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What Are the Best CBD Tea Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

green roads - chamomile tea delivery service

Green Roads:

Chamomile Tea

#2nd Best choice

buddha teas - turmeric and ginger tea delivery service

Buddha Teas:

Turmeric and Ginger Tea

#3rd Best Choice

pure science lab - organic pomegranate tea chips product

Pure Science Lab:

Organic Pomegranate Tea Chips

Tea infused with CBD can lead to great health benefits — an improved mood, and reduced pain are just a few of the positive changes you may see when drinking quality CBD tea. Anxiety, in both children and adults, can also be better managed with CBD (1). 

Whether you like green tea or black tea, there's a blend that will appeal to you. There are many different kinds of CBD products out there, so if this is your first time venturing into the world of CBD teas, here are a few CBD products you may want to look into.

Our Top CBD Teas

1. Green Roads: Chamomile Tea (Editor's Choice)

  • Best match for: Someone looking for a CBD tea that's travel-friendly.

If you love the health benefits that come from drinking herbal tea, this CBD tea is worth trying. Established in 2011 and consistently featured in "Best of" articles for CBD teas, this company uses licensed pharmacists to help create their product line.

Green Roads is also committed to having their products tested by a third-party laboratory. This works to ensure your cup of tea is pesticide, heavy metal, and pathogen-free.

Sold in individual tea bags, this is a great choice for a CBD product that travels well and takes little prep time.

Flavored with natural ingredients like vanilla and peppermint, this is one CBD tea that is both flavorful and soothing.

green roads - chamomile tea delivery service

2. Buddha Teas: Turmeric and Ginger Tea

  • Best match for: CBD tea health benefits on a budget.

If you've been looking to try CBD infused tea but have shied away because of the price, this is a great water-soluble, quality option from Buddha Teas that's worth trying.

High bioavailability is activated by the hot water, so you can enjoy the effects of your CBD tea that much more quickly. Buddha Teas tea bags are sold in sets of 18 instead of individually, which means you'll also enjoy the cost point.

Made with Turmeric and Ginger, this CBD tea blend is one that's great for those with chronic arthritis pain or digestive discomfort and nausea.

If you're looking for more variety, Buddha Teas does offer a variety pack with other flavors as well. This is a great feature if you're one of those people who doesn't want to be locked into the same flavor profile day after day.

buddha teas - turmeric and ginger tea delivery service

3. Pure Science Lab: Organic Pomegranate Tea Chips

  • Best match for: Those who are looking to add the benefits of CBD tea to their lives without relying on a tea bag or tea leaves.

Purse Science Lab products are known in the health industry for their well-researched and laboratory-created products.

Using the highest quality ingredients and using International Organization for Standardization (IOS) guidelines, each cup of this CBD product offers both health benefits for your body and a good way to get your CBD tea fix.

Unlike other CBD tea products, this option comes in chip form instead of loose leaf tea or tea bags. Just add hot water and you'll be on your way to enjoying the effects of a good cup of CBD tea.

Each chip offers 15 mg of CBD per chip and chips are sold in bags of four. Multiple bags can be bought together for a price break.

pure science lab - organic pomegranate tea chips product

4. The Brothers Apothecary: Golden Dream Hemp Herbal Tea

  • Best match for: Customers who love a variety of flavors and options and crave a full-spectrum CBD oil tea.

Other CBD tea companies out there offer a limited selection of flavors. Brothers Apothecary prides itself on offering a greater selection of water-soluble CBD products.

With 10 different varieties featuring hemp extract and both traditional and exotic herbal extracts and herbs, there's a flavor out there you're bound to love.

Established in 2015 by (unsurprisingly) two brothers, this company's goal has been to create healthy ways to enjoy CBD oil.

Their products are created in small batches and feature the highest quality organic ingredients. The Golden Dream was the original herbal blend and while it doesn't contain caffeine, there are some varieties with caffeine available.

the brothers apothecary - golden dream hemp herbal tea product

5. The Tea Can Company: HEMPtea

  • Best match for: Those who are looking for a hemp-based loose-leaf CBD tea.

CBD-infused, this tea comes in two different strengths to suit every CBD-user. Teas are available in high or mild strengths with the greater strength containing 7mg of CBD in each gram of tea. The mild contains half of that concentration, at 3.5 mg.

While the greater amount of CBD can be the answer to chronic anxiety, the mild strength CBD tea may be the solution for those who haven't tried CBD products, or those who are looking to just take the edge off of pain or stress.

This line of hemp teas also features varieties designed for people who have specific needs. For instance, there's a blend packed full of ingredients to help with ongoing joint pain. The Tea Can Company even offers a customized option so you can get the exact product you've been searching for.

the tea can company - hemptea


Wondering if CBD is something you want to add to your next cup of tea? CBD has many health benefits and using CBD tea may be a great way for you to experience the effects. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions — and the answers that may help you decide which CBD products will work best for you.

What is CBD tea good for?

CBD tea can be good for anything that CBD oil is recommended for. Joint-pain, stomach upset, chronic pain, and anxiety can all be helped with THC and CBD tea. CBD teas may also lead to boosted moods and emotional well-being. CBD teas can also be used to help maintain immune system health and cardiovascular well-being.

What is CBD tea?

CBD tea is exactly what it sounds like — a hot beverage that contains CBD oil and cannabinoids (2). The heat from the water allows the cannabinoids to separate from the plant matter. Left behind in the tea, you can then consume the water-soluble CBD. Consumed this way, it's readily available and easily digested by the body. This gets the CBD oil into your body easily and quickly, all while consuming a warm and relaxing beverage.

Some teas may contain labels for hemp oil. Both hemp oil and CBD oil are derived from the same plant and are sometimes used interchangeably. You may also see CBD teas labeled as full spectrum. This just means the tea contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. Like other herbal and green tea on the market, these CBD oil teas are available in a wide variety of flavors, from classic chamomile and peppermint to fu

Is CBD tea safe?

CBD tea is both safe and effective, making water-soluble CBD a great way to get CBD oil into your system. Like any other product out there, you want to make sure you're going with a brand or company that uses high-quality ingredients. If they work in partnership with the food and drug administration, a well-respected lab, and a third-party testing facility, you can be confident that the products you're consuming have been thoroughly researched and tested before they've made their way into your home. If you’re taking CBD for reasons such as cardiovascular health, always check with a medical professional before you begin (3).

Does every CBD tea product contain THC?

THC is the component that is associated with getting or being "high" (4). Some people may prefer to stay away from THC for this reason, though many teas on the market contain nominal THC levels that aren't likely to cause that kind of psychoactive experience. There are also some CBD oil teas that are made THC-free. If you're looking for a tea that doesn't have THC, look for teas labeled "THC-free" or "Broad-spectrum THC."

How long does it take CBD tea to work?

The greater bioavailability of a water-soluble CBD product means you can start experiencing the effects of CBD oil in as little as just 10 minutes when you're consuming infused teas. If you've used CBD before, though, you know everybody may respond differently, and may respond differently to different lines and products as well. You may find hemp-derived products work for you, or that you want to avoid THC-containing products, or that certain herbs help you achieve your desired results better.

As with other CBD products, the length of time you continue to experience the effects of CBD tea will also vary from person to person. CBD teas can be consumed at any time of day, though you'll want to note how much caffeine the tea contains if you're drinking later in the day or close to bedtime.

The Best CBD Tea for You

Whether you love the mild flavor or chamomile or the clean taste of peppermint, there are teas out there that will appeal to you. Chock full of herbs, flavor, and the health benefits that come along with CBD and hemp oil, the addition of CBD tea in your well-being routine is worth considering.

These teas all come highly recommended, and it can be hard to choose the best CBD tea of those that are out there. That being said, if we were able to just recommend one product for you to try, it would have to be the Green Roads Chamomile Tea. We love their testing protocols and the convenience of the tea bags. Frequently featured in Best CBD Teas lists and with nearly a decade in the business, the quality of their teas is well-established and ensures you're getting a quality tea.


1. Shannon, S., & Opila-Lehman, J. (2016). Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia as Part of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report. The Permanente Journal, 20(4), 16-005.

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4. S. (n.d.). Tetrahydrocannabinol. Retrieved from

green roads - chamomile tea delivery service

Green Roads: Chamomile Tea

Our #1 Recommendation

  • 7 mg of CBD per individual bag
  • Made with only natural ingredients
  • Every product has been formulated by an experienced licensed pharmacist

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