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Baked by Melissa Review

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Looking for the most delicious, tasty cupcakes in the colors of the rainbow? Then look no further – Baked by Melissa is here to make your life sweeter!

The company is known for their bite-sized cupcakes and treats, allowing people to enjoy a guilt-free, sweet ending to their dinner. What started as a small, family-owned company founded by Melissa Ben-Ishay in 2009 has grown to 14 locations around the US – with nationwide shipping!

Their three original cupcakes are still among the best-sellers: try the famous signature cupcake Tie-Dye in the colors of the rainbow, let the creamy Peanut Butter & Jelly melt in your mouth, or indulge in a Cookie Dough to finish your dinner on top!

In this review, we've explored all you need to know about this sweet company. Let's get this party started!

Baked by Melissa At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Dessert lovers looking for tasty bite-sized cupcakes and macarons. Also a great match for people seeking gluten-free and vegan options.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $32-$57/ 25-pack; $15.95 for Standard Shipping, $24.95 for Expedited Shipping, and $34.95 for Saturday Delivery
  • Type: Ready-to-eat cupcakes and macarons

How Baked by Melissa Works

While there are no monthly subscriptions, you can sign up as a loyal customer for their Loyalty Program for exciting offers and bonuses.

You can order online or by calling their customer service for nationwide shipping. You can also opt for pickup or buy directly in one of their 14 stores.

Sweet Rewards

Baked by Melissa has a sweet deal: join their reward program to get points on all treats you buy – points that can later on be exchanged for free cupcakes and macarons!

Besides buying treats, you earn points from following them on Instagram (which has the bonus of adding color to your feed!) and referring friends. If you hit the higher marks, you can also get gifts such as a free t-shirt displaying your love for the sweet things in life.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

All treats from Baked by Melissa – cupcakes, macarons, as well as gluten-free and vegan varieties – are bite-size pieces, not much larger than a dime. They recommend accounting for 4-5 cupcakes for adults and 1-3 for children.

The treats contain less than 50 calories each – some go down to 38 calories! Pleasure guaranteed without the guilt-trip – that's what we call a win-win.

baked foods


When you buy online, you can get 25-packs, 50-packs, or 100-packs of cupcakes and macarons. There are also mixed packages with the best from both worlds.

Gift Boxes

You also have the option to add a gift box. For individual 25-packs, there's their legendary tie-dye gift box, Congratulations box, Thank You box, and Happy Birthday box. For the larger packs, you can get the tie-dye box.

Shop by Occasion

Looking for the perfect present for the birthday, as a thank you gift, or simply wanna show that you think about someone? Treats from Baked by Melissa are a personalized (and delicious!) alternative to the traditional chocolate box or flower bouquet.


This innovative company is passionate about coming up with new, unique flavors. Their sweets are a treat not only for the palate but also for the eyes!

Choose some of their cupcake favorites like:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Tie-Dye
  • Red Velvet

or opt for one of the original flavors:

  • Tie-Dye
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Cookie Dough

Each month, Baked by Melissa releases a new Mini of the Month. Each season, you can expect a new trio to enter their menus – and around the holidays, there are extra surprises. How about Halloween cupcakes in the form of a bloody eyeball or spooky monster?

At least 18 flavors

At any one time, you can expect at least 18 flavors! This includes special diets like gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. Since everything is mini cupcakes and bite-sized treats, you can try many different flavors at once without feeling stuffed!


All products are delivered to you fresh. To keep them in optimal condition and avoid them being smushed, they are brought to you in specially designed packs with a cute little compartment for each cupcake or macaron. Considering the thoughtful and elaborate decorations, you don't wanna miss out on enjoying these little pieces of art before indulging them!


The cupcakes stay fresh during transit, thanks to the above-mentioned system. Besides, they are shrink-wrapped and then stacked in a foam liner with frozen gel packs. Everything is packed in a nice box before being shipped to you!

Delivery Orders

For some addresses in New York City, there's a special system in place called Delivery Orders. There is a minimum of $20 value for an order to be eligible as a Delivery Order. You can choose your desired delivery day and time.

Shipping Orders

Shipping Orders is the delivery system for all other places. You must order for at least $20 with this option. You have the opportunity to choose your delivery day, and next-day deliveries are available.

Corporate Orders and Group Orders

Baked by Melissa also offers the possibility of placing 10 or more individual orders if you feel like spreading some cupcake love all over the country. Corporate orders are an ideal gift to celebrate your wins and milestones or bring a smile on the lips of your CEO, colleagues, and clients. After all, it's hard to imagine a more prominent people-pleaser than cupcakes!

Order Tracking

For shipping orders, you'll get an order processing email with a tracking number 1-2 days before the arrival date. The Track Order button and tracking number will bring you to their tracking page to follow the journey of your sweets.

For Delivery orders, you'll receive an email when the order has been delivered.

For pickup orders, book a time to go get your treats, and they'll be there waiting for you! Life's good.


Baked by Melissa recommends that you store your cupcakes in the freezer. Take them out 20-30 minutes before serving. Pro tip: enjoy them directly from the freezer for an enhanced experience with ice cream vibes!

The cupcakes and macarons will stay fresh for at least 2 weeks in the freezer and 4 days while in transit.


Does Baked by Melissa cater to allergies and diets?

Baked by Melissa has gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. The macarons are gluten-free but made with almond flour, and some of the cupcakes contain nuts. However, note that all treats are handled in an environment with nuts. They also offer some kosher-friendly treats.

For the gluten-free treats: they are baked in a separate, gluten-free kitchen with no risk for cross-contamination, so they are safe even for people with celiac disease.

Does Baked by Melissa taste good?

Yes, Baked by Melissa treats remain fresh even through shipping. They taste moist and flavorful, as if they came from a local bakery.

Do you have to refrigerate Baked by Melissa?

You should store your Baked by Melissa cupcakes in the freezer, where they will remain fresh for as long as 2 weeks. Eat them straight out of the freezer or let them thaw 20-30 minutes before consuming.

How long are Baked by Melissa cupcakes good for?

Your Baked by Melissa goods will last up to 2 weeks in the freezer.

How many points does Baked by Melissa have?

Members receive points with Baked by Melissa based on tiers. For every dollar you spend on the site, Superstars get 2 points, Cupcake Pros get 1.5 points, and Taste Testers get 1 point.

Are Baked by Melissa dairy?

Baked by Melissa offers vegan cupcakes, which are dairy-free. The vegan, dairy-free cupcakes are created with oat milk, chia seeds, and other plant-based ingredients.

Does Baked by Melissa offer free shipping?

No, Baked by Melissa does not offer free shipping. However, the company ships items to all 50 United States using flat-rate shipping.

Who is the owner of Baked by Melissa?

The owner of Baked by Melissa is Melissa Ben-Ishay, a mom and baker based in New York City. She became known for her signature bite-sized and fun-flavored treats.

Does Baked by Melissa ship to Canada?

No, Baked by Melissa currently only ships to US locations.

How did Baked by Melissa get started?

According to the company website, Baked by Melissa began in 2008 through a partnership with an NYC catering company. After participating in popups and local markets, the first retail location was in Manhattan, the Cafe Bari pickup window.

Are Melissa's cupcakes vegan?

Baked by Melissa offers a line of vegan cupcakes including flavors such as Triple Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, and Vegan Chocolate Chip.

Where do you enter promo code on Baked by Melissa?

When you’ve added everything to your cart, you can enter a Baked by Melissa promo code by clicking “Use Promo Code” and entering your code. Then, hit “Apply,” and you’ll see the total for your order with the discount.

Baked by Melissa Costs

Depending on the cupcakes, macaroons, and other treats you choose, you can expect to pay $32 to $57 for a 25-pack. There is a $15.95 shipping fee, and you can select expedited shipping for $24.95 or Saturday delivery for $34.95.

Pros and Cons


With their tiny cupcakes and macarons, Baked by Melissa has a unique and innovative concept that has won raving fans all over the country.

Their bite-sized treats in fancy flavors are a pleasure for both the eye and the palate and make for a perfect present to someone you love or for celebrating wins as a corporate gift.

The mini cupcakes and macarons come in several gluten-free, vegan, and kosher variations.

You can also order the tiny cupcakes as nut-free.

With their recently launched loungewear matching their tie-dye treats, you can dress up as Baked by Melissa cupcakes!

They deliver to all 50 states.


Baked by Melissa doesn't currently offer a Cupcake of the Month Club or similar. However, they do refresh the assortment each month – so that there's always a new, exciting flavor for you to savor!

Food for Thought

From New York to the west coast, Baked by Melissa has got people to rave about mini cupcakes and bite-sized treats, giving the satisfaction of a sweet final to a savory dinner without the sugar rush and subsequent dip of a full dessert.

Baked by Melissa is the perfect match for people having occasional (or regular – we've been there!) cravings for cupcakes. These little pieces of art are also the perfect gifts to the people who wish to still their sweet tooth with style!

Save 5% on orders of $60 or more with code CUPCAKELOVERS

Baked by Melissa's sweet cupcakes and treats delivery services

Baked by Melissa

  • Unique concept of tiny cupcakes and macarons
  • Aesthetically appealing sweets makes for the perfect gift
  • Gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and kosher varieties
  • Webshop with merch like tie-dye loungewear

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