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Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Diwali is Monday, October 24th this year so read ahead to find where to place online orders to get Diwali mithai, or sweets, delivered to yourself or loved ones in time.

Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, Diwali--also known as the festival of lights-- honors new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. 

As with most festivals the world over, food plays an integral part in the celebrations. Sweets, and in particular the gifting of sweets, is a traditional Diwali custom. In the U.S., its become easy to place an order online and have mithai delivered to one's self or loved ones due to the influx of South Asian internet stores and restaurants and bakeries offereing nation-wide shipping of their creative array of Diwali sweets.

In this article, we've reviewed companies providing edible Diwali gifts. You'll find a mix of Indian sweets in their traditional form and also with a modern twist, depending on your vibe and preference. They're all delicious and each company, below, will deliver these festive treats straight to you or your desired address!

1. Laumière Gourmet

Laumière Gourmet is a company offering gourmet fruits.

Their Diwali Collection takes a modern twist on traditional Diwali sweets; perfect for those wanting to satisfy their Diwali sweet tooth in a health-conscious way.

Their treats for the occasion of Diwali are little works of art in themselves.

You risk finding them so beautiful you wanna save them – that is, if it weren't for the delicious taste!

The Diwali sweet gift box contains the following treats:

Laumiere Gourmet Diwali sweet fruit collections
  • Dates and Cashew Barfi, which is a modern adaptation of this Indian classic
  • Figs with Caramelized Pista, made with caramelized pistachio nuts for that perfect crisp and sweet figs for softness
  • Apricot Medley, made of lightly roasted and caramelized pistachio brisures with fig
  • Dates with Candied Oranges, zesty orange peel, and sweet dates come together in a mouth-watering treat

Laumière Gourmet is vegan, gluten-free, and low carb.

You get free shipping on their Diwali gifts. You can also include a hand-written note to send the Diwali gift to family or friends. 


tagmo diwali sweets

TAGMO mithai are made in small batches in a Manhattan shop by celebrated chef Surbhu Sahni and her esteemed team. And though they're based in NYC, they ship all over the continental U.S.

TAGMO sweets are without preservatives and, something I really appreciated in particular, is that these mithai aren't as excessively sweet as typical Indian mithai because they don't use as much sugar in their recipe. This allows for other flavors to shine. Their Diwali Collection is especially impressive. Here you'll find how TAGMO innovates old-world flavor profiles in new ways. 

Options include a 9-piece, 16-piece, or 32-piece box sets and there are available with 16 flavors to choose from! They are as follows:

  • Besan Burfi
  • Badam Burfi
  • Pistachio Burfi
  • Gajar Burfi
  • Kesari Dal Burfi
  • Rose Coconut Burfi
  • Chocolate Burfi
  • Lavender Burfi
  • Thandai Burfi
  • Besan Ladoo
  • Kaju Katli
  • Badam Narangi
  • Kesar Kaju Pistachio Katli
  • Panjeeri Ladoo
  • Khajoor Ladoo
  • Salted Pecan Burfi

Vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options are available. Click here to read more and order.

3. Elements Truffles

Elements Truffles, a company that creates Ayurveda-inspired artisanal chocolates, collaborated with Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna for the first time to introduce a collection of truffles in their limited edition, “The Light Within Truffle Box.”

You receive an assorted box of 24 Truffles with four flavors of which three are limited-edition Diwali flavors.

The four flavors are “Amma's Love” which is white chocolate tempered with curry leaves, topped with puffed rice, with a hint of sweet coconut sugar on the palate. 

The second flavor is thandai a “white chocolate is a tribute to Varanasi.” 

The third flavor is kaju katri, with white chocolate, velvety cashews, cardamom, and sugar and is“silver crowned,” as many festive Indian sweets distinctly are. 

The fourth flavor is rose with cardamom: floral dark chocolate infused with cardamom and garnished with rose petals. 

Buy these unique Diwali sweets by clicking here.

4. Bateel

Bateel Diwali luxury sweet treats online

Bateel is known for their luxury treats. They started with gourmet dates and have expanded into rich middle eastern delicacies.

For Diwali sweets, they offer two gift boxes.

The Purple and Gold Marigold gift box has a beautiful, Eastern touch to it.

Choose to get plain dates, filled dates, chocolate dates, or a mix of all three.

Orange Regalia has an elaborated mandala on the top – perfect as a gift box for your Diwali sweets!

You can choose between medium, large, and extra large, with 30, 48, and 64 pieces inside.

Note that only Orange Regalia is available in the largest size. The box is sturdy to keep your Diwali sweets in great condition and wrapped in beautiful papers to create the ultimate gift experience.

Bateel works with farmers adhering to traditional production methods using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Their plain dates are vegan.

Bateel ships to all locations in the US and Canada. You can choose next-day shipping or ground shipping, which takes up to 5 business days. 

5. Deelish

Deelish describes itself as “an exotic mix of South Asian and American flavors”, delivering that mixture both literally and figuratively. 

All Deelish desserts are completely egg free or vegan.

Their Diwali offerings are both sweet and cute, like their diya-shaped nankhatai cookies punctuated with orange zest and cardamom and ornate with orange drizzle and dried marigolds.

Then there’s their Diwali gift box of six petit fours with three flavors consisting of paan, honey cardamom, and masala chai.

Their second Diwali box consists of rose barfi bark: 6 pieces of rose milk burfi covered with rose-tinted white chocolate sprinkled with rose petals and silver dragees. And Vegans, check this out, you can indicate in your order notes if you want vegan bark and Deelish will honor the request by giving coconut burfi flavor instead!

And finally, there’s their Diwali box of a dozen mini cupcakes with, get this, an injectable flavor of  Falooda! It’s a pistachio cake filled with milk-soaked sabja seeds, injectable rose milk, and rose whipped cream. I’m salivating just typing this.

6. Vosges Haut-Chocolat

vosges diwali chocolates

Vosges is known for their ability to create unique artisan chocolates and this year, they're really shining with their mega box THE DIWALI CHOCOLATE GIFT SET. 

The gift box includes Champa Halmaddi Artisan Incense and Linnea’s Lights hand-poured soy wax Jasmine Candle.

Now on to the edible delicacies. There's the "Collection for Prosperity" box which includes naga (housemade & toasted curry masala + coconut + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate), Pistachio Rose (Bulgarian rose water + Bronte pistachio + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate), Fennel Pollen (Wild fennel pollen + 62% cacao dark chocolate) and Brown Butter (Ghee + Matiz-flor De Sal salt + 72% cacao dark chocolate). You get a whopping FOUR of each!

Then there’s the 6-Bar chocolate library consisting of two turmeric ginger chocolate bars, two raw honey cacao chocolate bars, and two banana coconut chocolate bars.

You can purchase these gift boxes here

7. Williams Sonoma 

Y’all, even Williams Sonoma is getting in on the Diwali action with their “Diwali Celebration Assorted Sweets” box!

Their sweets are made by skilled artisans in the USA using both American and imported ingredients and are both vegetarian and gluten-free.

There are two sizes: the 14-piece set, amounting to 6.8 ounces total, and the 23-piece set, which is 12 ounces total.

The following is the quantity and type of sweets each set includes.

diwali william and sanoma

14-Piece Set includes:

  • 2 Boule Pistachio
  • 2 Charlotte Sesame
  • 2 Rocher
  • 2 Bjewia
  • 3 Buche Hazelnut
  • 3 Buche Pistachio

23-Piece Set includes:

  • 2 Boule Pistachio
  • 2 Charlotte Sesame
  • 2 Rocher
  • 2 Bjewia
  • 3 Buche Hazelnut
  • 3 Buche Pistachio
  • 2 Yasmina
  • 2 Crown Walnut
  • 1 Baklava El Bey
  • 2 Pineapple
  • 2 Almond Boat


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