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January 11, 2021

What are Best Baking Subscription Box Options?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Editor's choice

Whisk Takers' baking kit delivery service

Whisk Takers

#3rd Best Choice

Whisk & Flour's baking kit delivery service

Whisk & Flour

If you love to bake, you know that making top-tier cookies and cakes takes a lot of meal prep work. You have to buy all of the tools, measure out the ingredients, and follow complex instructions with no help for an uncertain result. And, if you don't bake often, you're left with big things of flour, baking powder, and chocolate chips in your pantry for the rest of the year.

A bakers subscription box can solve all of your problems. With a monthly baking sub, you'll get pre-measured ingredients shipping right to your doorstep every month. The easy-to-follow recipe cards put the fun back into DIY baking. And, some boxes come with tools in addition to ingredients, so you don't have to go out and buy those cookie cutters just for single-use.

CrateJoy, for example, has a marketplace full of different baking kits to fulfill your need for sweet treats. With CrateJoy 2020, you can discover popular categories of food subscriptions all year round. We ranked the top monthly baking kits out there so that you can start making your favorite 2 desserts each month.

Our Top Baking Subscription Box Options

1 - Whisk Takers (Editor's Choice)

Best match for people who want a family activity.

With a Whisk Takers subscription, you can choose between two plans a month: a gluten-free and vegan plan or an "all option" plan. The subscription boxes ship monthly on the 15th, and you'll be able to enjoy the company's signature baking kits delivered to your door.

Each kit comes with a recipe card and pre-measured ingredients. The greatest part of these baking subscription boxes is that you can pick what you want to make. You have options for your first box such as s'mores brownies, grandpa's pistachio cake, sugar cookies, chocolate hazelnut cupcakes, and banana walnut blondies.

On the website, you can see everything you'll get and everything you'll need before you purchase. If an item a month isn't enough, go through their a-la-carte options and add to your order. Lastly, you can even order healthy treats to bake for your dog.

Whisk Takers' baking kit delivery service


  • Vegan bake box options
  • Dog food baking boxes are organic with no added chemicals
  • Choose a one, or three month payment plan
  • Ingredients are numbered so you can follow the steps on the ingredient card


  • Not a lot of treat selections

2 - Foodstirs

  • Best Match For: People looking for bite-size organic sweets, baking mixes, and baking kits with less sugar and no artificial ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: One-time orders; Subscription (5% off)
  • Availability: The continental US
  • Value: $5.99-$29.99/item; $7.99 shipping fee; Orders over $80 receive free shipping
  • Type: Ready-to-eat mini donuts, muffins, and brownie bites; organic baking mixes and exclusive baking kits

Foodstirs advertise themselves as "junk-free" bakers. They are committed to using less sugar and no chemicals in their exciting subscription boxes. Foodstirs baking kits include rainbow pancakes, a gingerbread house, and donuts. All of the recipes are Non-GMO and organic, and you can make any of the treats vegan or vegetarian.

The recipes are appropriate for kids over the age of six. It's a perfect activity for your children for birthday parties, sleepovers, and other special occasions. The company makes their own non-artificial sweeteners, too. If you want to mix things up, try their different flavors or baking mixes. They even have keto-friendly desserts and muffins.

Foodstirs makes a great gift box for friends and family. You can find their variety of items in stores as well as online, and the recipe card tells you exactly how much time your treats will take.

Foodstirs baking subscription and delivery services


  • Vast selection of colorful goodies such as candy and sprinkles
  • Decorations are chemical-free and safe to eat
  • Can share your experience with others via social media
  • Ships anywhere in the U.S.


  • Subscription options are currently on hold

3 - Whisk & Flour

Best match for fans of surprise dishes.

Whisk & Flour ships your baking subscription boxes in eco-friendly packaging. Every baked box comes with ingredients in a reusable cloth bag, an illustrated recipe card, and a baking accessory. These are not your average desserts. This baking club features gourmet treats like pecan cinnamon rolls, butternut squash bread, vanilla cupcakes, and ginger snaps.

If you like fun surprises, this food delivery is for you. They do not post the recipes for their snacks before shipping so that you will have something to look forward to when you get home. All you have to do is sign up with an email address to get started.

The inspiration for the recipes comes from a professional baker who wanted to make baking kits accessible. You'll get seasonal foods at your door monthly, and all you have to do is provide the wet ingredients. When the holidays come, they have seasonally-themed dessert so you can make your own popcorn balls for Halloween or peeps for Easter.

Whisk & Flour's baking kit delivery service


  • No shipping fee for a gourmet baking box
  • Provides all the dry ingredients
  • Cooking kit comes with the occasional baking tools and supplies
  • Boxes are biodegradable


  • No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

4 - Bake Eat Love

Best match for homemade bakers who need DIY baking tips.

Another of the top monthly baking kits, Bake Eat Love makes it easy to elevate your baking experience at home. Each baking kit comes with a bonus item such as a tool that all bakers need. For example, you get piping bags, pastry cups for your cupcakes, spices, cookie cutters, or a spatula. The instructions have tips and videos so subscribers know they're doing the ingredient list the right way.

You get quality ingredients that may not be in your kitchen such as lavender extract. You and your kids can bring out some fun flavor that you may not have had before. Enjoy your choice of mini cheesecakes, blueberry tartlets, and different types of pies.

If you've ever had a cooking subscription box, you know that the hardest part is trying new kitchen techniques. The company website tells you all the best practices and provides guidance on getting quality results. Anyone can feel like a chef with these baking boxes.

Bake Eat Love's delivery service


  • Company shop makes it easy to get other items and cards for family
  • Free shipping and fun recipes
  • Choose your kit payment plan
  • Get a note of ingredients sent to your email address after you order


  • Not many categories for desserts that would please picky-eaters

5 - Baketivity

Best match for a family with kids ages three to ten.

Baketivity is the perfect tool to teach the little homemade bakers in your family. The company posts the product schedule for the year so you know what to prep way ahead of time. They have an array of fun meals such as bagels, granola bars, pudding, cake pops, and anything else your child could want.

All of the DIY baking kits include items like a recipe book, fun games, a shopping list, and a baker hat and apron. It's a great reason to get your little ones to help out in the kitchen. You can control the frequency of your baking kit payment and the company has many subscription options.

You can enroll your kids in a baking experience camp to learn new skills. Their camp boxes ship every week, and the first box is an intro lesson with simple directions. If you don't want a subscription, you can discover add-ons and place a single order for a bakes box.

Baketivity's meal delivery service


  • Shop for baking accessories
  • Make memories with your choice of treat
  • Wide selection of goodies such as cakes, confetti muffins, and candy blossoms
  • See comments and reviews from other subscribers


  • No nut-free desserts or kits

Gourmet Goodies on a Budget

When you want something fun to do for all ages, you can't go wrong with monthly baking kits. But when it comes to the cost of getting your Martha Stewart on, you may be wondering about deals and discounts. When you weigh the pros and cons, you may find that the price of a subscription is more affordable than buying the treats separately on your own.

Either way, many of the DIY baking kits come with deals such as 50 off your first box or a coupon code to save you money. With many of the subscription kits, your box ships free to your mailbox anywhere in the country. You can also find deals on gourmet treats when you sign up for an email newsletter.

At the end of the day, it's hard to put a price on getting easy to use ingredients and instructions at home. However, most of your subscription services allow you to cancel for any reason. So go ahead and try some gourmet cookies boxes!


Is CrateJoy Worth It?

CrateJoy offers a lot of subscription boxes from around the world. In addition to a baking kit, you can find a BBQ box with BBQ products, a culture subscription box, pasta monthly, the ultimate authentic Italian box, and even a spice box. The categories are virtually endless and they come from different companies.

Many foodies and bakers follow CrateJoy 2020 to stay up on the latest brands and boxes for snacks. They offer perks such as save up to 50 off your first purchase.

Final Thoughts - Top Baking Subscription Boxes

Baking cakes and cookies is a type of comfort that can help you de-stress. If you have an interest in baking, you want a box that saves you time and works for your taste and preferences. You can unbox these ingredients with the help of friends, or make it your solo time in the kitchen.

When you're stuck in the house, trying new activities can be a challenge. Fortunately, you don't have to leave the house to get professional-level sweets, and you don't have to go out and follow a long ingredient list of stuff you'll never use again.

You can get a kit with ingredients that work for you. For example, you may want fusion cupcake recipes or a kit of simple vegan choices. Either way, your bakers kit will come with bags of dry ingredients, a recipe card, and baking guidance. Even the most inexperienced bakers have a way to impress their friends in the kitchen.

Whisk Takers' baking kit delivery service

Whisk Takers

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Vegan bake box options
  • Dog food baking boxes are organic with no added chemicals
  • Choose a one, or three month payment plan
  • Ingredients are numbered so you can follow the steps on the ingredient card

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