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Bean Box Review: Worth It? Here’s What’s Up

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

A good cup of coffee will get you going in the morning and make a difference between a productive day and a snooze fest. This delicious drink is so embedded in our culture that most of us can't even imagine a day without at least a cup of coffee.

While Starbucks and other major coffee shops took the world by storm, certain brands have decided to take a different, less sugary approach.

Following an incredible artisan coffee scene in Seattle, Matthew and Ryan decided to found Bean Box. This online coffee delivery platform can help people try some of the world's best coffee roasters and transform their morning routine into a world-class coffee experience.

Every Bean Box coffee is chosen by a renowned curator, Maryna Gray, a juror for the prestigious coffee competition Cup of Excellence.

If you are a big coffee lover, our review of what Bean Box offers should help you learn more about this service and decide whether it is the right pick for you.

Bean Box At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Coffee-lovers looking to expand their horizons with a wide selection of freshly ground roasts from all over the world.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription; One time coffee gifts
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $16.50-$24/monthly subscription; Free delivery for subscription and gifts over $30
  • Type: Freshly-roasted or whole bean artisan coffee from award-winning microlots, ready-to-eat snacks, and exclusive coffee gift boxes

How Does Bean Box Work?

Bean Box offers award-winning roasters, exclusive coffees, and incredible variety to give you a taste of the best artisan coffee selection. Their delivery service is perfect for all adventurous drinkers who are looking to explore the world of coffee.

Every Bean Box product is of exceptional quality and freshness, packaged with love in Seattle, and delivered straight to your door.

You can set up your coffee subscription box in three easy steps.

First, choose whether you want a Coffee Tasting Subscription that brings you four expertly-curated exclusive coffees every month or a Coffee Bag Subscription consisting of artisan coffee bags delivered to you every week, two weeks, or month depending on your preferences.

The tasting subscription box comes with four 1.8 oz bags, each brewing 4-6 cups, resulting in 16-24 cups per case. The Coffee Bag Subscription brings you 12 oz bags that brew 24-36 cups depending on your taste preferences.

Once you have taken the first step, you can then choose your roast preference. You can pick all roasts, light, medium, dark, medium light, medium dark, decaf, and espresso, and enjoy your favorite flavors. Every roast preference has certain advantages.

For instance, light roast coffee has a delicate flavor, crisp acidity, and bright and fruity aroma that highlight different varietals and origins. On the other hand, dark roast coffees bring bold, rich, sometimes even savory taste with hints of flavor that can range from dark chocolate to earthy and spicy flavors.

That is why tasting a few different options can help you learn about your preferences and choose your favorite roast type.

Lastly, you select whether you want whole beans or freshly ground coffee. And that's it, all you have to do is wait for your products to arrive, and you can start enjoying some of the best artisan coffee products that Seattle and Portland have to offer.

Bean Box usually ships on Wednesday, and if you want to cancel your delivery, you need to do it by Thursday the week before.

If you are looking for a one-time delivery instead of a subscription, you can order one of the boxes from the Bean Box coffee gift selection.

There are unique curated boxes you can buy for yourself or someone you love, and enjoy world-class coffee without the attachment.

You can also select the subscription duration you prefer. For instance, pick a Bean Box Sampler with four unique gourmet coffee options and choose whether you want a one, three, six, or twelve-month subscription type.

Choosing a prolonged subscription will help you save some money and increase the variety of different flavor profiles you can taste with each Bean Box Sampler.

Using Bean Box is simple, and you can order your coffee via Web, app, and even text.

What You Can Expect From Your Bean Box Subscription

Bean Box subscription brings you access to some of the best coffee you will ever taste. Imagine the incredibly fresh beans from Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Ethiopia, El Salvador, and other renowned coffee places worldwide, delivered to your door.

Bean Box works with top-quality manufacturers to ensure you get what you pay for. They order everything at the end of the week so that all coffee beans arrive fresh on Monday or Tuesday. That's when Bean Box roasts and prepares everything for the delivery, packing coffee in eco-friendly materials.

They ship on Wednesdays, and your order should typically arrive by the end of the week. That way, you can always enjoy the freshest coffee in the morning.

You'll get access to exclusive hard-to-find micro-lots. With so many varietals, roasts, and aromas, Bean Box will satisfy even the pickiest coffee drinkers. There is simply something for everyone. 

Bean Box collaborates with small-batch independent roasters to ensure the best quality. None of the coffees contain any additives, flavors, or other artificial ingredients.

When you see a specific taste associated with a coffee such as cherry, citrus, vanilla, chocolate, or other, it means that these notes come from the way the coffee is grown and roasted. Nothing is added, and the only ingredient is the whole coffee beans.

You can add treats to your order, such as caramels, biscottis, wafels, and more. These goodies are perfect for people who love a little treat with their morning coffee.

If you are looking to buy a gift with Bean Box, you can select one of these exciting boxes:

  • World Coffee Tour Box with 16 gourmet coffees from all around the world.
  • Coffee and Tea Gift Box for people who like to switch between these caffeinated beverages.
  • Good Morning Gift Box with four unique coffees with some breakfast treats such as artisan granola, biscotti cookies, stroopwafels, and jams.
  • Deluxe Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box for the ultimate Seattle experience.

These are some of our top picks, but Bean Box offers other exceptional boxes you may prefer. You'll never go wrong with a coffee sampler box from Bean Box, as the company offers to replace or refund any coffee samples you don't like.

Sample Coffees Review

If you are looking to order a bag of world-class artisan coffee, here is some of Bean Box's September featured selection:

  • The Chocolate Syrup Colombian (The coffee of the month) – This medium roast comes with hints of cedar, cherry, and chocolate. You can enjoy the cup of this smooth and easy-to-make roast with a splash of milk or cream.
  • Summer Solstice Blend This limited dark roast edition has a robust flavor with subtle notes of cocoa, black tea, and citrus fruits. With a splash of milk and brown sugar, this cold-brew is perfect for summer sipping.
  • Roaster's Choice – A dark bold, and creamy roast that's excellent over ice. This unique blend comes with hints of cocoa, vanilla, and pear, for a perfectly balanced flavor profile.
  • Mexico Guadalupe Miramar – This fine Mexican light roast blend comes with notes of apples dusted with cinnamon, orange-infused cocoa, and savory maple syrup. It may earn a special spot in your morning routine.


Bean Box offers nationwide delivery to all US states and military addresses. All subscriptions and orders over $30 receive free shipping.

The company usually orders all roasts at the end of the week, and the orders arrive at their facilities in the Pacific Northwest on Monday or Tuesday.

All orders ship on Wednesday and should be at your door by the end of the week. 

Once the Bean Box sends your order, you will receive a USPS or FedEx tracking number.

Because the company wants to make sure you receive freshly roasted coffee and enjoy it at the peak flavor, international delivery is not available. 

You may be able to order a Corporate gift box delivery out of the US, but it comes at an additional cost, and you need to contact Bean Box directly to work out the details.

If you want your coffee bag to arrive faster, the company offers expedited shipping. Of course, this option comes at an additional cost.


How big is a bag of Bean Box coffee?

Bean Box offers a standard bag of 12 oz, which translates to 24-36 cups depending on your coffee preferences. Sampler packs are 1.8 oz, which is enough for 4-6 cups.

Is Bean Box coffee good?

Definitely! This subscription service offers great coffee for everybody, from occasional drinkers to hardcore coffee-lovers. Pay attention to tasting notes, brewing tips, and other information to find a perfect fit that may earn the number one spot in your morning routine.

How to brew Bean Box coffee?

The brewing method depends on the bag you purchase. Make sure you read the brewing suggestions for the ultimate drinking experience.

Is there a non-subscription option?

Yes, you can purchase a one-time order through Bean Box's gift program. Make sure you are not selecting one of their coffee subscriptions, as it will automatically renew.

Where is Beanbox?

Bean Box is based in Seattle, Washington so that everyone can enjoy a variety of delicious, locally-roasted Seattle coffee beans.

Who owns Beanbox?

Ryan Fritzky and Matthew Berk founded Bean Box.

How do you make a coffee Beanbox?

Whether you order whole or pre-ground coffee from Bean Box, you can choose how you want to make your coffee. Some of your options include drip coffee, french press, aeropress, or pour-over.

Does Bean Box deliver to Canada?

Bean Box offers standard and expedited shipping to Canada and all 50 United States.

Is Bean Box a subscription?

Yes, Bean Box offers a coffee tasting subscription, where you’ll get 16-24 servings of coffee per month, and a coffee bag subscription, which gives you 24-36 servings per month.

How do I cancel BeanBox?

To cancel your Bean Box subscription, go to your online account and select cancel for the item you want to end. Make sure to cancel your shipment by 5 PM EST on the Thursday before the shipping date.

Is Bean Box good coffee?

Yes, Bean Box sends freshly-roasted, quality coffee to your door. Every bean is chosen by an expert curator and roasted to order.

Bean Box Costs

You can enjoy a monthly coffee tasting subscription at $16.50. A 12 oz coffee bag subscription can be delivered weekly for $20, bi-weekly for $22, or monthly for $24. All subscriptions come with free shipping, while gifts over $30 receive free delivery as well.

The Last Sip

If you are looking to try out different roasts and fully experience the beautiful world of coffee, Bean Box may be the right fit for you.

You can select your taste preferences, choose what type of subscription you want, and the delivery frequency. That way, you will never run out of world-quality coffee that will help kickstart your day.

During our Bean Box coffee subscription review, we have been the most impressed with the incredible selection. There is truly an option for everybody.

The whole ordering process is quick and easy, and there is even an app to make it more convenient.

Bean Box is perfect for all avid coffee-lovers looking to bring their coffee drinking experience to the next level.

Bean Box online coffee delivery platform

Bean Box

  • A fantastic selection that doesn’t let you get bored with the same thing
  • All coffee beans are shipped fresh to ensure peak taste
  • Free month trial
  • Free delivery with paid subscriptions and orders over $30

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