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Best Diwali Sweets Online

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Diwali is Thursday, November 4, 2021 this year so read ahead to find where to place online orders to get diwali mitai, or sweets, delivered to yourself or loved ones in time for celebrations. 

Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, Diwali--also known as the festival of lights-- honors new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, and of light over darkness. 

As with most festivals the world over, food plays an integral part in the celebrations.

Sweets, and in particular the gifting of sweets, is a popular Diwali custom.

In this article, we've reviewed seven companies offering snack subscriptions delivered to your door and gift deliveries of a wide range of Diwali sweets within the US.

You'll find a mix of Indian sweets in their traditional form and also with a modern twists, depending on your vibe and preference. They're all delicious and each company, below, will deliver these festive treats straight to you or your desired address. 

1. Shubh Kitchen

Shubh Kitchen Diwali treats you can order

Shubh Kitchen offers Diwali treats that are made with natural and simple ingredients.

They have become famous for their eggless, baked goods made from the finest ingredients – making this an innovative company founded in tradition.

Shubh Kitchen is a small family company with a heart offering handmade sweets.

The founder Shubham has a passion for all things food and still makes the custom cakes herself! You can also order delicious cupcakes that are little works of art.

Examples of Diwali treats are healthy dried fruit-nut treats, Indian spiced bite-sized cookies, naankhatai (Indian shortbread cookies), and beautifully decorated sugar cookies.

For customers in New England, New York, and New Jersey, there's an $11.99 flat rate UPS shipping fee. For all other states, the shipping cost depends on where you live and how soon you want your Diwali sweets delivered. There's also the possibility to include a gift message with your order to send it to near and dear ones.

While Shubh Kitchen is vegetarian and free from eggs, they don't currently offer any vegan options.

2. Laumière Gourmet

Laumière Gourmet is a company offering gourmet fruits.

Their Diwali Collection takes a modern twist on traditional Diwali sweets; perfect for those wanting to satisfy their Diwali sweet tooth in a health-conscious way!

Their treats for the occasion of Diwali are little works of art in themselves.

You risk finding them so beautiful you wanna save them – that is, if it weren't for the delicious taste!

The Diwali sweet gift box contains the following treats:

Laumiere Gourmet Diwali sweet fruit collections
  • Dates and Cashew Barfi, which is a modern adaptation of this Indian classic
  • Figs with Caramelized Pista, made with caramelized pistachio nuts for that perfect crisp and sweet figs for softness
  • Apricot Medley, made of lightly roasted and caramelized pistachio brisures with fig
  • Dates with Candied Oranges, zesty orange peel, and sweet dates come together in a mouth-watering treat

Laumière Gourmet is vegan, gluten-free, and low carb.

You get free shipping on their Diwali gifts.

You can also include a hand-written note to send the Diwali gift to family or friends. Plus, there's the possibility of ordering now and ship your Diwali gifts at a later date of your choice.

If you're hungry for more than Diwali sweets, Laumière Gourmet also offers something as innovative as a superfood collection. The little powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are as pretty as they are potent! Your vitality will thank you.

3. The Laddu House

The Laddu House offers artisan Diwali sweets with healthy ingredients

The Laddu House stands for premium, artisan Diwali sweets with healthy ingredients.

No need to choose between treating yourself and your loved ones on Diwali or caring about your health – The Laddu House brings you the best of both worlds!

High-protein, low-carb, and with little sugar, these delights don't disappoint.

The laddus are infused with ayurvedic superfoods and baked with all-natural ingredients.

Everything is free from inexpensive fillers and artificial stuff.

Ingredients are minimally processed and roasted in-house to ensure premium quality.

Plus, 50% of their profit is donated to animal rescue organizations! Their laddus are not vegan, though, since they are baked with pure ghee.

The Laddu House ships their Diwali sweet gifts nationwide – account for up to 4 days shipping time.

The delivery rate depends on where you live. Sweets can also be picked up locally in Jacksonville, Florida.

For gifts, you can add a gift wrapping option where you can also write a message to the recipient to add an even sweeter touch to your sweets!

4. Bateel

Bateel is known for their luxury treats – they started with gourmet dates and have expanded into rich middle eastern delicacies.

For Diwali sweets, they offer two gift boxes.

The Purple and Gold Marigold gift box has a beautiful, Eastern touch to it.

Choose to get plain dates, filled dates, chocolate dates, or a mix of all three.

Orange Regalia has an elaborated mandala on the top – perfect as a gift box for your Diwali sweets!

Both boxes are optimal to send as a gift to faraway family and friends for Diwali.

You can choose between medium, large, and extra large, with 30, 48, and 64 pieces inside.

Bateel Diwali luxury sweet treats online

Note that only Orange Regalia is available in the largest size. The box is sturdy to keep your Diwali sweets in great condition and wrapped in beautiful papers to create the ultimate gift experience.

Bateel works with farmers adhering to traditional production methods using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Their plain dates are vegan.

When you wanna send Diwali sweets online, Bateel ships to all locations in the US and Canada.

You can choose next-day shipping or ground shipping, which takes up to 5 business days. The price depends on where you live.

5. Sukhadia's

Sukhadia's Indian Diwali snacks and sweet treats

Sukhadia's specializes in the finest Indian snacks and sweets. It's a four-generation family business that was founded already in 1880!

With Sukhadia's, you get quality Diwali sweets with tradition.

While some of their treats are naturally vegan, such as nuts and dried fruits, Sukhadia's don't label their Diwali boxes as vegan.

In their Royal Collection, you find several beautifully decorated gift boxes filled with Diwali sweets such as raw and spiced nut, dried fruits, and assorted mewa bites in different flavors.

You'll have a hard time finding a more elegant and carefully crafted gift box!

If you're looking to send Diwali sweets online as a gift, you can get different beautiful gift wrappings.

Add a festive card with a customized message and your choice of ribbons for a personalized gift for the festival of light!

Besides sweets and treats for Diwali, Sukhadia's offers lots of Indian groceries and products – such as spices, blends, breads, and curries.

Shipping cost depends on how fast you want your Diwali sweets delivered, as well as where you want them sent to. Overnight shipping is possible.

6. DesiClick

DesiClick is your one-stop-shop for Indian products. In their assortment, you find a beautiful gift box with Diwali gifts.

The sweets are made by a real chef following traditional recipes.

Delicious sweets guaranteed to light up your Diwali celebrations!

There's a flat shipping rate of $9.99 all over the country.

If you feel like ordering several boxes with Diwali sweets online, DesiClick offers free shipping on orders exceeding $75. 

DesiClick Indian Diwali sweet products

Their gift box contains 2 lbs of traditional dry sweets such as kaju katli, and isn't labeled as vegan. There's the opportunity to add a gift card to your order.

Besides Diwali sweets to gift to your dear ones, DesiClick also has a range of Indian jewelry, home and kitchen products, clothing, delicious sweets, and groceries. The perfect place to find gifts for your Indian or international family and friends!

7. Deelish

Deelish Diwali bake sweets online products

Deelish specializes in custom, eggless desserts.

As for Diwali sweets online, they offer a set of three hand-painted henna cookies in the flavor orange cardamom.

It's a limited collection only and comes with a beautiful ribbon and gift tag.

Note that the Diwali gifts will only be available for pickup and delivery in Houston.

While the Diwali henna cakes are not vegan, Deelish has vegan macarons in their assortment.

You also find other Indian treats, for example:

  • chai spice cupcakes
  • gajar halwa which is a cupcake with nuts, golden raisins, and spiced cardamom icing
  • honey pistachio with sweet honey butter cake frosting
  • gulab jamun with spiced cardamom icing
  • laddoo with natural vanilla icing
  • pieces of homemade boondi laddoo

Besides their range of Diwali sweets online, Deelish is your go-to bakery for something as unique as Indian/American fusion cupcakes.

Food for Thought

When you're looking to order Diwali sweets online to send as a gift within the US, there are several delivery service companies to choose between – some with a more traditional take, while others have a modern touch.

If you want vegan, low-carb or egg-free Diwali gifts, without deviating too far from the traditional, you'll be sure to find something!

For the occasion of Diwali, most companies listed let you buy Diwali sweets and send a gift box to near and dear ones with a personal greeting card.

With the wide variety of Diwali delivery companies, and the wide range of sweets each of them offer, you'll be sure to find one that spreads a little extra light on the festival of Diwali!


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