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The One Where Balance by bistroMD Unknowingly Offers “Friends” TV Show-Inspired Meals

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

September 23, Sept. 28, and October 2, 2019 will see more than 1,000 theaters across the USA featuring four Friends episodes per night that have been newly remastered in 4K.

Each screening will provide never-before-seen content and exclusive interviews in celebration of the culturally iconic TV show’s premier and impact since.

The Friends 25th anniversary have inspired many a pop up across the nation, not to mention everyone from Google to Ralph Lauren and Pottery Barn paying homage in their unique ways, drawing from the series plotlines and quirky personalities of the characters.

As foodies and Friends fans ourselves, we couldn’t help but remember all the food and drinks that made memorable appearances. (Read Vulture’s Friends Countdown: All 152 Meals Shared Over 10 Seasons of Friends.)

It got us thinking, what would a Friends meal delivery service look like?

After thinking back on episodes, it was understood that it would be quite a motley crew of dishes; imagine a meal delivery service offering everything from Rachel’s trifle to Ross’s Thanksgiving sandwich!

But then we realized there actually IS an already existing company that offers versions of the iconic dishes as seen in Friends. The meal delivery service that’ll always be there for you: Balance by bistroMD!

Balance isn’t offering meals in the spirit of the Friends 25th anniversary. However, across all the meal delivery service we’ve reviewed, we noticed they have some very healthy and adult version of foods and drinks we’ve come to associate with the series Friends. 

In fact, foods and beverages that showed up in the series appear on Balance’s diverse menu; they have more meals you could find in Friends more than any other brand! Perhaps that alone should put them on our Best Overall Meal Delivery Services review page?!

Stroll down memory lane with us and celebrate our favorite Friends foodie moments and see how you can order your own “balanced” versions!

Joey’s Meatball Subs

In “The One With The Ride-Along”  Joey, Ross, and Chandler go on an undercover ride-along with Gary, Phoebe’s boyfriend who is a cop.

As explained on,

Gary offers to take them out on a ride-along, so they head out in the evening. Joey buys himself “the best sandwich in the world” but Gary tells him that he cannot eat it in his car. Joey continues to talk about the sandwich, and the other three men begin to get irritated. After Ross accidentally turns on the beacon ray, he is not allowed to sit in the front seat anymore, as they are undercover. During the ride, a car backfire scares them all, leading to Joey diving over Ross in an attempt save him, which causes problems between Chandler and Joey because Joey apparently wanted to save Ross instead of Chandler. However, it turns out that Joey had no intention of saving Ross, but wanted to save his sandwich. In order to prove how much Chandler means to him, he lets him have a bite of the sandwich.

Joey’s sub gets a makeover at Balance by bistroMD.

Balance by bistroMD’s Chicken Meatball Marinara Wrap

As stated on their site, Balance promises “All of your favorite Italian flavors wrapped together in one delicious whole grain flatbread wrap! Our homemade Italian chicken meatballs are smothered in marinara, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese and served with a healthy helping of emerald broccoli florets”

We don’t think Joey could refuse this rendition of a meatball sub, even though it is more nutritional than the classic! And we’re also pretty confident he would be as protective of this one, too.

Ross’s Thanksgiving Sandwich AKA “The Moist Maker”

Watch the clip to better remember how upset Ross Geller was that his Turkey Sandwich with the Moist Maker was stolen — that’s all the man had going for him after all!

With Balance, Ross can enjoy this meal year around if he slaps it between two pieces of bread. And the moist maker part? He can use the gravy!

Balance by bistroMD’s Turkey Breast with Cranberry Apple Chutney

Balance by bistroMD’s Turkey Breast with Herbed Brown Gravy

Eating more “balanced” and nutritional meals would have surely helped Ross during his breakdowns.

Phobe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’ll remember in “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies” Monica really wants Phoebe’s grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe as her engagement gift.

However, Phoebe’s grandma made her promise she’d never to let the recipe out of the family. She finally agrees to give it to Monica but because of a fire, loses the recipe.

Monica tries to recreate the recipe from the one cookie Phoebe has remaining. Monica bakes batch after batch of chocolate chip cookies, unable to capture the magic of Phoebe’s family recipe.

Finally, Monica discovers that Phoebe’s grandma didn’t have a secret recipe. Rather,  she got her recipe from a bag of Nestle Toll House cookies, which is found out when Phoebe says that her grandma got the recipe from her French grandmother “Nestle Toulouse”. SMH, Phoebe!

Balance by bistroMD’s Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Funnily enough, on there website, Balance explains, “This is not your grandmas chocolate chip cookie. Chocolaty goodness and soft baked dough disguise the fact that this decadent protein-based treat is – dare we say – good for you!” Ha. Well, we know it’s not Phoebe’s grandma’s cookie recipe, that’s for sure!

These are delicious though and waaaay better for you than any Toll House version.

Chandler and Rachel’s Cheesecake

Episode “The One With All The Cheesecakes” is by far one of our favorites!

As rehashed on Fandom:

Rachel sees Chandler eating a cheesecake that was, accidentally, delivered to their door, and so he lets her taste it. This cheesecake, from Mama’s Little Bakery, is, in fact, the best cheesecake they’ve both ever tasted. When they later discover that another cheesecake is delivered, they decide to drop it off at the right door, but when they find it, still untouched, in front of that same door later that day, they take it. Chandler busts Rachel eating off the cheesecake while he wasn’t there, which starts a small fight between them. This fight results in the cheesecake falling to the floor in the hallway, but since it’s so incredibly yummy, they can’t resist eating it right off the floor.

Balance by bistroMD’s Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake

Well, if that’s the name of that episode, you could certainly rename Balance as the meal delivery service with the one with all the cheesecake!

Cheesecake options include:

  • Sweet Red Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Orange Blossom Cheesecake
  • Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake
  • Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake

These cheesecakes are made with cream cheese and ricotta cheese for added protein.

The almond and oatmeal crust is a creative adaptation that is reminiscent of traditional graham cracker crust. Your taste buds won’t know the difference.

Also, there are no artificial sweeteners so you can enjoy these and stay on track with your nutritional/weight management goals.

Chandler and Rachel could have had the cheesecakes delivered straight to their respective doors as well which would have saved them from fighting… not to mention eating off the floor!

Rachel’s Beef Trifle Shepard’s Pie

In “The One Where Ross Got High”  Monica hosts Thanksgiving and there is the very entertaining and iconic subplot where Rachel accidentally makes a trifle…accidentally including a layer of beef!

Fandom takes us down memory lane with a reminder of the layers: 

Monica lets Rachel make the dessert this year, but the cookbook pages are stuck together and Rachel ends up making a trifle that is half trifle half shepherd’s pie. It comprises layers of ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, more ladyfingers, beef sautéed with peas and onions, a little more custard, bananas, then whipped cream.

Oh boy. Could you imagine how THAT would actually taste. Luckily you have Balance’s shepherd pie without all the accidental gook.

Balance by bistroMD’s Beef Shepherds Pie

Balance’s “savory beef shepherd’s pie is stuffed with carrots, potatoes and peas and covered with a Yukon Gold potato topping and complemented by fresh, seasoned broccoli.

No trifle ingredients included…luckily!

Monica’s Quiche

In “The One With The Cuffs”, Monica, who is desperate need for work and money, agrees to cater a party for her mother with Phoebe’s help.

Monica makes quiches for the party yet royally screws up and is unable to serve them because she drops a fingernail in one of the quiches she prepared!

Luckily, you will NEVER find a fingernail in a Balance by bistroMD quiche!

Balance by bistroMD’s Caramelized Mushroom and Onion Frittata

Granted, what we’re calling quiche, Balance describes as frittata but…same same! And there are many to choose from. Options include:

  • Caramelized Mushroom and Onion
  • Uncured Ham and Cheese
  • Pancetta Leek and Goat Cheese

And may we stress… NO FINGERNAILS!

Monica’s Lasagna

In the episode titled “The One with the Dozen Lasagnas” Monica cooks numerous meat lasagnas for her aunt  who had actually requested  vegetarian lasagna.

The entire episode sees Monica trying to get rid of the dozen lasagnas.

Eggplant Lasagna Casserole

With Balance, you can get both veg and non-veg lasagna!

The eggplant lasagna casserole substitutes eggplant for lasagna noodles and layers it with a creamy three-cheese blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan and rich marinara sauce. Or if you want meat in your lasagna, no worries, there’s their three-cheese lasagna topped with homemade ground chicken sausage and smothered in a garden marinara full of carrots, zucchini and yellow squash.

We’d happily order a dozen of both!

Chandler’s Yahoo Habit

Chandler can be seen enjoying a Yahoo, a sweet chocolate drink, in several episodes. We figure, why not get Chandler on the #Adulting bandwagon and mature his drink to Balance’s Chocolate Fix Protein Shake!

At only 80 calories, 1 gram fat, and 3 grams Total Carbohydrates per serving, this is a far more superior drink snack than the sugar-laden Yahoo.

Balance by bistroMD’s Chocolate Fix Protein Shake

As Balance says on its site, “Why waste precious calories on a chocolate bar that will leave you hungry and dissatisfied? Instead, grab this convenient high protein chocolate shake and fill up without filling out!”

Could you BE any more excited?!

Friend’s Coffee

Our list would not be complete without paying homage to Central Perk and all the coffee guzzling that stimulated so many conversations, fights, insights and even breakups amongst these friends.

As Balance says, “Calling all coffee lovers! This high protein shake not only helps keep you feeling full in between meals, it has a delicious coffee taste as well!”

Balance by bistroMD’s Java Boost Shake

If you want more insight into how you can order your Balance by bistroMD meals, read our full review.


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