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What Are the Best CBD Coffee Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

buddha beans coffee delivery service

Buddha Beans

#2nd Best choice

green roads cbd coffee delivery service

Green Roads CBD Coffee

#3rd Best Choice

strava craft coffee delivery service

Strava Craft Coffee

Looking for the health benefits that come along with using CBD? One way to reap those benefits is by adding CBD-infused coffee to your daily routine. Nearly 80% of the nation consumes coffee, and while the extra burst of energy the caffeine brings to your day can be helpful, sometimes the jitters that can come along with it aren't (1).

Reaching for CBD coffee can give you the best of both worlds. CBD oil is renowned for reducing anxiety and has also been used for pain management for chronic pain, so CBD-infused coffee can give you that energy while also alleviating any jitters (2). If you've been wanting to try some for yourself to ease anxiety or just to have a new experience, but haven't known where to start, consider one of these top CBD coffee options.

Our Top CBD Coffees

1. Buddha Beans (Editor's Choice)

  • Best match for: People who love options when it comes to flavor notes and products from different growing regions.

It's no secret that coffee drinkers have a preference when it comes to how they like their coffee. You might prefer a cold brew, a gentle breakfast blend, or a dark roast coffee with bite to get you going in the morning.

Your taste may even change on a daily basis. Fortunately, Buddha Beans offers coffee beans from three different regions to suit your needs.

Whether you crave a strong Colombian coffee or a rich blend from Mexico or Ethiopia, Buddha Beans has a CBD product for you.

Buddha Beans offers both ground and whole bean coffee and is made with CBD sourced from non-GMO, United States-grown hemp. Also available in multiple sizes, a 6-ounce bag contains 150 mg of CBD while the larger 12-ounce size has 300 mg of CBD per bag.

buddha beans coffee delivery service

2. Green Roads CBD Coffee

  • Best match for: Those who are looking for specialty coffee beans imported from around the world.

Available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated, this CBD coffee from Green Roads was the winner of the 2018 Best CBD Product Award given each year by the Cannabis Business Award. Known for their CBD products, it's no surprise that Green Roads has produced another high-quality product with this CBD and coffee blend.

Green Roads works with licensed pharmacists and each batch of product is tested by a third-party laboratory, so you can be assured your cup of coffee has passed rigorous testing before making its way to you. Green Roads CBD coffee is available in multiple sizes, including 2-, 6-, or 8-ounce bags.

While caffeinated coffee is available in all sizes, the decaffeinated Green Roads variety is available only in the 8-ounce size. The bag size determines how much CBD is in the product, but on average you can expect to get 6-7.5 mg of CBD per tablespoon in a Green Roads coffee product. This coffee is made with Colombian coffee beans and is available in whole bean as well as pre-ground options. All Green Roads products contain broad-spectrum CBD oil derived from American-grown hemp.

green roads cbd coffee delivery service

3. Strava Craft Coffee

  • Best match for: Those who are looking for more than just a caffeine boost at the start of their day.

If you're searching for the best CBD coffee to up your daily wellness routine, this is a CBD coffee to consider. Special blends have been created to target specific needs for your body's well-being.

A Focus blend, Restore blend, and even an Escape blend help keep your body on track and allow you to meet your health goals.

Each blend contains a different amount of CBD per serving, so you can be in full control of how much (or how little) CBD you're taking in. A caffeine-free variety exists, so you can enjoy all the perks — not to mention the great taste — of a cup of CBD coffee any time of day.

While other companies offer ground coffee with hemp mixed in, Strava Craft Coffee is a whole bean coffee that has been CBD infused.

strava craft coffee delivery service

4. Willie's Remedy

  • Best match for: French press lovers

This full-spectrum CBD coffee option comes from none other than Willie Nelson. Using certified-organic hemp that's grown in Colorado, this coffee offers about 15 mg of CBD per cup and comes in both whole bean and pre-ground varieties to suit your lifestyle and taste preference.

With light, medium, dark, and even a decaffeinated variety, Willie's Remedy offers a CBD coffee for everyone.

This CBD coffee can be used in any coffee maker but is especially suited for French press use.

If you prefer the rich, pure flavor that comes with using a French press, and don't want to risk losing any of the fats or oils when you pour your coffee, this product may be what you've been looking for.

willie's remedy coffee delivery service

5. Kickback CBD Cold Brew

  • Best match for: People who want to add undeniably rich flavor or cold brew coffees to their day.

Prefer a cold brew CBD coffee product to a hot beverage in the morning? Whether you don't have time to wait for the coffee pot, or you just like a cold, refreshing beverage for your CBD and coffee fix, this Cold Brew formula from Kickback may get you what you're looking for.

Made with organic ingredients and hemp-extracted CBD, you can expect 80 mg of caffeine and 20 mg of CBD per serving.

If you haven't tried cold brew coffee yet, here's what you can expect: a smooth, less acidic, flavorful coffee that packs a caffeine punch. 

Different from just adding ice to coffee and drinking it cold, a cold brew coffee is created by soaking ground coffee beans in water for at least 12 hours prior to making the coffee.

6. Mary Joe's CBD Cold Brew

  • Best match for: Those who need a grab-and-go CBD coffee product.

Available in packs of 4 or 8, this cold brew coffee is the perfect option for someone who can't enjoy a quiet moment with their CBD coffee.

With these pre-packaged bottles, there's no guessing about how much CBD may be in the coffee you're consuming; you know exactly what you get each time you pop the top on a bottle.

Each bottle contains 7 ounces of CBD coffee with 15 mg of CBD. Made with organic ingredients and filtered water, you can be assured this is a coffee product that will make you feel good — and one you can feel good about drinking.

mary joe's cbd cold brew delivery service

7. Flower Power Coffee Co.

  • Best match for: Those who are looking for great taste and a smaller dose of CBD in their coffee.

Flower Power Coffee Co. is one of the original options on the market. This CBD coffee from Flower Power offers delicious new and non-traditional flavors like Raspberry Mocha Cream.

With about 5 mg of CBD in each cup, if you've been looking for that product that will give you just enough CBD to take the edge off of your anxiety, create some calm, or for a little bit of relaxation at the end of the day, this may be the product for you.

For those who are looking for less caffeine, Flower Power also offers a decaf version. But for those who need a hefty punch of caffeine to get through their day, some of the Flower Power products offer substantially more caffeine.

A great choice for casual drinking, you may find there aren't enough CBD oils present in the Flower Power Coffee Co. line of coffees to make a significant difference for long-term pain management.

flower power coffee co delivery service

8. Diamond CBD Chill Coffee

  • Best match for: An easy-to-make CBD coffee that really packs a punch.

It's likely that a coffee's CBD content is playing a significant part in whether or not you think you've found the best CBD brew out there. This option from Diamond contains a hefty amount of CBD — 25 mg per cup.

Packaged in pods, you know exactly what you get in each cup and you don't need to make time in your busy day to make a full pot of coffee.

Unlike other companies, Diamond does not offer a decaffeinated variety. If the effects of caffeine on your body is negative, or you generally don't take your coffee with caffeine, this may not be the right choice for you.

If, on the other hand, you're turning to CBD coffees and products in the homes of reducing ongoing pain, the greater concentration of CBD can help your body start to feel a little better.

diamond cbd chill coffee delivery service

9. Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee

  • Best match for: People who are looking for a delicious instant coffee made with premium ingredients.

This CBD coffee allows you to experience the great effects of CBD coffee — your way, wherever you are.

An instant coffee that's easy to use and take with you, a packet can easily be packed so you can drink your coffee — and enjoy some of the calm that goes along with it — no matter what your schedule looks like.

Both the Kentucky-grown hemp and the Arabica beans used in this product are organic.

The CBD is pharmaceutical-grade, so you can be assured you're only consuming top-of-the-line products. 

While there is less CBD in each serving of this coffee than can be found in other coffees, the convenience of easy travel still makes this a product that's worth considering. 

10. Subduction Coffee + Hemp

  • Best match for: People after a consistent dose of CBD each time they make themselves a cup.

While many companies use blends or have infused their beans with CBD-oil, the new process Subduction Coffee uses is slightly different — but still leaves you with a great product you'll love to drink.

Other well-known CBD coffee brands may experience the separation of CBD oils from the coffee, leading to the oil floating to the top of your mug.

When this happens to your coffee, CBD isn't evenly distributed throughout your coffee and you won't get the same amount of CBD in each sip.

Subduction Coffee is sold by the bag and is also available in pods for single-cup brewing. You can choose how much of the hemp infusion you want and, if you're purchasing by the bag, there are three different styles to choose from (Drip, Espresso, and French Press) so you're getting the best CBD coffee out of the product based on your brewing style.

subduction coffee + hemp delivery service


Still have questions about how to use CBD and which CBD products will work best for you? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions — and the answers that might help you choose the products you'll love.

What is CBD?

You may associate CBD with marijuana or cannabis, while they are not one and the same, they are related to one another. CBD is one specific compound that's found in the Cannabis plant (3). You may also see hemp oil listed in some CBD products. Hemp and CBD are not the same thing, though they are related. While hemp oil is derived from the seeds, containing little CBD, CBD oil is derived from both the flower and seeds of the plant (4).

Some CBD products contain THC, and these may be labeled as full-spectrum. A product labeled broad-spectrum will not contain CBD. Different bodies respond differently to the components of the cannabis plant, so it's worth trying multiple types of products to find which will work best for you.

Why use CBD?

While the Food and Drug Administration has taken the stance that there's no quantifiable evidence that CBD products have a significant positive impact on the body, as reported in the New York Times, many scientific studies suggest there are benefits to adding CBD to your diet — like easing anxiety and elevating your mood (5).

You should always check in with a doctor if you have health concerns or feel your anxiety is uncontrollable. Of course, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or instruct on the use of CBD for anxiety or other medical conditions, but many users do report positive health effects from both occasional and regular use of CBD products.

CBD and Coffee — The Best Cup of Coffee for You

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to use CBD or hemp oil products. Whether you like the calm, the reduction in anxiety, or just feel it improves the way your body feels, a dose of daily (or occasional) CBD may be what you need to feel at your best. While all of these products can give you a delicious cup of coffee and come highly recommended, were we to choose only one to suggest you try it would have to be Buddha Beans.

We love that Buddha Beans offers a good range of options from different regions of the world to ensure your coffee is exactly to your taste. Multiple size options also help you get exactly what you need in a purchase. Of course, the organic American-grown hemp used in the products is also a plus.


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buddha beans coffee delivery service

Buddha Beans

Our #1 Recommendation

  • CBD is sourced from a family owned, USDA certified, organic farm
  • Ethically sourced coffee beans
  • Discounts on all subscriptions

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