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Athletic Greens Review: Does it Even Taste Good and is it Worth the Hype?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

Supplements have taken the world by storm, and the market has grown substantially. The statistics show that more than half of American adults take supplements, with multivitamins being the most common.

And although most internet fitness gurus swear by the use of various health-enhancing products, the reality is that not all supplements show great efficacy.

The founder of Athletic Greens, Chris Ashenden, started this project as a way to improve his health. But after collaborating for two years with a team of researchers and health experts, he created Athletic Greens to help people reach their health goals.

The company didn’t stop there and made additional 51 iterations to the original formulation to improve the efficacy and find the right balance for ultimate health benefits.

Read our Athletic Greens review to find out what this unique supplement does, and whether it can help you improve a particular aspect of your health and well-being.

Athletic Greens At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Athletes looking to fill in all the nutrient gaps with 75 potent compounds that support the immune system, digestion, brain health, energy levels, and more.
  • Commitment Level: One-time purchase; Subscription with 15, 30, 45, or 60-day delivery
  • Availability: US, Canada, Europe, and Australia
  • Value: $107/pouch (30 servings); $9 shipping fee
  • Type: Dietary supplement

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

Athletic Greens is a New Zealand based supplement company that offers the ultimate daily all-in-one product for optimal health. Athletic Greens is a blend of unique ingredients that provides a boost to your daily nutrition.

As Athletic Greens should be taken daily, the company offers either a one-time purchase of monthly supplements or a subscription. When you choose to subscribe, you decide what you want to receive and how often. Select delivery every 15, 30, 45, or 60 days, and Athletic Greens will ship to you regularly. 

The whole subscription is flexible, and you can easily modify or cancel your subscription at any time online.

Athletic Greens even offers an outstanding 60-day money back guarantee. That means that if you are not 100% satisfied with Athletic Greens, you have 60 days from your initial order to notify the company, and they will give you your money back.

However, people taking Athletic Greens have seen numerous benefits, which is why most reviews of Athletic Greens you see online rave about how satisfied their customers are.

If you are not sure whether supplements are your thing, or if this particular one will suit you, Athletic Greens offers a 5-day sample. Contact their customer service, and you can quickly find out how Athletic Greens taste like and if this plant-based supplement can really benefit your health.

What Can You Expect From Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily?

This all-in-one supplement is made up of 75 different vitamins, minerals, and ingredients derived from whole foods. Every element in this formulation is carefully selected because of its health benefits, potency, and high bioavailability.

One delicious scoop of Athletic Greens daily can replace most other supplements, including multivitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics supporting gut health, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and more.

This significantly simplifies your daily routine, and it is especially beneficial for athletes who always need to be on top of their game. In fact, Athletic Greens is designed for athletes and is NSF Certified.

The formulation faced 51 iterations over ten years. Athletic Greens is formulated by doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and other health experts, and the company is continuously trying to improve their magic formula. 

This complete supplement can help protect your immune system by improving your body’s response to outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses. It boosts your energy levels throughout the day, making it easier to tackle your daily tasks.

It is also suitable for people with active lifestyles who need an additional boost to their performance. On top of that, Athletic Greens can help digestion, improve sleep, and decrease recovery time.

Athletic Greens supplement contains less than 1g of sugar per serving and is low in allergens. There is no use of animal products, dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, gluten, peanuts, yeasts, GMOs, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservatives, added sugars, salt, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

That is why Athletic Greens is suitable for many diets, including:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Keto
  • Low-Carb
  • Paleo

You can even use Athletic Greens if you follow an intermittent fasting eating schedule, but keep in mind that it may break your fast depending on how you use it.

The company suggests that you put one spoon of Athletic Greens into 5-10 ounces of cold water and drink it every morning. You can use apple juice, unsweetened nut milk, or shakes, but it should be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Waiting around 15-30 minutes to eat your breakfast and drink your morning coffee will allow your body to fully absorb everything and experience the most benefits.

The List of Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens consists of 75 different vitamins and minerals, as well as other quality ingredients like antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, plant extracts, herbs, enzymes, super mushroom complex, and more.

While many people may think that 75 is excessive, Athletic Greens strives to fill all holes in your diet and make sure you are meeting daily recommendations for all nutrients, primarily vitamins and minerals.

Athletic Greens boasts a raw superfood complex consisting of artichoke extract, green tea leaf extract, beet root powder, elm bark powder, barley leaf powder, ginger rhizome powder, licorice root powder, milk thistle seed extract, wheatgrass juice powder, spinach leaf powder, chlorella powder, burdock root powder, alfalfa powder, gotu kola extract, bilberry fruit extract, apple powder, Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract, reishi mushroom powder, shiitake mushroom powder, cocoa bean polyphenol extract, carrot root powder, broccoli flower powder, hawthorn root extract, and more.

This nutrient-dense superfood powder also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, citrus bioflavonoids, beta-glucans, citric acid, a complex of B vitamins, and many other nutrients that support liver function, brain function, gut health, balance blood pressure, hormone function, with few reported side effects.

Some people may experience some digestive system discomfort at the beginning due to a detoxification process and not being used to nutrient-dense natural extracts. But the effects are short-lived, and they soon get to the good part of using Athletic Greens powder.

When it comes to taste, people are divided. Some are pleasantly surprised by the bubble gum flavor, while others are not as thrilled. One review went as far as saying that it tastes like grass clippings mixed with bubble gum.

While it is definitely an acquired taste for some people, others think it tastes great. No matter the side you're on, you’ll quickly get used to this high-quality product, and it can become a nice way of starting your morning routine.

Delivery Review

Athletic Greens offers delivery to the US, Canada, and Europe. There is a flat fee for all orders in Canada and the US, with the expedited 2-day shipping option in the US. Customers in Europe will have to check the shipping rates as they vary by country.

Most orders placed by 2 pm (3 pm for Europe) will process on the same day. Shipping depends on your location, and it usually takes:

  • The United States – 3-5 business days
  • Canada – 7-14 business days
  • Europe – 3-5 business days

Athletic Greens is also available in China through the WeChat store.

With the flexible subscription, you can always change your order details, delivery date, frequency, product choices, or personal information. Simply log into your account, as everything can be done online, and there is no need for unnecessary phone calls.


Is Athletic Greens any good?

Yes, this daily supplement can fill all the holes in your everyday nutrition and have some positive health effects. However, keep in mind that no superfood supplements can substitute a healthy diet and regular exercise.

You can’t use Athletic Greens as a meal replacement and neglect your diet. Otherwise, it is an excellent product that can serve as one nutritional insurance that your body is getting everything it needs.

What does Athletic Greens help you with?

The list of benefits of this supplement is quite long. It helps you overcome any difficulties you may have with meeting the daily consumption requirements of many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

It can help with digestive system health, brain functioning, immune system boost, hormonal balance, and healthy aging. Taking this daily supplement could also make you feel like you have more energy, which will result in more productive workdays.

When should I take Athletic Greens?

This supplement powder is meant to be taken daily for best results. The company highlights that it should be consumed in the morning, right after you get up, before your morning coffee and breakfast. That way, you are giving your body enough time to absorb all ingredients and experience full benefits.

If you are on an intermittent fast or any other diet that requires you to have the first meal later in the day, it is totally fine. As long as you remember to drink it daily, the effects should be there.

Does Athletic Greens really work?

Yes, Athletic Greens works for many customers. The supplement is full of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that support mental and physical health for users.

Is Athletic Greens a meal replacement?

No, Athletic Green is not meant to be a meal replacement. While Athletic Greens provides over 100% of the RDV for many nutrients your body needs, plus other vitamins and minerals, it is not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Does Athletic Greens help with weight loss?

Athletic Greens can help with weight loss. The supplement includes more than eight grams of raw superfoods that can help boost your metabolism and support your liver. paired with an exercise program, Athletic Greens can help you lose weight.

When should I drink Athletic Greens?

The Athletic Greens company recommends drinking the supplement on an empty stomach in the morning so your body can best absorb the nutrients. If you’re fasting, break your fast with Athletic Greens and eat right afterwards. You can put Athletic Greens in juice, milk, a smoothie, or water.

Is Athletic Greens worth the money?

Yes, Athletic Greens can be worth the money. At $77 a month, it seems pricey at first. However, it averages about $2.57 per day, which is less than you might spend on a smoothie or coffee from a store each day.

Does Athletic Greens give you gas?

Athletic Greens will likely not give you gas, but some possible side effects include fatigue, constipation, and bloating. 

What are the benefits of athletic greens?

Athletic Greens supports healthy aging, hormonal and neural support, digestion, gut health, recovery, immunity, and energy. All of these benefits come from the 75 whole food sourced ingredients, vitamins, and minerals present in the drink.

Do you have to refrigerate Athletic Greens?

Yes, you need to refrigerate Athletic Greens once you open the package. If you’re traveling or on the go, you can use the Athletic Greens Travel Packs, which are individually-sealed servings.

Can Athletic Greens replace breakfast?

It is best to consume Athletic Greens’ 75 highly absorbable ingredients right before breakfast. The company recommends taking Athletic Greens on an empty stomach to help your body absorb the ingredients, but it is not a meal replacement.

What is comparable to Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens has similar performance to Green Vibrance. Both supplements help with heart health, immunity, gut health, energy, and cell nutrient absorption. Green Vibrance also includes probiotics.

Does Athletic Greens help with inflammation?

Yes, Athletic Greens includes superfood ingredients that help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and boost immunity.

Is it easy to cancel Athletic Greens?

Yes, you can cancel your Athletic Greens subscription easily by logging into your account online. You can also adjust your order date when you need more time to get through your current supply.

Does Athletic Greens replace multivitamin?

Yes, you can use Athletic Greens in place of a multivitamin. There are many more types of nutrients in Athletic Greens than in the average multivitamin. Additionally, the forms of the vitamins and minerals in Athletic Greens are easier for your body to absorb.

What happens if you don't refrigerate Athletic Greens?

Though you should store your Athletic Greens powder in the fridge, it’s not the end of the world if you forget. Athletic Greens should not lose its effectiveness as long as you don’t expose the bag to direct heat for long periods.

Does Athletic Greens have iron?

Strangely, Athletic Greens does not list iron as an included nutrient. However, the supplement does contain Kelp and Chlorella, which are both sources of iron and other minerals.

Can you mix Athletic Greens with orange juice?

Yes, you can mix Athletic Greens with any liquid of your choosing. Try it with orange juice, water, milk, or a smoothie. Simply stir it in, drink it, and start your day.

Can you put Athletic Greens in coffee?

You should not mix Athletic Greens into coffee. Caffeine may prevent your body from absorbing some of the nutrients in Athletic Greens, so try to allow 30 minutes between taking Athletic Greens and drinking coffee.

Does Joe Rogan drink Athletic Greens?

Yes, Joe Rogan says that he uses Athletic Greens as a supplement when his diet is not the healthiest, especially when he’s travelling. Athletic Greens sponsors the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Does Athletic Greens have fish oil?

Athletic Greens has a Premium Omega 3 supplement, which is made from purified and molecularly distilled fish oil. The oil is sourced from wild caught Icelandic fish and purity tested.

Does Athletic Greens have vitamin D in it?

The Athletic Greens powder does not list vitamin D as an ingredient. However, Athletic Greens has a D3 K2 dietary liquid that gives you 200 mcg of K2 and 1000 IU of D3 to support nerve health, muscular health, immune health, and more.

How long does it take Athletic Greens to ship?

If you’re in the US, you should get your Athletic Greens package between 3-5 business days at most with standard priority shipping. If you want to get your shipment sooner, you can select 2-day shipping at checkout.

How long is Athletic Greens good for in the fridge?

The expiration date for your Athletic Greens is written on the package. You should use your powder within 90 days of opening it. Unopened, the supplement expires within two years of the manufacturing date.

Can you freeze Athletic Greens?

You should store your Athletic Greens in the fridge, though I don’t believe freezing them will cause any damage. The ingredients themselves are freeze-dried upon preparation.

Can you mix Athletic Greens the night before?

Yes, you can pre-mix your Athletic Greens drink and store it in the fridge. If the powder separates from the liquid, simply mix it or shake it again before consuming.

What do Athletic Greens taste like?

Athletic Greens tastes differently to different consumers, and it may be an acquired taste for some. The powder is flavored with vanilla, pineapple, carrot, cherry, broccoli, and papaya.

Does Athletic Greens have sugar?

Athletic Greens has no artificial sweeteners and zero added sugar. The supplement servings contain less than a gram of sugar.

How many servings of vegetables are in Athletic Greens?

The 75 whole food sourced ingredients in Athletic Greens equal 12 services of fruits and vegetables. You also get plenty of servings of adaptogens, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential vitamins.

Pros and Cons Review


  • All-in-one supplement with proven benefits
  • Designed by doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts
  • A subscription option so you never run out of your greens powder
  • Suitable for athletes


  • Needs to be refrigerated once you open a pouch

Athletic Greens Costs

The pouch costs $107 and holds 30 servings of this dietary supplement. In addition, you must pay a $9 shipping fee on every order.

Food for Thought

Supplements and other dietary products have become a regular addition to the diet of many Americans. The most important thing is to find the right product as many manufacturers are not 100% honest when it comes to the extent of benefits their formulation provides.

Luckily, our Athletic Greens review shows that the company has really done its homework before making this product.

Athletic Greens is an all-in-one powder supplement that contains over 75 different ingredients. This unique formulation has been developed by medical experts, with 51 iterations over the last ten years.

That should speak volumes on the time and effort committed to research and creation of a product with the ultimate efficacy, bioavailability, potency, and ability to stimulate positive effects.

Athletic Greens should be taken daily, and you can easily stock up on this supplement with a one-time order or a subscription. It is available in pouches and travel packs, as traveling is often the time when our nutrition suffers, and we need an additional boost.

Athletic Greens is a perfect nutritional supplement for anybody looking to boost their health status by ensuring they meet all daily recommendations for pretty much all nutrients... all that AND it actually tastes good! 

Athletic Greens the all-in-one supplement company that delivers

Athletic Greens

  • All-in-one supplement with proven benefits
  • Designed by doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts
  • A subscription option so you never run out of your greens powder
  • Suitable for athletes

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