meat lover who wants high-quality meat directly to their doorstep.

Omaha Steaks is known as America's original butcher. They sell gift baskets with meats and seafood.

The company dates back over 100 years when it started as a butcher shop in Omaha, Nebraska – which also gave the company its name.

Omaha Steaks has done many guest plays in famous TV shows such as Seinfeld and The Simpsons.

Besides steaks, you can order sausages made of different kinds of meats.

Steaks arrive at your door frozen and vacuum-sealed with precise, easy-to-follow cooking instructions. 

Complete your order with sides, desserts, and wine – and dinner is ready!

Omaha Steaks Gift Basket delivery service


  • More than just meat – order desserts for your sweet tooth
  • Frozen foods that last for longe
  • Generous gift baskets for every occasion
  • No subscription required 


  • Limited range of dessert options

9 - Stonewall Kitchens

Best match for: The passionate foodie who wants to dive deeper into the culinary art and science.

With over 25 rewards and accolades, Stonewall Kitchens is one of the most awarded food companies in the country!

The company is probably among the most strict ones when it comes to their quality standards – anything less than top-notch gets rejected. Stonewall Kitchens has a true passion for food, and it shows!

You get quality products where each item is carefully crafted. Discover new, unique flavors far from the supermarket shelves – or stick at your favorites in first-class form. You can sign up for a subscription of up to 12 months or make a one-time purchase.

Stonewall Kitchens has cooking schools in Maine and California, where you can get a behind-the-scenes for their gift basket production and learn how to prepare your own!

Stonewall Kitchens Gift Basket delivery service


  • Most products are gluten-free and organic
  • Unique and exciting flavor combinations
  • Cooking school and events
  • Free delivery on some baskets


  • No international shipping

10 - Candy Club

Best match for: The candy lover who craves a package of curated candies every month.

If you're known for your sweet tooth, your dream may just have come true – how about a curated monthly club for the best candies in the world?

Sign up for a membership of 1, 3, or 6 months to get a monthly gift basket of the best candies delivered directly to your door. You can easily cancel anytime.

You can choose between two sizes: the smaller Fun Box or the giant Party Box.

The website lets you filter on sweet, sour, vintage, and popular.

Check out the selection of gift boxes with sweet surprises that the recipient will be more than happy to receive!

Candy Club Gift Basket delivery service


  • 'Love your candy' guarantee – satisfied or money back
  • Flexible subscription length and conditions – cancel anytime
  • Supports small artisans and famed candy creators
  • Multiple sizes available


  • No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii or international locations

11 - Clubs of America

Best match for: The free spirit who fears commitment and wants flexibility to combine different products into one neat box.

Clubs of America started as a monthly club for craft beers in 1994 and has since expanded to cover all kinds of gifts you can imagine.

They still have thoughtfully curated gift selections by experts in the respective fields.

Feel for a monthly delivery of beer, wine, flowers, chocolate, or pizza? There's a Clubs of America membership for you!

Fruits and coffee are other areas where you can get hand-picked favorites that are hyped or just high-quality.

Plus, you can combine several clubs to create your own, unique monthly subscription!

Clubs of America delivers the best and craft breweries to your door


  • Mix and match clubs for your own perfect box
  • Always free shipping
  • Flexible subscription length – come and go as you please
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back


  • Food clubs not adapted for allergies or diets

12 - Edible Arrangements

Best match for: Those looking for a unique, unusual gift in the form of flower arrangements made of fruits.

Edible Arrangements makes that special occasion a little more special!

They're famous for their unique and unusual gifts in the form of flower arrangements – pots with "flowers" made of fruits, chocolate, and sometimes sweets such as donuts. Flowers never tasted this good!

Edible Arrangements offers chocolate-dipped strawberries paired with beautiful bouquets, luscious fruit boxes filled with fresh fruits, and gift baskets with chocolates.

You can also shop by your intention with the gift, such as birthday, thank you, anniversary, and many more.

Spice up your days with snacks such as gourmet popcorn or fruit pieces dipped in melted chocolate.

Edible Arrangements delivery service


  • Certified Happiness commitment – happy or reimbursed
  • Upgrade to Edible Rewards for VIP treatment
  • Flower arrangements made of fruits for a unique gift
  • Easy to shop by special occasion


  • Easy to shop by special occasion

13 - Gift Baskets Overseas

Best match for: The manager or team leader with a team spread out all over the world, or an international company with clients worldwide.

As implied by the name, Gift Baskets Overseas is the best choice for gift basket delivery all over the globe – they currently ship to over 200 countries!

You can choose between personal and corporate gifts. Perfect if you have customers or colleagues all over the world and want to celebrate your wins!

You also find a lot of specific holiday baskets you won't find elsewhere, such as baskets for Hanukkah, Diwali, and Chinese New Year.

Corporate gifts come with wine, chocolate truffles, fruits, nuts, and crackers for an instant festive feel. You can also ship spirits such as whiskey or flowers.

Their website answers your questions for shipping to a particular country.

Gift Baskets Overseas delivery service


  • Ships overseas
  • Gift baskets for international holidays
  • Same-day delivery for some products
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • No vegan gift baskets

14 -iGourmet

Best match for: Foodies favoring quality over quantity.

igourmet has a premium selection of the finest specialty foods, cheeses, and gift boxes breathing luxury. Their ingredients make your cooking feel a little more special.

The assortment isn't on the small side though – igourmet has over 900 different cheeses!

Find rare specialties and new favorites in their curated selection of small to mid-size suppliers. The gift boxes from this company are designed to bring you far more excitement than your regular supermarket basket!

A cool feature is that you can shop by recipient, such as the best gift boxes for the world traveler or health enthusiast.

Shop a one-time gift basket or opt for a subscription of 3, 6, or 12 months. Famous TV chef Martha Stewart contributes with selected boxes, such as French picnic and Spanish tapas.

iGourmet Gift Basket delivery service


  • Discover new, unusual premium products
  • Shop by recipient or occasion
  • Private or corporate options available
  • Grand assortment of drinks (with or without alcohol)


  • No international shipping

15 - zChocolat

Best match for: The chocolate connoisseur who wants nothing less than top-notch.

zChocolat has gifts beyond the ordinary. How about chocolates covered in 24-karat edible gold?! That's a gift box the recipient will remember forever!

zChocolat is the best choice if you're after something exquisite and extraordinary. Indulging in their truffles is an experience exceeding simple snacking. They also have vegan assorted chocolates and truffles on the menu. Their signature collection "Numbered Collection" consists of 26 different chocolates (representing the letters in the alphabet from A to Z).

Each recipe is formulated by Pascal Caffet, who's a World Champion Chocolatier applying the French artisan way of crafting chocolates: all-natural ingredients, no alcohol or preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter.

zChocolat Gift Basket delivery service


  • All-natural with pure cocoa butter and without preservatives
  • International delivery to 253 countries
  • VIP-membership with exclusive offers
  • Vegan and unique options such as 24-karat gold pralines


  • Membership comes at an additional fee 

16 - Spoonful of Comfort

Best match for: Those who wanna care for and nurture faraway friends and family with warm soup.

Spoonful of Comfort is on a mission to send comforting soups to anyone who feels sad or ill.

This is the best gift basket company for taking care of your loved ones, even at a distance!

The company offers gift baskets containing soups, cookies, bread rolls – and sometimes an unexpected accessory such as a bandana or blanket.

Shop by occasion – for example, housewarming or birthday – or opt for a corporate box for something a bit more personal than a fruit basket.

Spoonful of Comfort is known among their customers for their high-quality products, excellent taste, and cute packaging.

They also cater to allergies and diets, such as vegans.

Spoonful of Comfort delivery service


  • Gluten-free and vegan packages
  • Ships to all states
  • Unique way of showing that you care in challenging times
  • Tailored gift baskets make it easier to choose


  • No monthly subscriptions


What is the best gift basket?

Which one is the best gift basket depends on what you're after. Some of the companies focus on offering a lot of different baskets, with food items, sweets, and fresh produce, while others specialize in one niche – think zChocolat for chocolates, or Spoonful of Comfort for soups. If you wanna gift steaks or candy, there are special clubs for you – the same is true if you have clients or family overseas, and wanna be sure that your order can reach them. 

What items go in a gift basket?

Most gift baskets come with beautiful packaging (it's a gift after all!) and a card to sign with your personalized greeting. Gift baskets often include all you need for a special occasion – such as a movie night at home, a picnic, or a birthday celebration. Or they contain variations of one product such as chocolate truffles. You can often select the best picks from the knowledgeable staff instead of choosing for yourself. 

Does Whole Foods have gift baskets?

Yes, Whole Foods offers gift baskets.

The Bottom Line

The best gourmet gift baskets have something for every taste. And nothing tastes better than the feeling of giving! Gift a box that gives value and creates a real food experience for the lucky recipient. Whether you wanna go for snacks, cake truffles, premium coffee beans, 24-karat chocolate pralines, or different types of fruit basket arrangements, there's a perfect match for you!

Plus, when you give a box, it comes in a pretty package – instantly setting the sensation of celebration. Gift boxes make life a little more beautiful!

Mouth Gift Basket delivery service


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Buy a one-time basket or subscribe – you choose
  • Overnight shipping possible
  • Earn MouthBite points to redeem for rewards and discounts
  • Ships to all 50 states

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