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Last Updated on February 21, 2021

Finding good, high-quality paleo, AIP, whole30, and keto foods is no easy task. Fortunately, Barefoot Provisions offers meals and snacks for all of these diets. Instead of shopping around for all of your favorite foods, you can find everything you need for your lifestyle in one place.

How Barefoot Provisions Works

The creators of Barefoot Provisions wanted a one-stop online shop to find all of their favorite natural products. The company prioritizes fresh, sustainable, and tasty products for people who want access to real foods created with real ingredients.

On the Barefoot Provisions website, you can shop by diet (like paleo or whole30) or product categories. Some of the most exciting products from the company are the curated kits. The Barefoot Provisions team puts together healthy food boxes to save you time and guesswork.

Some of these boxes include:

  • The Paleo Mom AIP Survival Pack
  • Whole30-Approved Classic Kit
  • Whole30 Cooking Kit
  • Veggie Snack Kit
  • Road Trip Snack Kit

If your kit doesn't come with everything you need, you can purchase add-ons to customize your experience.

Other than kits, you can buy the individual products that you enjoy from different companies and brands. For example, you can find beverages, broths, oils, fats, condiments, spices, creamers, and even body products on the Barefoot Provisions site.

What You Can Expect

The food kits come with a selection of snack foods, foodstuffs, nut butters, and more. Once you place an order on the site, you receive a confirmation email and a tracking number. For exclusive deals, discounts, and information, you can create an account and join the Barefoot Provisions email list.

In addition to an online store, Barefoot has a blog with useful content for any foodie. You have to have an account to access the blog, which features delicious recipes and information about different diets.

The Barefoot Provisions site navigation bar has a place where you can find new products and on-sale foodstuffs. It's useful to keep checking the site as the Barefoot partners and store update constantly.

Sample Meals

When you select something, you can see exactly what's in it as well as the story behind the product. For example, the Whole30 Classic Kit comes with 14 snack items, including Baja Trail Mix, Coconut Jerky, Canned Sockeye Salmon, Wasabi SeaSnax, a Beef Apple Bacon Bar, and Grass-fed Beef Sticks.

Under the "breakfast" category, you will find foodstuffs such as marshmallows, RX Bars, protein bars for kids, pecan and cashew butter, and bacon bits.


Barefoot Provisions currently ships worldwide via USPS. Their shipping warehouse is in Livermore, CA, which means delivery can take 2 to 5 days after your order is processed. If you made a Barefood Provisions store account, you will have access to the shipping information for all current or past orders.

To cancel an order, you'll need to message the Barefoot Provisions email address before the delivery ships. Unlike some other companies, Barefoot offers shipping to military addresses and APO addresses.


Are there Barefoot Provisions coupons?

You can find store coupons and discount codes when you create an account. The company sends special offers, including free samples, in their marketing emails. Additionally, US customers save money automatically because the company does not charge sales tax on any delivery.

Does Barefoot Provisions have subscription boxes?

Barefoot Provisions does not have subscription boxes. However, they have pre-made curated foodie kits that you can add to and buy on a recurring basis.

Pros & Cons


  • Services are perfect for the foodie who loves natural foods
  • Offers foodstuffs related to different diets such as paleo and AIP
  • Wide variety of snack foods (such as cookies), fats, and kitchen essentials
  • Can use mix-ins to make healthy smoothies and drinks


  • No options for full meal services

Food for Thought

Barefoot Provisions is an easy-to-use site for finding paleo food, whole30 food, or food for a plant-based lifestyle. As a natural foodie, you can find the perfect snack for yourself or your family without having to hunt down a natural foods store. The company also provides helpful content for people just starting out with a new way of eating.

Barefoot Provisions is most compatible with foodies seeking a single online shop to find paleo, whole30, AIP, or similarly compliant treats and foodstuffs.

Barefoot Provision's Meal Delivery Service

Barefoot Provisions

  • Services are perfect for the foodie who loves natural foods
  • Offers foodstuffs related to different diets such as paleo and AIP
  • Wide variety of snack foods (such as cookies), fats, and kitchen essentials
  • Can use mix-ins to make healthy smoothies and drinks

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