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Bakerly Review: Are these French Baked Goods Really THAT Good? Meal Matchmaker Explores

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

Fancy all things French pastries? Bakerly offers crêpes, pancakes, and brioches that you can easily bring with you! Give your daily snack a touch of France with these flavorful baked goods.

Bakerly was founded by two French men, Julien and Fabian, on a mission to bring authentic French pastries to every household in America! Quality is the secret ingredient in each product, and the two are dedicated to only offering pastries comparable to what they had during their childhood in France. Some of their products are still produced in France.

In this review of Bakerly, we're bringing you an insight into what might be the best French pastries you can get on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Let's dive in!

Bakerly At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking for authentic French baked goods made with simple quality ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavors, and other “bad” ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: One-time purchase; Subscribe and Save 5%
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $3.99-$4.99/pack; Free shipping on orders over $30
  • Type: Ready-to-eat artisan baked goods

How Bakerly Works

You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription service. Buy through their website or on Amazon, or in selected stores all over the country. And this company has literally taken off – Bakerly was recently featured as an in-flight food option from a major airline food provider!

Bakerly has a team of all-star artisan bakers and pastry chefs, which is part of the secret to the outstanding tastes!

Find out where Bakerly ranks in our snack subscriptions review.

Bake and Send: Subscribe to French Pastries

Through their "Bake and Send" option, you can choose a subscription frequency and get fresh baked goods delivered directly to your doorstep. Besides the convenience of getting regular deliveries satiating your sweet tooth, this option gives you a 5% discount on all autobake orders.

You can easily manage your subscription frequency or edit your orders from your personal page. There is no minimum order amount to subscribe.

Edit or Pause Your Subscription

Through the Manage my Subscription page, you can edit your personal info, pause, or cancel your subscription. You can make edits at the latest 1 day before the next scheduled shipment.

What You Can Expect 

Every product from Bakerly is baked with French savoir-faire, or know-how – meaning, you'll find no:

  • artificial flavoring
  • preservatives
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • GMO-ingredients

in their pastries and pancakes.

Bakerly claims to only use ingredients they would feel comfortable giving to their own children.

They have even gone so far as to create a "No-No List" with 140 ingredients they promise never to use!

Bakerly remains true to their origins and remains a passionate company, carefully taste-testing each new product to make sure only the top du top get into the hands of their customers.

What You Can Find 

Some of the French classics you can find in the assortment:

  • Brioche: Brioche is a French bread that has a rich texture. It's baked with eggs and butter, which gives it a golden tone. The flaky consistency gives associations to a pastry rather than a bread – in fact, many consider this to be a hybrid between a pastry and a bread. It contains yeast and sometimes sweetener.
  • Crêpes to-go: A delicious snack made of sweet, fluffy crêpes stuffed with creamy fillings: choose between chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, crunchy chocolate, and crunchy caramel. Or go for all of them with the variety pack! You can enjoy this Frenchies' favorite snack around the clock: pre or post workout, to tackle the afternoon dip, as a breakfast on the go, or as a dessert. The crêpes are individually packed so that you can smoothly grab one when in a rush.
  • French pancakes to-go: The first French fluffy pancakes that are ready to eat! Wrapped in individual packages so that they're easy to carry with you for fast fuel throughout your day.
  • Chocolate croissants: A smooth, flaky pastry that melts in your mouth with just the right amount of chocolate – the chocolate croissants are the authentic French tasting experience! Individually wrapped, these treats save you from blood sugar dips during your day.

Plus, the website has a generous section with recipes where you can find inspiration on how to take your French brioche bread creations to the next level! How about a brioche pizza sandwich, pumpkin French toast, or creamy, indulgent chocolate trifle?


You get free shipping on orders of $30 or more!

Delivery time is usually within a week: they process orders within 1-2 business days – then it takes between 3-5 business days for the courier to deliver your goodies to your door.

You can easily track your order via the shipment email you receive with tracking information.


Since the products are frozen and thawed after baking, it's not recommended to refreeze them. Store the products in a cool and dry place. Remember that storing them is optional – if you eat them all at once, we don't blame you!


Are there any options catering to allergies or vegans?

There are no alternatives for gluten and dairy allergies or vegans. A real French brioche might be yummy but contains gluten and dairy. Today, Bakerly doesn't offer any allergy-friendly varieties.

How long do Bakerly crepes last?

After thawing, Bakerly crepes last 30 days. The company does not recommend re-freezing your crepes.

How do you eat a Bakerly crepe?

You can eat a Bakerly crepe anywhere at any time. Bakerly’s crepes are rolled up with tasty filling and individually-wrapped.

Do Bakerly crepes need to be refrigerated?

Store your Bakerly crepes in a cool, dry place. Refreezing is not recommended.

Bakerly Costs

These affordable French baked goods cost $3.99-$4.99 per pack. Subscribing for a recurring order lets you save 5% of your total, and you also receive free shipping on all orders over $30.

Food for Thought

If you want premium baked goods that make you feel nostalgic about that trip to Paris – or dreaming about going there – Bakerly is for you!

Bakerly offers authentic French pastries baked with whole foods – no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Join their flexible subscription service at a frequency suiting your tastes, or make a single purchase.

The assortment of brioche bread, pancakes, and crêpes take you on a taste journey – you'll almost feel like you can spot the Eiffel Tower outside of your window!

However, anyone who's sensitive to gluten or dairy or follows a plant-based diet has to look elsewhere to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Bakerly is the perfect match for a quick yet premium snack to pack in your backpack and bring to work, workout, or for the kids to school or to load up for the soccer match. Bon appétit!

Bakerly's pastries subscriptions and delivery services


  • Authentic French pastries baked with whole foods
  • Free from preservatives and artificial ingredients
  • Baked with love by a French, family-owned business
  • Individually packed for the ideal snack on the go

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